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Why Do the Illuminati Hate Jews?

October 13, 2007


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

(This article, written in April 2006, is a reminder that people pretending to be Jews may actually hate Jews.)

"Where the rubber meets the road, the Illuminati have an absolutely satanic hatred for Jews," a contact that did business with a prominent Illuminati family notified me.

"Jew-hatred spiritually energizes them," he continued.

"I read too much out there that falls for the lie that the conspiracy is Jewish at its highest levels. Granted, it appears that way, and a lot of data is hard to argue with, but I have first-hand knowledge of the depth of Jew-hatred among people who are the real thing. These people (at least the ones I knew) are not Zionist Bankers, but totally Gentile."

To all appearances Jews have a disproportionate role in the Illuminati New World Order. How do we account for this apparent contradiction?

Illuminati defector Svali offers a clue. Illuminati Jews have renounced their Jewish beliefs and background. She says the Illuminati hate Israel.

"The Illuminati are racist in the extreme... Yes, there are some very powerful Jewish people in this group. For instance, the Rothschild family literally runs the financial empire in Europe (and indirectly the States), and are a well-known Jewish family...But to rise to power in the Illuminati, a Jewish person would be forced to renounce their faith, and to give their first allegiance to Lucifer and the beliefs of the Illuminati."

Following the research of Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Barry Chamish  has exposed the heresies of Sabbatai Zvi and Jacob Frank that created a schism in European Jewry in 17th and 18th century respectively. This was essentially a satanic movement that turned Jewish teaching on its ear. Everything that was forbidden by God was now permitted. Sin and not righteousness was the way to salvation. Sexual depravity (especially wife swapping orgies) was encouraged as a means to destroy the family and the social fabric. They wanted a clean slate on which to redesign society. These are the roots of Freudianism, Commnunism and sexual liberation.

A fierce hatred developed between satanic Jews and the rabbis who tried to expel the heretics from the community. This schism was partially reflected in the divide between western Jews who shed their religion for "secular humanism and reason" and eastern Jews ("Ostjuden") who largely remained Orthodox. Many secular Jews became radicals as they tried to replace religion with belief in a worldly utopia. The Illuminati duped them with their fraudulent Communist/Socialist dream. "Change the world" was and is their deceptive motto.

The satanic leader Jacob Frank (1726-91) formed an alliance with the Rothschilds, the power behind the Illuminati. They started the Reform and Conservative schools of Judaism, which posed as "liberation from the confines of Jewish inner law and ghetto." They encouraged Jews to assimilate, inter-marry, change their names and even convert to Christianity. They tapped selected followers to advance their satanic agenda by subverting Christian civilization from within.

Sen. John Kerry's background fits this profile perfectly. His grandfather was a Frankest Jew "Kohn" who adopted an Irish name and converted to Catholicism. His father worked for the CIA. His mother was part of the Forbes family, which made its fortune in the drug trade (opium), like many of America's "first families." Kerry himself is a member of the Illuminati Skull and Bones.

During the last election, Wesley Clark discovered he was half-Jewish. Madeleine Albright admitted she was Jewish. Her father Josef Korbel was Condoleezza Rice's mentor at Denver University. Before that he was accused of  stealing art treasures from a prominent Czech family when he was a Communist official in the post-war period.

The picture that emerges is a conspiracy of gentiles, part Jews and hidden Jews united by allegiance to a satanic world dictatorship. Winston Churchill, whose mother was Jewish and the current Baron Jacob Rothschild, whose mother was not Jewish, fit this description.

There is a surprising list of American Presidents who are suspected of being part-Jewish including Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower, and Lyndon Johnson.

It is possible that members of the Nazi hierarchy were also part-Jewish. Hitler's grandmother left the Rothschild's employment in Vienna when she became pregnant with Hitler's father. In his 1964 book "Before Hitler Came" author Dietrich Bronder, a Jew himself, claims the following personages all had Jewish blood: Hesse, Goering, Strasser, Goebbels, Rosenberg, Frank, Himmler, von Ribbentrop, Heydrich and many more. (Kardel, Hitler Founder of Israel  p.4) In the 1930's the Jewish German intermarriage rate was 60% and this must have gone on for some time. There were far more mixed Jews than 'pure' ones and 150,000 "mischlings" served in the Nazi army.

My own hypothesis is that WWII was contrived by the Illuminati to destroy German nationalism and nationalism and racialism in general. (They neglected to tell their Nazi branch about this, of course. This is the secret behind Rudolf Hess' mission and imprisonment. ) The Illuminati also used the war to purge Europe of Jews who weren't allied to them.

The Jewish holocaust created a rationale for the State of Israel, which was intended to dominate the Middle East, serve as an excuse for WWIII, and as capital of the future Masonic world government. There is plenty of evidence that the Nazis collaborated with Zionists, and that the Zionists betrayed their Jewish brethren during the war. Sabbatean Jews in the West prevented Jews from escaping from Europe.

"Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan," said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. "It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."

The far-reaching plan is Illuminati world dictatorship. The Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry, an occult secret society dedicated to Lucifer. The world's central bankers have intermarried with the richest dynastic families of Europe and America to bring about world hegemony. They instigated wars and depressions to degrade and destroy humanity. The American people have been financing their wars since 1914.

