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Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crash?

June 20, 2012


The PBS Documentary "The Warning"
 proves the Illuminati bankers
 deliberately sabotaged the financial
 system before 2008.  This was not the
 first time nor will it be the last.

"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."
-- Protocols of Zion, 20

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

( Updated from Oct 2011.)

As the talk of sovereign debt defaults roil the markets, it appears the Illuminati bankers may cause another financial breakdown as a way to enact their New World Order. This certainly was their mantra during the 2008 crisis.

The PBS Frontline Documentary "The Warning" proves the Illuminati bankers deliberately sabotaged the financial system.

Shortly after Brooksley Born became Chair of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in Aug.1996, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan summoned her to his office.

He told her that being a regulator did not include preventing or policing fraudulent activity. He said the "market" would take care of that.  Remember this is from the Rothschild's point man in America!

It stands to reason, doesn't it? The Fed itself, and central banks in general, are the biggest fraud in the history of the world. They create our currency in the form of a debt to them. A medium of exchange should belong to no one. 

When Born tried to regulate the $495 trillion derivatives market, the four Illuminati Jews running the US financial system -- Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers and Arthur Levitt stonewalled her proposals and
read her the riot act.

In Congressional hearings, Born insisted she was trying to protect the people's money from the reckless practices of US banks. 

But the "committee of four" assured Congress that regulation itself would bring down the system. Congress, dependent on bank campaign contributions, supinely agreed.

In 1998, right on schedule, the financial system almost collapsed when a hedge-fund, "Long Term Capital Management"  went belly up.  In a harbinger of the future housing bubble, the banks had made huge derivative bets on the Russian economy with LTCM.

The Fed forced 13 US and international banks to purchase the hedge-fund. Altogether $4.6 billion was lost. 

The documentary demonstrates that although the American (and world) economies were at stake, and
despite this near catastrophe, the Clinton and Bush Administrations refused to regulate the derivative market, and allowed it to grow to an eventual $595 Trillion during the housing bubble.

born2.jpgNot only did they refuse to regulate the industry, they forced  Brooksley Born (left) out of her job by removing her powers.

Her prophesy came true in 2008. Because of derivatives called credit default swaps, the US taxpayer was forced to indemnify US and foreign banks for more than two trillion dollars.


At this time, Alan Greenspan was hauled before Congress and asked why he had rejected regulations.

The documentary shows him confessing that he had been "mistaken." The "world view" that had guided him for 40 years -- that markets were self regulating -- had been wrong.

What is shocking, and you can see this for yourself in this amazing documentary, Greenspan is making a Masonic "triangular" hand sign as he offers this confession.

He is signaling to his fellow Illuminati that he knew exactly what he was doing. His confession was bogus.

Similarly, Arthur Levitt, the Chair of the SEC at the time, makes the same sign while confessing he should have listened to Brooksley Born.

In other words, this dangerous high wire act is Illuminati policy. Brooksley Born says that we can expect more financial turmoil until markets are regulated. Or until world government is instituted, I might add. 

frontline-the-warning_t614.jpgAlan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers were in charge in 1998. Their then-deputies, Timothy Geitner and Ben Bernanke are in charge now. All are Fed or Goldman Sachs alumni. This is like asking cocaine addicts to regulate drugs.

The hand signs and the fact that no significant regulation has taken place, suggests market turmoil again will be used to bring down the US (and world?) economies, cause a depression and usher in the New World Order.

The 2008 credit crash was immensely profitable for the central bankers. The US national debt has increased $5 trillion under Obama, representing roughly a 33% increase. Most of that has gone to the bankers. 


PBS is virtually a province of the Rockefeller empire. Yet this Frontline documentary is superb, what journalism should be. Apparently, the Illuminati is willing to operate "in plain sight," after the damage is done. They are also willing to stoke public anger at their mainly Jewish underlings. 

Born seems to be a Gentile. Her opponents were all Illuminati Jews. The optics are bad.

debt15.jpg(This graphic suggests Obama has been even more useful to his masters)

Essentially, the American people are being disenfranchised, disinherited and enslaved. Their leaders are Freemasons and Illuminati Jews who are dedicated to integrating the country into a world government run by the central bankers.

This is the promise of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And it's happening right on schedule.  


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Comments for "Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crash? "

Andrew said (June 21, 2012):

Perfectly timed and well written.

Seems you knew what would happen today.

I predict they take the market down, down, down & then the FED announce more free money in the form of QE3, old fashioned Keynesian economics except more buying of US treasuries instead of 1930s wasteful government programs.

This will uplift the markets until November elections.

December comes the grand finale WW III, 12-21-12 Apocalypto; then maybe the second coming of Christ.

Stephen said (June 21, 2012):

Good article and I like Austin's comments. We must call out to the Creator God for His intervention and decent people must help other decent people. We must do what we modestly can do to resist those under Satan's thumb.

