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The False Teachings of Church Christianity

May 1, 2010

Jesus666.jpg"Christ told his people to repent and forsake their sinful ways (Mat 9:13). He did not command them to form a religion in his name or to build a multi-million dollar church while the poor slept on the stoop."


(Editor's Note: In his new book, "Surrendering Islam," David Livingstone maintains that, like Judaism and Islam, Christianity has been corrupted by occultism. He says the Apostle Paul abandoned the teachings of Jesus exemplified by the book of Mathew, and replaced it with an esoteric interpretation of the occult idea of the sacrificed god dying for our sins. "As Paul's cult spread throughout the Christianized world, the Early Church was eclipsed." (p.25) This article by Will Newman points to some aspects he regards as pagan/occult subversion. This article does not represent my point of view but is posted for the sake of discussion.)

by Will Newman
(author of "Is Lucifer the God of Judaism?")


Christ warned that in the time leading up to his return, the masses would be exploited with false teachings in His name (Mat 24). The same condemnations He made of the hypocritical Pharisees in Matthew 23 can be directed toward modern Christian churches for teachings that are contrary to the scriptures (Mar 7:7, 2Jn 1:9).

The Church is indistinguishable from the pagan priesthood of Babylon. The parallels fill books such as "The Two Babylons" and "The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife," ( A. Hislop.) The Catholic Church claims its authority supersedes that of the Bible, as demonstrated by the Pope's title "Holy Father" (Mat 23:9).

"Vatican" translates to "prophetic serpent." The Pope wears a fish-shaped hat identical to the Babylonian Priest of Dagon, the fish-god. Cardinals dishonor Christ by covering their heads while praying (1Co 11:4).

Catholics worship the pagan goddess Diana/Athena/Hecate/Semiramis/Ishtar/Isis/Ashtaroth by calling her Mary, "the Queen of Heaven" (Jer 7:18, Luk 11:27-28).

Protestant denominations are quick to condemn the widespread iniquity, idolatry, and scriptural violations of the Catholic Church yet refuse to acknowledge that they are equally guilty (Joh 7:38, Mat 7:4). At least Catholics and modern pagans openly admit their defiance of the bible.

Most Protestants uphold the Catholic tradition of a Sunday Sabbath, in opposition to God's fourth commandment to worship on the seventh day of the week (Saturday). Sun-day worship of the sun-god (Helios/Apollo/Lucifer) was the custom of pre-Christian Rome.


All Christians celebrate Christmas (Osiris/Nimrod's birthday, the birth of the sun-god), the modern equivalent of Rome's Saturnalia (Satan-alia). Witches sacrifice a child at midnight Christmas Eve and leech emotional energy from the Christians' "holiday spirit."

The tree is a symbol of Nimrod and forbidden by God (Jer 10:12). Santa, a scrambling of "Satan," is a false god for children who usurps God's power to judge sin. (, Is Satan)

Easter is the astrological fertility celebration of Nimrod's wife, Ishtar. In pre-Christian times, the cross ("T") was an idol to represent the virginally-conceived sun-god Tammuz (Eze 8:13-14, Heb 2:16-17).

The cross and the "X" symbols (as in Xmas) both represent the sun and the zodiac, as does the circular communion wafer.

Church architecture is based on pagan fertility symbolism. Steeples are obelisk-shaped (phallic symbols) resting on vaulted naves (female womb). The word Church derives from the goddess Circe who represents the circular moon.

The Pentecostal practice of speaking in indecipherable tongues is forbidden by God (1Co 14).


The Christian churches are guilty of suppressing the only name by which men can be saved (Act 4:12) and of breaking the first commandment by worshiping Jesus (who they claim to be) the Son above the Father. This instead of living like Christ in obedience to the Father's commandments.

The name of god venerated in churches, Jesus, derives from "Zeus," the Greek name for the god of lightning--Satan (Luk 10:18). Many Christian ministers (e.g. Billy Graham) and Catholic priests are trained in mind-control and occultism; some intentionally summon the demonic spirit named "Jesus" to fill their churches while falsely calling it the Holy Spirit (The Illuminati...Mind Control Slave, Springmeier, 178).

