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Satanist Insider: "There is No Escape!"

July 2, 2010

taser_2.jpg"The Tazer is a Cattle-Prod! ...There are no constraints left [on] the road to totalitarianism."

[Editor's Note: Aloysius first gave the world this information. Recently, I asked him for some insight on Zionism and Freemasonry. I expressed disappointment with his response. He sent me a new reply today. Some may ask if posting this material is a disservice. I may be wrong, but AJF's portrayal of the world approximates my best guess and worst fears.]

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Satanism is much like other groups. There's a wide variety of issues where opinions vary. That said, many of the churches lucrative for the Alpha Lodge follow the rubbish promulgated by Cyrus Schofield.

The Alpha Lodge and associated businesses and individuals definitely have investments in Israel and the Israeli colony of America. Petor always maintained that Alpha's aims within America were made difficult by Israel and its ownership of the American Senate and later, Republican Party. But Petor died more than six years ago and things have progressed.

As for what's in store for the developed world, put it this way: There are no constraints left to halt the road to totalitarianism. Elections, party politics, the media and trades unions are all empty shams. The people are becoming so impoverished and self-censored that they'll happily accept our leaders and our agenda. We already have a list of weak culprits and marginalized scapegoats to blame: the usual suspects with 'the liberals' added. When sadistic violence breaks out - and my word, it will - the sheeple will hand over their last fragments of democracy for security. Any dissenter will be destroyed.

With lack of conviction and a passionate intensity, politicians currently mouth their scripted words about change, freedom, human rights, justice, compromise, generosity, compassion and a sick Sunday school delirium that their god rewards the just and punishes 'evil-doers' - whilst engaged in acts of barbarous oppression. Remember Obama's election speeches? Pure, in-your-face, empty rhetoric. Remember Obama's Nobel Peace Prize speech? Beautiful!

No one will rebel. To rebel you need more than misdirected anger; you need courage and a sense of responsibility. Better just pray and trust in god. On your knees is the strongest position! Rebellion affirms the human spirit and feeds the flames of love and hope. The sheeple don't have it in them any more. The Tazer is a cattle-prod. Everyday police grow more brutal. The herd will cull itself!

Satanists exercise moral autonomy. We defy! We refuse to co-operate, for rebellion is its own justification. We don't aspire to immortal life but to exhaust the limits of possibility and die striving! This is what sets us apart from the disaffected herd. "We seek happiness in victory - but never in peace. We strive ever for more, for conquest is never done. We forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies the greatest art. Only by journeying through the darkness within us and without can we attain self-divinity and thus fulfill the potentiality of our existence. Our rites, ceremonies and practices are all life-affirming, and show us the ecstasy of existence and the self-overcoming of the true Adept."

When the steeple bought the 9/11 story and backed the endless 'War on Terror' the financial problems of Americans grew exponentially. Those who once discovered and propagated truth are now paid to hide it. Your average American believes that liberty, habeas corpus and due process protect terrorists!

We have alienated them from themselves! Now social security and health care are doomed - even if one of our affiliates doesn't get into power. Global warming made pollution profitable and will redistribute income away from the western world. Americans have thrown themselves into the trash bin of history! Militarism, capitalist-fascism, ignorance, propaganda, bipartisanship, short memories and the purchasing of what little intelligence and integrity remained has laid the foundation of the Alpha Lodge's Will-to-Be! The Age of Fire is almost here. Nothing can or will stop us! Soon the Usher of Desecration will appear and make ready the world for Vindex!

And for all of the arse-clowns who have read my postings and still don't understand anything except the absurdly incoherent ravings of their pallid and incompetent redeemer I say: Here is your future - built with your own hands! There is no escape!

original reply
I have not been in contact with any members of the Sunedrion [Sanhedrin] or The Council of Nine, but I can confidently state that Zionism sucks! It is based upon the right-hand path which is the path of subservience, ignorance, suffering, poverty in all its forms and misery.

The god you know as Jehovah exists. He keeps popping up throughout history with a myriad of different names but always with the same rubbish.

As Satanists, we study various scriptures. Being based in the western world, I studied Judaism and Xtianity, inter alia. Have you ever wondered why, when Moses met god in the burning bush and Moses asked, 'What is your name?' he received the answer, 'I am that I am' (or 'I am who I am)? It's hardly friendly stuff, is it?

