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World War II Was a Psy Op to Kill Goyim

April 6, 2024


Martin Bormann, who signed Hitler's paycheck and knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy. 

The book "Op JB" (1996) by John Ainsworth-Davis describes how he and Ian Fleming rescued Bormann from the ruins of Berlin in 1945.

James Bond was modeled on Ainsworth-Davis who was an Illuminati sex slave and mass murderer.  He may have serviced the gay Winston Churchill and his spymaster Desmond Morton.

This book is the smoking gun that proves the Second World War was a charade. While most Nazis were sincere, the movement was sponsored and controlled at the top by the Masonic Jewish central bank cartel in order to kill "goyim"  on both sides, increase banker wealth and power, destroy Germany, and advance world government. Assimilated Jews were also sacrificed to disguise the Gentile holocaust and to create the Jewish state as HQ of the NWO.

 I was suspicious that Simon & Schuster published this book amid great fanfare and a large advance. However, this account of the circumstances of publication authenticates Ainsworth-Davis' story.

"Even the best of the Goyim should be killed." - Talmud, Soferim 15, Rule 10

Formerly, Martin Bormann was Rothschild Agent -- Damning Evidence
(Updated from Nov 25, 2018 & March 14, 2019 & Mov. 23, 2021)

by Henry Makow PhD

The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, Hitler's Private Secretary and Head of the Nazi Party apparatus, was an Illuminati (((i.e. British))) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.

HB4.jpgThus, he advanced two of the Illuminati's main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel by threatening European Jews with extinction.

When I first made this case in June 2007, a reader suggested I read the book "OPJB," (1996), Lieut. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis' account of how he and Ian Fleming led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945, using river kayaks. According to this account, Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959. 

Op JB stands for "Operation James Bond."  Ian Fleming took the name of the author of "A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies" for the Bormann rescue and later gave it to the hero of his spy series who was modelled on Ainsworth-Davis, who used the name, Christopher Creighton.  Creighton died in 2013 at age 89.  

Talk about hiding in plain sight!  The evidence that Bormann, the man most responsible for the holocaust was a British agent has been on bookshelves since 1996!

The book includes a 1963 letter from Ian Fleming confirming that he and Creighton led the Bormann rescue. It also includes a photograph of a 1954 letter from Winston Churchill giving Creighton permission to tell this story after Churchill's death, "omitting, of course, those matters which you know can never be revealed."

According to Creighton, Martin Bormann was actually sitting in a private visitor's gallery at the Nuremberg Trial when he was condemned to death in absentia!  (p.243)

The rescue cover story was that Bormann supposedly would help the Allies retrieve Nazi wartime plunder and return it to its rightful owners. If you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida... Bormann had been an Illuminati agent all along and was largely responsible for the Nazi defeat. Louis Kilzer estimated he was worth 50 divisions. Hitler covered for him. World War Two was a monstrous Rothschild fraud on Germans, Jews, and the human race. The plunder ended up in Illuminati hands.


The real James Bond helped kill thousands of people, mostly British allies. He was haunted by the ghosts of "perfectly loyal and innocent people who had been caught up in our operations..." (79)

He was just "following orders" which made no sense from a patriotic p.o.v.  "We were not acting from patriotism or high moral principles. We were not doing this for England or Uncle Sam. As usual, we were doing what we had been told to do: we were carrying out our orders." (170)

For example, Creighton tipped the Nazis off to the exact time and location of the 1942 Dieppe raid which cost 3000 Canadians their lives. He was told that the British wanted to test Nazi defences. The real reasons:  convince Stalin it was too early for a second front, and build up Creighton's credibility when it came time for the Normandy Invasion.

Creighton also talks about "Operation Tiger" in April 1944, a training exercise at Slapton Sands, Dorset that was rudely interrupted by eight German torpedo boats. The toll: over 800 US soldiers drowned. (Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller wrote that the Nazis were tipped off by a German spy.)

The fiasco was kept a secret to protect D-Day morale.

Creighton says survivors were interned or killed by a sea mine in order to keep the secret. (p.25)

In spite of the fact that the Dorset shoreline resembled Normandy, the Nazis supposedly failed to draw the logical conclusion.

