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Werner Sombart-- Jews and their Temperament

August 19, 2023

Werner_Sombart_vor_1930.jpg (left, The distinguished German sociologist Werner Sombart, 1863-1941,
 was an informed and generally sympathetic observer of the Jewish people.)

In his book "The Jews & Modern Capitalism," (1911) 
Sombart credits Jews for the rise of capitalism,
the most dynamic force in the modern world. 
In the excerpt below (from pp. 183-7) he describes 
Jews as overly intellectual and goal-oriented. 

In the words of Goethe, "No Jew, not even the most insignificant, but is busy towards the achievement of some worldly, temporary or momentary aim... This activity often enough degenerates into restlessness. He must forever be up and doing, forever managing something and carrying it to fruition."

Makow- Jordan Peterson recently attributed Jewish domination to higher IQ's. I disagree. Most Jews (and Freemasons) benefit because they are witting or unwitting accomplices in the central banking swindle (which allows the bankers to create the medium of exchange as a personal debt to them.) 

However, there is another factor at play. Temperament. Many Jews are not temperamentally suited to enjoying life for its own sake. Life must constantly be justified and ameliorated. (This is why I don't have a hobby.) Jews generally don't run away and join the circus. We are a purposeful people. As Sombart says, the Jew "sets himself a goal and makes for it."  Is this obsessive-compulsive? 

There is also a metaphysical dimension. The essence of Judaism (and the NWO) is that the Jewish people (a.k.a the Masonic Jewish central bankers) will replace God. Somehow this template has burned itself into the collective mind. Thus the archetypal Jew is always busy destroying the old order and rebuilding ("healing") the universe to conform to his material interests, amour-propre, and perversions. (See Communism, socialism, liberalism etc.) Obviously, many Jews are focused on their personal lives and do not fit this model. But, like the goyim, they are manipulated by the media etc. 


from April 3, 2018
by Werner Sombart
(edited & abridged by 

The intellectuality of the Jew is so strong that it tends to develop at the expense of other mental qualities, and the mind is apt to become one-sided. 

The Jew certainly sees remarkably clearly, but he does not see much.

He does not think of his environment as something alive, and that is why he has lost the true conception of life, of its oneness, of its being an organism, a natural growth. In short, he has lost the true conception of the personal side of life. General experience must surely support this view; but if other proofs are demanded they will be found in the peculiarities of Jewish law, which abolished personal relationships and replaced them by impersonal, abstract connections or activities or aims.

Hence the [Jewish] lack of sympathy for every status where the nexus is a personal one. The Jews' whole being is opposed to all that is usually understood by chivalry, to all sentimentality, knight-errantry, feudalism, patriarchalism. Nor does he comprehend a social order based on relationships such as these. "Estates of the realm" and craft organizations are a loathing to him. 

quote-the-jews-are-a-nervous-people-nineteen-centuries-of-christian-love-have-taken-a-toll-benjamin-disraeli-89-12-42.jpg(Typically the Jew inverts everything. Reacting to Talmudic hate becomes Christian hate.)

The conception of the universe in the mind of such an intellectual people must perforce have been that of a structure well-ordered in accordance with reason. By the aid of reason, therefore, they sought to understand the world; they were rationalists, both in theory and in practice.

Now as soon as a strong consciousness of the ego attaches itself to the predominating intellectuality in the thinking being, he will tend to group the world around that ego. In other words, he will look at the world from the point of view of the end, or goal, or purpose.
Examine any expression of the Jewish genius and you will be certain to find in it this teleological tendency, which has sometimes been called extreme subjectivity. 

Whether or not the Indo-Germanic races are objective and the Semitic subjective, certain it is that the Jews are the most subjective of peoples. The Jew never loses himself in the outer world, never sinks in the depth of the cosmos, never soars in the endless realms of thought, but, as Jellinek well puts it, dives below the surface to seek pearls.

He brings everything into relation with his ego. He is forever asking why what for, what will it bring? Cui bono? His greatest interest is always in the result of a thing, not in the thing itself. It is un-Jewish to regard any activity, be it what you will, as an end in itself; un-Jewish to live your life without having any purpose, to leave all to chance; un-Jewish to get harmless pleasure out of Nature. 

The Jew has taken all that is in Nature and made of it "the loose pages of a textbook of ethics which shall advance the higher moral life." The Jewish religion, as we have already seen, is teleological in its aim; in each of its regulations, it has the ethical norm in view. The entire universe, in the Jew's eyes, is something that was made in accordance with a plan. 