And where was Moses when this exchange took place? In the land of Canaan! And the chief god of that land was Hadad or Baal (which means 'Lord' or master).

Jehovah, the great god of Israel and Xtians is just another name for the same old solar deity! Both Jehovah and Hadad/Baal are emotional, threatening gods into (child) sacrifice, fire, laws, prescriptions of behaviour and quantification.

The reason Jehovah told Moses to mind his own business was because prior to adopting his new name of 'Yahweh' he was El Shaddai, God of the Mountains just like Ishkur or Hadad; the son of Enlil. Under his new name he isolated his people in the desert until they had lost their earlier knowledge: a clean slate, so to speak, upon which to write his same old viscous, ignorant filth.

We hate Enlil, his despotic son and his mad, impotent grandson. We are of Enki, Satan The Adversarial Serpent Lord of Liberation and Freedom.

As such, we are lunar in orientation and hate Zionism, Judaism, Xtianity, Islam and all the debased bow your head spirituality and their philosophical off-spring.

Satanism only turned to the right because that's what the sheeple demanded - good and hard! It was Myatt who was primarily responsible for this political shift - even after he started working for the Crown Service. If the sheeple want brutality we will dish it out. Freedom is only for the elite and these elite choose themselves.

As for Freemasonry, well that's a completely different kettle of fish. There is much Magick in Freemasonry, not that the sheeple ever work that out. The Golden Dawn was the foremost Magickal Order in modern times and truth be admitted, the Alpha Lodge and associated groups owe a great deal to the largely unknown Germans who established it. The techniques of Magick they discovered have been reworked and applied by adherents of the left hand path.

As to the coming economic depression, all that is great is built upon sorrow. It was engineered before I was born. I have heard the names of those responsible but honestly I've forgotten exactly who was who. Keynes was the front man. I was told he had certain sexual needs which were used against him. We are ready and able to obtain additional assets at their bargain basement price. People remain our best acquisitions: politicians, academics, entertainers and the media.

Our God is the God of this world - and Beyond!

Finally, we lost Robert Byrd. He was a great behind the scenes handler and facilitator. His criminal empire was vast. He will be missed and his true story will never be told.


"The Battle is an old one, no doubt with many mysteries. It concerns Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty as against despicable, arrogant tyranny. Ours are often thankless struggles against servility and the psychological impotence of those who prescribe suppression and restriction in the face of life, love and liberty! Of those who adhere to authority as truth. If we look outside of times and places and motives we have some distorted myths which posit issues on a supernatural and superhuman scale. There is evidence that history is not as we have been taught.

"What do these mythological themes and hidden by-ways tell us about the inexplicable Intelligence symbolized? Despite the names used to summon or damn, this sinister hypostasis remains ultimately unnameable, eluding all attempts to categorize or constrain. Even ardent enemies give the respect owed to dignity, gallantry and intellect: Rex Mundi!

"These enduring and endemic leitmotifs occur and re-occur, for Lucifer has always been a Patron of the Arts. Moreover, Satanism as a spirituality, philosophy, culture and Magick is not the product of psychopaths, unless we accept the existence of an unbroken line of delinquents extending over untold centuries purveying useless techniques to the deluded.

"Ours must remain the pursuit of self-understanding, self-fulfillment and self-divinity! We defy in seeking to know! In going beyond ourselves our views extend beyond time and space. We refuse triumph at the cost of dishonour; victory at the expense of justice - while valuing Freedom and the pursuit of Truth above All. For Truth is Our Authority."



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Insider: "There is No Escape!" "

CA said (July 4, 2010):

This man may have written the most inept piece yet.

And where was Moses when this exchange took place? In the land of Canaan! (in Sinai) And the chief god of that land was Hadad or Baal (which means 'Lord' or master).

Jehovah, the great god of Israel and Xtians is just another name for the same old solar deity! (Completely untrue. ) Both Jehovah and Hadad/Baal are emotional, threatening gods into (child) sacrifice, fire, laws, prescriptions of behaviour and quantification. (Jehovah completely forbid the sacrifice of children!)

