The "God" of the Cabala

January 5, 2011

"That's not the way the world works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality - judiciously, as you will - then we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

=Washington Insider

How can we obey God if we cannot know Him? This is the opposite of religion, 
a recipe devised by a Satanist. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D,

"To the Qabbalists, God is an infinite Sea of Being (En Sof) without any limits; hence without any qualities, without desire or will of any kind. He is totally incomprehensible."  Jacob Agus, The Meaning of Jewish History (1963) p. 286

Why should we care about the "God of the Cabala?"

The Cabala is the secret "religion" of the modern world, the occult dementia of the Illuminati bankers and their Freemason lackeys. 
As you can see, the "God" of the Cabala bears no resemblance to the real God.

God has no qualities? No will or desire? Totally incomprehensible? That's a recipe devised by a Satanist. Anyone with a fleeting acquaintance with God knows the opposite is true.

God is Moral. Where do we get our bearings? From the soul and  conscience, the God within! The desire for God is what defines us as human.  

God is the only Reality. He consists of spiritual ideals or absolutes which exist in a spiritual dimension independent of us. These ideals are truth, goodness, harmony, justice, peace, love and beauty. When we are in a state of God-consciousness, they are self-evident. We tune into this signal like a radio. 

God has no will or desire? His will is that we realize these ideals.  God wishes to know Himself through his Creation knowing Him.

We cannot feel good unless we are Good. This is the cosmic drama in which we are all engaged.

Totally incomprehensible? They wish. The essence of any real religion is that we can know God and obey Him.
We have to transform ourselves to know Him. God is our compass and the bliss we really seek.


Cabalists are Satanists. They think they are God. Their reality is their self interested solipsism. They think they channel of God's will.

They wish to supplant Him and make us worship their God Lucifer, who represents their rebellion against God and the natural & spiritual order.

Secular humanism, the deification of man, is really the deification of the Cabalist.  

They define reality. We live in a Cabalist-created world: wars, sex, money. By monopolizing the media and education, they create a matrix. We are their mental and spiritual hostages. 

"We have already contrived to possess of the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)    


You would think that deifying man would have the effect of ennobling him. Paradoxically the opposite is true. By deifying man, we eliminate our connection to God.

By doing this, man is degraded to the level of an animal. His soul and spiritual aspirations are denied. God is what makes us human. Without our connection to God (spiritual ideals), we are animals.

"Modernism" is a fraud, a bankrupt attempt to define reality without reference to the Creator.  Modern man has taken the wrong path. That is why he's always pondering his navel, looking for God in the lint.

That's why modern man is obsessed with trivia and naturalism (bodily functions,) thinking anything human is divine and therefore profound. Not true. 

Without our connection to God, we are nothing but squealing piglets. That's the way the Illuminati Cabalists see us. We are goyim, their livestock. 

God is moral.

Cabalists hate Him and us, because we harbor God within our souls. 

Until we face the fact that modern society is infiltrated and controlled  by Illuminati satanists (Freemasons) in most key positions, humanity will remain entranced and entombed
in their Magick spell.


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Comments for "The "God" of the Cabala "

RJ said (January 7, 2011):

Thank you very much, you are doing a great job reminding MANY people of the truth, and this latest article of yours, I believe, hits the nail on the head, and a great reminder of what´s truly important to us all as we move through our lives.

A few things I would like to mention to you as a fellow truthseeker is that I believe all of the world´s religions tell different aspects of the SAME story about our origins. These religions were created by the fallen angels the "shining ones", these are the Nephilim & rephaim, who are certain segments of today´s "royal families".

They (illuminati) are moving towards the "externalization of the Hierarchy", as Blavatsky called it, which will result in a global "alien invasion" using the crafts created by Hitler´s (who was a Rothschild bloodline "JEW" & SATANIST) and later co-opted by NASA´s (operation paperclip) Nazis working in America under Werner Von Braun.

