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Makow- Our Predicament in a Nutshell

March 13, 2023

solipz.jpgModern Western culture is based on Cabalist Judaism which is a solipsism: whatever serves the central bankers' perversity is Truth. Instead of discerning God's Plan, the moral and natural order, they overrule objective truth and erect a false reality in its place.
For example, people can transition from one gender to another simply by identifying. Men can menstruate and have babies. Men can compete fairly in female sports and use female bath and changing rooms. Overruling nature - i.e. gender differences- is Satanism

"We have already contrived to possess of the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)

Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to people
who want to destroy us. These central bankers created the Deep State
for this purpose.

from Aug 18, 2011
by Henry Makow PhD

Modern society is based on a solipsism created by Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish bankers and their Masonic minions.

The word "solipsism" means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with Truth.

The word was coined in 1874 from the Latin solus "alone" and ipse "self".

It is the view that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real.

The New World Order is dedicated to replacing Truth with a solipsism created by the same people who create money from nothing and charge interest.

What is Truth? On the material plane, it is the natural design, the most efficacious functioning of the natural realm. On a spiritual plane, it is God, who is the ultimate reality, another name for absolute truth, beauty, love, harmony and justice, what all human beings naturally crave.

Our mission is to embody these ideals.

On the other hand, the Illuminati say man excels by rebelling against God, and manifesting his worst qualities which Satanists think are his best.


Instead of being dedicated to Truth, humanity has been hijacked by the bankers.

Modern culture is based on replacing reality with this Illuminati Jewish solipsism, sometimes called "secular humanism." Anything that goes against this program dies on the vine from lack of funding and notice.

This is not a recent development. I expect it has been going on since before Christ. But the modern chapter probably began with the return of the Jews to England in the early Seventeenth Century and the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694.

British and later American imperialism have been the instruments of the "Jewish Conspiracy." The New World Order is an extension of this.   
The bankers have created a solipsism that portrays the material world as "red in tooth and claw" (Darwin etc.) and mired in class conflict (Marx.) This way the bankers harnessed the workers to eliminate their competition.

Meanwhile Nietzsche pronounced God dead. "Is man merely a mistake of God's? Or God merely a mistake of man?" he wrote. They reject the inherent moral order because it interferes with their monopoly of wealth.

"Think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism (Evolution), Marxism (Communism), Nietzsche-ism (Socialism). To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim." The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2).

This solipsistic process has not abated.  Today, scientists who detect an intelligent force at work in nature are fired from their jobs.

The bankers also champion the dogma that reality is unknowable and that researchers and artists are depicting themselves.

solz.jpgFor example, postmodernist Hayden White writes, "historical narratives are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found.."

WRONG. History is the record of the gradual enslavement of mankind by the Illuminati. Naturally, they want us to believe objectivity is impossible and history unfathomable.

Meanwhile, instead of art, they hype perversity. The bestselling novel of 2008 was about hemorrhoids. Modern art is devoted to destroying the "uplifting potential of art, literature and music..." (Michael Minnichino, The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness.)

Modern literature normalizes "alienated" people who became dysfunctional because they attempted to supplant God.   


Organized Jewry is funded and controlled by the Illuminati bankers. These bankers belong to a satanic cult (the Sabbatean-Frankists) who intermarry with Gentile generational satanists. They are humanity's shadow.

Throughout history, they have championed "revolution." The real occult meaning of revolution is the overthrow of God. They have financed and trumpeted anything that challenges or undermines the salutary natural and moral order: "sexual liberation"; "homosexual rights"; feminism; abortion --all designed to disconnect people from the natural cycle of marriage and reproduction. "Multiculturalism" and diversity breaks down national character and cohesion. 

hung_ver3_xlg.jpg"We will undermine every collective identity but our own," the Protocols say.

Look at the current offerings of the cable network Home Box Office for example.

"True Blood"
is pornography, vampires ravishing and killing young women. "Hung" - the exploits of a male gigolo. "Entourage" - height-challenged talent agents making lucrative deals. All feature explicit sex.

The movies this month: "Walkout" glorifies Hispanic minorities who want to take back the American Southwest. And Rosie O'Donnell's family cruise- champions homosexual families.

Jews are aware of their tendency to self-absorption. Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO satirizes his selfishness and inability to consider others. Canadians can watch Ken Finkleman's embarrassing knock-off, Good Dog on HBO Canada. Both men model Jewish dysfunction and help to make it universal.

jew-blasphemy2-270x300.jpgTHE MASS MEDIA

The Illuminati controlled entertainment industry and media inducts humanity into their Cabalist Satanism. "Secularism" is merely a cover for this. They control our politicians too or their media monopoly would have been broken up. 

Human beings tend to be unthinking conformists and can't imagine that society has been thoroughly corrupted. Monkey see; monkey do. And most of what monkey sees is degrading and often disgusting.

It's no coincidence that "slut walks" and children raised "gender-free" are front-page news.

