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Movie "Zeitgeist": Illuminati Critique or Psy Op?

September 15, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Throughout history, paganism and true religion have struggled for the soul of mankind. This age-old battle is drawing to a close with a magnificent victory for paganism.

For the naïve populace, this collective deathmarch is masked as "secular humanism," and "modernism."

It is directed and financed by Illuminati central bankers, who are the leaders of cabalistic secret societies associated with Freemasonry and Communism.

Their aim is to redefine reality so that the human race will serve them instead of God. This is the essence of the "New World Order."

In this perspective, it is hard to decipher the movie "Zeitgeist" which has received wide exposure on the Internet reaching beyond the conspiracy conscious.

The film is divided into three parts.

Parts II and III are generally excellent exposures of the Illuminati-controlled banking system and the Illuminati-instigated 9-11 attacks. The film shows how the latter provided the excuse for fascism and how the Illuminati intend to enslave us.  

The puzzle is Part I: a vicious, gratuitous attack on Christianity comparing it to the frauds of 9-11 and the Federal Reserve. The film argues that Christ was created in the mold of numerous pagan sun gods that predate him, and the historical Christ never actually existed. Stealing from Jordan Maxwell and citing Achaya, Rimpoche and John Lennon, "Zeitgeist" intones a New Age mantra: "Religion divorces man from nature. It is slavery. They use religious myths to control and manipulate society."

This is essentially the pagan message. Since they want God's job, the Illuminati's primary goal has always been to destroy Christianity. Another recent psy-op is Mother Teresa's confession (in letters) that she had grave doubts about her faith for most of her life. This story was front-page news in the Illuminati Zionist press where the Catholic Church is always fair game.

Is "Zeitgeist" also a psy-op? Why not hide an Illuminati message in an excellent anti-Illuminati documentary? After all, the 9-11 and Fed information is already out there. What better way to turn the young generation against religion?

I don’t think this is deliberate on the part of the filmmakers. The Illuminati generally fund people who already are unwitting agents of their agenda.

More interesting to me is why so many smart people have such a problem with Christ's teachings. Why does the Gospel of Brotherly Love arouse so much hate?

Yes the church has been subverted and has discredited Christ. But surely we can separate Christ's teachings from the people who fail to represent them.


Christ's teachings give the lie to Zeitgeist's claim that he is another pagan symbol. Unlike Christ, Horus et al did not express the Spirit of God.

Millions of people experience the Sprit of God directly. They can confirm that Christ indeed is a messenger of God. I am a (non observant) Jew and do not belong to any Christian church but even I can see this. So can Muslims and Hindus who also honor Christ.

Before I talk about Christ's teachings, I want to speak about religion in general.
Try not to zone out as you've been programmed to do.

True religion differs from paganism in that it is essentially moral in character. It is concerned with what is true and good, what is right and wrong. It worships (serves) God; not nature, not the sun. It is basically a spiritual discipline designed to attune us to God's presence and will. By necessity, it is otherworldly, i.e. it rejects the priorities of this world, mainly power, money and sex.

Instead it teaches us to aspire to spiritual ideals such as truth, justice, peace, love and beauty as the ultimate reality. Love of God makes us seek these ideals.We know God when they are self-evident to us.

(The popular image of God -- a Santa Claus who watches over us and answers our prayers -- is the straw man atheists create. How easy to reject such a juvenile concept.)

Whether we are atheists or not, we cannot escape God. God is NOT nature. God is a moral dimension.  Everything we do, everything that happens to us, falls along a spectrum of good to evil. We can't escape that. 

In fact, we so love God that we are always striving for some kind of ersatz "good" (often leading to some very real evil.)

We were put on earth to do God's will, i.e. discern and implement what is genuinely Good. We have to be Good in order to feel good. If we don’t, we bear the consequences and have only ourselves to blame.

We have no trouble recognizing when we are hungry. Our stomach tells us. But when we are despondent, we cannot seem to trace the problem back to our soul because we're not supposed to have a soul.

The soul is as real as the stomach and the proof is that our hunger for purpose, harmony and meaning is just as great, and much more durable than our hunger for pizza. 

Spiritual hunger is what defines us as "human." Without the ability to distinguish right and wrong, we are little more than animals. The Illuminati want to define us as animals, so they can exploit or destroy us.