Look at all of the so-called "Jews" promoting aliens, ufo´s and the alien agenda. Their new messiah of their new religion for the masses of goyim may indeed be "Raelians" (I´m sure you know about them, if not Google) You can read their new "scriptures" for free from their website and see that they still promote jews as the "chosen people of our alien creators" (!!!) They even have a landing pad in Israel to welcome their alien masters, who will be "Nordic Aliens" (no doubt the alien´s mother´s will at least be Jewish according to Halachic law despite the blond hair and blue eyes of these supposedly "Nordic Aliens") Google: George Adamski.

Anyway, I hope this email is not too confusing or taking away from my original intention, which is just to thank you from my heart for all of your great work and the effect it has had on me and I´m sure many, many others!

anon said (January 6, 2011):

Wow, Henry. I had a friend come to my house the other day as I was feeling very low almost to death. I told him that I would easily give up my life because as it stood, there was nothing left for me to do in this life. I felt that my time was short, very short, and I could not shake the feeling except I wouldn't hold onto my life when the time actually came.

My friend is "spiritual" and I believe he means well. He is into eastern religions and his friend is into the Kabbalah. They both say each one agrees with each other and to be careful not to philosophize God but rather put him to science which is fact. That they get there guidance thru the science of God.

Well, I've always been of the mind that there is no religion so I have stayed away from man who does follow any religion and ask me to join. I did however look into the Kabbalah, as taught by Bnei Baruck, which this friend was involved in. I found out that the leader, Michael Liedman (sp) is a zionist by doing research on him and decided I didn't want to know another thing. He is based in Israel and in an article promoted the Israeli State of Zionism and what should be done with Israel's enemies. Well, that was enough proof for me that religion and institutions are under the label of The Church, The Masons, The Illuminati or whatever other label.

They are all satanic and I have no need for any religion at all, other than loving God and understanding the mission of the Christ, who was not God but a representation of God in man.

Michael said (January 6, 2011):

I dont think the Kabbala is to blame, and I dont think it ever makes the Creator of the universe to be of no effect. You claim we have to be good to feel good, and I think thats a lie. Good is a point of view, otherwise the world would not be chaotic. It might be good for you to eat, but it might not be good to steal your food from Kroger, but...even though you starve? I agree that the creator is a super consciousness, and is infinite, and has given us the ability for free will. It is up to us how we live. Otherwise, you are going to end up believing that some stupid group of ETs built the universe, and who made them?

Gary said (January 6, 2011):

The Freemason connection you bring out is significant, anyone doing a serious study should realize it is not just a coincidence that many of the people in high level positions of power both politically and in finance have been high level Freemasons.

The lower level Freemasons are usually sincere but duped pawns being used as a cloak of benevolence for those at the highest levels who are the ones who are Luciferians.

The high level Luciferian Freemasons give their true loyality to Lucifer regardless of how they appear outwardly and what country they represent, there are Freemason leaders in countries both "democratic" and "communist" that behind the scenes are working for the same goal of a New Age Luciferian New World Order.

Many U.S. presidents have been high level Freemasons, many if not all of the leaders of Israel have been high level Freemasons, leaders in Islamic and communist countries have been Freemason, it is all a big puppet show where they deliberately plan chaos between their nations as their motto is "order out of chaos", they secretly instigate chaos so they have an excuse to restore order, (their "New World Order") and thereby appear to be the "good guys" when they caused the chaos to begin with.

I appreciate your (Henry Makow) honest efforts to show that while NWO Jews do play a major role in the New World Order, it is not simply a "Jewish conspiracy" but that there are plenty of Gentiles involved in the NWO as well. There are both Jews and gentiles who are Luciferians, and there are both other Jews and Gentiles who are sincere but unwitting dupes who have been deceived in following leaders who have betrayed them as "wolves in sheep's clothing.

The Cabala plays a role in the Jewish aspect of the NWO and Freemasonry has both Jews and Gentiles (I'm sure Cabala probably has some Gentile adherents also) and there are many other front groups that are a cover for their root Luciferian beliefs and they are working together for the same goal.