No term is more familiar to the ear of the Jew than Tachlis, which means purpose, aim, end or goal. If you are to do anything it must have a tachlis; life itself, whether as a whole or in its single activities, must have some tachlis, and so must the universe. Those who assert that the meaning of Life, of the World, is not tachlis but tragedy, the Jew will reckon as foolish visionaries.

How deeply the teleological view of things is embedded in the nature of the Jew may be seen in the case of those of them who, like the Chassidim, pay no attention to the needs of practical life because "there is no purpose in them." There is no purpose in making a living, and so they let their wives and children starve, and devote themselves to the study of their sacred books.

When this attitude of mind that seeks for a purpose in all things is united with a strong will, with a large fund of energy (as is generally the case with the Jew), it ceases to be merely a point of view; it becomes a policy. The man sets himself a goal and makes for it, allowing nothing whatever to turn him aside from his course; he is determined, if you like, stiff-necked. Heine in characterizing his people called it stubbornness, and Goethe said that the essence of the Jewish character was energy and the pursuit of direct ends.
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First Comment by JG

I know this is a worn out old cliche but there really are all kinds of Jews. They are not a carbon copy of each other. The Ashkenazi Jews might be the most intelligent and high energy people in the world but they can be some of the most wicked also. Barbara Streisand's old music really explains some of the inner feelings of the Jews. I think of the song 'People'. It's as if they want to be part of the norm of humanity but somehow can't. They seem to always be outside looking in. Jews may not show their love with words and hugs but when they do show love it's by their actions. I don't begrudge any of the wealth or positions that they have achieved in the world. They will work tirelessly and plan way ahead to reach their goals. For years the "Jews" built up the Gentiles in America. They were some of their most progressive labor leaders, lawyers, and almost everything else you can think of in the professional fields. Exactly when and how this all changed I do not know but a lot of the "Jews" today have been corrupted by the very doctrines of self-destruction they have promoted. Clarence Larkin once predicated in one of his books that if the "Jews" were to lose their morality it would have a devastating effect on the world because the Gentiles seem to overwhelmingly follow the "Jews". This prediction almost seems prophetic. 

Tony B

I missed this article last time around.  I had also never been aware of the below excerpt, or if I had read it I missed its force:

"No term is more familiar to the ear of the Jew than Tachlis, which means purpose, aim, end or goal. If you are to do anything it must have a tachlis; life itself, whether as a whole or in its single activities, must have some tachlis, and so must the universe."

It occurs to me that Christ showed the Israelites and Judeans of His time the proper place to direct that tachlis, as, by His time on earth, they had habitually misdirected it to purely worldly uses.  Had they listened to Him and re-directed their energy to the true world, the supernatural in which we all will live for eternity after this natural life ends, the world today would likely be a peaceful place with proper aims for most people.

There is no reason for it not to happen in the present if a way is found to break the hold of the Satanic misdirection that is destroying the world; that hold now on both Jew and a large percentage of gentiles.

That way, of course, will always be Jesus Christ, Son of God as well as Very God, which is exactly why the devil has worked so hard through the centuries to make Him so hated by the bulk of Jews.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Werner Sombart-- Jews and their Temperament"

rt123 said (August 20, 2023):

Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to [ the chosen ] Jewmasters. That is the practical worldly goal of Christians whether they admit or realize it or not.

A high average IQ by itself is evidently not enough for a minority race to establish dominance among humanity. IQ must be informed with a sufficient amount of valid political intelligence for an elite culture/group to dominate humanity.

Jews more so than any other group/collective have known for many centuries that money ( fiat or otherwise ) is the most important economic resource other than like-minded and only like-minded humanity; where an enemy or other opposition group cannot be counted on as being a resource.

KK said (April 4, 2018):

The following are reasons for a higher Jewish success:

1) Jews network much more which provides them hope of future jobs. They continually get employment for each other, always telling the world they are British or French etc. but knowing secretly who their fellow Jews are and giving them secret chances in government and business. Europeans are afraid of doing this because of fear of charges of anti-Semitism (re Gentlemen's Agreement).

2) Jews use socialism as much as Gentiles do but for opposite reasons. They want to control socialism by being the doctors and social workers and teachers and lawyers who all benefit from it. Gentiles want the free stuff. If a Jew is on welfare he uses the money and free time to get a socialistic education whereas the Gentile uses the money and free time for TV etc.