The reason Jehovah told Moses to mind his own business (God never told Moses to mind his own business; He called him to lead the children of Israel out of bondage.) was because prior to adopting his new name of 'Yahweh' he was El Shaddai, God of the Mountains (El Shaddai means God of More Than Enough.) just like Ishkur or Hadad; the son of Enlil. Under his new name he isolated his people in the desert until they had lost their earlier knowledge: a clean slate, so to speak, upon which to write his same old viscous, ignorant filth. (The children of Israel, except for Joshua, Caleb, and those under 21 years, died in the wilderness because of their rebellion and sin.)

Doug said (July 4, 2010):

I have never known Satanists to come out in the open with “inside information”. To do so, especially on a world forum such as, would mean certain death …unless they had been given instructions to do so. Disinformation seems AJF’s most logical assignment in the article but it is cleverly disguised in a welter of truth we already knew. I suggest that the single germ of disinformation AJF has been tasked to “leak” is…. distancing Satanism from Zionism and grouping the latter with the great world religions. Its garbage but cunningly seeded garbage.

“As such, we are lunar in orientation and hate Zionism, Judaism, Xtianity, Islam and all the debased bow your head spirituality and their philosophical off-spring.

There has long been a debate about the centre of the Luciferian wheel, i.e. who is at the top currently making the decisions….and the growing consensus is that it is Talmud-following Zionists. I think they are feeling increasing heat as this knowledge becomes more widespread. AJF, clearly being of limited worth to them and thus expendable, has been tasked with trying to obfuscate the truth by playing their oldest trick – feigned enmity. We should counter with far more research into Talmudic Zionism’s links to Satanism’s highest decision making bodies.

Aloysius said (July 4, 2010):

Owing to my grade and years, I work reasonably autonomously these days.

There were two reasons that I forwarded the recent material to you. First, personally I like to give sheeple a sporting chance, even in the full knowledge that they'll never take up that opportunity. How many of your readers would have any clue what we are doing?

Secondly, the Internet reactions confirm and strengthen Our resolve. I have never cared whether I am believed. Nor that many Americans have no idea that English spellings vary. OK, I got Scofield wrong.

Thirdly, I honestly can't be any clearer.

Charles, you are wrong. It was Germans. Established in England by German magicians in Germany.

But who can argue against the certain knowledge of Wikipedia?

Jack, "I Shall Be Whom I Shall Be". It's hardly friendly stuff, is it?
Reader, “we are free from the compulsion of eating s**t” Nice to know.

And, “Esthetic, spiritual pleasure is beyond them.” Ever been to an Alpha Lodge Black Mass? I highly recommend Demons Of The Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck.

Michael-Jay, keep up the good work.

Jerry, “...the strength resisting dark efforts grows into reversal.” That's what I'm saying. Well put.

Michael, every age is filled with the last days.

Lucy, I agree; “God's children... never stop praying.” On your knees, like Thomas a Becket.

Vic said (July 3, 2010):

Interesting articles from Mr Fozdyke, his articles are actually interesting and contain some quite profound observations. I am a Christian believer myself, but am willing to learn and gain understanding even from the most unlikely sources. Mr Fozdyke in some ways has more grasp of his subject matter than many garden variety 'Christians' have of theirs - most of whom don't seem to understand what they profess.

I hope Mr Fozdyke continues to provide us with his unique perspective.

Isaac in Brazil said (July 3, 2010):

I wish I could just point some thoughts about the comparison between Jehovah and Baal. The information comes from Holy Bible. It will be so straight forwarding.

Jehovah Baal

1 - child sacrifice hate love
2 - adultery hate love
3 - homosexuality hate love
4 - monogamist and hetero wedding love don´t care about this
5 - can make fire come from skies yes no
6 - can open the red see yes no
7 - graven image of himself hates love as many as possible
8 - created the man yes was created by the man
9 - has a name no yes
10- can be touched, no yes
11- can be seen for everyone no yes
12 - can kill body and soul yes no
13 - know how many hairs we have yes no
14 - know every man death date yes no
15 - created the world yes no

well, I could make a long list that prove Jehovah is so quite different of Hadad / Baal . i think is is enough.
Jehovah is off from his creation. He has give free will to them. Zionist man has free will to follow their heart desires.