The bible says the restrainer is at work and just before the prophesied "tribulation period" of seven years that restrainer will be "taken out of the way". I believe the restrainer is the Holy Spirit in God's people who call out to God for assistance and holding back the evil flood and all of Satan's human operatives. It could be that when the prophesied 'rapture' happens, then that's how the 'restrainer' will be removed and the 'earth dwellers' will have their wonderful Satan in all his hideous glory

Conroy said (June 21, 2012):

Bernanke gave same triangle signal on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, shown on CBS

Tony Blizzard said (June 20, 2012):

Henry, it won't be "another" crash. It will be their planned culmination of the crash in which we're still living.

We both know there's a simple solution to this. People can get a starting clue by looking toward Iceland. But it goes much deeper than that, of course, into the medium itself and how to fix it. How to force the fix is the real problem because the fix itself is simple logic. The people definitely have the numbers on their side but they have to use them against the bankers' false medium and what it still buys them. This means at least the threat of rolling political heads. Many of them.


Krister said (June 20, 2012):

David Icke had some interesting info. on Mr. Money in his monthly letter of March 5, 2009, "PLEASE DON'T RIOT ... IT'S JUST WHAT 'THEY' WANT." Here is an excerpt:

Greenspan, who led 'the Fed' under Reagan, Father Bush, Clinton and Boy Bush, operates at a deeper level within the Illuminati network than most of their public figures, and I was told by a former Satanist, an unofficial offspring of the Rothschild family, how he remembered Greenspan at sacrifice rituals he attended:

'I can recall the Rockefellers and the Bushes attending rituals, but never having the supremacy to lead them. I still regard them as lackeys and not real brokers of occult power. Except for Alan Greenspan, most of these fellows were camp followers in the occult, primarily for the economic power and prestige. Greenspan, I recall, was a person of tremendous spiritual, occult power and could make the Bushes and the younger Rockefellers cower with just a glance.'

This, then, is the man who was controlling the United States economy from 1987 to 2006 and who, as planned, oversaw the insane economic policies that led to the current global collapse. Go to another level of understanding and you can see that Greenspan and other Illuminati place-men throughout the world knew exactly what they were doing and what the outcome was planned to be.


Robert said (June 20, 2012):

On Brian's comment: Anyone who thinks Ayn Rand was a dreamer and not a control freak must read "Judgment Day: My Years with Ayn Rand", by her chief supporter and propagandist, Nathaniel Branden.

Brian said (June 18, 2011):

Who would resist the reality of a World currency? When I imagine a Life which seeks to be free from mediums of exchange other than barter, there's still no getting away from 'the man' and his demands to be paid. Which is ironic because if you track 'the man' back to it's source you won't find a man at all. Not hu-man at any rate. But where's the repudiation of this bogus demand of illusory debt, enforced by masters of hypnosis?

Funny thing this invention of money. Certain native-american legend has it that it's origin on this planet can be traced to the arrival of interplanetary travelers who needed gold. It was determined that it was instrumental in repairing the infrastructure of their home planet. Upon their arrival they forced the natives to start gouging the mountains for it. This eventually led to a conceptualization of what we call money.

Fast forward however many thousands of years and is it any wonder that the pickle we find ourselves in today stems from what was an original coercive act? Intent of course is the key. Greenspan's old girlfriend Ayn Rand showed how Capitalism, when the integrity of it's methodology is honored, reflects a system of justice for all who choose to participate in it's activity. She was a dreamer, he a cynical control freak who sold his soul in the utter corruption of false power. Needless to say, they had a serious falling out and Atlas has been shrugging ever since.

Nonetheless, it is so very tantalizing to think of what a fragile bubble this particular state of hypnosis is. How easy it would be to pop it if enough light bulbs are turned on when people realize that they produce ALL of the material wealth which money is supposed to represent, yet control NOTHING of the money. For the elites it's just the opposite, and they couldn't grow a turnip if their lives depended on it.

V said (June 17, 2011):

Mind numbing numbers Henry. Read your article
titled "Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crash":

Big Risk: $1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives Market Dwarfs World GDP


Biggest (by money value - quadrillion) casino in the world.

1.2 quadrillion dollars is not including the bond market or the stock market.

If any 'fraudulent' financial instruments will bring us back to the "stone age"
it will be the OTC derivatives market.

Zbig said (June 16, 2011):

The next financial crisis is simply unavoidable.
It will be the final crash. We can see it comming now.

Here is why. I hope you may find it useful :

Austin said (June 16, 2011):

Here in Oz, we've had more recent price hikes in food, electricity and other charges (council rates, insurance premiums in the post flood era,) etc. More than any indicator that you can quantify, people on the streets of Brisbane are very careful about what they spend money on. Many retailers are looking forward to a 'cold' old winter, and several major retailers have pulled the plug altogether, closing down their entire operations Down under, leaving thousands of people unexpectedly unemployed around the countryside. It seems to me that almighty God has begun to judge this "lucky country" as Australians partook of the post WW2 boom, but forgot the God who blessed their hard work and right attitude in days gone by.