Agents who stumbled on the "true secrets of World War Two" (i.e. the fact that Hitler and Bormann were run by the "English") were often betrayed and murdered in action. This happened to Creighton's girlfriend, Patricia Falkiner.

Morton confessed that Falkiner was his ward: "He had done his utmost to keep Patricia out of operations...only when she had stumbled on the most vital secrets at Bletchley that he had been forced to deploy her..." (p.85)

300px-John_Ainsworth-Davis.jpgCreighton, left, also made sure Pearl Harbor, another example of Illuminati chicanery, was kept secret.

On Nov. 28, 1941, a Dutch submarine, the K-XVII intercepted the Japanese Fleet en route to Pearl Harbor and alerted British naval HQ. In order to maintain the illusion that Pearl Harbor was a surprise, the submarine and its crew were destroyed.

Creighton "wiped out the entire ship's company with two tiny cylinders of cyanide inserted into their oxygen supply, and a box of high explosives disguised as whiskey...the war had turned me into a fiend and mass murderer..." (p.81)


Officially Desmond Morton was Winston Churchill's "adviser."   In fact, he was in charge of a top-secret Illuminati organization dedicated to advancing world government dictatorship through skullduggery. It was funded by the "Crown" i.e. the Rothschild Bank of England. It answered only to Churchill who, of course, answered only to Victor Rothschild.

The Director of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, recommended Ian Fleming to Naval Intelligence. (Fleming was 15 years older than Creighton.)

 "M SECTION" had the resources of the Royal Navy and Marines at its disposal and was responsible for rescuing Martin Bormann, and possibly Hitler as well (see below.)

morton1.jpgMorton never married and there are rumors he and Churchill had a homosexual attachment. Morton accused Churchill of having homosexual feelings for FDR. (Winston Churchill, by Chris Wrigley, p. 268)

Top agents and commandos like Creighton were chosen from men and women in their late teens who were personally known to the Illuminati. Creighton was only 21 years old in 1945. Often the youths were orphans or separated from their parents. 

For example, Creighton's parents were divorced but Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton were family friends. Morton took Creighton under his wing and became his "uncle." In a moment of crisis, "I hugged him as I had hugged him so often in the past." (85)

Creighton refers to his service in Section M as "ghastly years of betrayal and horror into which I had been forced." (78) He speaks of the "Svengali-like influence and control that Morton had exercised over me since my early childhood."

At age 15, Creighton had an apparition of a "Black Angel" who possessed him as an "Angel of Death." 

"I awoke in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat and there he was, standing at the foot of my bed. ...I could not move. With a feeling of utter degradation and terror, I realized I was powerless to stop him possessing me -- as he would often do in the weeks, months and years that followed." 

Sound like Creighton was the victim of a paedophile?

That Black Angel was Morton. Creighton directly continues: "Looking back I can see how completely I was in Morton's grip throughout most of the war. From 1940-1945 I was his puppet, manipulated by him and executing his orders." (18)

The final endurance test for "both boys and girls was 12 strokes of the cane administered by a Marine Commando Sargent across their bare buttocks in front of their class." (69)

It's possible that like some MI-5 and MI-6 agents today,  Section M agents were mind controlled sex slaves. Greg Hallett has a different, occult, explanation.


Morton's MO was "deception and double-dealing," says Creighton. It is amazing he was able to tell the story. Perhaps it's because he accepted the spin that Bormann was saved in order to restore Nazi plunder to its rightful owners.

Like Creighton, we are all pawns in their game. For example, Otto Gunther, Bormann's double, was a POW found in Canada. Bormann's records were altered to fit Gunther so when his dead body was found, people believed it was Hitler's Deputy. 

The commandos accompanying Bormann on his escape had no idea of his identity.  Many were Jewish "freedom fighters." What an irony!

Great nations, England, the United States, Germany, France are all Illuminati pawns. What good is a democracy when the Illuminati Order owns the politicians and controls information?

Think of the millions who died in World War Two, all to destroy and degrade mankind so the Illuminati inbreds can own and control everyone.

They are still busy dividing us against one another, so we will never unite against them.