There has been some good research done about the Luciferian roots of the NWO belief system, William Cooper did a 42 episode series on "Mystery Babylon" you can Google as they are archived online both as MP3s as well as in transcripted written form.

Here are some links to a good general overview of the NWO for those who want a short version for now: and also:

and for those Henry Makow readers who may have missed it in the past, Henry did an excellent overview of the NWO which is at:

Robet said (January 6, 2011):

I find it very hard to take anyone seriously who tells me what god is.You have no idea what god is or if he(?) even exists,(no)to say such drivel just takes away your credibility on the serious issues you write about.Please read some Dawkins to help with your understanding of the childish sheeplike behavior of the masses.I assume like most your opinion on god was handed down to you by your parents,if your parents had been Muslim I am sure we would be hearing about Mohammed and how ridiculous the christian religion is.Zeitgeist is also a great tutorial on the silliness of the christian fairytale.It is an old regurgitated story that has no basis in fact and in truth is nothing more than the sheperd trying to control the sheep.You would think once you know the history of the story that you would give it as much thought as Jack and the Beanstalk.It deeply concerns the scientific community when intelligent people fall for such nonsense and does a disservice to people who want to learn about our origins or purpose.Good luck in your search for truth,I can assure you though it will not come from fairy tales.


I have it strange that "intelligent" people would deny their own spiritual desires.


Tom said (January 6, 2011):

Excellent post today and I'm sure it will certainly spur some interesting if not
savage responses (Palmer) but you are right on concerning the Qaballas adherents.We in the US all know the date 1776 as the date of our independence and some of us also know that the date 1776 is the alleged date of Adam
Weishaupt's founding of the Bavarian Illuminati but, what is generally not as well known is what the Illuminati were up to at that time here in the US.

My family came to the U.S in the early 1600's and settled mainly in Connecticut. Many of my ancestors became leaders and scholars, one of these was the Reverend Ezra Stiles, the seventh president of Yale University. Everyone who has
investigated secret societies knows of Skull and Bones formed in the 1800's at Yale but most have no idea that the secrets of the Qaballa and the Illuminati were first introduced much earlier through Ezra Stiles.

Benjamin Franklin and Ezra Stiles were very close friends in fact a letter from Franklin to Stiles a month before Franklins death is considered historically significant as Franklin discusses his beliefs concerning Jesus and Christianity.Stiles was also one of the founders of Browne University and was the keynote speaker at the ceremony of the founding of the oldest synagogue in Newport Rhode Island.

I have provided a link below and I'm sure you will find it very "illuminating"
(pun intended)!

Becky said (January 6, 2011):

Henry--perhaps we would all be better off if we became more animal like? My dog, who lived with me for 17 years, died a year ago. She was the best friend I ever had, along with every other dog I ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was a loving soul. When she died she just went to sleep. She was not agitated but accepting of life and death. Her courage and faith gave me hope. She knew she was going to a better place and did so without fear.

Animals don't have the garbage shoved down their throat by the cabalists like we do. They ignore the crap and live their lives. Maybe we should aspire to be more like animals than like our controllers? I believe in God and I know my dog died without fear. Unlike the 'masters' I did not 'own' my dog but lived along side her as equals, each in our own way. I would rather be seen as an animal than a cabalistic robot.

Juan said (January 6, 2011):

I'm from Barcelona, Spain, and just wanted to thank you for the years i´ve been reading you

I´ve always read history, but since reading you and David Icke my ideas have changed. Its incredible how big was the fake called reality, so big that makes REALLY HARD just to explain the matrix to people that believes in government as believes in good. The problem (or 1 problem) is that people can't believe the evil inside the story, we should have had since centuries ago universities teaching the evil to learn about its tricks: right now for a watcher that knows the truth, we see a uneven combat, between naive and evil.