When a culture no longer fosters a free discussion of what is true and good; when there is no longer a consensus and desire to achieve these ideals;  it is marked for extinction.


"Zeitgeist" says that Horus and numerous other Sun Gods were born on Dec. 25, died on a cross, had 12 disciples, rose after three days etc. etc.

Did they also teach us to love our neighbor, that God is Love, that all men are brothers, and to treat others as you would have them treat you? Did they teach:

"No man can serve two masters...Ye cannot serve God and Mammon." (Matt 5:24)

"Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in heaven is perfect." (Matt 5: 48)

"God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.." (Matt 5:44)

Did they teach worldly denial and escape from the prison of the ego?

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matt 16:27)


"Zeitgeist" seems to disguise an essentially pagan New Age message in a credible attack on the Illuminati. While decrying two Illuminati frauds, it is perpetuating a third one. Along with religion, it also assails nation and race in passing, 3 out of the 4 on the Illuminati hate-list. (No mention of family.)

Just because we reject the juvenile concept of God, we still have souls that intuit  immanent Truth and Purpose. Hopefully viewers of "Zeitgeist" will recognize that faith in God answers a very real spiritual hunger.

"Seek and ye shall find."  

Related: Ken Adachi nailed "Zeitgeist" back in July.

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Comments for "Movie "Zeitgeist": Illuminati Critique or Psy Op?"

Andreas said (September 18, 2007):

Read your review of the Zeitgeist movie and then watched it. I'm not going to comment on Part I, except to point out a lot of what they claim I have read elsewhere, most memorably from David Icke.

However Part II about the Federal Reserve and income tax just has numerous glaring errors in it. First of all, while the Federal Reserve banks are owned by private banks, under law, they are obligated to sweep all of their profits into a surplus fund (subject to a 6% cumulative, tax-free dividend on paid-in capital). Prior to 2000, the law stated:

“During fiscal years 1997 and 1998, any amount in the surplus fund of any Federal reserve bank in excess of the amount equal to 3 percent of the total paid-in capital and surplus of the member banks of such bank shall be transferred to the Board for transfer to the Secretary of the Treasury for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury.”

Currently, the law does not provide what happens to the surplus fund - it simply provides that in 2000, $3.752 billion was to be transferred to the U.S. Treasury. Since there is no authorization to distribute the surplus fund to the member banks, unless of course the banks are embezzling, the amounts are accumulating in the surplus fund, which used to be used to back issuance of Federal Reserve notes but the purpose of which currently is less clear to me.

But in any event, the primary holder of US treasury bonds, contrary to the intimation of the video, is not the Federal Reserve banks - rather, private institutions (such as pension funds, etc.) and foreign governments hold the bulk of the US treasury obligations. For example, the New York fed holds approximately $775 billion in US treasury obligations, but the remainder is held by other institutions and governments, including intra-governmental obligations of approximately $3.8 trillion (primarily the Social Security trust fund).

While the debt-based money system is of course subject to criticism - and the video's observation that the debt-based money system creates an ever-escalating cycle of debt that can, except for bankruptcy or loan forgiveness, never be repaid is true - to imply that the stockholders of the Federal Reserve banks are the beneficiaries of the interest payments is plainly false. This type of sensationalism infects the entire segment.

Also the claims about the income tax not being legally required is patently absurd. Section 1 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) imposes an obligation on individuals to pay tax on "taxable income", which is defined very broadly in Section 63 of the IRC. One might argue that the IRC is unconstitutional but you can argue that about 95% of the federal government and, in any event, that is a different argument than the bogus one that there is no legal requirement to pay taxes. Indeed a number of tax protestors, including Larken Rose, have been convicted.

It is time that these types of easily disproven claims stop being made. People should conduct better research. Unfortunately making such stupid arguments tends to taint other arguments made.

Robert replies:

The mechanism by which the Fed acts as a money machine for the elites is a bit complicated and it is true that the source of their profit isn't from the interest on government debt. That wouldn't give near enough money. The true source is the pyramiding of the debt. Here is a link that gives an excerpt from The Creature From Jekyll Island, chapter 10 The Mandrake Mechanism. I think this would succinctly explain it.

David said (September 18, 2007):

Your article about Zeitgeist is bound to hit on an
important issue. When I first saw Zeitgeist, I had much the same thought, i.e. these people have made a short version of "Money Masters" (which is long but genuinely outstanding) and thrown in the history of the false flag garbage of the last 110 years or so.