Correspondent Greg Hallett describes "body jumping" and how Hitler was also saved

"Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati"  and Hitler & Bormann Were Traitors are must-reads in this connection.

First Comment from BM

Both my father and grandfather worked for British Intel.

They both said Churchill was a traitor to the British nation, working solely for Rothschild who wanted the Anglo Saxon nations obliterated. It was seen as the triumph of the century to pit the two Christian nations at each other's throats twice in that time. 

Neville Chamberlain's secretary Archibald Maule Ramsey in his book " the Nameless War " tells the absolute truth of the war.

My grandfather was one of a team who murdered any voices of peace such as Mahatma Gandhi; he also had killed Gen Sikorski and Neville Chamberlain and intell chief Vernon Kell. 

But the main focus was the English Resistance based in Shropshire and the Fens. All these men who were trying to negotiate with Hitler for peace, were rounded up in dawn raids taken to the tower of London and not seen or heard from again. It is my belief that's where they are buried.

It was this huge peace group that Hitler sent Hess to contact, not knowing most were rounded up and killed.
Dad said my grandfather claimed Chamberlain had a treaty with Hitler against the march of Soviet ( Jewish ) Communism.

Victor Rothschild promised his apostles (those left wing homosexuals,) that he would put them in places to win the war for the Jews and those that helped would be given positions of great power after the war. Anthony Blunt would be made minister for art and in charge of a huge museum which for some time was rumoured to be Buckingham palace as Rothschild was undecided as to keeping our royals or not. Chamberlain's cook was in the pay of Rothschild, and slowly poisoned the man. Dad said he was in great stomach pain for some while. The most popular  UK prime minister ever was murdered on Churchill's orders for daring to speak of peace.

In the early1930s Lord Rothschild said to the apostles at the Cambridge corn exchange that by the year 2000 Britain would be communist, it may not be called that but that is what it would be" and that is what we have now.

From Joe J

Most people, when faced with the truth will not believe it but God allows truth to exist so that we are without excuse. We will never be able to say to God, "But you didn't tell us." And the Rothschilds will never have to say, "I kept it a secret." If we don't believe this or the truths expressed in creation or ultrasounds of babies in the womb etc. then as God points out, we won't even believe if someone comes back from hell and tells us about it. Truth is truth but if we hide one truth, we will sooner or later hide others.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " World War II Was a Psy Op to Kill Goyim"

E said (November 24, 2021):

WWII was a psy-op

WWIII also will be a psy-op, the Russian military, are funded by the West, only the money now comes from Basel, Switzerland, instead of Wall Street.
Hitler was all controlled opposition of course now its the Great Vladimir Putin playing that role.

James C said (March 14, 2019):

The entire Cold War (1947–1991) was a lie. "The United States financed the economic and military development of the Soviet Union. Without this aid, financed by U.S. taxpayers, there would be no significant Soviet military threat, for there would be no Soviet economy to support the Soviet military machine, let alone sophisticated military equipment" (Antony C. Sutton, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy [Billings, MT: Liberty House Press, 1986], p. xvii).

Sutton's other two books Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler document the role played by key international bankers and corporate insiders in creating and maintaining both the U.S.S.R. and Nazi Germany. The Rothschild formula dictates that if there is no enemy, you must create one. 911 gave us our latest enemy.

JJ said (November 25, 2018):

Despite all of these facts about how populations are manipulated by imposters, the average Joe needs to understand why he does what he does. Men join up for army service for several reasons:

1) They want a masculine challenge and will often forego monetary rewards for one.
2) They actually do need financial security and while army salaries are often not much, compared to private enterprise they are incredible. The educational benefits and the army pensions are very good. Soldiers don't become millionaires but they do become economically stable 'average Joes'.
3) They want to belong to a group of like-minded individuals who are working for some future ideal.

Those of us who are awake need to understand these needs for belonging and challenge and stability and try to create similar situations where we are not being destructive like men like Bormann want us to be. This takes much wisdom and hard work but if we don't do it, more wars will arise and create more opportunities for men to be men.

Milton said (April 8, 2016):

I am reading Churchill's war vol 1.