In the meantime, "the Jews" serve as a convenient scapegoat for the Illuminati. It is easy to forget that the majority of Jews are patriotic citizens who would like to assimilate if only their country wasn't being dismantled. They are not part of this world government agenda.

In addition, it's easy to forget that non-Jewish national elites have betrayed their countries and succumbed to the Illuminati. Look at the membership lists of the "Skull and Bones" or elite "Pilgrim Society" to see that the vast majority of adherents are non-Jews. Read "Secret Societies of America's Elite" by Steven Sora for a glimpse of the criminal Masonic non-Jewish side of US leadership.

Svali suggests a reason why the Illuminati hate religious Jews: "The Jews historically fought against the occult. See Deuteronomy and the Old Testament for how God through the Jewish people tried to cleanse the land of the occult groups that were operating there, such as those who worshiped Baal, Ashtarte, and other Canaanite and Babylonian gods."

It's time Jews rediscovered this heritage and took up this mandate again.

In conclusion, a Satanic cult controls the world. It consists not of Jews, Muslims, or Christians but of Satanists pretending to be Jews, Muslims, and Christians.  

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Comments for "Why Do the Illuminati Hate Jews?"

Joshua said (October 15, 2007):

It's because those who seem to be Jews who are in the Illuminati are actually not Jews, but Edomites, children of Esau who infiltrated the Jewish body politic.

When God sent the nation of Judah to Babylon, He said it would cure them of worshipping false gods, and I have reason to believe that every male-line descendant of Jacob now has it written in his or her soul, from that national experience, to never, ever worship Satan in any of the names he takes, whether Lucifer, Shiva, Ishtar, whatever. The boogieman isn't Jewish in any sense; he's Edomite, and hates Jacob and all his children with a blinding passion, which is used by Satan to control the Edomites who, like their father, have sold their souls for physical lusts, including the lust for world power.

What better way to disguise your hatred of a group than to pretend to be a member of that group, and to use their very kindness and willingness to obey God as a weapon against them?

The God of your Fathers has not forgotten you, Henry. Nor are there traitors in your bloodline. What God cleanses from the heart can find no further purchase. The Jews have their faults, to be sure, and I could name them like I could name bad restaurants, but Satan worship is not one of them.

Joshua Daniels
I'm Ostrogoth, not Jewish. FYI...

Paul said (October 14, 2007):

I have an interesting piece of information for you, however, I can't validate it. A couple years ago I did an analysis on my mtDNA to find my ancestral origins of my maternal line( provides this service). With the results, they provided a list of people that you matched with. I found out that my mtDNA was Ashkenazi Jew (Haplogroup K1a1b1a). I looked through the list of names and there was a Woodrow Wilson in the list. With the name they provided an email address of 'Mary1921@' to contact and dertermine if there is recent ancestry between us. I emailed her and asked if this was 'the' Woodrow Wilson. After many emails, she never replied to me. I thought her email address was a small clue as it reflects the date of the last year of Wilson's presidency. Also, Wilson was the President that opened the gates for the the Federal Reserve, the tool through with the elite are killing the country. You may wonder how they would have gotten his DNA since he's been dead for 85 years or so. Well, you don't actually need his DNA, you just need someone that has the same maternal line as him (decendants of his sister, or mothers sister). Other way would be to use a strand of his hair if someone kept it. Anyway, it all makes sense, these illuminati pose as one thing, a devout Presbyterian in Wilson's case, but really maintain an allegiance to their secret society. Take care!

Cliff (2) said (October 14, 2007):

[Does Woodrow Wilson being part Jewish ring a bell?]It does.

The key with Wilson is Edward House the Rothschild agent. House is of Dutch descent. The Netherlands was an important center of Marranism after 1492 and Sabbatianism in 1666 and beyond. The major political players of our modern age seem to have roots in the Netherlands. I have an important book on the geneology of American presidents. It shows how the presidents are related and from whence their ancestors came. The information contained in the book, together with an understanding of marranism and Sabbateanism, reveals a plausible case for a Marrano/Sabbatian political conspiracy. The New World presented a marvelous opportunity for Marranos in general and Sabbatian Marranos in particular, to establish themselves in a land that they can call home. A place where they could be rulers not secretive misfits. I believe that the New World became THEIR world rather quickly. You and I came much later. How DARE we pry into this confidential history!

Clifford Shack said (October 14, 2007):

You wrote:
"There is a surprising list of American Presidents who are suspected of being part-Jewish including Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower, and Lyndon Johnson."

You can add Lincoln to this list. In fact, if the truth be told, through the understanding of the hidden dynamics of Sabbateanism, one could put most of the U.S. presidents on the list of suspected Masonic Sabbatean Illuminists. It has become known that Sabbatean Frankists were deeply involved in the French Revolution. It is also known that Freemasonic forces were deeply involved in the American Revolution. The question now is.... what role did Sabbatean Frankist Illuminism play in the American Revolution? 1776 was exactly 100 years after the death of Shabbatai Tzvi. Is that a coincidence or a tribute? Henry, much of real history is still waiting to be unraveled.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at