Christ's name could not have been Jesus, as the letter "J" did not exist until about 1500 years after His resurrection. It is YASHAYAH, Hebrew for "savior" (Hos 2:16, Act 26:14, Luk 1:47, Mat 21:9). The name YASHAYAH was translated into Greek as "Iesaias" and then to "Iesus" by the Vatican.

The Jewish faction helps obscure the true name of the Son by calling him "Yeshua" in Modern Hebrew. The "oo" sound came via Greek influence and is not found in ancient Hebrew, which had only one neutral vowel sound.


The graven images of Christ found in Christian churches (in violation of the second commandment) are often seen displaying satanic hand gestures. These often display Jesus' head surrounded with a halo, identical to the solar disk which adorned the pagan sun gods of Rome, Greece, and Babylon.


These Jesus images do not represent Yashayah's historical appearance. In the early 1500s, Pope Alexander VI employed Leonardo da Vinci to paint his son, Cesare Borgia, as Christ. Even today, when the world pictures Christ, it pictures Cesare Borgia, a man who committed murder, incest, and sodomy (Triptych of Poisoners, Cesare Borgia His Life and Times, Bradford).

This image of Christ has been preserved by both Catholic and Protestant denominations; it was used by Catholic missionaries to enslave the natives of Central/South America and by Protestants as proof to the Negro slaves (Judah) that god was a white man (Wisdom of Solomon 14:8-21).


Christ says that the greatest commandment is to love God and that this is done by keeping his commandments. "He that ... keepeth not [God's] commandments, is a liar" (1Jn 2:4, 1Jn 5:3, Mat 22:37, Joh 14:15, Mat 5:17, Joh 5:30, 46, Ex 20:6).

Despite Christ's words, most churches teach that the Law, including the Ten Commandments, is done away with, effectively teaching that there is no sin (1Jn 3:4). Christ's sacrifice did not nullify the Law, but rather marked the end of animal sacrifice and the death penalty by giving those who believed on Him the opportunity to repent and receive forgiveness of sins (Rom).

Without Law, one can pursue his own selfish or perverse lusts even through murder, theft, and deceit. Many churches preach the prosperity doctrine, that god wants us to be rich. This god of lawlessness and excess is not the God of the bible; it is the god of the flesh--Satan (Mar 10:25).

By actions, not words, we are to discern good from evil (Mat 7:20, 15:8). Fritz Springmeier reveals that "Magic and witchcraft are...being taught in many Christian churches... human sacrifices are...being done in secret in some well known Christian churches" (Be Wise as Serpents, i4).

Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan converted Christians by explaining that those in a "witchcraft group...practice the same basic philosophy as Christianity" without the guilt (The Satanic Bible, 27). The difference between Christian and Satanic philosophies is that Satanists admit that their actions please Satan and anger God.


There is no separation of Church and state; political agendas are pushed from the pulpit. Preachers cannot speak about the Illuminati, the NWO, human micro-chipping, or question the Jewish people as the biblical Israelites without losing their 501(c)3 non-profit tax status.

Preachers do not teach the truth for fear that they might lose members who want sermons to make them feel good even if through lies (Isa 30:10). As a result, many Christians will peacefully march off to FEMA camps while they are waiting to be "raptured" before the tribulation (another false teaching).

Christ told his people to repent and forsake their sinful ways (Mat 9:13). He did not command them to form a religion in his name or to build a multi-million dollar church while the poor slept on the stoop. We are to love Christ by caring for the poor and fatherless, by obeying His Law, by eschewing evil, and by worshiping His Father in spirit and in truth (Joh 4:24).


Note from Will Newman:

I have heard interviews of David Livingstone and read some of his articles and agree with him on many counts and respect his research, however I do not draw the same conclusion as him regarding Paul.

I actually reference some of Paul's epistles in the article, which may be confusing to the reader after reading the editor's note.