If Ball had a "ten commandments" what it should be like?

I mean, one way you can know a god is by asking how that god "treat" or "deals" with its men and NOT by what its creation do on behalf of his name!!

My conclusion is: GOD is not Hadad or Baal. They are so strongly a part from each other, has nothing to do with!

Charles said (July 3, 2010):

Mr. Makow, that is a very stupid Satantist you bring forward. I often wonder if the audience you proffer this for is as dumb as you think them to be. I know Icke's audience is. His shape shifting reptiles are lifted straight from a Byzantine book known as the "Secret History." And some of those who have been with Justinian at the palace late at night, men who were pure of spirit, have thought they saw a strange demoniac form taking his place. One man said that the Emperor suddenly rose from his throne and walked about, and indeed he was never wont to remain sitting for long, and immediately Justinian's head vanished, while the rest of his body seemed to ebb and flow; whereat the beholder stood aghast and fearful, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. But presently he perceived the vanished head filling out and joining the body again as strangely as it had left it.

The Golden Dawn was founded in the UK.

I wonder why it is so easy to put misinformation out when a moment is all it takes to upend it?

Michael-Jay said (July 3, 2010):

Your token Satanist doesn't understand the transcendent laws of sowing and reaping, the realities of kind words lasting forever for God's children and and acts of hatred and murder being the venue of their own perpetuation in the perpetrators, as even the sin damaged who die in the first Adam have to respond to the One who defeated the power of death.

This wicked infant is filled with the knowledge of evil and knows nothing about the glory of the Righteous One and His everlasting kingdom. It seems that the natural life of the wicked is a stench of death that leads to eternal death, because it denies the everlasting goodness of our Creator, the Father of the Savior of mankind.

Jerry said (July 3, 2010):

Oh, this guy is really a good blowhard. He is correct that they have caused deception. Big deal. Ego is apparent in spite of his assigned purpose. Send him to and he will learn that comeuppance this Fall will look exciting at the outset and the bloodshed will cause engorgement for this pious satanist but the strength resisting dark efforts grows into reversal. He should try Christianity. Maybe he would do better as a Catholic Priest. Self-importance is short-sighted. More sheeple would find him attractive as a droning persona and probably toss a tithe his way.

Jack said (July 3, 2010):

There is something horribly awry with this guy's storyline. His rant reminds me of LaRouche..he tells a portion of the truth while richly lacing it with distortions.

For example:
Lucifer is not a's always been an object.
Zionism is unrelated to Mt Zion. Zionism is a satanic philosophy which alludes to the light of the Lucifer object and embraces the darkness of illuminism aka the planetary god Molech. And Molech represents the spirit person Nachash or Satan.
This guy's Hebrew is wretched. The conversation with Moses in the burning bush (Exodus 3:14) does NOT state 'Ani Asher Ani' so as to translate as 'I Am That I Am' . The text says "eh.yeh asher eh.yeh" or translated "I Shall Be Whom I Shall Be". The meaning is that Yehovah is capable of adjusting to meet changing circumstances.

I have little reason to doubt his other comments about the satanic agenda.

Corey said (July 3, 2010):

There are a series of seeing stones called "palantir" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Characters in his mythological past used these "crystal balls" to communicate with one another over vast distances. Over time, some of the palantir were lost. In Tolkien's mythological present, Gandalf the Grey Wizard warns Saruman the White that even adepts should be wary of using a palantir... because some of the lost ones could be in the wrong hands.

Evil individuals, like the Dark Lord Sauron, manipulate the palantir in such a way as to show only what they want their enemies to see. In other words, the viewer won't see reality. Both the evil Sauron and the good Saruman possessed seeing stones, yet Sauron had a stronger will than Saruman. Through cunning and deception, Sauron controlled Saruman's vision and showed him nothing but despair, hopelessness, and an evil cloud covering the land. Sauron also exaggerated his own magnificence and power. Over time, Saruman the White, once a good and pious wizard, became a servant of the Dark Lord. Instead of opposing Sauron (the purpose for which he was originally sent by the gods to Middle Earth), he joined him.

You have repeatedly posted these "Satanist Insider" pieces over the past month or so. In doing so, you have become a mouthpiece for the enemy - a Satanist AND liar.

