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Consumer Advocate Target of San Bruno "Explosion"?

February 12, 2011

blast.jpgAre US Citizens being attacked in their homes by Drones?

"What are the odds that Jacqueline Grieg, a whistle blower advocating for customers of PG&E, was at home in San Bruno at the epicenter of the "explosion" and died that day, along with her 13 year old daughter."

Sandra Hunt

On September 9, 2010, a natural gas pipeline in San Bruno California exploded, killing 8 people, injuring dozens, and destroying over 38 homes. Multiple eyewitness accounts stated that the explosion resulted from a jet crash. To see extensive documentation and photos of that jet and the crash see the article "Was San Bruno Explosion a Plane Crash?" 

What are the odds that Jacqueline Grieg,
a whistle blower advocating for customers of PG&E, was at home in San Bruno at the epicenter of the "explosion" and died that day, along with her 13 year old daughter. She had previously exposed PG&E for proposing a cost for pipeline upgrades at a rate increase of $4.2 billion, which her research revealed was exaggerated by $3.2 billion. What are the odds of her house being "ground zero" for that blast?

This author has been following the pathetic cover-up ever since, knowing that sooner or later the reason (money) would become evident.  David Griscom,  Research Physicist at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, DC, from 1967-2001 writes in,  "The Folks that Brought Us the 9/11 Aerial Attacks Are Back Again: Erin Brockovich's Successor Assassinated by a Bomb-Laden Drone Fighter Aircraft": 

 "As for why anyone would want to murder Jacqueline Greig, my friend Paul Lehto ran down this info: Jacqueline Greig was "..a 17 year veteran with the Public Utilities Commission and specifically the lead of the natural gas section of analysts who devoted their careers to the statutory mission of the DRA (Division of Ratepayer Advocates) of minimizing costs to ratepayers consistent with good safety and consumer protection. Greig spent the summer analyzing the PG&E's request for a $4.2 billion rate increase."

mn-blast12_greig_0502222343.jpg"In what I'd call very effective analysis, the DRA (especially Greig, as lead) pointed to so many unsubstantiated cost allegations, including inexplicable doubling of estimates after previously adjusting for wage inflation, that the DRA countered with a $1 billion over three years counter-proposal. That's a difference of $3.2 billion -- and gives PG&E approximately 3.2 billion reasons not to like Jacqueline Greig."

 So why would elements of military become the "hit men" to protect the profits of a predatory company like PG&E? Well, Ike warned us about "the military industrial complex," didn't he?"

Here is some more background on Jacqueline Greig:

"Two people at the Earl address closest to the explosion were among those killed: Jacqueline Greig, 44, and her 13-year-old daughter Janessa Greig. Greig worked for the California Public Utilities Commission, in a small unit that advocates for consumer rights pertaining to natural gas regulations. She had spent part of the summer evaluating PG&E's expansion plans and investment proposals to replace out-of-date pipelines."

"Jacqueline Grieg spent more than a decade working in a unit of the California Public Utilities Commission, where she advocated for customer safety and consumers who where unhappy with their bills.

"She lived right at the spot where it blew," commission President Michael Peevey told the Los Angeles Times. "She and a younger daughter were in the house. Her husband and the older daughter were at the daughter's school."

"She lived right at the spot where it blew," Peevey said. "She and a younger daughter were in the house. Her husband and the older daughter were at the daughter's school."

"The irony is that she worked in the gas section" of a division of the commission, Peevey said.

Greig worked for an independent branch of the commission called the Division of Ratepayer Advocates, which is tasked with taking the side of the utility customer in matters before the commission. The division provides input to regulators in defense of consumers.


Another pipeline "exploded"! Were these victims also targeted?

The following quotes were taken from the article "5 dead after massive Pa. gas blast"

"As for the possibility that the freezing weather caused a pipe to rupture, Swope said: "In the winter, there's always the concern about the freezing-thawing cycle, but seeing that we just ran the leak survey less than 48 hours before the incident, that doesn't appear to be a cause."

"The gas main in that area was under comparatively low pressure," she said."There was no odor, there was no smell. Then it was like all hell broke loose."

