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Why Patriotic Americans Could Resort to "Extremism"

February 23, 2010

napolitano.jpg"Domestic Extremism is Top Concern"

Feb 21, 5:31 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (left) says terrorists who are U.S. citizens or live in the country legally and plot against the U.S. are just as big of a concern as international terrorists.

She says that when she started as secretary a year ago, the focus was largely on international terrorists who want to harm U.S. interests. But in the past year, more of the violent extremism that has been seen overseas is showing up in the U.S.

She says officials need to drill down and analyze the factors that make a young person, raised in the U.S., migrate to extremist beliefs and actions.

Napolitano was speaking to governors who are in Washington for their annual conference.

 Okay, as a social scientist I am going to help you out, hs head, so listen up



Janet Napolitano wants to know what makes ordinary American citizens become extremists according to her own MIAC type definition (which all of our founding fathers meet, not just some).

When folks like you are in command, complete traitors who care nothing about the US, our Constitution or Bill of Rights, but want only to destroy the US and fold it in to a one world global nazi/stasi style fascist regime, US citizens who understand that you are the "enemy within" become very concerned and angry.  They start thinking how can we take our country back from traitors who have hijacked it.

This is not extremism; it is the true patriotism that our country was founded upon.  Extremists are folks like you who care nothing about rule of law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights or the welfare of any US Citizens.  And then you dare to call True Patriots and lovers of the Republic, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, "extremists".  It is you and your compatriots that are the extremists, but you are criminals too and commit treason daily. 

You and your minions care only for yourself and your sick one world government globalist dreams which are treason because you act on them and violate the US Constitution daily.  You and you minions are the true terrorists and you are doing everything you can to provoke citizens to open revolt so you have an excuse to declare martial law and attack all citizens.  And you plan to bring in foreign troops under Nato and the UN to further oppress the Citizens of the USA and destroy our great Republic. 

When that won't work you and your minions institute sophisticated covert operations against the American people, i.e. Gladio style self-inflicted inside-job terrorist acts and then blame them on others when you are the true terrorists.  But true Patriots won't fall for your sick provocations.  But unlike you and your minions we will continue to obey the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and will vote your overlords out and you will leave office with them.  And don't be surprised if you are brought to justice someday legally in a system you are doing your best now to destroy.

You and your minions are the true enemies of our Republic and should be arrested, tried and convicted for treason.  You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to be able to understand what a traitor is according to the US Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

And you personally meet the definition perfectly. You truly care nothing for the Citizens of the United States of America and only serve off shore elite banking and corporate interests which have hijacked our Republic. 

Do you think your efforts to nazify America aren't invisible to Citizens who know the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  More and more Americans are discovering that all terrorism is financial as covert ops by western intel.  Many now know that our own US Government routinely trafficks in narcotics, illegal weapons, and children, and was responsible for the JFK Assassination, the Murrah Building and first Trade Center "stings gone bad", and the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon. 

And your labelling and calling the USA the "Homeland", is an attempt to diminish our great Republic merely to a label "Homeland" instead of a Republic based on Liberty and Freedom.  How sick and traitorous can you and our top our officials get?  Pretty sick and unAmerican. And you are a complete hypocrite and a true threat to US National Security.  If you played by your own rules that you impose on US Citizens you would immediately arrest yourself and surrender to the nearest US Magistrate. 

Now it has come out that you claim you will openly murder American Citizens in foreign countries with no warrant, trial or conviction, at any time you think it is needed.  And of course you will keep doing here inside the USA as long as you have a "signed finding".

So now miz napo, you and your fusion center compatriot traitors have your answer. You can fool a lot of the Citizens, but there are quite a few who now understand the depth of your treason and evil.  And more every day are catching on to the likes of you and your dedication to destroying the United States of America and everything our Founding Fathers and Veterans of many wars fought to preserve.  You and your likes are scum and deserve to be brought to justice in a court of law.


Makow comment:

According to Obama's Identity politics, Napolitano scores high on two counts:

1. She is a lesbian. 

2. She is an Illuminati Jew, like Sonia Sotomayor.

Since candidates are selected on this basis, it is perfectly kosher to "kvell" about it. Her predecessor Michael Chertoff was also an Illuminati Jew. Minority members like Napolitano act as agents of the foreign-based central banking cartel. They threaten and smear NWO opponents as "terrorists." Illuminati Jews put ordinary Jews in jeopardy because they are perceived as agents of an occult foreign power imposing world government tyranny.


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Comments for "Why Patriotic Americans Could Resort to "Extremism""

L said (February 25, 2010):

Henry, I loved JC's "extremism in defense of liberty" article. The older I get, the more reasonable AuH2O seems to have been. Goldwater felt corporations did not have the people's interests are heart and that corporate money should stay out of campaign finance.

Barry also was concerned about the rise of the Religious Right and the politicalization of reproductivity issues.... (though I can't fault the Right for not wanting to fund the killing of fetii..... I just wish they'd discuss where they think those little souls go)

Did I ever mention that while Elizabeth Kucinich was in L.A. stumping for her husband, she suggested that people should do a search for "Money Is Debt" particular Parts 3, 4 & 5.
It's a funky little A/V condensation of Creature From Jekyll Island... for which Ron Paul wrote a blurb on the back cover. How the Black Nobility/Zionists divided and conquored us isn't a total mystery.

The League of Just Men (or, League of the Just), presumably Rothschild agents, approached Karl Marx and co-opted him (as revealed in that letter from Wilhelm Weitling to Moses Hess)

Before you know it the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto with its centralization of credit has found purchase in American and Canadian soil...accompanied by its necessary complement, "progressive" income tax. About 10 years ago someone called Bob Brinker on "Money Talk" to point out that the Fed is privately owned. Brinker briskly responded: "So is the IRS. What are you going to do about it?" Was that mentioned in "America: Freedom to Fascism"?

Did you hear that New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg co-wrote a bill with Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden to lower corporate taxation by 10% but to eliminate all the loop-holes. It was voted down today; seems the corporations prefer things the way they are.

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