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Why I Didn't Join the Masons

September 17, 2010


by Roger Barbour

(for henry

In this seventh and the final Installment, Roger answers questions from Henry about his lifelong battle with Freemasons and makes suggestions for coping.  


Doing so isn't in my anthology of ethical practices. Everything they stand for makes me want to puke and that's only the tip of the iceberg. I would no more consider joining the Masons than I would consider becoming a member of MS-13. 

Growing up, I used to listen with rapt attention as my elders rehashed the "old stories"  time and again at family gatherings. Inevitably, one of the old sods would carry on at length about his life in Ireland under British tyranny. Tale after tale of murder and violence at the hands of the Black and Tan would emerge in living color. These bastards were nothing more than 10 shilling-a-day mercenaries for the Masonic, British government. During the winter of 1920, just before Christmas, they murdered two of my relatives as they went on a looting spree in Cork City.

Later in life, as previously mentioned, my dad explained the "ins and outs" of the Masons to me at length. These lessons had great impact on me from that time on. Additionally, he related stories of his countless clashes with them during the early 1900's.

The area where I grew up was populated by wealthy old Yankees that, to a man, were Freemasons. Old papers I've read from that era (1915-1930) were loaded with help wanted ads which clearly stated "Irish and Catholic, need not apply". This type of evidence reinforced everything my dad had taught me and made me despise the Masons all the more. My life experiences with them sealed the deal in spades.

By nature, I'm not a "joiner" and it's been inculcated in me from the beginning that a man should fend for himself. In this context, that also means that he and he alone is responsible for his actions. Striking out independently is definitely my style. I don't need a group or leader to blindly follow in the hopes of succeeding at anything. I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own. When I attempt something, I do so with my head high and my shoulders squared off.

If I shake your hand, I do so firmly and look you in the eye while doing it. In my dealings with others (business, work or play) I make my intent clearly known and act in an overt, straight forward and honest manner. Never expect me to lie in order to shirk responsibility or to cover up my ineptness or errors. I will always be the first one to announce that I made a mistake or that I am at fault.

These are a few of the tenets that I live by. They are definitely not in sync with the great sidereal movement of Freemasonry. I refuse to lower my standards in the interests of profit or other worldly gains. I refuse to become a member of some secret society that is actually a direct contradiction of what it purports to be. I refuse to engage in character assassination, defrauding the legal system and nepotism for personal gain or for the benefit of another man. In this last respect the Masons are particularly loathsome. Their own system of "affirmative action" insures that one of their own will benefit rather than a more capable and worthy individual. This is probably the thing I despise most about them.

Yes....I'm probably stupid, old fashioned and idealistic, not to mention truly American at heart. I've always believed that I came into this world broke and bare-assed and will surely go out the same way. To the best of my knowledge, they don't put pockets in coffins. When my life force enters the next phase I'd like it to do so proudly and with a clear conscience.

Too damned bad we'll never have a chance to sit down and shoot the shit. I could get you laughing, crying and cursing all at once.


Just one....Watch your ass at all times. The bastards are everywhere. Watch the road and your rear view for cops. Getting stopped could lead to your worst nightmare. In my case they wouldn't think twice about planting a gun or drugs in my vehicle to facilitate relieving me of my property and possessions. I make it a habit to avoid women and children since they could easily trump up charges of assault or molestation. I speak to nobody in the interests of concealing the fact that "I'm not from here". Most communication is accomplished via hand gestures and vague grunts. 

As far as close calls go, I consider every trip outside my domain to be a close call. Around the property I am forever vigilant and carry a weapon at all times. On several occasions, customers have entered the shop, noted my accent and immediately launched into diatribes against "people from the north". Their attitudes immediately put me on alert. Remarks like, "We wup Yankee ass" and "I hate Yankees" are commonplace and uttered with impunity even though it's doubtful that the speaker has ever ventured very far from town limits. Their collective attitudes are very belligerent and they seem to be running on an overdose of testosterone as is typical of ignorant people.

