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Why the West Created Iran & Wants to Destroy it Now

July 18, 2012

220px-Portrait_of_Imam_Khomeini.jpgAyatollah Khomeini, left, was a Western agent for 25 years before the Illuminati placed him in power in 1979.

He belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The "Iranian Revolution" was similar to the  "Arab Spring" revolutions in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

Iran is run by the Illuminati and is being used as an excuse for war.  

by  Saman Mohammad


(Edited by 

According to conventional wisdom, Washington and Tehran have hated each other since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But when we look below the surface, we find very little evidence to support this claim.

The fundamentalist mullahs of Iran and the plutocratic rulers of America and Britain have secretly been in league with each other since joining forces in 1953 to depose Iran's democratically elected prime minister, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. At that time, the CIA and MI6 gave the throne of Iran to the Shah. But they maintained close ties with key figures in Iran's fundamentalist community.

A generation into the Shah's rule, the Iranian people got tired of the unjust dictatorship, and it was the mullah's turn to wield dictatorial power in Iran. The CIA and MI6 deposed the Shah in the mid-1970s, before there were any signs of an Iranian revolution, much less an Islamic one.

At first, the people of Iran did not accept Khomeini's radical interpretation of Islam and Islamic theocracy. Millions of Iranians resisted, but thousands were executed without trials as a message to the rest of the society. The event that cemented Khomeini's unjust rule over Iran was the Iranian-American hostage crisis, which Mansoor says was cunningly triggered by intelligence officials in Khomeini's camp and Bush Sr.'s camp.

Symbolically, the hostage crisis was very powerful. It radicalized the Iranian people, immortalized Khomeini, made President Carter look weak, made President Reagan look strong, and made the American people hate Iran.

Both totalitarian gangs in America and Iran benefited from the crisis that they created. And it has not remained in the past. American and Iranian tyrants continue to use the image of American hostages blindfolded by Iranian religious radicals for their selfish political purposes. But the people of America and Iran have suffered because of the unnatural separation between the two nations...

(left. In Hostage to Khomeini, Robert Dreyfuss details how the West installed the present government of Iran.) 

Khomeini was an Illuminati agent and an agent of British and American intelligence agencies, which share the vision of a global fascist government.

[From Hostage to Khomeini, "It was the alliance between the Freemasons, the old landowners and the clergy that mounted the operation against the Shah in 1963. Its leader was Khomeini, but only as a symbol....The Voice of Iran reports that "Since his student days, Khomeini received monthly payments from British agents and was in constant contact with his masters." p.88]

The only way they can sell a global fascist government to the people of the world is by creating the ritual of a third world war...

Thus, far from hating each other, the totalitarian rulers of America and Iran  depend on each other politically and psychologically to preserve their power. During periods of economic hardship and intense political upheaval, the unjust rulers of both countries deploy the most common tactic in the ruler's playbook to defect blame from themselves and protect their ill-gotten power: Fear.

II. Why Create Enemies? Why Wage War? Why Destroy Nations?

In a lecture on Iran in April 2010, American journalist Laura Secor said: "I do think that one can underestimate the extent to which the non-relationship with the United States is really central to the identity of the Islamic Republic."

Washington's hype of the Iranian threat to the international order also serves the economic and political interests of the ruling cabal in America and war-hungry freaks in Israel. America's tyrants need enemies to preserve their war-based rule and national security dictatorship. And Iran's Islamic tyrants need the Great Satan and Zionist Serpent as enemies in order to legitimize their harsh rule over Iran.

The unjust rulers of Iran loot Iran's natural resource wealth while pretending to hate the enemy, and America's unjust rulers do the same thing. Without a state of endless war, their power will collapse. We are dealing with very barbaric, immoral, and anti-democratic regimes that use deception and terror to subdue the people. War and chaos are like mother's milk to the totalitarian monsters of America, England, Israel, and Iran. These are creatures of hell and darkness. Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, Khamenei, and Netanyahu all deserve the death penalty.

In an article called, "Illuminati Mind Control & the Report from Iron Mountain," Dean Henderson presents revealing statements from top U.S. officials in the early 1960s about why war is necessary and good:

"In 1961 Kennedy Administration officials McGeorge Bundy, Robert McNamara and Dean Rusk, all CFR and Bilderberger members, led a study group which looked into "the problem of peace."  The group met at Iron Mountain, a huge underground corporate nuclear shelter near Hudson, New York, where CFR think tank The Hudson Institute is located.  The bunker contains redundant offices in case of nuclear attack for Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell and JP Morgan Chase. [7]  A copy of the group discussions, known as Report from Iron Mountain, was leaked by a participant and published in 1967 by Dial Press.
The report's authors saw war as necessary and desirable stating "War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire. (War is) the principal organizing force...the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies."  The group worried that through "ambiguous leadership" the "ruling administrative class" might lose its ability to "rationalize a desired war", leading to the "actual disestablishment of military institutions".
The report goes on to say, "...the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until...we know exactly what we plan to put in its place...The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power...The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. War has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary classes."