Paul's teachings as they are written in the NT are correct and support the Law still being in effect (the 10 commandments et al). However Paul's writings are often misinterpreted by organized Christian churches and used to nullify the Law, which effectively means that anything goes in life: God doesn't care if you are a murderer, idolater, thief, or homosexual because there is no sin if there is no law.

The occultism found in churches is the result of deviation from, perversion, and subversion of what the Bible says. This is the result of Satanic influences.
Paul's writings are extremely important and I do not want it to appear that my article is anti-Paul. I believe the entire bible including books inked by Paul.

Paul's letters are critical in the battle against feminist ideologies and place great emphasis on the man being the head of the household. That is why some churches attack Paul as part of the feminist agenda to empower women over men, wives over husbands, women preachers over men parishioners, etc.

I think it is relevant to link to Mr. Livingstone's research but not to suggest we have the same conclusion on the cause of Christian occultism. I'm not asking you to change anything in the article, but I just wanted to clarify my position based on some of the reader comments.

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Comments for "The False Teachings of Church Christianity"

Peter said (May 5, 2010):

I will however give one example of where the author erroneously uses the Bible to back up his mindless gibberish. He states that "the Pentacostal practice of speaking in indecipherable tongues is forbidden by God" and gives 1 Corinthians 14 as the scripture reference. Apparently, Will Newman didn't read this chapter of the Bible. If what Will is saying is true, why would Paul write in this chapter "I would like every one of you to speak in tongues" (verse 5) and "do not forbid speaking in tongues" (verse 39)? Sounds like the Bible says the opposite of what Will claims it said, doesn't it? I think Will should spend more time reading his Bible than reading Dan Brown.

Steven said (May 3, 2010):

Hope this finds you well...In regards to your Churchianity article.

1 Corinthians 14 says no such thing concerning speaking in tongues...It is not at all forbidden unless it is to edify the speaker, to "show off" in other words. Anyhow, people quoting scripture to make there case makes me shake my head (no disrespect) It is like playing AC/DC to my Grandmother and believing that she will immediately get it just because I do. Complete waste of time. I am of course going directly to hell for listening to AC/DC correct Mr. Pastor and bible experts?

Seriously though, don't get hung up on these names, it is a snare. I've seen and known people who will go to war if the correct name is not used. Call God whatever you are led to call him, disregard man completely. Follow your own singular path. All will be correct because it is pre-ordained. If you are seeking truth then you will run into Jesus/Yahshua/Yeshua and he will walk with you. (Not to be confused with the religious Jesus and his mentally ill followers)

If Jesus is a fake name, then why so much time and effort to destroy this name and ridicule it. Just a thought for what its worth.

Kirk said (May 3, 2010):

Zeus is the Greek father of the gods also known as Jupiter, the planet. The Greek word "theos" meaning god, is simply derive for the same root as Zeus and likewise Dyaus, an eastern word for god. The far east referred to God as "dyaus pitar", which in Greek became Ju Pitar - Jupiter. "Pater" as you probably know, means "father". In other words, these are simply translations of "God the father".

So many of the stories about Christianity being derived from worship of various idols is true only because the worship of idols originally derived from worship of the Creator. So the name Jesus is derived from the root word for Zeus, which is derived from God the Father, the creator of all things.

Almost anywhere you see this same phenomenon. The simple minded internet religious nut says the Biblical story of the flood is derived from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Precisely the opposite is true, but finding this out requires some research and study, rather than simply reading half baked internet opinions.

Marco said (May 2, 2010):

In the article "The False Teachings of Church Christianity" Mr Will Newman says that Christ's name was "Yashaya" and that "Yeshua" is a non-biblical name invented by the Jews. The truth is that Yeshua is a Jewish name that we can find in the books of Ezra, Chronicles and Nehemia.

Bob from NYC said (May 2, 2010):

Dear Dr.Makow, I have been viewing your website for some time now.I would have to say that although I don't always agree with what you say,I do always find your articles to be very interesting.Your recent post about "Church Christianity" really got me thinking.