A word of thanks and encouragement to readers that have responded to my articles on Freemasonry:
If my experience with the Freemasons has bolstered your suspicions or served to enlighten you in any way I feel as though I've done something worthwhile.
Caution Vs. Paranoia in dealing with the Masons
When you get the primal feeling that "something isn't quite right" with any given situation, there's usually a very good reason for it. Unless you have tendencies bordering on complete paranoia, your basic instincts will never let you down.
Don't ignore them. Use them as a tool for sorting and cataloging all the input you receive during these encounters.
Education is the key
Lots of information about the Masons is available on the web and in countless publications. A few hours spent reviewing the basics could save you time and money, not to mention heartache, in the future.
Knowing what to look for and how to identify a Mason would be a good place to start. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Since Masons are basically "gang-bangers", their own subtle form of graffiti is used to readily identify their territory. It's very common to find the "square and compass" symbol along with others, at the entrance to many towns. In one case, I passed a billboard along a major interstate announcing that the traveler was now entering "their turf".
Here's a link to one of the better sites I've found on the subject of Masonic
Dealing with it
How you deal with a Masonic presence depends in large measure on the size and proportions of the presence itself.
Areas under Masonic control are best avoided. If you're considering relocation, take the time to thoroughly investigate that area first and get a "feel" for it. Talk with people and observe their reactions. Note how many vehicles have Masonic symbols affixed to bumpers, windows and rear areas. Locate any Lodges that might be in the town and also note how many others exist in surrounding communities. Above all, learn to apply the knowledge you glean about the Masons and share it freely with your non-Masonic associates.
Be aware that you are dealing with a criminal mentality. Regardless of social standing or their place in the community, Freemasons are basically "gang- bangers". Everything you say can and will be used against you if it's in the  interests of the Freemasonic cause and the gain of those at the top of their local organization. Keep this in mind if you happen to find yourself  "passing the time of day" with someone you're not sure of.
What next?
The strength of this evil cabal lies in the fact that they are hiding in plain sight. Exposing them to the world would be like turning on a light in a room full of cockroaches.
This is exactly what happened in the Northeast during the mid-1820's http:// forcing the Masons to
lower their profile and bringing about the anti-Masonic Movement.
In some circles, this was called the Masonic War and was marked by the
lynching of Masons and the destruction of their lodges.

In today's political world, the Mason's are definitely making a comeback.
Photographers covering political events frequently catch politicians, heads of state and other officials exchanging Masonic signs and handshakes. Even the Pope, scion of the Catholic Church, has been caught in the act.
Perhaps now would be a good time to revive the anti-Masonic sentiments that culminated in the events of the mid-1820's. Educating your young and spreading the word about this insidious force dwelling among us would be a good place to start. Where you take it from there is up to you.

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Comments for "Why I Didn't Join the Masons"

Earl (Germany) said (September 19, 2010):

I wish to commend Roger Barbour´s article. My first conscious encounter with masons was an employer who noticed my spiritual quest. One of the things he (blue lodge) said was "We are striving for world rule. We wish to rebuild Atlantis". I smiled pitifully. I didn´t know anything about these things back then. Then he got angry because I didn´t take them seriously and because he absolutely shouldn´t have told me anyway.

He was probably the most manipulative person I have ever met so far. He must have been studying human nature a lot. He regularly left the room with some scathing comment that was meant to appear normal to others and to "tell me something". He tried to pull me into the lodge and to corner me in a somewhat evil way. One of his "hobbies" was working to destroy a non masonic entrepreneur competitor in "his" ever expanding territory. With unexpected blessing, decisiveness and good luck I could escape.

I would strongly recommend everyone to rely more on their very own intuition and inner "truthmeter" than on any words presented. Just go away. Leave. He said that there was good and evil in everyone and posed the question "what do you do with the evil side", imo implying to say that he has no choice but living both sides.

I was then working for entrepreneurs that were non masonic. Comparing work places from my personal experience I noticed the non masonic had a much harder time. One of my bosses was literally running through the office sometimes. I don´t know if the company still exists.

