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Why Science Wants Us to be Chimps

April 18, 2012

Independent scientists are challenging the dogma that humans are just a few DNA base pairs away from being monkeys.

This undermines the Illuminati plan to take human evolution away from God. 

"A scenario involving state-mandated and guided evolution by any trans-humanist technology is being devised with the promise that the "experts" will fix all our evolutionary problems."

by J.P. Tomkins

(J.P. Tomkins was a Professor of Genetics  and Biochemistry for 19 years, ran a genome center for seven years, and now work for a small non-profit research center.)

Scientific research regarding human origins has been skewed to promote and justify an amoral vision of man as simply an evolved animal without a soul connection to God. 

By dehumanizing us, the Illuminati can justify many malicious inventions aimed at societal control and population reduction. 

One of the goals of the technocratic elite has been to prove that humans  share a common ancestry with chimpanzees. This will allow the elite to re-engineer humanity according to their specifications. 

Indeed, many scientific claims state that the DNA of humans and chimps is nearly identical (98%-99%).

However, several recent publications show that these estimates are based on highly filtered and cherry-picked data. 

DNA that was too dissimilar to be conveniently aligned was typically omitted, masked or not reported.

Based on the analysis of data provided in various publications, including the often cited 2005 chimpanzee genome report, human-chimp genome similarity is not more than ~87% identical, and possibly not higher than 81%.  Indeed, a detailed comparison of the chimp and human Y-chromosomes by a secular research group in 2010 showed 70% or less DNA sequence similarity.

Unfortunately, human genomes are not evolving but decaying. The accumulation of harmful mutations indicate a creation-based start point that was more pristine.

In the opinion of this author, DNA findings by independent researchers are clearly in line with the Book of Genesis where mankind was created uniquely in the image of God.  For a listing of publications and articles that support these conclusions go to this web site.


The possibility of humans evolving to a new level with the help of "experts" has been proposed by Illuminati technocrats.  This is called 'trans-humanism'.

This trans-humanist agenda involves technologies such as the bio-engineering of the human genome, implantable micro-chips, exotic new drugs/vaccines, and other biological enhancements.

The idea is that these technologies will help us fix the mistakes of evolution and move us to the next level - even a new species.

However, the reality is that anything that will actually improve the quality of life will be most likely be reserved for the elite. 

Those allowed to live in a depopulated world will be sold Trojan horses that will simply further enslave us - all in the name of guided and state-mandated evolution.

Supposed human evolution is actually a repackaged ancient esoteric philosophy whereby man "evolves" into a god. However, for the Illuminati being a "god" doesn't require  moral improvement.

In fact, Charles Darwin used the term "becoming" and "evolution" interchangeably in his tome on human evolution "The Descent of Man...".

This was a new version of the ancient pagan "chain of being" or "chain of life" dogma. 

Today, Trans-humanism is being packaged as a "kindler gentler" social Darwinism to the academic community and the general public.


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Comments for "Why Science Wants Us to be Chimps"

Doug said (April 20, 2012):

They want monkeys because then they can state what is right and wrong and natural law based on reason dissapears. We are no longer aware of having rights. God, the Bible, The Koran, all the religious books are law books. Forget them and the courts attorneys become Gods (attorneys make the fake money real in the courts, attorney is not the same as lawyer). That is the mission - to put their minions in control of what is right and wrong (and for whom) and render humanity unconscious- in effect turn us into what they say they think we are - ie chimps.

Marcos said (April 19, 2012):

I suggest people read "The Edge of Evolution", by Michael Behe. It is a complex topic and a big book, but the main point is simple: the advance in computers and DNA analysis totally disprove gradual evolution changes as proposed by Darwin. Even minute changes in complex molecules destroy important mechanisms which are crucial to life.

Darwin simply didn't have the tools, he didn't know DNA existed nor how molecular biology works. He tried to disassemble a microchip with a hammer.

What are "scientists" doing when faced with this big flop? They simply ignore it ! That's the most unscientific attitude possible.

The Illuminati already know this theory will crumble, and that is why they are spreading the claim that aliens changed our DNA. How the alien DNA was created in the first place, this they won't tell.

Joy said (April 19, 2012):

Joy said (April 19, 2012):

I look at your site every day. It's been a great news week! I've been loving the articles!
Your site has given me so much valuable information, that has changed my life.
Your courage and caring are greatly appreciated.
Thank you! God bless you.

George said (April 19, 2012):

I have a computer-science Engineering background, so I
consider myself to also be in the Trans-Humanist 2012 camp.
Read their FAQ, and you will see that they may be able to implement awesome capability, but that they do have a Moral view, and some would resist the PTB trying to play God.

So, to fight fire with fire, we need to get through to some of
these guys. Some of these people are young, at low levels in the
System; but they will be employed to make the Illuminati control
grid work. If they see the need to do so, some transhuman thinkers have a better chance to resist the Police State and change the future of our world for the better than my old German farmer friend.

The Illuminati may want us to be Chimps, but many transhumanist would resist that effort, I hope. I will try to make it my mission to bring many such thinkers to your website.

Al said (April 18, 2012):

First of all, I'm not human; I never was and I never will be. Anyone who listens to the extremely stupid Darwin theory of evolution is two fries short of a Happy Meal. There is a reason for this, and I believe I have the answer right here:

We are being deceived by words and terms. The "elite" goon squad wants to get people to think they are animals. Talmudic Jews, Freemasons, and other psychos consider anyone different from them to be "animals". This is why we have idiot government and idiot religions.

Never, ever, admit to being a human. You can really have some fun with this. Go apply for a job, and then they'll send you over to the HR department, and then tell them you're not human. Human is a very bogus word that has no real meaning.

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