As a 42 year old man who was raised Catholic I didn't know there was any other kind.I went to catholic school as a boy and everything,I mean everything,centered around going to church.I , quite frankly, am a non-believer now because I believe organized religions of any kind make unprovable assertions.I remember asking a nun when I was kid ,"if God is all forgiving,then why didn't he forgive Lucifer for the coup attempt and let bygones be bygones?'

'Well, needless to say,I didn't get a rational response.I could go on and on like this and I would probably offend you which is not my intention.I just think if their was a supreme being, he could probably create something a lot better than human beings.You talk about "love", whatever that means.My personal experience with "love",is that humans are nothing but animals with an agenda,monckies that use one another.I find that best way to go through life is to leave people alone and then maybe they will leave me alone.

Christopher said (May 2, 2010):

Funny thing about this man is that he cannot appreciate that the Church that brought out the 4 canonical Gospels and the Apocalypse (the last to be canonized in the council of Hippo)
and all the other writings -including the Apocrypha , which Jews and non-Catholics together reject- not to mention the unwritten but orally
transmitted traditions and practices of the earlier period also honored Paul by including so many of his polemical works and those
associated with his tradition and ministry into the Liturgical text.

The fact that the Bible exists is proof enough of the reconciliation that was effected between Paul and the Apostles as understood by the Church. The arguments put forward by this man is of the same flavor as that of religions that usurp illegally the religious traditions of others and give it their own illegal , usurpatious and foreign
interpretation because they could not come up with anything more authentic on their own.

Marcos said (May 2, 2010):

Any faith that is based on revelation, such as Christianity, in order to be slightly reliable, needs to preserve this revelation. Just think about it: what kind of weak god would let his given word to be totally lost or corrupted? Without the preservation of His Word, no man who lived after the time of revelation would be able to understand or follow God's commands. It would be a meaningless religion.

If God requires obedience and faith in his teachings and commands, the least He must do is to preserve His Word !

Christianity is simple. In fact, too simple for the intellectual arrogance of men, who love to have some kind of merit in their own salvation (gnosticism, esoterism). Throw at the Bible tons of corruption and false teachings, and nevertheless, those who love God will find the truth in His Word. Don't fret, just grab a conventional Bible, read the New Testament and you will understand what you need to know.

God will use a friend, a leaflet, even a dishonest TV preacher if need be, in order to grab the attention of the sincere seeker, because interest for the things of God is sparked by the Holy Spirit, and what God begins, He will finish.

John said (May 2, 2010):

Your latest article written by Will Newman is 99% right.

The only error that I found was the remark about Paul. Most do not understand Paul's writings because they do not understand which law Paul was referring, but assume that Paul was speaking about the commandments. Such statements as 'the works of the law' refer to the physical rituals that were added to the commandments due to unrepentant sin.

Christ magnified the law (commandments) by instructing that even the thoughts that were contrary to the commandments, were considered to be sin, just as the physical breaking of the commandments are sin.

As an X-Roman Catholic for over 30 years, my faith is based on the written word, not some church organization that claims it is based on the Bible, but walks not in accordance to the written word. Satan has hijacked worldly Christianity by having them believe and carry out pagan traditions, simply by renaming (Christianizing) these activities and beliefs, and expecting the Father to be well pleased.

For an excellent article on how Satan did this go to:

Copy and paste the above address into your URL field and it should work.

Andre said (May 2, 2010):

Today, many Christian church leaders are little more than front men for the Talmudic successors of the Pharisees, who replaced God with themselves. Jesus called them the synagogue of satan. I have been to Evangelical churches, where the pastor makes the obligatory psalm for the State of Israel part of the service. I was raised a Catholic, and in high school tackled theological issues that I have found to be beyond most evangelicals. I remember writing an essay on the Trinity. I was called in to see a priest, since I had independently arrived at Arianism, 1600 years after Arius!

In this article, I find the following off target:: Sunday Sabbath, CHRIST'S HEBREW NAME, and CHRIST TAUGHT THE LAW OF MOSES. The Mosaic law had gone through 500 years of priesthood after being written, and 500 years of oral tradition before that. It had been expanded into a code specifying every aspect of the Hebrews' lives. It set the example for the Catholic Church on how to rule through religion.