Since Satanists consider lying, murder, rape, and "do what thou wilt" to be among their highest ethics, could you please explain what you hope to accomplish for your readers by posting articles that are meant to evoke fear, despair, and hopelessness? Conversely, what do you hope to gain by letting Satanists exaggerate the extent of their power and control?

A lot of people come to you for good, moral advice. AND HOPE! I'm sad and disappointed to see this trash on your site.

Henry Makow
to Corey


I don't think he's exaggerating. He is confirming everything I, and others, have been saying. You just don't want to hear it.

Take a look at the world. JFK, 9-11, Gulf of Mexico, Hiroshima, Auschwitz--how do you think these things happen?


Michael said (July 3, 2010):

This Fosdyke character is entertaining; hard to say how real he is but I rather doubt he's anywhere near the top of anything other than his local satanist club. (That's not meant to be deprecation, I just don't know what one calls a local satanist club).

Anyway, there's one First Source, one Creator (Not Jesus, sorry folks. That would be blasphemy if the Creator cared about minor things or was insecure like Jehovah) and although we have freewill, our free will consists of how we choose to reach the ends that the Creator has laid out. We don't get to choose what the ends are.

One feature of our present age is that this IS the apocalypse, which means unveiling, uncovering. All lies and deceptions will be revealed and every person will show who and what they really are. Notice that coming out more and more? You can take it for granted that none of the religions will be happy with the truth, not even the satanists. :-)

Most importantly, there are a few jokers in the deck that none of those who think they are in charge or will be know about or will expect. The Creator does have a sense of humor.

Lucy said (July 2, 2010):

Reading the latest "warning" from Aloysius makes me think of a dream my young nephew once had. In the dream hideous demons were attacking
him, and my nephew was terrified. Then out of nowhere Jesus appeared and all of the demons turned into mice and scattered. These Satanists
can believe all they want about Satan's power, but when God says enough, it will be enough. And all of your magick, spells, hexes and
curses will do nothing to save you.

God's children, never lose hope, and never stop praying. No matter how bad things are now, they will be that good afterwards. Satan's time draws near, and he knows it. Aloysius, enjoy your debauchery and decadence while you still can. All of your gloating and smugness will be little comfort for you when Satan is stripped of his power and
thrust back into the abyss from whence he came.

Reader said (July 2, 2010):

Satanists are slaves. They claim to have freedom, but are slaves of the spirits who possess them, and of the sinful desires that they are
addicted to. If there is truth in what was posted a week ago, Aloysius likes "bathroom" sex. We are free from the compulsion of eating s**t,
he is a slave to it. What kind of freedom is that. Most occultists are hostages of evil spirits who torment them day and night, and who are extremely vicious when confronted.

The (a)immorality of Satanism causes internal strife and competition, meaning that they are always at each other's throats. In the elite,
one false step and you are dead. The first thing all evil dictators do when they reach power is to kill all their friends. All the pleasure
that they have is not filled with peace and real enjoyment, is only a temporary relief of strong urges that haunt them, more like a discharge than real pleasure. Esthetic, spiritual pleasure is beyond them.

There is absolutely no enjoyment in a Satanist's lifestyle. It is a
life of misery and slavery, the only thing they have left is some sour
pride and arrogance.

Tony Blizzard said (July 2, 2010):

Henry, this guy's latest makes more sense than his other rants, although he still seems semi-literate or, at least, not concerned about mistakes in writing, spelling, etc.

But he points out some real errors in the ways of "the west." And weaknesses. If only more of the sheeple he refers to would see them there would be half a chance of correcting them.

I find it interesting that the responses by denominational Protestants (there's thousands of sects, each proving that God IS mocked by them, since He is One, not thousands of fractions of one), as well as the outright religion haters, are blind to the realities in which we live and generally vary so widely it is laughable - even though tragic. They are much more blind than the "satanist." And splintered.

Never thought I'd agree with a satanist on anything but he has Scofield, the womanizer, accused fraudulent felon, and liar about biblical things for the sake of "New York" (Zionist) money Scofield pocketed for writing it, properly pegged, even if he can't spell his name properly.