3) The Christian church has been lacking in its creativity, usually relegating creativity to music; rarely does the church push for journalism, fiction writing, acting, painting, movie making etc. Jews, on the other hand, love being creative in all of the arts and therefore control the media in most of its forms.

4) Most people are very aware of how Jews operate and make their dime. Few non-Jews want to be as evil as Jews in how they live. Most non-Jews think that Jews lie, cheat and steal their way through life. They hesitate to do the same to that high a degree.

James T said (April 3, 2018):

Henry, I am able to see why the Jewish people - deniers of Yahushua - cannot exist without Tachlis. Truth is, none can live this life on Earth, and find true joy in this world without a saving knowledge of the Promised One’s existence! Now, I await the Second Coming with hope, and I always take the time to learn more of the Scriptures, and share my faith with all who will listen!

These things earn me nothing, as eternal life is promised unto all who love Yahushua’s appearing as they trust in the Everlasting Gospel; however, all who truly are His, live life as He did, for He is our Example (1Peter 2: 20, 21, KJV). Those who walk in His example, are the True Israel of Yahuwah Elohim.

Al Thompson said (April 3, 2018):

I'm of the opinion that if you really want to know about a group of people, work in a market in their neighborhood. That will tell you what you need to know. I worked as a box boy (courtesy clerk) in Beverly Hills when I was a teenager; over 50 years ago. I was happy to get my first job but working with Jewish customers was difficult. I was told that a butcher got so mad at a Jew that he jumped over the meat counter and chased the Jew out of the store with a meat cleaver.

There was another incident when a Jew couldn't get a certain cut of meat from the butcher. The Jew called the cops on the butcher. Another one I remember is that the Jews used to tear the tops off of the carrots and then throw them back on the display. Working in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood was an extremely miserable experience. So much so that I eventually requested and received a transfer to another store.

I had Jewish friends and I used to pick on them for being a bunch of jerks. One night I was at dinner with my Jewish friends family and I was appalled. He called his sister a "fucking cunt" right in front of the whole family. This was in the early 1970s. I left the dinner and I never saw that guy again; it made me sick to my stomach.

Later, I was a sales rep. for a Jewish-owned company, that the owner kept asking me: "Are you sure you aren't Jewish?" I came back with: "No, but I had the operation." I learned how to negotiate prices from Jews then they accuse me of being Jewish. I learned from the best.

The biggest problem I've had with Jews is their immorality. Judaism, being a Satanic cult seems to breed this behavior. They have been told from childhood that they are special when they are not. Jews are like everyone else but they act as if they are superior. This is probably the reason they are not liked much by other groups of people. They have to tell themselves they are a great people when the majority of them are assholes.

But there is always the exception. Irwin Schiff was a Jew who opposed the income tax and he died in prison. A good friend, Jack Cohen taught me about the income tax being repealed in 1939. The best way to judge people is to look at how they behave; that tells the whole story. If they act like idiots, then they are idiots.

James C said (April 3, 2018):

We need to quit mystifying the source of Jewish domination. The source of Jewish domination is not higher IQs. It's foreknowledge, knowing ahead of time when to buy and sell, when to get into the market and when to get out. "Information ... that's how you make real money in the market. You have to get the information before the crowd gets it. Once it is in the newspapers it's too late." "If you have inside knowledge as to which way the Federal Reserve policy is going to go, you can make a ton of money." This is why the founding fathers put control of a nation's currency and credit in the hands of Congress, and why the money power took it from them.

It's a secret club, and we ain't in it.

Dan said (January 16, 2013):

Sombart's stereotype impression that Jews reduce human relationships to transactions relative to 'non-Jews' is antique. The atrophy of human empathy in society during the 20th century was a phenomenon of urbanity - it is directly proportional to movement populations from agriculture to urbanization.

From my perspective - because I come from agricultural people - I think it's what happens to people once they're uprooted from the land. North America is a land of European immigration so we all come from that experience whether our ancestors came here fleeing the Irish potato famine, or a Tsarist pogrom.

The way of thinking Sombart wrote about has been assimilated into the mainstream through television, movies, pop music and the common treadmill of the 'rat race' of an increasingly 'consumer/producer' world in which all people are forced to wander the globe chasing the highest paying job of the year.

K (who is Jewish) said (January 16, 2013):

Interesting, & many accurate insights, although maybe somewhat of an over generalization - a set of observations which must be at least partially tempered by historical & cultural context. Worth of note & reflection none-the-less.

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