It Hitler was an Illuminati agent why did he try to avoid war with Britain? It was Churchill who wanted this war because he owed everything to the Jews and if he had had peace he would have gone back into oblivion.

Hitler stopped the tanks advance to Dunkerque because they had advanced to far a troops were tired and he feared that their flank would be exposed. You instance this also as collusion.

Churchill knew all along that the invasion was nonsense because he had updates constantly from code breakers at Bletchley Park. Only he knew about this. The Hitler only bluffed because they did not want war with Britain and to disguise his build up for the east.

Churchill started mass bombing of Germany to provoke retaliation so that he could then easily prevent anymore peace proposals and destroy National Socialism for the The Elders Of Zion/Illuminati.

007 was the code for John Dee the founder of British Intelligence. Was Fleming connected to the Golden Dawn? ( I cannot remember for sure) Many top Germans were taken to America anyway under operation Paperclip.

Total deaths for all the camps was 275,000 and that included all classifications such as Russian POW's etc,etc,

In comparison anything from 6 to 13 million Germans died as a result of allied (jewish inspired vengeance) policy after the war. Read 'Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil' by Menuhin the son of the famous Jewish violinist, a noble Jew ( I am reading it).

Thanks Milton

Hitler didn't bomb Britain initially precisely because he perceived himself as a British agent.


Anne said (April 7, 2016):

Taking the name of an ornithologist as a codename, suggests the phrase, "the birds have flown".

How appropriate.

David Livingstone said (June 27, 2014):

Do you know about the Maison Rouge incident? The Nazis decided the war was lost, and to start transferring their plundered assets. In charge of that task were Bormann, Otto Skorzeny (Hitler’s star commando) and Skorzeny’s father-in-law and Montagu Norman’s close friend, Hjalmar Schacht. Much of those funds were transferred to Person in Argentina, but Evita managed to somehow have it all put in her name. So Skorzeny was sent to seduce her and get the assets transferred back to them. It’s a hilarious story, where he stages a heroic incident to get her attention.

Bormann also managed Skorzeny’s Die Spinne organization for transferring Nazis to various safe havens. Skorzeny was the key Nazi, along with Reinhard Gehlen, hired by the US after the war. His task was mainly for the training of terrorists around the world, through his Palladin Group, like Yasser Arafat, the Muslim Brotherhood, Gladio and the death squads of Operation Condor in South America.

All this is detailed in my book, in the chapter The Fourth Reich.

Ken Adachi said (June 27, 2014):

The book may be a work of fiction as the details of the sinking of the Dutch submarine K-17 seem implausible. Submariners breathe air, not oxygen, and submarines of WWII used lots of air for lots of jobs (surfacing) where it was stored in large pressurized air banks, replenished by high volume compressors when on the surface.

Cyanide in crystal form is a salt. How does a salt create deadly cyanide gas when exposed to air?

How does James Bond get on the submarine to sabotage it with his case of whiskey bombs?

The sub sank on Dec 19, 1941, twelve days after Pearl Harbor, from hitting a mine according to this article:

Otto Skorzeny gave Eric Bermen a shoebox full of photos in November 1999 that included many of Martin Bormann, from the 1930s through the 1990's.. I did a photo comparison of Bormann's photos in this 2007 article. Take a look.

Third Reich top Nazis routinely faked their deaths. Skorzeny said the CIA faked his death in Madrid in 1975. He was reported to have really died on Dec 31, 1999 (but you can't be sure). Josef Mengele did not drown on a beach in Brazil in 1979 as his photos are part of the Skorzeny collection up to the late 1990s. Al Bielek always said that top Nazis had access to alien acquired age reversal technology.

Tom Bearden showed that Antoine Priore of France (1960s) could cause diseased animal cells to reverse in time and revert to an earlier (and younger) state of healthy cells. Sounds hard to believe, but the documentation is there. Time & space are bendable (and reversible):

Don Nicoloff did some digging a few years go on Wilhelm Canaris and found he was alive and well in the USA, teaching at a college in Oklahoma in the 1980's I think, decades after his reported death supposedly on April 9, 1945, at the Flossenbürg concentration camp, Germany.

