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New Age Communism: The "Zeitgeist" Agenda

March 5, 2011

Fresco-Venus-project.jpgLeft, The creep behind the Zeitgeist series, Jacques Fresco

"The Zeitgeist solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st- century-truth seeker."

by Richard Evans

"Never give people the right to their own opinion!" - JACQUES FRESCO

After the negative reception Zeitgeist received for it's gratuitous anti-Christian content written by "Acharya S," we hoped that was the end of Zeitgeist.

But a year later in 2008, filmmaker Peter Joseph was back with "Zeitgeist Addendum." (Joseph's real name seems to be P.J. Mercola.) This time P.J. seemed to kowtow to a wild eyed little old man named, Jacques Fresco.

Joseph said, " Zeitgeist is the activist arm of the Venus Project". The Venus Project is 94-year old control freak Jacques Fresco, born in the Bronx in 1917. It is associated with the UN and pushes the familiar Communist Illuminati agenda: forever concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate until they have it all. [Communism is a ruse to disguise this control as "public" or State ownership.]

In the words of Ernst Fischer, the Venus Project's "solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st century truth seeker." Here is a detailed comparison of the Zeitgeist philosophy and Communism.

Fischer Continues: "Fresco spoke at the 10th anniversary of the UN's Earth charter last year and subsequently attended Mikael Gorbachevs congress, which you will find on hidden away in the Netherlands section. Hell even if for some reason you think rubbing shoulders with those mid level elites is okay, what about frescos co-speaker Ervin Laszlo, (who he "spent time with") who FOUNDED the Club of Budapest, with Aurelio Peccei, founder of the CLUB OF ROME, full of lovely Illuminati globalists, who want a one world order, unified, worshiping the earth, under a new age religion. What about him being invited to dinner in the Dutch queen's palace? As in Queen Beatrix.... of Bilderberg.

Fresco, former member of the Communist party, wrote a book with Ken Keyes a while back. You don't just write a book with someone you barely know, so I might go so far as to say his good friend and colleague Keyes wrote a charming book called Planethood, go look it up. The book speaks not only of how the UN will fix the planet, but how they will install a One World Government "for the earth" Um, no thanks, what about the people?  Or does Skynet just see us as more resources in the resource management program?"


Fresno started out as an aircraft designer with a government contractor during the 1930's. 

After WWII he founded Ravell Plastics.  If you ever assembled model airplane kits you probably bought some of his products.  If you were into model airplane kits in the 1950's-60's, you remember the powerful airplane glue in the box, and you may recall getting headaches or even passing out.

In Zeitgeist Addendum, Fresco shows his plastic model Utopia.  He explains that all current social problems will be solved by technology.  For example, his solution for drunk driving is cars that won't start if alcohol is detected.  That sounds a control freak.  In reality, when you create more technology you have to create more solutions to solve the problems it creates.  To see what I mean, visit the technological utopias in the movie "Brazil" (1985).

In real life, designer oversight isn't so funny. Fifty years ago, Fresco's Ravell model airplane kits included a powerful toxic airplane glue in the box. That glue was eventually banned because the breathing the vapor killed brain cells.  If the engineer is infallible, was lowering intelligence of boys during the 1950's-60's part of his plan?  The folly of Plato's Republic is that the self appointed 'Guardians' is they set themselves up as God, while they outlaw free will for the rest of society. 

Fresco says there will be no government in his techno-utopia - but who's going to make these decisions without a visible, accountable government?

Plato's Republic is the 2500-year-old blueprint of the New World Order.   Plato wrote it as a fictional dialogue proposing humanity be ruled by a special class of people he called "the Guardians".   The premise Plato's utopia is that the majority of people aren't entitled to their opinion, and for the good of society need to be told what to do from cradle to  grave.

Plato even proposed that people be bred for traits, like dogs and horses. Also in Plato's Republic, private property, marriage and nuclear family aren't allowed. The Illuminati pretty much adopted these views. 

fresno1.jpgIn his essay, "Beyond Utopia," Fresco  admired Plato's Republic, Karl Marx, and H. G. Wells novel about a Freemasonry of science, The Shape of Things to Come, in which Freemasons take over the world.  Fresco lurked in the shadows during the run of the first Zeitgeist movie in 2007.   Director Peter Joseph served as front man for Fresco's The Venus Project.

The media sings the praises of "pro-democratic protests for change in government" as a "spontaneous social phenomenon."  We're supposed to believe that for the first time in history, all we have to do is march in the streets and entrenched military dictatorships buckle to their knees - armies, secret police and all.

How is this possible all of a sudden?  The media present the usual array of experts who tell us it's the power of "social networking" technology.  It's Facebook and Twitter..  Never mind that it's no secret that Facebook is a CIA tool.

What's this got to do with the third installment in the series, Zeitgeist Moving Forward?  The structure and message of all three movies is the same Diocletian formula of "Problem-Reaction-Solution"  That's a method of manufacturing consent dating back to Rome.