Steve said (July 2, 2010):

We win you lose! Repent! Leave the dark side and join the eternal living Christians (even though our temporal flesh may die) - only Satan's doom awaits you if you stick with him & his perverted twisted elite. Jesus Christ (Yashua - God in the flesh) loved you so much He gave up His God plane level of existence to lower Himself to our fleshly level, live a perfect life, suffer greatly and in His unjust death, came the payment of all sin for all humanity IF we accept, believe in HIM and receive His Spirit (God in our Flesh - "the mystery of the ages"). Christ's (God in the flesh on earth) death, paid for all humanities sins, because He created us all - the Creator is greater than His creation, therefore, His super-abundant payment gives total forgiveness and abundant, overflowing, grace, to cover your fleshly imperfect life, till you are made a perfect spiritual being at His return, IF you repent of your fleshly imperfect, "Alpha Lodge", way and accept your loving Saviour! But He won't force you to accept Him - it's your choice. I implore you - choose life not death!

Christians win

Rev 21:3And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them (on this earth) and be their God. 4He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old ("new world") order of things has passed away."

Satan's Doom

Rev 20:10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Aloysius, your current life is not worth the eternal, joy-filled, spirit life that the Creator God, through Christ, has prepared for those who accept Him. He says that it will be better than anything we can "think of or even imagine", so great and wonderful will it be. Fear not Satan your current master, who can take away our fleshly life, but fear (be in awe of) Him, who can take away your potential eternal life.

Len said (July 2, 2010):

My little comment: SATANISTS SUCK. They're the same little strutting elitist-dupes that play into the hands of the adversary of GOD, decency, and every human soul. They are enormous losers right along with the FIVE-TIME LOSER that is known variously as "lucifer" or "satan" or "the evil one." ... ask me sometime what "the five times are" that satan has lost to GOD & CHRIST, YHVH. ... the first time was being cast OUT of The Third [Highest] Heaven. ... maybe you can guess the other four. [hint: two of them are yet to be: but have been ORDAINED of old]

DCC said (July 2, 2010):

Mr. Fozdyke needs to read Isaiah 14, particularly verses12-15 because it is clear that Lucifer intends to be worshiped in the temple at Jerusalem which is at the heart of Zionist aspiration. The reference in verse 13 to the mount of the congregation relates to Psalm 74:2 and the sides of the north is the traditional site of the throne (Psalm 48:2). Therefore, the devil’s boast to rise up has everything to do with the plans and schemes of Zionism.

But, since Lucifer is not flesh, he must rely upon a host to enforce his alleged kingdom once it has been established. The problem for you Mr. Fozdyke is two-fold; one, you have put your eternal soul into the hands of death and with hell you have made an agreement which shall be annulled. And two, the left hand is always under the thumb of the right hand as the left hand is ignorant of the right. When the time is right and the left hand has served its purpose, the right hand shall chop it off and cast it away.
For your sake Mr. Fozdyke I hope you come to know the true Jesus Christ, not the one the churches teach, but the Savior Who is the true God of the Bible and your only hope........................

Tony said (July 2, 2010):

t's been an open secret for decades in DC that Byrd had a proclivity for little kids. You can bet they were furnished for his use.

In DC - in congress for that matter, as well as the White House itself - he was by no means unique in that respect. A large segment of the American public would overthrow the government in a heart beat if the truth on that subject was made public to all. There would be an instant blood bath.

Ducq said (July 2, 2010):

The article is largely correct as far as I've can tell.

In a nutshell, the British and Scandinavian royalty trace a major part of their heritage to the Tribe of Dan in Israel. They combined their traditional knowledge with Druidism to produce Scottish Freemasonry. Recall that both the builder of the Tabernacle that Moses used, and much later the builder of the Temple that Solomon used were of the tribe of Dan. It is also the only tribe not mentioned in the list of those sealed in Revelation 7. Those who have traced their history, such as , can show how that tribe's influence and character are still seen from Ireland to Denmark ("Dan Land").

On the other side, we have the Jews, few of which are blood-Jews, but Khazar, Edomites, etc., and their "need" for a homeland. The two-fold reason lead to the same issue: (1) they have been systematically kicked out of most countries as 'parasites', which the Babylonian Talmud teaches them to be, in opposition to Torah; and (2) those who set up Zionism have little interest in the Jewish people, but a great deal of interest in being in control of the coming Third Temple, as countless plans and prophecies depend on it. Their handlers, the ones who were so keen on Zionism, were in significant proportion Danites and Freemasons. This is why it had to be in Israel, despite every possible violation of common sense.

