Nazis Knew About Normandy

October 17, 2012

AA LST 289 .jpg

Left. LST 289 one of three tank landing ships hit. Two others sunk with a loss of about 1000 Americans at Lyme Bay near Slapton Sands.

More America soldiers died in a D-Day rehearsal April 27-28, 1944,  than on June 6 at Utah Beach.  Attacks by Nazis torpedo boats and "friendly" fire took as many as 1500 American lives. The debacle was hushed up for 50 years.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Six weeks before D-Day, the Nazis crashed a dress rehearsal for Utah Beach at Slapton Sands in Devon where the terrain was identical to Normandy. Yet, we are supposed to believe they didn't know the invasion was coming in Normandy?  

This is additional evidence that wars are orchestrated. They are meat grinders that allow Illuminati leaders on both sides to kill "patriots" -- part of their long-term war on humanity. 

In his CIA interrogation, Gestapo Heinrich Mueller claimed that an agent alerted them to a massive exercise involving 30,000 men at Slapton Sands. 

In the middle of the night, April 27-28, 1944, nine Nazi torpedo boats (left) attacked eight heavily laden LST (tank transports.)  

Two were sunk and a third disabled at a cost of about 1000 lives. 

"Mistakes" were made by the Nazis. Mueller claims that the Nazis returned to base with the invasion plans taken from the corpse of a US army officer. "This information which indicated Normandy was the main target was sent on to higher commands but was not acted upon." (Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Meuller, ed. Gregory Douglas, p. 142) 

On the Allied side, the disaster was compounded by a long list of highly suspicious "failures." 

These include: 

1. US naval commanders did not establish liaison with counterparts in Royal Navy. 

2. Royal Navy radar picked up movement of the Nazi S-Boats but did not pass it along. 

3. Escort Corvette HMS Azalea knew about S-Boasts but didn't tell LST's 

4. Radio frequencies given to Americans were changed without notice. 

5. The one-sided battle had been watched by Royal Artillerymen at Blacknor Fort, high on Portland's western cliffs. The men had the E-boats in their sights, within range, but were ordered not to fire by an American officer, because of the number of Allied personnel fighting for their lives in the water. 

6. There was no emergency training so life jackets were not put on properly. They flipped the wearer upside-down with his head in the water.  


As many as 500 additional men may have been killed on the beach April 27 from "friendly fire." Due to a "screw up," the beach was bombarded just as troops were landing instead of in advance. In addition, American soldiers "defending" the beach were using live ammunition and inexplicably did not aim above the heads of the "invading" troops as they were supposed to. 

The roughly 1500 American fatalities were thrown into mass graves with a quantity of quicklime to hasten decomposition. After D-Day they were dug up and loaded on to trains:

"Detailed records kept by the station master at Kingsbridge, five miles away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of GIs under military guard between July and August 1944. The trains, each able to carry at least 100 corpses, 'were crammed with men dug from mass graves', said local rail historian Ken Williams. 

The historian's father, George, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, soon realized he also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire washed ashore on the sands. 

'He told me how the sea turned red,' Ken said.

The families were told that their loved ones had died in Normandy. 

According to historian Charles MacDonald "It was a disaster which lay hidden from the World for 40 years . . . an official American Army cover-up."
 That a massive cover-up took place is beyond doubt. And that General Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized it is equally clear."

 Generals Omar N. Bradley and Eisenhower watched "the murderous chaos" and "were horrified and determined that details of their own mistakes would be buried with their men."

 "Relatives of the dead men have been misinformed -- and even lied to -- by their government. "

It was "a story the government kept quiet ... hushed up for decades ... a dirty little secret of World War II."

Admiral Donald Moon, left, who was made the scapegoat, committed suicide Aug. 5, 1944.


Wars are really waged by the Illuminati against humanity. They are orchestrated to achieve definite ends. For example, Nazi Germany was never intended to win. Tuesday, we saw that the Nazis had advanced weaponry that was never used.  Earlier we saw that the "British" (i.e. Illuminati) betrayed their own agents to the Nazis. The object was to kill good people.

Despite the fact that Slapton Sands resembled Normandy, and not the Pas de Calais, we are expected to believe that the Nazis didn't know where the invasion was coming. Yet we are fed the line that Hitler slept in on June 6, and when he awoke prevented a concerted response because he was still sure the invasion was coming at Calais. 

The Nazis knew about Normandy just as Stalin knew about Barbarossa. Churchill, Stalin, Hitler & FDR were all Freemasons and Illuminati. Both sides in WW2 were sabotaged by these traitors because the war was between their satanic cult and the rest of humanity. 

The war continues today as two current members of the Illuminati vie for the Presidency. 

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Comments for "Nazis Knew About Normandy"

Stephen Coleman said (October 18, 2012):

Thank you for the article. It helps me put another piece of the puzzle together. My father was on his way to the invasion of Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped. He was told by his commanding officers that the bomb had saved a million American lives.

But he was lied to and went to his grave believing this. Japan had already been defeated, its people were starving and its ports were successfully blockaded. So why were the bombs dropped?