Unite4PeaceOnEarth-Who-is-Peter-Joseph---Zeitgeist--e11130413.jpg(Peter Joseph, left)


Here is a synopsis of the last 11 minutes.  Keep in mind this big production was released Jan 20, 2011 before the "Jasmine" "revolutions" had spread.   See how the "Solution" script of Zeitgeist Moving Forward matches the "Problem-Reaction-Solution" from the Club of Rome's 1991 book, The First Global Revolution, Chap. V: The Vacuum.


ZEITGEIST:  "This isn't a recession.  Jobs are never coming back.  States won't be able to pay unemployment checks because they'll be out of money"

VENUS PROJECT's JACQUES FRESCO::  "When things get so bad that people lose confidence in their elected leaders, they're going to demand change, if they don't kill each other first."

CLUB OF ROME:  "Democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties. The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question and allow for the seizure of power by extremists of one brand or the other."

ZEITGEIST:  It's clear that we're on the verge of a great transition in human life,  What we face now is the change of this life we've known over the last century. "

CLUB OF ROME:  "In searching for a new enemy we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill."

UN-slution.jpgZEITGEIST: Screen shows newspaper headlines on famine, water shortage, unemployment, crime, and the  Wall Street Journal  UN DECLARES STATE OF GLOBAL EMERGENCY

A crowd of culturally diverse people gathered in the streets in front of a central bank of a North American city.

The people look up at a giant Times Square type TV screen to see shots of revolutions going on GLOBALLY and simultaneously.

The marquee on the screen shows the words WORLD PROTESTS SHUT DOWN GLOBAL ECONOMY!

The people get an idea...(yes we can!)



ZEITGEIST  The street crowd collectively seeing the giant TV screen news get an idea...(yes we can!)   Helicopters hover overhead, and battalion of white American riot police appears squaring off menacingly in front of the central bank.
Next a bird's eye view of the city showing the mob packs the streets of the entire world.

Seeing this from their top floor window of the Fed Central Bank the evil white men in the board room look depressed and defeated.  The chairman of the board ponders a minute and snuffs out his cigar.

He picks up the phone to  put in a call to the lead cop to tell him to surrender -- to the people!   The leader cop drops his helmet.


Cue up happy music.

A former wage slave throws his  briefcase.  up in the air , it .lands in slow motion and burst open and money inside is lying in the street.  Then the whole mob throws away their wallets and checkbooks into a huge pile in the street.  Finally a little boy throws his piggy bank in the street.


Next a little boy is looking at a snapshot of that day titled THE END OF HISTORY

After evil Capitalists give up control of the world,  the public has thrown their savings cash away, and instantly everything glows with celestial light and everything is free.   And there are no old or homeless people.

utopia-1.jpg(How come there were no Chinese or Asians, or blacks in this movie?)

JACQUES FRESCO: " If we try to visualize the future without families. there's fear, so when we make movies we put families in there. There will be no families. Those people won't want children. We do a survey of the carrying capacity of the earth, and that tells us how many people the earth can support."

utopia-2.jpgWonder why after so much multicultural diversity it ends with this specimen of Lebensborn Eugenics giving a *wink* to the "bio-ethics" insiders?

CLUB OF ROME:  "This is the way we are setting the scene for mankind's encounter with the planet."


There are no new or original ideas in any of the movies.   If you didn't see previous versions, don't waste your time.   Just watch the last 11 minutes of Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Zeitgeist isn't activist, and it's not a movement. The actual purpose of Peter Joseph's work is to manufacture consent for the cashless system the international bank cabal planned a century ago.

Lord Bertrand  Russell wrote in his 1951 book "Impact of Science on Society"  that the electronic cashless society will be a form of social control.

"Credits" will be given to you on a weekly basis, and they have to be consumed by the end of the week, and cannot be saved up.  If you are against the system and do not follow orders, you don't eat.  Nobody will be able to help anyone else because all will be dependent on the system.

Like Lord Russell, Fresco is a plutocrat whose retirement hobby is social engineering and raising an army of useful idiots..  During the Cold War hoax, Russell  founded  the "Pugwash movement" which used the fear of nuclear holocaust  to trick hippies into holding rallies in Washington DC begging for world government.   They must have been high, or didn't have the vocabulary  to comprehend his wordy books.

Zeitgeist One told people to lose their faith in their religion,

Zeitgeist 1,2,& 3 told people that private property, savings, elected national democracy, and the right to your own opinion caused the economic crash, the 'war on terror', and 'global warming'.

Now The Venus Project (Jacques Fresco) is telling you to withdraw all your money, savings and all and throw it away.

If there were any doubt that Zeitgeist has been predictive programming to coincide with the 'flash mob' 'Global revolution, the last 11 minutes of Zeitgeist Moving On leave no doubt.

The Venus Project is one of a "thousand points of light" softening brains and lowering guards for their big hoax of 2012.  Another one is of course the Mayan Calendar nonsense.  Now that we see real riots made to order, they've tipped their hand.  If only people don't fall for it.