I´m now driving a delivery truck, again with masonic leadership of the company in the construction branch. Naturally I see many, many companies and company cars and trucks and I would say at least 80% of the well established middle class companies here in Germany are sporting blatantly masonic company logos.

I must say of course not all masons are exactly the same. If you find some who operate on the basis of fairness, as they call it, you´re on humble but pretty good grounds. Although they have a tendency to regard themselves as chosen and you as of the unwashed goys still.

I told an old acquaintance about my observations of masonry in global and local politics and their influence in the police, economy, medical industry and court system. She had very good jobs and was on first name basis with many people of high society and political leadership. I told her not to tell in those circles about what I have told her. It could be very damaging and disadvantageous to do so. She didn´t take my counsel seriously and went to her upper society friends and used a lot of four letter words and bad language against masonry (which I didn´t) until one man couldn´t control himself anymore and blurted out he is a mason and became very angry. As it seems she likes to play with fire and kept contact. He asked her if she wouldn´t like to join and tell him my name. She was in SEVERE financial difficulty because of some really unfortunate event and he offered to arrange a bank loan for her of EUR 50.000. She refused and he said "what if we add one more zero" . She asked "what about EUR 5.000.000". The answer was temporary silence. She had implored about every bank around before and NO bank at all would have lent her even 5.000. Again she refused his offer. She was then unable to pay back a small loan that I had given her and we lost contact.

Maria said (September 18, 2010):

Robert [below] should know that he cannot be Catholic and a Mason! That violates the Catholic Church's state policy.

The following is from the Catholic Encyclopedia's entry on "Masons":

Freemasonry is not a Christian institution, as it acknowledges many pre-Christian models and teachers of "Humanity".... Freemasonry, therefore, is opposed not only to Catholicism and Christianity, but also to the whole system of supernatural truth.... The official organ of Italian Masonry even emphasizes: "The formula of the Grand Architect, which is reproached to Masonry as ambiguous and absurd, is the most large-minded and righteous affirmation of the immense principle of existence and may represent as well the (revolutionary) God of Mazzini as the Satan of Giosue Carducci (in his celebrated hymn to Satan); God, as the fountain of love, not of hatred; Satan, as the genius of the good, not of the bad".... It is a fact attested by experienced men of all countries that, wherever Masonry is influential, non-Masons have to suffer in their interests from the systematical preferment which Masons give each other in appointment to offices and employment.... Many Masonic authors in the Latin countries [113] and some of the principal Anglo-American authors [114] declare that Masonic symbolism in its original and proper meaning refers above all to the solar and phallic worship of the ancient mysteries, especially the Egyptian.... Hiram, Christ, Molay are regarded only as representatives of "Humanity" the "Apostles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".... Moreover, in all countries it is almost exclusively Masons and their families that profit by Masonic charity.... But between "Masonry" and "Christian" or "Catholic" religion, conceived as they really are...there is a radical opposition.... But Freemasonry goes farther and attacks Catholicism openly...and American Masons say: "We won't make a man a Freemason, until we know that he isn't a Catholic."

...Catholics since 1738 are, under penalty of excommunication, incurred ipso facto, and reserved to the pope, strictly forbidden to enter or promote in any way Masonic societies. The law now in force pronounces excommunication upon "those who enter Masonic or Carbonarian or other sects of the same kind, which, openly or secretly, plot against the Church or lawful authority and those who in any way favour these sects or do not denounce their leaders and principal members."

N said (September 18, 2010):

I also wanted to tell you a story about my first contact with freemasonry. There was a time in my youth when I was fascinated with Masonry, and wanted nothing more than to join DeMolay. I am an Assyrian, which is a predominantly Christian(eastern orthodox) minority from the middle east. When I moved to the US when I was 2, we ended up in California, in the Central Valley. Its the same place Steinbeck use to write about, although the place has been doing better since those days. Lots of old families, lots of land, lots of "good ole boy" networking going on. Lots of Masons. There is a temple on Main St. in town, and a mason lodge next to the cemetery with a mason cemetery in it. LOTS of weird tombstones, I can send pics if you like, most if not all have the eastern star or masonic compass and square on them, and some are geometric shapes like spheres mounted on pillars, or arches, obviously using that imagery to convey meaning. I forgot what the spheres meant, but it was important.