Christ said "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:36-40). Simplicity was the essence of his ministry. I think He would have considered debating his Hebrew name as equivalent to medieval theologians debating how many demons can fit on the head of a needle.

In summarizing the Mosaic law, and in answering the Pharisees regarding what could be done on the Sabbath, He was showing the difference between the spirit of the law and legalism. Failure to understand or accept this has been the failing of both Catholicism and Judaism, and for Evangelical Christians, who have difficulty distilling their faith from the traditions that preceded them.

JRG said (May 2, 2010):

To quote: "He says the Apostle Paul abandoned the teachings of Jesus exemplified by the book of Mathew" Peter in his 2nd letter refers to Paul as his brother and calls his writings scripture see 2nd Peter 3:15-16 to say that Paul abandoned the teachings of Jesus is of the utmost heresy, he confirmed them and brought the full revelation of what Christ did for us by dying on the Cross for yours and my sins. Persons who have not been born again cannot grasp the full truth of scripture, it will always remain only an intellectual understanding, without the Holy Spirit we are all blind to the truth that can set us free.

Michael said (May 2, 2010):

Having been raised Catholic, I know there is considerable tradition there that is not biblical, praying to Mary, the elevation of her status for example. And within the protestant church things skewed from true biblical grounds. It would take a while to address things in this article point by point, but this writer is off-base on numerous points... to think Paul
departed from the Gospels for one.

Jesus revealed Himself as the unique Son of God, and alone capable of becoming the mediator of the New Covenant. Though relationship to God, the Father through Him, those laws of which the first and second commandment sum up the others can be written on the heart "not tables of stone" as under Mosaic law. It was always God's plan to have the New Covenant. Sin was never done away with in the OT only covered, but is in the
New through he blood and sacrifice of Jesus. Even with its errors though someone with a heart for God will find him as Brother Lawrence is such a
wonderful example. There does seem to be an almost corrupting influence of human power influenced by Satan as man's structuring and organization grows.

True in the worlds governments and the churches but can be balanced by prayers
and asking praying for His will to be done.

Wayne said (May 2, 2010):

This latest article:
Just another Judaizer seeking to put Christians under the Law.
No, the Law was not done away with, for there are still plenty of sinners walking around.

But, believers who follow the Anointed Saviour and abide in Him through His death, burial, resurrection,ascension, glorification, enthronement DIED.

Does anyone understand DEATH_baptized INTO His death Romans 6

I died, it is no longer I who lives, but the Anointed One who lives in me.
I didn't die and resurrect (in spirit) to go back under the law made for
sinners. Matter of fact sin consciousness is a sin Hebrews 10:2

The Anointed One died and was resurrected and He isnt following the Law,
for He lives by the Law of the Spirit of Life, (Romans 8:2) as do believers who know what
Truth in Him is.

Believers abide in Him (John 15), they walk in the light as He is in the Light (1 John 1:7),
therefore they also live by the Law of the Spirit of Life_ they don't need outward RULES,
they have the Spirit of Life to know when any matter is LIfe or Death_so simple.
We just follow where the Life is flowing.

Thomas said (May 2, 2010):

I have been reading your articles for several years now, and the article “The False Teachings of Church Christianity” is really one that struck a cord with me. I have always felt that man's ego and need for power has really abandoned the will of God via false religions. I have even reached into some aspects of Buddhism to find my own way..I have been quite successful.

As this article points out religions have strayed so far from worshiping God in a monotheistic manner. Jesus was merely a man, thus the notion that Christianity provides is men worship men, men worshiping a spirit, men worshiping a flag or worshiping whatever suits their immediate desires. That is quite far removed from God. Anytime one stands, places their hand over their heart and pledges allegiance to a flag or nation (1st commandment) they betray God's will. Anytime one worships a man, spirit or something that is not God they betray God's will...PERIOD.

We can see by some of the comments left already concerning this article that most people have fallen prey to this travesty of Satan's plan. The bottom line is man cannot EVER be trusted with the grace and glory of God, as it has been demonstrated time and time again that men are inherently evil and always betray God's will.