Fresco's vision of a atheist Utopia alienated Buddhists, Hindus, and those into the galaxy of "new age" people.   

It will push exactly the same cashless, collective society, but Zeitgeist's open atheism will be candy coated with a section on human consciousness as God.  Quantum metaphysics Cabala camouflage will replace Jacques Fresco's overt assault on faith and metaphysics.

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First, here's a little background on the Zeitgeist movies.

[2] CIA Gets in Your Face(book)  WIRED Magazine  Jan. 2007
Since December 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency has been using, the popular social networking site, to recruit potential employees into its National Clandestine Service. It marks the first time the CIA has ventured into social networking to hire new personnel.

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.  WIRED Magazine April 2000
Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species.

Ravell Plastics

The New American on this subject

More from Richard:

There are Venus Projects parodies now on YouTube.  This one is called 'Pleasure Forever'
To get to this utopia, you keep a diary, roll up each day's installment and bury in your backyard in a  hermetically sealed tube "till you're dead".  Thousands of years later your 'pattern identity' is extracted from the tubes and installed in a 'hedonistic human' constructed just for you.
"Is it perfect?  Yes!  physical pleasure.  recreational pleasure. Enjoy youerself! There are no other options..."


(Banner from Rockefeller sponsored NPR  Nat Pub radio)

Meanwhile back in 2011 the global revolution fuse continues to burn.  Our radio news propaganda has moved into a new season with oddly uplifting news reporting which. Suddenly the public is winning!
The speech to a union crowd of ten thousand clogging the Wisconsin capitol is worth a listen -- it's Michael Moore urging mass revolution against the "rich"   He says things like "borders are prisons to keep us from uniting with each other"


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " New Age Communism: The "Zeitgeist" Agenda"

Niki Raampana said (March 7, 2011):

One of my readers sent me to this article at your site about the Venus Project tonight. Thank you so much for posting it.

I was in the middle of a radio interview this past Friday night, and the host had asked me something about the Venus Project or Zeitgeist.
I responded that yes, it was a communitarian message at the end of the Zeitgeist movie I saw, but that I hadn't looked into it too deeply. I
may have said something about the Utopian aspect of Venus too, can't exactly remember what I said. But whatever it was, it was enough.

Almost immediately, Neil, a follower of the Venus Project guru, called in and wanted to debate me! Christie was having technical difficulties
during a bad storm and lost the caller because of it. She later told me five Venus followers arrived in her chat room and angrily accused
her of censoring them.

Now it's just not possible that so many followers of the Zeitgeist ideology just happened to tune into the Truth Brigade show, is it? She did advertise I would be on the show but we planned to talk about Agenda 21 and communitarian sustainable development. My ACL research
does not focus on the Venusians and I have one blog post about them out of 900.

Promoters of the Venus Project appear to be going around the internet doing damage control like I haven't seen since Terry Hayfield and his
Fusionist Wizard of Oz crew used to do.

I haven't thought about this cult much, but their attacks on Christie made me want to dig a little more into it. Now, with this article, I
have a good idea where to go with my research.

Many thanks to Richard Evans for his insightful article and direct quotes, and to Anthony for pointing out the philosophy behind the
Venus Project/Zeitgeist theory is communitarianism.

Richard (author) said (March 6, 2011):

I intended the article review of the last 11 minutes to show how the revolutions in the Middle East aren't coming from the people at all. It's a psychological operation.

I see I should have made that the only message of the conclusion.

Andrew said (March 6, 2011):

Good correlation of the Venus Project with the cashless, collective society agenda of the NWO. Another giveaway is the fact that the VP must be universal in order to work.

I was a bit disappointed however with the last line that seemed to betray a fear/cynicism towards the spiritual and religious implications of Quantum Physics. The Zeitgeist documentary whether you like it or not raises some valid and important points on this score, such as the primacy and multidimensionality of consciousness (human or otherwise). These scientifically verifiable facts seem to be a stumbling block for Christians and atheists alike, to the point they begin to resemble enemy twins hell bent on depriving the world of the knowledge the Illuminati have used for millennia to enslave it. Zeitgeist is probably establishment propaganda, but now isn’t the time for maintaining a sacred simplicity towards old religious and scientific dogmas. The truth can defend itself.

Anthony Migchels said (March 6, 2011):

An article like this, thoroughly thrashing Zeitgeist and it's anti-God, anti family, communitarian narrative was long overdue.

Great job by Richard Evans, he said it all.

The great question in schemes like these is as always: who is in control of the new situation (whatever that may be). And we know the answer, because it has been the same always.

Chris said (March 6, 2011):

I read your article about The Venus project here:
and it is completely incorrect. They have nothing to do with the NWO agenda, they want to create a new social system WITHOUT any elite, without money, barter, debt or credits using science and technology, where the resources of the earth become available to all of the Earth's people without cost:

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at