When i was in 7th grade, I had 2 best friends, Eric and Dan. They were both one year older than me, so, when they were in 8th grade, they decided to join DeMolay. I don't know how D had heard about it, but he was definitely the leader of our little group, and he talked E into joining with him. I remember immediately, I felt excluded from them. They had this new thing to share, and I was in no way a part of it. They spoke a little bit of memorizing oaths and handshakes, but I never knew exactly what they meant. It wasn't until I got older and started doing my own research I realized who Jacques Demolay was, and who the Freemasons were. To this day, I blame the Masons for stealing some of my childhood friends from me. Shortly after they joined, we drifted apart, and throughout high school, they actually began to ostracize me and actively dislike me, and I had done nothing to warrant their disfavor other than not being a part of their 'club'.

I would like to thank you so much for your site. I for one will NEVER bow down or capitulate to this group of criminals who are not better than your common street thug, maybe just a bit better dressed, and sometimes THAT'S not even the case. Keep on keepin' on, bless you for the work that you do.

Bill said (September 18, 2010):

Andrew [below] -Why are you so afraid of anti mason sentiment for? Anyone that is a good upstanding Catholic wouldn't be caught dead admitting they are a Mason. You can't serve two masters Robert, so which do you fight the hardest for Heaven or Hell? The devil is smiling at you Robert, for you do his bidding. Defend the lies all you want, most non-Masons have experienced some of the same Bullshit that Roger has.
As President Kennedy once stated," The idea of a secret society exercising control and influence in a free and open society is repugnant. That much will never change.

Robert said (September 18, 2010):

I'm Catholic and half-Hispanic originally from Philadelphia, PA. I moved to a small Southern town in central Florida and joined the Masons 35 years ago. I've studied Freemasonry for many years and am well aware of the true nature of Masonry at the Blue Lodge level and beyond. We do not believe a word of your story. It just doesn't work that way, Roger.

Why are you distorting the truth about Freemasonry with such prejudice? I've never met more humble and caring people anywhere else. We have never attempted to exploit or hurt anyone who isn't a Mason. You are lying about the 'persecution' you claim to have received from Masons. I printed your articles and shared them with Masons from my Lodge and those in neighboring communities...the reactions were are not telling the truth.

The only time I've witnessed men attack the Masons is by men who were black-balled and denied acceptance into the Brotherhood or by fundamentalist preachers with no education. If you were black-balled, it's for a good reason, your background check revealed a criminal record or negative comments and evaluations from former employers and neighbors. Yes, we do a serious background check.

It's precisely because of people like you that we take great pride in our high caliber of character and moral values...if you don't meet those standards, no, you can't be a go ahead and lie.

Please provide me the name and town of at least three people that are Freemasons that damaged, hurt or injured you in any way. Allow me to hear the other side of your slanted story. I'm not going to hear from you am I? I didn't think so.

If you're clean and innocent as you portray yourself to be, why didn't you join the Masons and find out what it's all about???

Roger, you story is all bullshit. Your sophomoric comments are so transparent that they will only be accepted by dumb and stupid people who are as clueless as you. You probably know that most of our Founding Fathers were Freemasons. So are you a patriot and subscribe to the notion that our Constitution is to be cherished and valued as it is by good Americans from both sides of the political spectrum? Keep in mind that without those Masons, there would not have been a United States of America.

Just what is it that you don't understand about Freemasonry? Roger, what is your level of education? I'm not implying you're uneducated, I just want to know what level of formal academic education you have and what your degree is in, if you have one.

One more thing.... you cannot easily distinguish a Masonic handshake even if you know it. The Pole a Mason????? Are you nuts? Exactly what is your agenda???

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at