"Images from NBC station WCAU showed flames reaching hundreds of the feet into the air from the scene of the blast. The explosion was so powerful it was felt nine miles away in Bethlehem, Pa."

 "I thought we were under attack," he said in a shelter with about 250 other evacuees a few hours after the explosion.

"Another onlooker near the scene of the fire, Leonard Hein, said the blast sounded like a military rocket. I thought I was back in Vietnam," he told the Morning Call."

 "Wednesday night, occurred in an area where the underground gas main lacked shut-off valves."

The common theme seems to be remote controlled shut off valves (for Martial law or forced rolling blackouts?) and pipeline replacement. Of course all these explosions will justify the billions of dollars of rate hikes to be dumped onto consumers, which the San Bruno Rate Payer advocate Jacqueline Grieg exposed PG&E for, prior to her being taken out by an F-18 (?) on the 09-09-10 San Bruno Explosion. Can't make an omlet without breaking some eggs, as Daddy Bush liked to say.

 Myth Busters has demonstrated that compressed natural gas does not explode without explosives or added accelerants as such as oxygen. (See below.)

Expect to see more "spontaneous" explosions, as well as a myriad of new laws and regulations, not to mention sky rocketing "natural gas" prices.

Next it will be "Al Queda" did it, and new draconian laws will be added to the Nazi Patriot Act and Homeland Security enforcers (SS).  As Rahm Emmanuel said, never let a good tragedy go to waste.

Also, see the following article on another attack on America's power supplies as Obama's Chinese, Energy "czar " Steven Chu, has launched the next phase of the White House's publicly stated agenda to bankrupt the coal industry via EPA regulations after announcing the prospect of "massive" coal plant closures, even as Texas and other states suffer rolling blackouts as a result of maxed-out power plants that cannot cope with demand.

"Obama Energy Secretary Promises "Massive" Coal Plant Closures"

First they created a fake gasoline shortage and raped America at the gas pumps. Now they're going to rape you again in your home! Business as usual! (Got a smart gas meter installed in YOUR home yet?).


Here is proof from the television show "Mythbusters" that compressed, natural gas does not explode without explosives, which are necessary to detonate and ignite it! (unless concentrated oxygen is combined with it, which is NOT the case in natural gas pipelines).
 Part 1
 Part 2

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Comments for "Consumer Advocate Target of San Bruno "Explosion"? "

Dan said (February 15, 2011):

I second Sandra Hunt's guess that Jacqueline Grieg and her daughter were murdered by a drone. Use of drones to murder civilians has been routine in Pakistan and Gaza last year to the extent that it even made the US news frequently. It's known that drones are in use in California and the border states. We will see more of this 'death from above'. I'll be waiting to hear of someone troublesome dying of being 'struck by lightening' during a thunder storm.

Drone hits on civilians are never accidents. The drones are remotely piloted by those who zoom in on the targets visually and press the button just like a video game.

Even on Public Radio a State Dept; spokesman admitted that they have a statistic - nobody cares so long as they restrict casualties to under 29 per attack. They tested the limits American wouldn't blink an eye about in Iraq. That's how they think. 29 lives don't matter.
We've crossed the line that they don't have to come up with any moral rationale for murdering innocent civilians anymore. People are used to it.

Robert said (February 15, 2011):

Regarding the San Bruno Explosion article by Sandra Hunt, I live in natural gas drilling country. We had a well explode about 1 mile south
of town, and the rumbling was like an on going earthquake, it felt like a bomb had gone off, all the descriptions that you can see or read in
the San Bruno explosion account. In this case it was a 4 inch pipe, instead of a 30 inch.

You can clearly see in the YouTube video that the one poster showed the dust from the 30 inch main breaking, then not long after that natural gas
hit flame or something that caused the detonation.

For previous examples see the Executive summary of this accident report where you can see that it killed 12 people across the river from the fire
and NTSB said:

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the August 19, 2000, natural gas pipeline rupture and subsequent fire near Carlsbad, New Mexico, was a significant reduction in pipe wall
thickness due to severe internal corrosion.