Michael said (May 1, 2010):

The present article by Will Newman is filled with error. I will not contend with point by point issues here, it would be pointless... Many people "see" with a darkened intellect, however. He seems to be one of those people.

I will continue to pray that the Father uses you and blesses you with grace in discernment. Please be careful about including people who attack what is holy because even well meaning arguments can damage people. I don't want to imply that everything he's writing is suspect or in error, but many things that He touches on, like "Paul turning people from Christ" are blatant attacks against the Spirit of God and of Christ. Paul was God's apostle, born out of due time, and the words God gave to us by him are precious, inspired, and both milk and meat to those the Father brings to His table.

Tony Blizzard said (May 1, 2010):

People are not perfect. Therefore no man operated religion is perfect. But this guy seems to have a grudge against any religion and mixes truths and lies to make false points. He's more obvious than he realizes. For instance he writes:

"The Catholic Church claims its authority supersedes that of the Bible, as demonstrated by the Pope's title 'Holy Father'"

The fact is that the Bible was CREATED by the universal Church. To be exact, St. Jerome, the most intelligent, learned and respected man of his time, was commissioned by the Church to decide which of the many books leading to and about the religion of Christ were worthy of collecting for true Christian enlightenment and which were not. This was his life's work, resulting in what eventually became the Latin Vulgate.

Those Protesters who revel in "Bible only" religions have none of the traditions which came as direct instructions from Christ while He lived as man on earth which traditions existed from Christ's time on earth and WERE EVERYTHING THERE WAS OF CHRISTIANITY for about 300 years before the Bible was put together and which the Catholic Church has never truly abandoned, even with Vatican II.

Moreover the Bibles the protesters use are not the original nor derived of "original manuscripts" (many of those being bogus or otherwise deficient and thus discarded by St. Jerome and none of them still in existence at the time of the protest), nor are they altogether accurate. The one most loved by them, the political "King James," is mistranslated in many places and left whole books out, one of which ironically is referred to by Christ in the King James New Testament.

The writer also mentions "Xmas" derogatorily of Christians. Understanding Christians have never had a thing to do with "Xmas," which they know is a Talmudic invention as true Talmudic fanatics are trained to spit anytime they mention the words "Christ" or "Jesus" in any way but by blasphemy, Talmudism being the child of Phariseeism. It is Talmudists who hate the very name, Jesus Christ, and do away with it any way they can contrive. Yet this writer uses a term Christians abhor to belittle Christianity. This is malignant nonsense.

Nery said (May 1, 2010):

I keep hearing the erroneous idea of how the word 'Sunday' shows that Christians should not be worshiping on that day, because it is a day dedicated to the Sun god. First of all, the english language did not exist back in the days of the early church period. the main language back then was latin. hence, in spanish, sunday is 'domingo'; in italian it is 'domenica'; in french it is dimanche- which literally means 'day of the Lord'.

And the whole explanation of how the idea of a god dying for our sins is an occult idea, and how Paul corrupted the original message- that is just plain silly. In the old testament we see the recurring theme of sacrifices, blood being shed as propitiation for our sins, altars to god, incense burning in the temple of God, the passover lamb, blood sprinkled on the lintel so that the angel of death passes over the houses of the hebrews, a suffering messiah, etc.

Paul wrote to the Collosians-

"Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ."

Irish Dan said (April 14, 2010):

".......Despite Christ's words, most churches teach that the Law, including the Ten Commandments, is done away with, effectively teaching that there is no sin......"

How anyone can make a statement like the foregoing and expect to be taken seriously as a commentator on Christianity is quite beyond me! Irrespective of how divided and fragmented Christianity has become I would have thought that the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments are so much of essential bedrock belief that without them any Church or individual claiming to be Christian cannot in sincerity do so.

I have hundreds of books in my library dealing with church history, theology and religion related subjects and God only knows how many hundreds more I have borrowed from other libraries and read over the years. I cannot recall any one church, sect of Christianity or group of Christians dispensing with the ten commandments.

The most charitable comment possible is that the statement makes absolutely no sense and leave it at that!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at