So it was off to a roaring start but then they
suddenly shifted gears and went after hristianity,
specifically the Jesus story/myth in a big way. The smell of a rat started to come into the room.
If they had gone after the role of the
institutionalized church and the Jesuits in
appropriating people's wealth, controlling their minds and manipulating secular politics, then it would have been more consistent. Just ripping apart the Jesus story/myth without a wider discussion of the role of religion and the development of a Christianity is dishonest.

From my perspective, religion in general and
Christianity in specific should not be let off the
hook, but a blanket condemnation of it is also
problematic. I am reminded of Gurdjieff's views onreligion which were simple but right to the point.

Major religions are started by a genuinely
charismatic, spiritual person with a real message.
Afterwards, those who are left to carry on are less spiritual. They create a religion/church. In its desire to become established, the church begins to devise many rituals and create institutions whose role have more to do with money, politics, social stability, etc.

The "church" as distinct from the spriritual roots of a religion has been a serious problem. It has been a willing tool and accomplice of the power brokers. The spiritual roots are there and people can access them but most will never bother. They focus on the rituals, the rules, the stabilizing guidelines and world view that the institutionalized church provides demands adherence to.

In the recent attack on religion, what we are
witnessing is that some of the old tools of the power brokers such as institutionalized religions are now in the way of the next steps for their agenda. They served their earlier purposes but now something different is needed. Therefore, they are trying to get those out of the way so that people will be easily moulded into the new order. The conflict involved in the breakdown of the religions is also useful to them.

In this way, the church might not be a good thing per se but it is one of the obstacles in the way of the new order.

Naila said (September 18, 2007):

Obviously, what they're trying to do to Christianity -- take God and morality out of it -- is being paralleled by the dirty tricks being perpetrated on Islam, such as the popular myth that the Catholic Church created Islam for its own purposes out of a Babylonian moon god. In both Islam and Christianity, surrounding pagan elements can be found but are irrelevant to the central truth as revealed by God
Never intended as a replacement, Islam focuses on the same God that Christians and Jews worship, with Jesus' teachings playing a central role. Muslims believe God had to send down a new prophet because the words of Jesus were being largely ignored, as well as corrupted to
deliberately keep people off the true path. Islam also provided social guidance much needed at the time. Anyone at all familiar with it knows it contains wise and subtle teachings that reach far beyond what any pagan imagination could fathom. The early Church propagandists couldn't have either -- and, according to Leo Zagami, were in no position to know anything of the original revelations to Mohamed. Like Christianity, Islam has inspired and transformed vast numbers of lives in ways paganism could not.

If it weren't so sad, and so dangerous for the truth, I'd laugh at those who bemoan the "Zeitgeist" lies while promoting the outrageous DVD "The Islamic Connection" -- which tells the exact same lies about Islam!

No background in rocket science is needed to see that it's one and the same NWO strategy to destroy all genuine faith.

As the late Sufi saint M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen said, religion was given to ALL of us to help us walk the path to God and love each other
-- not be claimed, hoarded, or used to create hatred and separations.

It's time we all took off the blinders of our own religious chauvinism and worked towards true religious unity (not the NWO kind). That's the only way we'll ever beat them.

Deborah said (September 17, 2007):

Hello: I too have debunked this movie from a strictly Body of Christ point of view. I make some points that you overlooked and obviously the makers of Zeitgeist as well. Further, I explained how Archarya S as well as Gerald Massey were wrong to presume that Josephus claimed Christ didn't exist. Now I can understand Massey's argument because the Dead Sea Scrolls and other docs hadn't been discovered yet, but Archarya's is strictly bullheaded atheism. As for Zeitgeist being an Illuminati psy-op, I suspect the movie makers DID do this with psy-op in mind. Archarya (did you bother to check out her website?) has enough illuminist credentials to fill a book...she's a self-proclaimed "expert" translator and scholar. Seriously, if she can really translate ANCIENT Hebrew and Greek, I'll eat this computer!

My blog post is at
Truth Not Heresy, " 'Zeitgeist' on My Mind"

The Part 1 of that movie needs all the debunking anyone can give it, and I'm glad Rense put up your article...glad to see I'm not the only one interested in defending Christ.