Third Reich superstars like Reinhard Gehlen, Alois Brunner, Walter Rauff, and others, all faked their deaths, according to Otto Skorzeny.

Eddie said (July 11, 2009):

Hi, Upon reading your writeup re the OpJB book, I bought it. I can only say that if you or your readers believe one word of this fictional male cow excrement then your all in Noddy land.
I read upto the part that re waiting for Borman to leave , where the two Englishmen and the American woman stood face to face with Borman and two armed SS guards. Then the American woman shoots from the hip with a fanning action and shoots the two armed guards in their gun arm. Please, that takes the cake. Even a slightly educatedm person would/could know this writer was away with the birdies.

I will be waiting to see if you put this point of view at the bottom of the article.


It hurts to have our illusions stripped away.


Hans said (July 5, 2009):

great work. Slowly the dots connect...Leon desgrelle, A. Sutton, Bob Chapman...and of course your work.

I studied history under Walter Hubatsch in Bonn who was with Hitler in the Fuehrerbunker and later edited the Tagebuecher des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht together with Percy Schramm. Hubatsch was always reluctant to talk about the times after 1933. "Die Zeit ist noch nicht reif dafuer!" was his perpetual comment.
That was 1980 when all of us students very leftists. I always wonder what it was he was holding back...

David said (July 4, 2009):

Dear Henry: You mght be on to somthing with the Borman research.Speer thought Borman to be a Soviet Spy(Hitlers War Irving).All of Hitlers top people hated Borman.Hitlers personel staff as well as Eva Braun Hitler too! SS Colonel Erich Kempka fetched her from Bormans arms when he attempted to carry her body up the bunker steps to be burned.(Irving)Borman had been top aide to the saddest man in history: Rudolf Hess who flew to Britain in an attempt (Hitler approved it,but denied it when it failed)to contact Churchills opponants and make peace.

Funny that the most hateful books about Hitler ignore the omnipresent Borman,but the good ones dont!

Sharon said (July 2, 2009):

hi henry just in the process of rereading your fab book cruel hoax. regarding feminine women, i find that there are a few good role models for these times, however, they are not American. my all time feminine role model is audrey hepburn, especially her Breakfast at Tiffany film, she for me, encompassed all that was good about womanhood, she was a real lady. i also find the french actresses juliette binoche and audrey tatou to be very lovely and feminine and finally catherine zeta jones to be a sensual feminine woman. it says a lot about american and british women i suppose, as those two countries really took the feminist cause seriously. i would love to hear your feedback about this subject henry. take care sharon



Remind me about Hepburn character in B at T. That was written by the gay Truman Capote and I suspect she was something of a slut. All the movies of the past 50 years were geared to breaking down monogamy and teaching women to have sex outside of marriage. A feminine woman dedicates herself to husband and children, and saves it for him. I realize this is an impossible standard today, and I certainly didn't abide by it in my relationships. We're all products of this brainwashing.

Best wishes


Faye said (July 2, 2009):

Max Warburg was the head of the German Secret Service in World War I and also Chairman of the Board of IG Farben and his brother, Paul Warburg was the first Federal Reserve Chairman of the United States. Max Warburg was the Rothschild German Agent. Both the First World War and the Second World War were financed and fomented by this wealthy group of Zionists. Records showed that IG Farben contributed 40% to Adolph Hitler’s campaign. Rothschild’s agents burned down the Reichstag building to foment the rise of the Nazi Party.

Why would Zionist Jews finance a right-wing organization only to self-destruct? Answer: To build up Germany against Russia in order to regain control of Russia from Stalin. Stalin had hijacked the Soviet Union from Trotsky when Lenin was mysteriously killed by Zionists, whose intent was to replace Lenin with Trotsky. Unfortunately, Stalin was too quick on his feet and was able to overpower Trotsky and had Trotsky axed in the head in Mexico. The original communist party was the Bolsheviks and they were mostly Russian Jews financed by the biggest Capitalists in the world.

