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Young Man Struggles With Senseless World

June 10, 2011

young man face.jpg"I needed a father that would sit me down at a young age and instill into me what it meant to be a man."

by Trevor

I live in southern Minnesota in a small town of about five thousand.  I have lived a pretty isolated life out in the country and considered myself to  be an observer in life rather than someone who has lived it.

I don't have a post high school education background.  I actually was going to a community college for a semester before I cancelled my courses due to personal reasons.  I guess I was never sure what I wanted to be and I could never seriously apply myself due to lack of interest.  I was probably one of those kids who suffered from the elites agenda to break up the family unit more that I think about it. 

I never had a father figure growing up so I didn't have a firm hand.  I was basically allowed to do anything I wanted and looking back I realized I needed structure and someone to teach me about responsibility.  I needed a father that would sit me down at a young age and instill into me what it meant to be a man.  I guess basically I didn't have a father figure to teach me how to be a man. 

My biological mother wasn't the best at picking and choosing them to say the least.  I guess I never really had a passion in life that I was aware of until recently.  I like to write.  My sentence structure is horrible and could use some tuning, but I know I like to write. 

I know as of right now my first priority is just getting a job and some income, because its hard to live without that.  I figure I don't need that much, because I figure the more you know the less you need.  I can easily live comfortably without the luxuries of life that people chase. 

I am currently single.  Have been for a while.  Alot of the girls my age just don't interest me whatsoever and the things they look for in a man.  It took me a while to realize why things with me failed with the last girl I was with.  She always preferred the guys who were control freaks and I think she liked getting bullied around. 

Her previous boyfriend and her would always get into fights.  I honestly think she liked it as crazy as it sounds.  I think she liked men who were just assholes to her and never let her have free range.  I honestly think its, because she didn't know her biological father and she has psychological issues.  I wasn't the demanding type.  I gave her space.  I am a pretty chill passive guy.  I think she likes the aggressive types.

Its been a little over a year now since my awakening.  It happened in a rather peculiar way.  I was listening to a 2pac(rap artist) song and a verse in his song caught my ear.  The verse was, "some say they expect Illuminati to take my body to sleep."

I wondered what in Gods name was the 'Illuminati'.  So out of curiosity I urban-dictionaried it and there was all this talk about a mega elite that controls the world.

 It was a new concept to me.  So then I you-tubed the word and I am sure you can imagine the type of stuff that popped up.  I was rather blown away by some of the videos and that lead me to further investigate.  I have about 7 books on the matter.  I have your book, Illuminati, as well as Circle of Intrigue (Texe Marrs), Bloodlines of the Illuminati (Fritz Springmeier), Rise of the Fourth Reich (Jim Marrs), The Resistance Manifesto (Mark Dice), and the newest to my collection - Psychological Warfare and the New World Order.  Its fairly new and very well documented.  As a researcher you would enjoy it.  Its gotten allot of great reviews.

Anyway, sorry for going off topic a little bit.  I love your articles on Feminism and Social Engineering for the most part.  You're right when you claim the great majority of Americans suffer from Identity Crisis.  It seems that people want to live as a manufactured cartoon character that is glorified in the movies.

The males want to be a Steve Stiffler from American Pie (movie) and the women want to be the Marilyn Manson.  As a male I can completely see the degenerate and stifling impact social engineering has had on society.

Kids are growing up more dysfunctional then ever and they chase roads that lead to self destruction thanks to Hollywood.  The family unit is being destroyed as kids grow up without parents.  People cant even realize that the discontent in their life ultimately stems from a manipulative elite that is undermining their chances at spiritual growth along with piece and prosperity.


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Comments for "Young Man Struggles With Senseless World "

Dan said (June 11, 2011):

"I needed a father that would sit me down at a young age and instill into me what it meant to be a man. I guess basically I didn't have a father figure to teach me how to be a man."

I never had a father, either, and the one that did exist I'd rather do without, anyway.

Defining being a man is rather vague in this society. Many resort to violence in order to assure themselves of their own manhood. That, or they commit adultery. I've done neither. We don't have a clear ritual with our transition into manhood, so it's left up to us to determine what that may be.

With this man, I encourage him to continue to write. It's not only therapeutic on a few levels, but it allows oneself to define their self. Also, as an added bonus, you leave something behind for others. That should be an objective in anyone's life- depending on what you decide to leave behind for these others. Also, I'd encourage him to help others, and he does that when he writes, already. When you help others, your own troubles and concerns remarkably vanish. You no longer focus on yourself, and you acquire efficacy in your life force, when you help others.

Ben said (June 11, 2011):

Don't worry. One thing I've come to again and again is that no matter how bad it is (and it is very bad out there), the mercy of God is very great. The free offer of forgiveness of sin and brokenness He has offered the world in Jesus is there, and can work great wonders where our upbringing or previous life choices have failed.

Young men have been failed, as have young women. Many have bought the propaganda. But still there is hope. Do not give up. Keep trying your best. Maybe you weren't fathered properly as a young man. Maybe your development has been stunted. Still there is hope. You can grow. You can be forgiven. You can find happiness and contentment. You can choose to follow after Jesus. I say this as a young man who identifies personally with the problems and issues mentioned on this site.

If there is hope for me there is hope for you and for others as well.

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