Steven said (September 17, 2007):

In your recent article about the movie Zeitgeist the statement was made that the illuminati want gods job.
It seems to me that this is good material for a new movie called Illuminati Almighty featuring Morgan Freeman as God and Nick Rockefeller as the illuminati representative.

This could be a real side splitter as the illuminati get the job for a while and wind up mucking up the works and having to admit to god that they don't know what their doing.
Much to their eternal damnation and embarrasement.
As a theme for a movie, what do you think?

Trent said (September 17, 2007):

To anybody that has seen Arron Russo's less-succinct documentary, "AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism," Zeitgeist parts 2 and 3 seem like a nice remix of an important film.
Personally, I think that Zeitgeist is far superior in focus and delivery of Russo's scathing expose, but the content is so similar, that Zeitgeist is essentially a rip-off.

True to form Part 1 of Zeitgeist is likewise a rip-off of a lesser known film, that I viewed years ago, "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" by Gnostic Media. I enjoyed watching that film, because it unabashedly revealed the play book of the Masonic war against Christianity ... and yes, attribution to the key points of the movie were given as from a 33rd degree Mason (cleverly omitted from the Zeitgeist presentation of the same material.)

The problem with seeing this ironic juxtaposition in a single film such as Zeitgeist is disturbing to the point that I don't know what to make of it ... except to assume that the makers of Zeitgeist are merely clever rip-off artists that make shiny-er versions of movies that they think are compelling. If they understood half of the material they are presenting in their three-part film, then why present both sides of the argument ... Thus, the viewer is left thinking that they are either setting a trap, or have fallen into one of themselves, or like I said ... simply rip-off artists without a clue.

Nevertheless, I hoped that I was not the only one disappointed / disturbed by the careless presentation of such diametrically opposed viewpoints ... and thanks to your article and those commenting I see that is the case.

R said (September 17, 2007):

I had some of the same thoughts after viewing the zeitgeist movie.
Part I seemed to be based largely on the writings of 19th century academicians and theosophists G.R.S. Mead and Gerald Massey. Although
some of their exponents, such as Annie Besant and Geoffrey Hodson, produced some pro-christian writings, in general much of theosophy has
failed to recognize the teachings of Christ. Many individuals, mystics, saints, and others have affirmed personal experiences of
Christ Yeshua. The early 20th century mystics Stylianos Atteshlis and Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, who both attested to such personal experiences, and Rudolf Steiner all said this was a major error in the theosophical presentation. Many others in the 20th century, such as Sundar Singh, Padre Pio, the authoress of "a course in miracles", Hilda Charlton, and numerous others, also attest to such experiences. Some aspects of the life of Christ Yeshua likely were congruent with other teachers; other aspects were obviously
overlaid by early church manipulators (most likely was not born on december 25th). Yeshua appeared to hundreds of people after the
resurrection, and this was the major motivation behind the spread of the Christ teachings by so many people. There are also records of his
appearing in distant lands. Objective sense would indicate that one's own knowingness, the testimony of the saints. and historical records
are far more reliable than academic speculators.

Ian said (September 16, 2007):

You probably don't remember me, but I'm atheist, and have been for a good long time. I watched Zeitgeist, and thought it a bit amateurish, and assumptive.

Have your religion Henry, I begrudge no-one their faith. Love your God. I don't believe, and to quote one intellectual who is an atheist, "we are all atheist of most gods, we just go one god further". We can all live together in love and peace. The illuminati we should hate. We can love each other as fellow beings.

Peace and may your God be with you.


Thanks Ian,

God is like oxygen. You don't have to believe to inhale.


Tony said (September 16, 2007):

The advance of what you call paganism (everything anti God gets back to satanism eventually) over belief in God hinges on enforced belief in the
false religion of evolution....

Once seduced, evolution destroys in the individual any chance to believe in, much less live, a life connected to spirituality. For
the basic tenant of evolution is that all is material. This is the necessary tenet of humanism, which makes each of us his own little god.

It reduces human beings to animals - but animals lacking the instincts God gave animals - without souls, since there is no "scientific" (materialistic) proof of the existence of souls. Humanism makes life all work and no joy since each of us has to accomplish everything
through our own puny resources alone.

More importantly, belief in materialistic evolution makes every important premise a false premise and, consequently, every important
conclusion a false conclusion. Is it any wonder the world is so screwed up since the advent of the sick religion of evolution?