While the government continues to ignore the plight of the common man and woman, the little people are beginning to rally around. Help is starting to come from local churches and charities, often unasked for. Food packages, clothing, and other needs (people passing on their extras - unwanted appliances, CDs, buying bulk food from wholesale outlets and sharing it with friends and neighbours, etc) are all helpful, as those who were reasonably well off only two years ago, begin wondering if they will meet their mortgage commitments, with a few of them already staring down the barrel of unemployment and charity hand out queues.

I am not a fatalist, and I firmly believe that people often end up where they (unwittingly?) decided they were headed, a long time ago. The problem as I see it, is that most of them have opted for comfort rather than sacrifice, and perhaps a little deprivation will do them some good in the short term. In the long term, the current 'financial meltdown' is the one that never really went away, and one day, our buffer zone of China and its manufacturing splurge (requiring our raw materials by the megaton) will run out.

It is only God that can save us as a nation - as a world, and any appeal to anything less than a divine intervention will result in false hopes in an already bankrupt system that is devoid of morals and integrity. It is the little people, inspired by that God kind of sacrifice, helping each other out spontaneously that will make life more bearable in the days ahead. To quote an old phrase - "Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times."

Jeff said (October 23, 2009):

I was very interested (as ever) to read your take on the above. What you say about Alan Greenspan making a triangular hand-sign is enlightening (with no pun intended!) I say this because I've recently noticed a number of politicians using this pose when speaking (Gordon Brown is a notable exponent), as indeed, do a lot of BBC reporters: it looks so forced, so false, that I thought it must have some esoteric significance. (The fingers and thumbs are extended, tips touching and the only difference in the pose is that the triangle is inverted in front of the speaker. This female-genitalia simulacrum is highly suggestive in its own right.)

Thank you very much for confirming my suspicions.

Mary said (October 23, 2009):

Like Rick,[below] I gotta agree with this.

"This integration requires that the American Standard of living(and the economy)are downsize and this IS what is happening now". Once again, you are right on target.

I've been saying for years that the standard of living has dropped dramatically over the past 20 years, but we're like frogs in boiling water because the constant sales allow us to still have our cake and eat it too. It saddens me that customer service is so poor. The grocery stores in my area have stopped placing bags in the cart for customers unless you're elderly or disabled. I walk into Ross and other bargain basement like stores and it bothers me that no one can help customers find anything, shelves are messy and clothes are on so many long racks that it's tiring to go through them. There's no such thing as browsing through them, and they're overwhelming for older people.It's insulting, like inviting someone to your house and telling them ,"After you find something in the kitchen to eat, join me in the living room." Customer service was truly about service and it used to be a noble thing to be a shopgirl. Now it's a cattle call,and with the ascendance of class conscious third world immigrants used to baazars and no customer service (or even manners) into managerial positions, it will be the norm.Our children are used to it, and don't expect better. That's scary.

I worked in retail and know that the constant sales (before the economic crash) more often than not screw the employees and small business owners. (Please support independent businesses and craftsmen)Sales used to be special occasions and not daily events, but Americans have been living off credit cards and making salaries that don't allow them to buy anything at regular price for years. If the only way a person can furnish their house and purchase regular items like books, is because it is on sale, then that person doesn't earn enough money. What happens if the sales stop and things are sold at regular price? Pauperhood,real fast.And again, because there are so many immigrants who are used to this way of living, they won't try to change anything when they're in control. I'm not anti-immigrant, but I do thing it's out of control, and that the immigration regulation laws aren't good.

Rick,I don't live in Florida, but I've heard about the decline from family who've lived in Florida for three generations.if you could explain how being biracial is related to crime I'd appreciate it.


Rick said (October 22, 2009):

You said: "This integration requires that the American Standard of living(and the economy)are downsize and this IS what is happening now". Once again, you are right on target.

I moved to Hollywood, Florida over twenty years ago. I did so, just to get away from the chaos, crime and insecurity of Miami. Well, today, Hollywood is nothing but an extension of Miami-Dade County. Sadly, the low-lives and the thousands and thousands of illegals, have taken over the place. So bad, the mayor was robbed at a gas station while paying for gas. A police car was broken into and the computer and gun were stolen. Drive by shootings have become the norm. Sections of Hollywood, a once great suburb to raise children and have a family, now looks like the "ghetto's" just few miles south(Miami).

Politicians have joined the crooks and few of them are in prison and others awaiting trials. I predict that in just 5 short years down the road, this entire Country will make a "third world Country", look like paradise. The speed in which this "demise" is taking place, is absolutely shocking and no one is there to stop it.

This was obviously well thought out and design to give exactly the results is giving. Americans, true Americans, seemed to have disappeared. They are vanished, gone. These inter-racial, inter-faith marriages, have turned this once great Country, into a no man's land. Our only hope, is that this will precipitate the coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we will be out of this impending chaos, soon to take over the entire world.

Becky said (October 21, 2009):

Henry--the illuminati hand sign--could this be construed as 'giving us the finger'??? Because that is exactly what they are doing. And yes, I do believe they want us to rebel--then they could lock up those who do not follow blindly then they can proceed with their NWO. It is not only America--Canadians are just as disenfranchised. When was the last time we had any impact on our government. We are just hear to be robbed and herded.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at