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Satanists Seduce Women With Wicca

November 8, 2010

wicca.jpgby Len Hummel

Are you aware of the close connection between feminism, lesbianism, wicca, and goddess-worship? It is rampant and getting worse by the minute.

Vast numbers of women today have been seduced into the occult, satanism, and various forms of witchcraft and wicca by the evil spirits behind those movements and feminism. This is readily documented  on the internet. Here is part one of a five-part documentary on "women and their secrets."

Here is Part Two. The documentary is called "The Occult"

And why would wicca, witchcraft, and goddess-worship be evil? Anyone who has ANY respect for biblical truth knows why: the spirit behind it is pure seductive evil that repudiates every single major truth surrounding Jesus Christ and His redemptive word and purposes. - If THAT isn't evil, I certainly don't know what could be worse.

Consider these insights from a Christian researcher who has investigated these very disturbing developments among modern-day feminists:

The Spirits Behind Pagan gods and goddesses: "Much of what is currently published under the guise of New Age "enlightenment", is nothing less than Old Age doctrines of nefarious invisible hosts. As in antiquity, so in modern times, those who practice paganism are guilty of worshipping "devils"...

The Sophia Circle and Isis: "Queen of Heaven"

Throughout history, various forms of goddess worship has played a significant role in our world's religious and cultural makeup. Today, goddess veneration is still very much alive and well, and images of the goddess-in various forms-can be identified in every state and province. Satan has tirelessly thrust the deities of ancient Egypt upon mankind for thousands of years. Ultimately though, it doesn't really matter if "she" is called Sophia, Isis, Diana, Virtus, Cybele, Rhea, or Mother Mary, the concept is always the same:the lifting up of a pagan goddess as a replacement for the true God.

Feminism and The Christian God

The infiltration of radical feminism into the church, loudly and gratingly proclaims the superiority of the feminine and the inferiority of the masculine and demands a new female-centered theology. Radical feminists, not only reject historic Christian orthodoxy in favor of neo-paganism and goddess worship, but realizing that in order to change a civilization built on the Bible, the very Bible must be changed.

Much of the problems stem from the doctrine of male headship... one of the most controversial subjects in the Scripture. Feminists are quite convinced that Headship = domination and Subordination = inferiority and denigration.

Unfortunately both feminists and an altogether too large a number of traditional church leaders have myopically focused on what they think is Scripture's treatment of, and instructions regarding, the sexes, with complete disregard for what the Scriptures actually reveal. What is certain is that the Biblical concept of male headship has all too often been twisted to generate horrible evil. 

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The Labyrinth.. a Return to the goddess?

Canon Dr. Lauren Artress, priest at the New-Age-friendly Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco takes women on a Dream Quest which involves walking the labyrinth and encountering pagan goddesses. So did this idea originate in the dark recesses of Lauren Artress's mind, or can we look further back in history for clues to this the whole goddess abomination. Chartres Cathedral is known as the Virgin Mary's Seat on Earth... certainly the focus of the Cathedral is Mary, or more accurately the Black Madonna...

 There's a lot more that could be said about this subject but please let me summarize briefly: radical feminism, lesbianism, occultism,  wicca-witchcraft and goddess-worship are all from the same satanic source of seducing spirits that oppose the ancient biblical Hebrew-Christian Truth that GOD is (in essence) masculine-active and is FATHER-GOD over all of creation.

He is also THE MORAL CENTER of the Universe. He has placed men, fathers, and elders in designated place of leadership and authority. Satan has always looked to undermine this primary-relationship. Wicca and witchcraft and luciferianism have always been a major means of deception and seduction AWAY FROM GOD and His Government and Kingdom. Tell me: what could be more disastrous than that?

Len Hummel is a writer, internet researcher, and Christian missionary to Asia and America.

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Comments for "Satanists Seduce Women With Wicca"

Fahad said (November 10, 2010):

The Quran denounces the "Divine Feminine" as a Satanic concept. It tells us that anyone invoked/called upon instead of God is female(which tells us that God is active-masculine, and those invoked INSTEAD OF GOD are passive-feminine, i.e. the passive-feminines are OTHER THAN GOD.) It goes on to say that invoking females(or the "Divine Feminines") ultimately invokes the Shaitaan/Satan.

The Quran 4/117: For certain, they invoke in His stead only females; and for certain they invoke only Satan, a rebel.

This of course does not mean that The Quran is equating the feminine with the Satan. Femininity is passive/yielding/receptive, while God is active/assertive(masculine). And by invoking the passive(which can neither benefit nor harm them) deities instead of the active(God), people invoke only Satan, the one behind the female-passive deities, or the "Divine" Feminines.

The masculine acts/asserts upon the feminine. Masculinity is compared in The Quran to a (active/assertive)farmer/worker, while femininity is compared to the (passive/receptive)tilth/cultivation:

The Quran 2/223: Your wives are a tilth for you. So go to your tilth as you will,....

So there is only the Divine Masculine. There can be no Divine Feminine since no one acts/asserts upon God and He is not passive/yielding.

anon said (November 9, 2010):

At least 4 that I know of, senior members of Toronto's Astrological Society, are exactly what Len describes in his article. The meet the criteria:

1. They are Lesbians
2. They are Feminists
3. They practice Wicca

It seams that I didn't stand a snow balls chance in hell ( pun intended ) of getting you a speaking gig a few years ago while in town on business. It seams all of my best efforts were thwarted Henry, because Canada's foremost astrological society has been high-jacked by Lesbian / Feminist / Devil Worshipers. No wonder I failed so horrifically !

All levels of our society have been high-jacked in fact. Even Astrology World ! Oy Vey :(

Len said (November 9, 2010):

A quick note to M: it is true that wicca is a modernized version of the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religions, and that Gardner is essentially the inventor of the newly packaged variety of "the old religion." But the fact is: it is pagan to the hilt and has its roots with ancient forms of paganism and goddess-worship that goes backward in time for many centuries. This kind of paganism, witchcraft, and worship/veneration of "Mother Earth" and "the Earth-Spirit" was one of the major elements that corrupted the Jewish-Mosaic prohibition against such abominations of idolatry.

M said (November 9, 2010):

Wicca is not an ancient religion. It was created by a con man and occultist named Gerald Gardner, who put in a basket some Crowley rituals with Celtic lore, Masonry and Egyptian myths, in the middle of XX century. They worship the " horned god" , but deny they are satanists...

It is just one more trap to enslave curious and naive women in search of a thrill.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at