Glenn said (September 16, 2007):

I watched Zeitgeist this morning, and it reminded me of a video I watched by Jordan Maxwell a few years ago, entitled,' The Naked Truth '. Has anyone ever seen this before. No ? Ok then...for those who haven't, the part of the film which deals with the astrological correlations and the ancient symbolism - replete throughout the Bible, to me, show that ' Religion ', is nothing more than ' The finest tool ever invented for the purposes of keeping and making men stupid'. In short, all religion has it's roots in astrology. Modern day religion is a dumbed down ' children's story for the spiritually challenged. I suspect that the coming of the new astrological age of aquarius, will deliver a final death blow to religion once and for all. Humanity will finally be released from the religious mind control shackles which have bound it, shaped it, nutured it, manipulated it, and force fed it lies to pacify it.

Peter said (September 16, 2007):

Your reference to our souls needing spiritual feeding just like our stomachs need food reminded me a wonderful lecture given by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith about the cause and cure of addiction. He was a brillant and gentle man. The video can be found at: Regards, Peter

Gilbert said (September 16, 2007):

Henry, The Mind divides, the Heart unifies.. Our beliefs are our worst ennemies. they tied us down to a narrow and very chaotic path. As long as we believe in something, the mind will keep on his constant shattering. The mind is a good servant, but a very poorer master.. it fools us constantly. There is nothing to look for, to search for; We are already Divine beings, but our beliefs, and fears, creates the great division. we are lost in confusion. Listen to the divine voice, which comes from your own heart. from within. Each one of us is different, and totally unique, and it is only by discovering ourselves that we will reach that spark of Divinity that is still dormant. The Answer is not through debates and intellectual masturbation, but through constant LOVING ACTIONS.. Expressing Infinite Love in every thought, intention, and action, at All time; Recognizing, accepting and letting go of our own fears and divisions is the only way... Let go of the Illusion.. We do not need religions.

Lisa said (September 16, 2007):

I would have to agree with you, Henry. I saw part III and sent it to my son, who is 20, who agreed that it was remarkably well-done. After a few days, he emailed back and told me to watch part I, told me I wasn't going to like it, and I was shocked! What a sneaky ploy to attach this attack on God and our need for him to a factual-based 911 documentary. I felt completely "used" by satan... to have passed on this hogwash to one of the younger generation who already has doubts & valid arguments against religion, especially the evangelical brand of Christianity occurring in the US, backing pre-emptive wars and the greed and corruption of the status quo.

After a few days of praying for him, he emailed back & said he didn't have enough facts to make a judgment on their claims. But how many other young people will be caught in this trap, trapping their emotions against the perpetrators of 911 and the federal reserve scam -- and ultimately falling for the BIGGER SCAM, the scam that there is no God, that this life is all that you have, and ultimately serving satan's purpose? Oh, that one was slick!

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (1 Peter 5:8)

I applaud you, Henry, for this article. I didn't know how to logically explain it to him, but look at that! All I needed to do was pray, and He sent someone else to help. Thank you. I'm going to send him your article.

John said (September 16, 2007):

For starters I want to say anyone that uses Jordan Maxwell who incidentally collaborates wonderful work with Michael Tsarion and Zachary Sitchin gets my vote. I love your work Henry but you stepped way out of the box on this one. Maybe you need a rest?

As a banker for many years before starting my own investment firm I feel Zeitgeist is perfect for young people. In my opinion religion is already destroyed, much too late coming in my opinion.

God is within and has never been properly taught. Peter is correct in that before religion, the bible, and other so called sacred text man knew God personally. Religion is an invention to separate man from God. The word "Human" originates from the word HU which was an ancient name for God and sung, similar to AUM. HU-Man means God-Man which we all are. One major difference between HU-Man and God is that God creates and Hu-mans only manifest. We can see God as light and hear God as sound, hence light and sound are the twin aspects of God. By sitting quietly and singing HU or AUM we can experience God for ourselves. There is no need for religion and never was any need. The need was invented for control and nothing more.

To get back to one's ancient roots religion, the bible and all text should be discarded so that we may experience God for ourselves and not through the experience of any one or anything else. Jordan Maxwell and others are telling us this. We need to completely let go to be free. Letting go of all the dogma and sacred texts is better for a personal experience of God. You fighting a good fight Henry, don't mess it up. Encourage people to think, feel, and be for themselves without any interference from religion, education, and especially government. God is in your mirror, not in a book.
A Reader Replies:

Oh please John, you are speaking NWO rhetoric. Michael Tsarion themes all border on Blavatsky’s, we are NOT made of stars, we are NOT “part of the sun”. Can’t you see the neo-paganism?