The Warburgs practically owned IG Farben until they ran into financial difficulties in the mid 1930’s; that’s when they had to court American Industrialists to bring an infusion of cash into Zionists owned IG Farben. When IG Farben defaulted its $500 million bonds to American Ethyl Corporation, they had no choice but to lure American investors to IG Farben. The Warburgs brought in their former clients whom they had previously financed to invest in IG Farben and they recruited these American Companies: Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Ford, ITT, Dupont, General Electric, etc. etc. etc. I have a compilation from the State Department Decimal Files and Harry Truman’s Kilgore Investigation – Trading with the Enemy Act. IG Farben manufactured 95% of the Zyklon B gas that were used to gassed the Europeans Jews. IG Farben was the Nazi Warmacht and without IG Farben, there’d be no Hitler. Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben.

The Zionists were willing to sacrifice 2/3 of Europe’s Jewish Population to create the state of Israel and they had built up Germany against the Soviet Union for a cock-fight so they can get their hands on the Caspian Sea Oil Deposits and the Soviet Union’s natural resources.

After financing JD Rockefeller in the 1890’s, Zionists wanted to emulate Rockefeller for they were making millions from Rockefeller. Yet, the millions were crumbs compare to Rockefeller’s Billions and thus, they set out to pursue their own oil empire and that can only be obtained by coveting the Caspian Oil Deposits. What had ensued was the Armenian Genocide. The Rothschilds were allies of the Turks in that genocide.

The Zionists first attempt to depose Czar Nicholas in 1905 failed, so they’ve kidnapped Czar Nicholas in 1917 and had his entire family executed the following year in 1918.

Richaed said (July 2, 2009):

yo henry
you come up with the most amazing stuff about germany, ww2 and the key players of the time. i really enjoy your history "lessons" --- you and howard zinn --- true historians. thanks for your work. to me it resonates as though it's probably true...after all, we've been lied to about most everything. keep it up!!!!!!


Thanks Richard

But don't compare me with Howard Zinn who is a Zionist Socialist Shill,

See my comment about him in "Why the Bankers Love the Left"

The bankers rule through socialism and communism. It is a mask that fools everyone. Social justice!


Dorthe said (July 2, 2009):

it's Dorthe who wrote you a long time ago from Germany. I am glad you found the book OPJB as shocking as I did. What is so shocking to me is that the facts are right in front of our eyes and nobody even cares. How can life go on as normal, after knowing this kind of stuff?

Everything around us is so superficial... today, I got the key of some friends to water their plants while they take a touristic trip to NYC. These people think I'm a nutcase when I mention the truth, so I just stopped. I feel like I am living in another reality. I feel like there's just no way to get through to all these spiritually dead people. Keep up the good fight!

T said (July 2, 2009):

Henry i enjoyed your latest article, there is a Jewish historian in Chigago who put me on to the correct records for Churchills time at sandhurst military officers acadamy. He was described as a predatory homosexual and a bully to the younger recruits; he liked ginger haired youths, and according to Sir Anthony Eden , Churchill would later run up a large prostitutes bill with ginger haired women,which were paid in full by Rothschilds.

Patrick Kinna, Churchill's wartime assistant joked with Dick Ellis the intell officer who mentioned it at lunch at Whites Officers Club, that Churchill was someone who was entirely without morals, and was blackmailed by the Jews over this episode, particularly just prior to WWII.

Soviet spy eugene ivanov said it was Britain who had the society osteopath and alternative healer Stephen Ward murdered as while he was treating Churchill for depression and alcoholism.

Churchill confided in him some truly awful stuff; Stephen Ward would tell others , thus ensuring his fate

John said (July 2, 2009):

I just read your article on Bormann and mailed it to about a dozen people not all on this continent. Tonight I can go to bed confident in the belief that WWII was just big farce and that Churchill and Bormann worked for the same boss. It is the biggest, costliest and deadliest farce ever played on Western Civ. But as Morpheus said "All I can offer you is the truth".
So to you, I say thanks. The only thing more I could ask of you is to quit calling it by its Illuminati designation. It was really White War II, in which brothers killed brothers for nothing. Only to the Illuminati can it be called a "good war". To none can it be called a "just war". It was just the worst crime against humanity ever (and the holocaust, as you say, was a subset of it). I had grandfathers involved in, I am somewhat ashamed to say. One of my plans in my life is to prevent something like this from happening again.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at