In fact right now my friends laugh at me, most of them in the 30-40ies and inside a Peter Pan complex, wanting to be young and irresponsible forever.

Anyway the idea of this message is about you feeling that thousands of people like me thank you very much for your efforts holding this web, THANK YOU SUPER VERY MUCH

Bill said (January 6, 2011):

I think it's worth comparing and contrasting what the Cabalists believe with what non-Cabalists believe. Defining God as an infinite sea of being without any attributes and incomprehensible makes no sense. It discourages anyone from seeking to know IT, for it cannot be done! Yet this is the foundation of all Eastern religions. What I find interesting is that those religions (Hinduism and Buddhism for example) have a multitude of gods and believe in the Law of Karma. Where do these come from without any moral foundation? It's all quite illogical.

I seem to recall that you have stated that you are not a Christian. You define God as spiritual ideals. It's a plausible idea until you mention God as the Creator. Or until you mention Him wanting us humans to know Him. My question is: How can ideals create anything? How can ideals have a will or desire?

I am a seeker of truth. A post-Christian, abused by the church and disappointed by the silence of the Living God. A sensitive, teachable soul. Looking for a new, better paradigm and fellowship with those who are liked minded.



Ideals don't create anything. We create a reality that corresponds to our ideals using our God-given will.


Richard said (January 6, 2011):

'm glad to see your article tonight, Henry. We really do seem to have been born into a dark age. Modernism was already the established mind set of Canada and the US, Europe and the Soviet states by 1950. I think it's safe to say that everyone born then or since has had a burden of spending half one's life unlearning most childhood programming rather than growing from it. A thousand years ago people didn't have that burden.
They also didn't have the other burden of having the world they were born into become obsolete every ten years or so.
Our era is designed to wash wisdom of life away like sand castles.

Whoever wrote the book of Ecclesiastes had the wisdom that all pursuit of pleasure or self aggrandizement is meaningless. The meaning of life is listening for God's will.
What else is there?

Koen said (January 6, 2011):

I agree 100% with this article, and it is by far the most important, most direct article that reveals the problem we have in our society.
I was raised as atheist, but I become personally convinced God exists and have had the privilege to have been in "full contact" with Gods reality,
an experience I will never forget. God is no secret, but allows you the freedom to choose for full communion / unity with God, or not.

For me, reality itself is God, as a fact (not based on believes but on experience), and the only thing I believe in, is people (everyone!).

The cabala is logically inconsistent (it is not logical to believe in an existence that cannot be known or cannot be experienced).
Modern science breaks with this false believe, but modern science is also riddles with unproven (experimentally) assumptions that limit the understanding of reality.

To be really honest, Christianity is not fully transparent either HOW to come to God experience: 'God is love' is just one of the many 'hints'.

David Palmer said (January 6, 2011):

"Dear" Henry,

Stop the repetition of 'PhD' throughout your website to add legitimacy to your paranoid world view.

You know very well how uneducated you are.

Everyone knows that your goal is an online income and not Truth. Ha ha ha!

Have a Kabbalistic Day!

Dan said (January 6, 2011):

Anyone that doubts that Cabalism has been installed as the foundation of the Novus Ordo may be referred to a speech in October of 1946. Canadian born psychiatrist named George Brock Chisholm was invited to Washington DC by the communist Alger Hiss to give three lectures laying the foundation for sex education and sensitivity training to begin in America's public school system. Broch advocated severing children's beliefs and morality form the “influence of their elders” thorough sensitivity training method imported from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Next Chisolm said they would "replace the conventional concept of right and wrong in accord with the Kabbalah". His words, 1946.[1] [2]
Chisholm went on to become the first director of the United Nations World Health Organization.

[1] "The psychiatry of enduring peace and social progress" Dr. Brock Chisolm. (The William Alanson White memorial lectures). Psychiatry Journal; 1st standard Edition edition, 1946 ASIN: B0007IV8WY
[2] George Brock Chisolm quote

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