MJ said (September 16, 2007):

First and foremost, I need to correct what Marcos said about Alan Watt. Watt does not dabble in meditation as Marcos falsely claims, and he is obviously getting him confused with the New Age guru, Alan Watts, who is an entirely different person and is no longer even alive.

As far as the movie, I did watch it. While I did not care for the New Age overtones, I also cannot say that the movie's claims about Christianity are exactly false. As a matter of fact, it really only scratched the surface and could have went a lot deeper into this ancient sun religion (which ALL of the religions are based upon).

You made no attempt in your article to refute the claims made in the movie. Instead you resorted to the usual technique of labeling it "satanic," while using passages from a bible written by esoteric priesthoods, who had their own ancient, ESOTERIC religion behind the one that was given to the people to keep them subservient to their masters.

The fact is, religion has been used for control purposes for many, many thousands of years. Christians rail again paganism, when Christianity IS a pagan religion, as can be seen in its symbolism, which predates the religion by thousands of years. The bible is merely the re-written version of a much older religion, which is based on astrology and sun worship. None of the characters in the bible were physical people who existed on earth. They were allegories for celestial objects. If one can get past their religious conditioning and indoctrination, and really look at things critically, it is not difficult to see.

The same evil forces that gave us Christianity and used it to control the people for the past 2,000 years, are now working to destroy that religion in place of a "new" and more efficient one that is to be based on pre-Christian paganism. It is to be a form of Gaia (earth) worship, coupled with state worship. We are entering a new age, from the Christian age of Pisces, to the "NEW AGE" of Aquarius, and THIS is the reason for the changes we are seeing take place. These people create and destroy religions as they do countries. This is how their system works. The religion that THEY practice, however, has never changed over time, and their plan for this world is based on that esoteric religion. The time-table for their plan is based in the zodiac.

Graeme said (September 15, 2007):

I believe that this Zeitgeist is satanic's exactly as you said.

The synagogue of satan(zionist khazars) will always send one of their own to those who are legit truthseekers....they act like they're on your side but they're just undercover agents, much like a DEA agent will become a drug dealer to bust drug dealers.....the music alone in this skillfully deceptive media production is enough to tell you what side of the fence it's really on... I only checked out the first few minutes of it because I knew right away it was utter satanic filth , the music is what gave it's that evil hate-filled, fear-mongering, monotonous devil music!

The most sinister things are the things that contain all the truth but have an underlying lie like this Zeitgeist!!! I don't have the technology available to me but I'll bet that it's overloaded with all kinds of subliminal satanic messages!!!!

Ron in UK said (September 15, 2007):

Dear Henry, I haven't seen this movie but the obvious trend in entertainment is and has been for many years now, denegrating relligion perse, but particularly Christianity. From my early life in the fifties and sixties, this new-age stuff, secularism or humanism has been constantly elevated above all views of God. We didn't really notice it when the Tavistock trained Beatles made anti-Christ comments because we really thought our cultural revolution was natural spontaneity, not planned as a deliberate subversion of western society. Or that British comedy sit-coms gently eased blasphemy into shows, which because of the attachment to humour, made people titter that bit more. But now that ' Zion's Protocol's' have had success in the destruction of decency, they have no more need for stealth. A movie or T.V. program won't get aired today unless it has obscenities and/or gratuitous violence in it, the conscience of the Goyim is well and truly seared. This is because ALL television and film companies are owned and run by zionist/illuminati beasts who hate us and desire our extinction, slowly or quickly, they don't care. Now we are so dumbed down, that one-time decent folks all laugh at the filth and depravity together. The evil ones who rule the world and ridicule the Bible, don't recognize that it is Satan who is manipulating them in his war against God. A war that has already been lost according to the book of Revelation. In fact, everything that has plagued mankind for centuries, particularly in the last 2 or 3 which the illuminated ones think they've orchestrated, was prophecied in the first century, and even many before in the Psalms. Their world wars and revolutions, man's decline into Godless materialism, disobedience to parents, increase of violent crime...all prophesied.

