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June 2, 2011

kangbashi.jpgLeft, Kangbashi, a city built for a million, pop. 25,000, in Inner Mongolia.

What is Behind China's Empty Cities?

by Christopher Neal Wyatt

Your reader, Dan wrote,  "There is long term planning behind these vacant cities which is undisclosed."

I couldn't agree more... the Chinese government is clearly not stupid. Regardless, this begs the question: what is their plan, and why? Bringing Manhattan to Mongolia? It is not really an ideal location to build a metropolis... at least not yet. There is no sea port for hundreds of miles, and even the fastest bullet trains (which aren't built yet) will take hours to arrive there from almost any other major Chinese city.

Back in 2005, the Financial Times published excerpts from an interview with Chinese General Zhu Chenghu, who stated that "We... will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all cities east of Xian." Xian is located in Central China, perhaps halfway between the Chinese coast and Mongolia. Virtually every major Chinese city currently exists East of Xian, including the capital, Beijing, and it's largest city, Shanghai. If all of these cities were to be destroyed, hundreds of millions of Chinese refugees would need a new place to live... and these new 'built from scratch cities' might be just what is needed.

Back in 2005, everybody assumed that General Zhu was discussing the possibility of nuclear war with the West wiping out the entire Chinese coast... but could there be another possibility? I recently began studying the subject of future earth changes, which some people believe are shortly to befall our planet. Edgar Cayce famously made such predictions.

Some claim these changes will be brought by the comet Elenin (which will make it's closest approach to Earth this September-November). Here is a link to a map created by Gordon Michael Scallion, which shows one possible end result of these Earth changes.

Some people will claim that such Earth changes are simply not possible- or that at any rate, such geologic processes take eons, so we have nothing to worry about. I used to be of this view, but began changing my mind when I learned of the aftermath of the recent Japanese earthquake (and/or nuclear attack) on 3-11-11, after which the entire region has begun sinking in to the Ocean (link: Could this be the beginning of the type of Earth Changes which Cayce, Scallion, and others have foreseen?

Here's what I think: the Illuminati know that Earth Changes are going to happen, sooner or later. These changes might be caused by comets, or something else entirely... with the kind of technology these perps have access to, including Remote Viewing, Scalar Electromagnetics, etc., I'm certain they have far more detailed information than we could ever imagine. I believe they are attempting to hasten these Earth Changes with the use of their HAARP (Scalar) technology, so that they can more precisely control the timing and extent of these changes to better suit their agenda. Considering the recent hype over comet Elenin's arrival, this might be their 'false flag' cover story to unleash the full fury of their Tesla-based Scalar weaponry, so that all of the unenlightened dupes will simply believe that it's all an "Act of God", or an act of nature.

If such a series of Earth changes were to take place suddenly, as may very well be planned, many billions of people all around the World- who mostly live along or near the Ocean-- would be instantly drowned, their bodies, cities and industries lost forever underneath the tectonic plates. Those who do survive this calamity will attempt to escape inland, thus greatly straining the local resources of the (mostly rural) areas which they attempt to inhabit.

For these survivors, it will likely be a time of great famine and strife, and much of humanity may devolve to something like in the "Mad Max" movies. It is clear, however, that the Illuminati plan on remaining in control, and utilizing these Earth Changes to institute their 'final solution'- a One World Government. With the mass of humanity crawling on their knees, there needs to be just one global power with it's command structure intact, in order to gain leadership over the rest of the World. For the communist Chinese government, building a network of new cities in strategic locations (such as the Mongolian highlands) to house hundreds of millions of refugees would be a very wise plan in furtherance of this objective.

Comment from Michael:

Whlle reading your article, it occurred to me that FEMA purchased millions of body bags and they justified it by saying they would be needed for the New Madrid fault when it goes. They also purchased so many MRE's to feed people  that they dried up the market for a while. There were none available for the survivalist market. I think MREs are only good for 2 yrs so such a large purchase for such a short life span seemed dumb unless the govt knows when a major  New Madrid EQ is going to blow.

In connecting the dots on all the EQs in the last several years from Haiti to Japan, I believe HAARP is planning something wicked for the earth. A false flag is a very possible senario as mentioned in your excellent article.

I'm no expert but it would seem if you bust up a bunch of EQ faults on the planet, volcanoes will begin to erupt everywhere and we know what that would do for a nuclear winter to reduce the population. You must kill off the food chain and a nuclear winter from the massive ash clouds would kill the vegetation and then the animals would die from starvation.

Since we know the illuminate agenda is population reduction, none of this is good. Earthquakes, tsunamis and then volcanoes (including Yellowstone). Since the world economy is on the brink, the elite would hunker down and ride things out in their shelters. Then come out of their holes and start a new economy. The one world economy. 

Everything fell into place as I could not understand why the elite has been purposefully destroying the world economy. The US is spending money that cannot possibly be paid back to the banks so why are the banks continuing to print money? I know there are many very smart people running the world economies so why are they acting like their brains have been taken over by space aliens? But your theory ties everything together. The US economy is being spent into destruction because it is known that there will be no rebuilding of the old economy in the future.

The global elite are marching forward with their plans.  As to the middle east wars, there has been a lot of depleted uranium dropped on several countries to prevent any but deformed births in the future thereby controlling any population growth there for 1,000s of years.

i could not tie it all together until you mentioned the empty Chinese cities would be used after the EQs. Obviously the Chinese empty cities are not enough to accommodate all 1.3 billion Chinese, but their population will also be reduced.

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