Also see where a rupture caused an explosion in June of 2010

or for another list see:

Sandra says that "Myth Busters has demonstrated that compressed natural gas does not explode without explosives or added accelerants as such as

That doesn't take into account the many pipeline ruptures that have led to explosions and detonations that were clearly accidents. They had nothing to do with getting rid of someone, or drones, or anything else. Just another pipeline accident due to issues with the pipe. Besides if you wanted to "get rid of someone" I would assume there would be much easier, less complicated ways of "getting rid" of somebody then arranging a
pipeline explosion that will be investigated by the government and other agencies.

Marc said (February 14, 2011):

grew up on Earl avenue and know the area well. I was there the week before it happened. My mother survived it due to wind direction and the house was spared. We did lose some houses of friends and some friends (although I didn't know the Griegs).

There is a video taken from the top of the hill and you can clearly see two explosions. First you see what appears like smoke or dust and a couple seconds later the fireball ignites. Since a gas fire does not smoke I am assuming the first burst was the rupturing of the pipe. It was 30 diameter and approximately 30 psi. Since all the homes in the area use gas for waterheaters I assume the initial gas cloud espanded until it hit one of those pilot lights and the whole think ignited. I think if it was caused by an incendiary device there would not have been the amount of time between the two blasts.

Btw, that hill is pretty good drop so the blast of smoke/dust had to be 75 feet in the air or more.
I will send a short clip of the hill I took a year before will find it interesting. (sent later separately so you don't reject it without knowing what is being sent.)

The location of the pipe and epicenter of the explosion was just at teh end of the white stop sign line (at the left at the bottom of the hill.)

Jerry said (February 13, 2011):

Hi, and well to add to Ken Adachi's comment here is an interesting addition

Ken Adachi (educate-yourself) said (February 13, 2011):

When I was posting articles in 2009 and February and March of 2010 about the illegal tresspass of 2010 Census workers (and ACORN flunkies) on posted private property and the Census Bureau's insistence that the citizens of this country (and its illegal aliens as well) must answer unconstitutional questions (such as their name) for the 2010 Census, we also noted that there was no constitutional or statutory AUTHORIZATION for Census workers to be taking GPS readings at each house they visited for the 2010 Census.

At the time, a reader, bless his soul, sent me an e-mail in which he expressed his very real concern that GPS marking of each person's home, coupled with the Census tracking data being recorded, could afford the opportunity for the satanic psychopaths running the show to selectively bomb undesired people with drone missiles and claim it was an "accident" such as a 'gas explosion'.

When considering what's possible and what's not, there are NO LIMITS to what the Illuminated maniacs (and their obedient minions) would do to achieve their objectives. We've become accustomed to reading stories of the CIA and Israel sending in drone missiles to kill large numbers of innocent people in Lebanon, or Pakistan, or Afghanistan, etc. without any real public storms of protests to stop these despicable acts of inhumanity.

There's no reason to think that they are not capable of demonstrating that same level of monstrous insanity within America.

C said (February 13, 2011):

Please encourage sandy hunt who wrote of an American pipeline being targeted by a drone to continue her investigation. She is on the right track. The broader potentials of this sort of attack are chilling, as this could be considered a prototype of military executions in future, esp if society breaks down and they can use the excuse of rioting etc.

With deadlier and smaller drones being perfected daily, the implications are enormous. They have bird size drones that could take out targets with almost no visibility.

Oliver said (February 13, 2011):

Interesting article by Sandra Hunt. A number of unrelated apartments had been exploding in different places in Germany recently. The very fact appeared strange to me. Explanations were quite phony in my opinion, such as one elderly man supposedly suiciding himself this way or a young couple supposedly having highly dangerous substances close to their bed, etc.

Generally speaking, there can be no story inconsistent or dumb enough for the majority not to swallow it. People easily imagine the most unbelievable behaviors in their fellow men, but are at the same time utterly blind to the dark cabal throughout governments and their agencies, corporations, internationally active secret services, etc. Public prosecutors are officially subject to directives in Germany. It´s just kept somewhat from public awareness.

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