Even their one world government with embedded micro-chips in our flesh so that we can't buy or sell, their phoney ' Peace and Security ' will all prove to be their sudden destruction as 1 Thessalonians 5:3 so emphatically states. God said in Ezekiel that he would put hooks in the jowls of Satan to draw him into a confrontation at Har- Mageddon, and this escalation of death and depravity so obvious on earth right now is apparently just that.

It certainly appears that this NWO might well get their fifteen minutes of fame according to the book that they p*ss on, but that book says they will throw their gold and silver into the streets as they gnash their teeth and grovel for a place to hide under. Humanity and earth will not survive without the intervention of the one that they slander with so much temerity. Thy Kingdom come.

Dan said (September 15, 2007):

I never was 'reverent' toward religious organizations. But I've always felt that there was a human being who came to Jerusalem from Nazareth,during the occupation of the Roman Empire in Judea who saw through the psychopathic system of 'civilization' and had an impact waking people up and awakening the real human nature again. Though they're saying now that no such person existed, 'Christians' and their number are a matter of historical record for several hundred years. The Emperor Nero blamed them for the great fire of Rome - which he himself gained the most benefit, and this old 'false flag terrorism' claim by Nero and the use of Christians for blood sport entertainent in the Colluseum is well
documented by contemporary Roman historians, such as Suetonius, and the rest of them.

The awakening of conscience in the people became such a prevalent problem coincedentally as Rome itself was falling to pieces from mass psychosis among it's elite.

Something happened around that change of millennium that appears to be nothing less than the end of the cycle of the rise of Pathocracy to it's inevitable peak, evidenced through rule of Rome by one full blown psychopath after another for a few more centuries until that system
imploded under it's own dementia. 'The bloodlines run thin'.....

JCM said (September 15, 2007):

I am glad that you provided an analysis on the movie "Zeitgeist". I also saw it a few weeks ago & started wondering if indeed there was any truth to the information presented there & particularly regarding the existence of Christ. It did not change my believe however, in what Christ represents to us, spiritually, but it did made me wonder about at least the origins of religions in general.

After I watched that Internet video, I also stumbled upon other information as presented by this man, Jordan Maxwell, which claims to have spent some 42 years or more researching all of this stuff, including the Roman Empire, The Vatican, world Religions & the symbolism used by all of these.

The reason I mention Jordan Maxwell is because I recognize that it is his voice, the one of the narrator, at the beginning of the movie "Zeitgeist". If you watch some of his Internet videos (see links below) you will also see that the views regarding religion & the origins of Christ are also his views as he presents them.

Astro - Theology - Jordan Maxwell

Hidden Roots Of Religion - Jordan Maxwell

Questions & Observations (Symbols, Illuminati, Religion) - Jordan Maxwell

British Israel World Federation Movement - by Jordan Maxwell

The Illuminati - by Jordan Maxwell - gG Video
The Inner World Of the Occult (by The Republic Forum)

Alex Jones Interview - Jordan Maxwell - gG Video

Matrix Of Power - by Jordan Maxwell - gG Video

Thanks JCM,

When I read Maxwell I did not pick up on a diatribe against Christ, as I found in "Zeitgeist." I think Maxwell makes alot of sense about many things.


Marcos said (September 15, 2007):

Regarding the movie Zeitgeist, there is a lot of other new world order researchers that fall into the same trap. Among them, the most famous are perhaps Alan Watt and Jordan Maxwell. Both are involved in occultism, Watt with meditation and Maxwell with new age. God knows what their spirit guides tell them to say. Their 'revelations' on the NWO are not original at all, and can be found on at least a dozen Christian websites. In fact, Christians such as Dr Stan Monteith and David Bay were the real trailblazers.

After providing the neophite with a well articulated exposition of the NWO, they go on to destroy Christianity, using crappy scholarship, sophisms and ridiculous misuse of ethmology. Yes, Egyptian mythology parallels Christianity, but who is mimicking who? The Illuminati and Satan know that their actions are so obvious that a part of the society is lost to them, especially the brightest. The best way for them to neutralize this segment is to take away all the hope that God is in control.
--Thanks Marcos,

Prayer is meditation so I would be careful not to include meditation in the occult.