Bertrand Russell convinced Harry Truman to drop the bomb to frighten the whole world to accept to a one world government.

Russell (the author of the cold war) tried to convince Pres. Eisenhower to nuke Moscow but the President refused. Lucky for the USA and world this did not happen as the Soviets had already developed thermonuclear weapons under the scientist V. Vernadsky.

Brian said (October 18, 2012):

The Illuminati wage wars and orchestrate them every step of the way.

Over the years I've been trying to get my mind around the masonic intent for America at the outset of the "War of Independence". And when I look at World figures like Roosevelt (33rd degree mason) and Churchill (same? I forget), I've concluded that it was probably no different with men like Washington, Franklin et al in their complicity with the overall agenda. Although I think it's important to consider the particular nature of what it is they think they're being complicit with. After all, those at the very pinnacle of the Illuminati chain of command know how crucial it is to maintain their control of a "need to know only" basis on the pyramidal structure.

When the American Revolutionary War was fomented by the British money power the battle was on, and I used to think that the British army, in their supreme arrogance were complacent with the foregone conclusion that there was no way this ragtag assemblage of "Patriot rabble" could beat them on the battlefield. But defeat them they did, and historians attribute it to a combination of that aforementioned complacency and the cunning guerrilla tactics of the Americans. Now I say not so fast. The fix was in.

Although the British regulars were correct in their confidence to overwhelm and annihilate the American army, they were never given the chance because it wasn't part of the Illuminati long-term plan for America in playing their role in implementing a NWO.

Given that WW2 was a much more recent event, we can point to examples of where the "fix was in" regarding the seemingly mystifying actions of Agent Hitler in sabotaging the German war effort. Whereas the American Revolution was so long ago it's tougher to get a read on what could be seen as equivalent strange decisions and actions taken then. Although one thing that comes to mind, in addition to the story of Benedict Arnold, involves the curious non-action of the British garrison in New York City. Perhaps some scholars of that era could provide some insight on this, within the context of Illuminati orchestration of course.

Mike said (October 18, 2012):

I feel gratefull that you have been exploring the subject of Hitler, WW2, and the various leaders involved. No one else has really been doing this. As for Hitler, i've puzzled for years over weather he was a dupe, shill or mind controlled zombie. Hard to imagine that someone who could present such a strong image and correctly identify the Judaic conspiracy could be a shill. Possibly the biggest indictment is that he proceeded to act as though the US could not be pulled into the war again as in WW1.

Jim Stone has an article with video about the Mossad sniping Americans in Iraq, which fits in with your assessment of the happenings at Normandy. Looking at history, there are a good number of assaults that seem to defy strategic sense as though designed for failure. General Van Valkenhein's assault at Verdun comes to mind. Also Burnside's attack across an open field against a fortified position in the Civil War. He went on after the war to work for one of the big banks, and become Governor of Maryland.

Len said (October 18, 2012):

Debra said:
"The effect of WW1 was in 1917 when Britain handed Israel [Palestine, actually. - lch] over to the fake-Jews. The effect of WWII was in 1948 when the fake-Jews claimed the nation Israel as their own. A progression of effects (from WW3) might be when a satanic temple stands on Mount Moriah."

Chilling. Truly chilling. I think probably you summed it up quite well. The ultimate goal of "the Royals" and "the Illuminati elite" is the "rulership from Jerusalem,"
including control of the Temple Mount, and the enslavement of all Mankind under their "false Millennium", - and 1000 year reign that Hitler only dreamed of.

Kurt said (October 18, 2012):

My belief (based on nothing more than an amateur reading of alternative and revisionist history) is that the Big Money Boys financed both the Communists and the National Socialists in order to create the dialectic which resulted in the destruction of white Christian power. I think Hitler was deceived that he had the backing of English race patriots like King Edward VIII in a battle to destroy Jewish Bolshevism. He was naive to the fact that the Jews of the Rothschild clan controlled England and the Royals.

WW2 propaganda is used to discredit Nationalism. It is preposterous to believe that all the Nazi’s and members of the multinational SS units were motivated by an evil hate of non Germanic people and not simply national self preservation. You and I disagree on the extent of the ‘Holocaust’.

Regardless, look at how the story has morphed in the last 60 years. It grew from ‘look at what the nasty Nazi’s did’ to ‘look at what the nasty Germans did’ (Goldhagen’s ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’). Today there are House of Horrors Holocaust Museums in all the Western nations including those that bled to defeat the Third Reich.

The West is being dismantled before our very eyes with ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Diversity’ while we play the Golem for the NWO against their last enemy, the Islamic States of the Middle East.

Debra said (October 17, 2012):

Orchestrate:- to arrange or direct a situation to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.

From Henry's articles we can see why Hitler is referred to as the anti-christ (who was wounded, but lives ). But what desired effects? The effect of WW1 was in 1917 when Britain handed Israel over to the fake-Jews. The effect of WWII was in 1948 when the fake-Jews claimed the nation Israel as their own. A progression of effects (from WW3) might be when a satanic temple stands on mount Moriah.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at