So the Zionists made a deal with Hitler for Nazi protection, then used Churchill to get America into WWII to destroy Germany, at which time the Nazis simply relocated to America, who are protecting the Zionists today. The American Military, knowing this full well, are divided between their real Handlers, the Illuminati Masons, and the Handlers they have to currently pretend run things, the Zionist faction in Israel, which aligns with the Talmudic idea that world dominance will be a result of race, deception, and force; as opposed to the Masonic idea that world dominance will be the result of mystic enlightenment, deception, and force.

Fozdyke admits admiration for Freemasonry, and mentions "the unknown Germans who established it." If he would do a bit of research, it wouldn't be so unknown. They came out of Venice initially to see to it that England was turned into a Merchant Empire using Newton as one of their main pawns. The history of German Christianity might be added to his studies.

So when you say "I believe Zionism originates in Illuminati Satanism, but Aloysius obviously doesn't agree. Is he presenting disinformation?" I would have to say it's definitely not disinformation. Here are the players:

Satanism itself, which in pure form is largely unknown to researchers. This is who Aloysius would like to think he is with. Good luck getting to that top rung buddy,
Masonic Illuminati, who follow the Danite plan of teaching their older brother (Judah) a lesson, and using architectural magic to predominate the world,
Geopolitical Illuminati, who are the leaders generally are interested in using the world military and nationalism to predominate,
Zionists, who follow the Talmud and were given a boost by Danites pretending to be Zionist Jews initially,
Nazis, or military supremacists, who don't care who wins as long as they can still be the military,
The Vatican, which wants to predominate all religion,
...and the rest of us, who would like to live in peace, and wouldn't mind one bit if a certain Galilean would return and oust these pretenders.

So, no he's talking true, but he sure has a vendetta against JHWH. This pegs him quite easily to the religious Illuminati, currently under the control of the Vatican. I'd be willing he doesn't know that. True Satanists know who JHWH is.

Lanaki said (July 2, 2010):

Aloha Henry,

re: "Zionism Sucks"

This from William Guy Carr in his book, "Pawns in the Game", pg. 66: "Many orthodox Jews were worried because of the ruthless terrorism being practiced by their compatriots [in Russia]. They knew that a similar policy was being carried out in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The less radical Jews worried because they feared a continuation of such terrorism would result in such a wave of anti-semitism that it could quite possibly end with the extermination of the Jewish race.

Their worst fears were confirmed by a German Jew, Theodore Herzl, who informed them of Karl Ritter's anti-semitic policy and warned them that it was rapidly being spread throughout Germany. He suggested the organization of a Jewish Back to Israel movement on the part of the orthoidox Jews. This was the beginning of the Zionist movement."

The footnote by Mr. Carr reads: "*The Zionist Movement was in turn controlled by the International Bankers and also used to further their secret plans and ambitions. Read The Palestine Plot by B. Jensen."

KK said (July 1, 2010):

Like Aloysius, I don’t think Zionism derived from Illuminati satanism, although it seems that the Illuminati were secretly involved in its evolution without the innocent Jews knowing. Zionism was the result of the worries of Jewish European intellectuals, worries towards the emerging nation-states. One of the first (innocent?) mistakes they did is that they called the « solution » Zionism, a neologism based on a holy, biblical name, while these first Zionists were rather on the secular side.

When in 1903, the British offered them Uganda to serve as homeland Hertzl accepted with joy, the Rothschilds refused. Few days after that offer, Herzl died (assassinated?) and the banksters pursued their goal towards the theft of Palestine.

Since the death of Theodore Hertzl Zionism transformed into Rothschildism. Curiously this happened when the Illuminati completely turned the British royal family into puppets, it was in 1903, right after Queen Victoria's death. And in 1904, the Illuminati did the first significant step towards World War One through the "Entente Cordiale" ("peace" treaty between Britain and France)... In one word, we have to always put in mind that it's Rothschildism not "zionism." Mt Zion and Th. Hertzl are innocent.

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