Maybe I should have been more clear. Prayer is meditation only in the same sense that the Bible calls in Psalms to meditate (think about) in God[s word continuously, or meditate about life, or even try to achieve an internal peace by getting rid of anxiety, focusing our minds in good things. What I mean by occult meditation is the emptying of the mind in order to get in a trance-like state, which can be achieved by chanting, eastern meditation, drugs, drums, spinning dance, etc. These actions break down our God given natural barriers against spiritual forces. In other words, we get defenseless to all sorts of spiritual guides whose nature we can't evaluate by ourselves, but whom God says are demons. Almost all occult religions have as a goal this kind of opening, so the spirits can control the person. I have seen this work personally and it is a fact.

Thanks Marcos,

What you say may be true. I have meditated at different periods of my life and never experienced any negatives.


Elaine said (September 15, 2007):

The Catholic Church has definitely been infiltrated to the highest levels, by these people in order to try to bring down the Church from the inside.

If one does not have the Holy Spirit working within them, there would be no way of recognizing the deception that has literally blanketed our world, especially the United States, which holds out the promise to so many people for freedom.

This is something they, the elite, cannot abide, for they wish to take upon themselves this power to the exclusion of all others, which includes the complete obsession with the control of money, everyone's money, controlling every facet of life for everyone.

I believe there was another time when people just like these were planning to not only mark people, but "to make themselves like God."

The story of building towers to the sky, in the Bible when all men had the same common language, money, etc. God confused their language so that could not understand one another, thus destroying their wishes to be above Him.

Do not be surprised that God will do something similar to these men who willfully deceive and propose to replace Him. History is replete with many circumstances where something happened
with the weather, or invasion, etc., to bring down those who "perceived themselves, bigger and better than God" and no longer needed Him.

Dan said (September 15, 2007):

Re: movie 'Zeitgeist' Another interesting article Henry. Religions are definitely being surreptitiously destroyed. Stepping outside the box, looking at religions, it can be seen it was and is used to control and entice a degree of uncertainty and fear. As a result, truth or not, right or wrong, many people tried to live a decent life. Morals were set and beliefs were followed.

Today with the erosion of religious values and the increase of decadent life styles, people have become totally selfish and uncarring of what's happening around them. As a result these sheeple are being led to slaughter so to speak, which is totally in line with what the powers that be want--a people who can't think for themselves which require total control--,

The reality of the situation now is grim. Nothing can be done to stop the wave of suppression happening on planet earth. Unfortunately only after a world catastrophe will people be forced to work together helping each other to survive, and rebuild a new civilization.


I'm afraid that catastrophe will make matters worse, as the Illuminati are most likely to emerge even more powerful, since they will control the cataclysm.


Andrew said (September 15, 2007):

Henry--Part 1 bares all the markings of Freemasonry's sly atheism. It's a sneak attack on Jesus Christ. Part 1 is not germane (organically related) to Parts 2 & 3. An atheist can argue that Jesus Christ is a myth, but the official story (conspiracy theory about Osama bin Laden, et al) of 9/11 is NOT a myth; rather it's political propaganda entirely impertinent to religious teachings of any sort.

No one credible can document who financed, wrote or produced The Zeitgeist Movie. (There's a rumor on the Internet that Peter J. Merola produced it, but he's a non-entity, nobody who's completely untraceable). The "makers" of The Z Movie are well hidden.

See which tells us that Acharya S (Dorothy M Murdock) was the intellectual source for the movie and links to her web site so Dorothy came up with the theories used in The Zeitgeist Movie that Jesus was inspired by Horus.

See also D. M. Murdock is Acharya S. (Click on Contact Us" below.) She is a well known dedicated atheist.

This web site investigates the alleged similarities between Jesus and other deities which leave critics speculating aspects of Jesus' life were borrowed from other figures of antiquity. After examining the actual texts of the religions in question most similarities will be found to not even exist but to have been fabricated by authors who prey upon the reader's ignorance of foreign religions.

Zeitgeist (a German phrase that means "the spirit of the age") is the name of an online movie that is making quite an unfortunate impact on thousands of undiscerning, history-starved young people around the world. The poorly done, historically inaccurate documentary (for lack of a better word to describe an often times blurry, pixelated film) produced by a man named "Peter J" seeks to persuade its viewers that the authors of the New Testament borrowed the idea of Jesus' virgin birth, disciples, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection from ancient pagan mystery religions that were around long before the time of Christ. The video even goes so far as to claim that Jesus Himself never even existed.

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