It is very revealing that the maniacs in charge of the planet view world peace as a problem to deal with rather than embrace. These are not normal and ethical individuals. War is a way of life for them, but these evil parasites do not actually participate in the killing and dying. They need war to stay in power, make trillions of dollars, and rule the people like sheep.

"War is hell," said General William Sherman. Modern war is more than just big business. Its damage on the human psyche and human soul has been systematic. And it has destroyed freedom and democracy in the West and in Iran....

A third world war is the artificial creation of the crazy monsters who rule our world. The organized destruction of America, Israel, and Iran will create new opportunities for the shameless war profiteers, global arms manufacturers, big oil men, and international banksters to keep stealing. They are rotten, cruel, and insane thieves who deserve to be hung for their crimes against humanity.


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Comments for "Why the West Created Iran & Wants to Destroy it Now "

Srephane said (July 23, 2012):

I would like to said the Muslim brotherhood are enemy of Syria and Shia Iran today like the actuality show us . The liberation Syrian movement are for in part Muslim brotherhood ... So we can't said they are together.

Maybe in past they had connection like every Islamics groups have connection or fact the Muslim Brotherhood are Arab Sunnis and the Islamic revolutionaries are openly Shia even they spoke about Unity of Muslims.

The result i few times after the Revolution Sunnis people who were admirer of this uprising start to change their mind under the influence of Sunnis propaganda from Saoud and Muslim brotherhood as well .

Iranians were rivals not friends ...if you said there are jealousy and imitation from the Sunnis toward Iranians i will be agree but friendship a lot .

The author of those article about Iran are not provided any solid proof about what he affirm.

I saw he wrote as well article in Alex Jones Infowars. and i was thinking it need an other voice about those subject instead some Iranians who just repeat some rumors against the Islamic Republic.

Nevertheless i m not a blind admirer of the Iran regime but i ve read too much gossip and Sunnis, Zionist, US propaganda against Iran for believe in it .

The fact is Iran still among the rare country who owned his oil and thats not in the taste of the super-powers ...

David said (July 20, 2012):

Regarding Oliver’s comment of an MI6 agent and Ayatollah Khomeini looking identical see:

Mark said (July 19, 2012):

Searching for "Khomeini BP" gives:

Shaved Khomeini UK 1972:

Khomeinis real father,William Richard Williamson, was born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage. This detail is based on first-hand evidence from a former Iranian employee of the Anglo- Iranian OilCompany (later British Petroleum: BP), who worked with and met the key players of this saga. This fact was supported by the lack of a denial in 1979 by Col. Archie Chisholm, a BP political officer and former editor at The Financial Times, when interviewed on the subject at his home in County Cork, Ireland, by a British newspaper.

Oliver said (July 19, 2012):

About 2 years ago I did have a paid subscription with enigmatv. I remember one of the film documentaries where two photographs were shown side by side. One was a British Petroleum CEO heavily involved in MI6, as far as I can remember after those 2 years. The other was Ayatollah Khomeini. These "two" were exactly the same face. Exactly. How could someone with such a British background convince Iranian people and Muslim leadership, I don´t know. I´m aware this raises a lot of questions. Yet for me personally, after having seen those pictures, the Ayatollah Khomeini was nothing more than a British man in a funny dress.


Thanks Oliver,

This seems farfetched since Khomeini had a long history in Iran but I post just in case...


Al Thompson said (July 19, 2012):

We may be the "men of the last generation" because there is little goodness left in the world. It doesn't have to be that way, but perverted men choose their own destruction. There was a writing called: "Christian Sibyllines" and the words of the writing are profound. I have no idea whether they are true, but it seems to point to mankind's demise:
"Children grown grey at the temples from birth, And afflictions of men, famines and plagues and wars, And Change of seasons, lamentations, many tears-Ah, how many children in all lands, bitterly wailing, Shall devour their parents, wrapping the flesh in shrouds, and foul with blood and dust." "..When the race of women do not give birth, the harvest of mortal men is come!"

I take most prophecies with a grain of salt, but this particular writing was banned for reading in the Roman Empire. I hope it isn't true, but the chronic drums of war is insane and unsustainable. The hideousness of life is getting to be too much for a good man to endure. How much of this can anyone take? I'm not sure how exactly to deal with it. I like the idea of the commandments as those are the things that work for the benefit of all men, women, and children.

I'm at the point to were I almost get the dry heaves looking at politicians and religious leaders. I can't stand looking at them.
I'd rather look at a big turd on the ground than to look at their faces which show that they are liars. The the product from their errant teachings is nothing but trash. We don't need to be looking at them, and listening to them distorts the mind.

"For every soul of men is a gift of God, And it is not lawful for men to defile it with all manner of shame."
This last quote says a lot.

DOUG said (July 19, 2012):

The Report From Iron Mountain is probably the MOST important single document for people to read that I have encountered in my years of investigating all this. I've been reading this stuff for years. Alex Jones has said the Report has been admitted to be real, In The Creature From Jekyll Island, JK Galbraith has been mentioned as admitting it was real. JK Galbraiths book, Money: Where It Went ; Whence It Came explains that America is run by an oligarchy- a "...handful of men...". You don't need conspiracy websites to know that.

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