It's no coincidence that the media does not elevate us morally, or make us feel good about being human. It's no coincidence that it never depicts history accurately. No coincidence that it rarely exposes the universal, but instead fixates on the trivial.

We are being drawn into a solipsism that inverts good and evil; truth and lies. We are being inducted into a satanic cult.  We have been satanically possessed by Organized Jewry and its Freemason flunkies.


"Objectivity Has Got To Go": News Leaders Call For End Of Objective Journalism

Wednesday Feb 1- Globalist (Cabalist Jewish) Propaganda Officially Replaces Honesty and Truth - The Illuminati Reality Bubble is Communism/Satanism

Polls show trust in the media at an all-time low with less than 20 percent of citizens trusting television or print media. Yet, reporters and academics continue to destroy the core principles that sustain journalism and ultimately the role of a free press in our society. Notably, writers who have been repeatedly charged with false or misleading columns are some of the greatest advocates for dropping objectivity  in journalism.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow- Our Predicament in a Nutshell"

DD said (March 14, 2023):

Grand slam w/ the Solipsism article.
Mark Passio brought solipsism up in his magnum opus.
Thank you - both of you for making this known.
Solipsism is the main tumor and needs to be surgically removed.
Hopefully we're in time as it's getting late for maintenance.

Henrique said (August 19, 2011):

What the commenter Thomas below wrote is exactly what Makow said we must combat. This conception "We cannot really know what matter is. We only have words, ideas and concepts, i.e. knowledge passed on to us" is popular cornerclub Kantism of the worst kind.

"Truth if it exists cannot be known by us. Our mind is not suitable to understand life and we don't have another instrument" more satanist/materialistic bullshit. This idea that "we simply cannot reach the thing-in-itself with our minds or senses, all we can do is realize the phenomena caused by it" is, if anything, solipsism itself in embezzled academic words.

Remember that Immanuel Kant was the floodgate-opener for all sorts of materialistic philosophoids who came after him, Marx included. Like the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho says, Immanuel Kant is " a master of mental confusion like Nietzche and Heidegger, something that needs to be flushed down the toilet of history once and for all.

Clifford Shack said (August 19, 2011):

To say that the Self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real is quite close to the Truth. The problem arises when we mistake the Self for the body or on a more subtle level...the thought "I." Freedom lies beyond these misconceptions. The Illuminati have no power over a sage. I suggest that we all strive to become wise.


Thanks Clifford

The Illuminati satanists are referring to the small-s self, the ego, as you know.


Chris said (August 19, 2011):

This article shows the quandary humanity is in. I cringe when I see the title, "Jewish Conspiracy" placed upon what is going on. It is a Satanic conspiracy. They are no more Jews than we are a frog.

Hitler used the Jews as a stepping stone to torment all people. I hope we are not falling down that path again, where division is created upon race and creed. God confronted this same problem in the Old Testament. He had to continually separate His people, from those that claimed to be His, but were not.

I have met many Jewish people in my life, and most have been wonderful caring individuals. I did meet a Jewish banker that believed that each of us are the messiah, but I don't think he was an inherently evil person. Just another one that had been led down a path of confusion. I hold to hope that Truth and Love will guide people through these murky waters. I am starting to think this "Conspiracy" has much more to it than anything I have read about it.

With all you pointed out about the negative influence in entertainment, I'd like to share with you something I made that's positive. I'm a struggling musician, mainly because I refused to accept the offers from the filth I have found in the business. But I have managed to make a music video to a song off an album I've been working on. Hopefully it will make you feel a bit better. Its titled "Like a Dove" and can be viewed here:

Wave said (August 19, 2011):

"Our modern worldview is a solipsism and, with the possible exception of science, has little value or legitimacy."
All right I'll take the bait. People are kidding themselves if they think science has been exempt from the great web of lies. It has been known for some time (Kuhn et al.) that science is not a genuinely objective enterprise but driven by paradigms or 'world views' . . . which brings it back to the education system, psychology and history. I think your articles on the cancer industry confirm the allegation of philosophers that the science of today, like the religion of yesterday, breaks its back trying to justify the system and submission to it.

Even so people still doubt that modern science has been glued together with bullshit, just like every other discipline, because they can't imagine that pearls of modern science like the theories of relativity are falsehoods - complete fabrications. And yet it was Einstein himself who said 'you can prove anything with mathematics'! Judging by the ridiculously brutal alternative energy/UFO coverup, people should brace themselves for the news that one can travel faster than the speed of light, that the sun is not a big ball of gas and there was quite a bit of tinkering in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Thomas said (August 19, 2011):

Your statement about the material plane is not true. We cannot really know what matter is. We only have words, ideas and concepts, i.e. knowledge passed on to us.

The same about 'God' if he exists (as a separate entity), we cannot know anything about him or about life itself. We only have all kind of words, ideas and concepts, i.e. knowledge passed on to us, but we argue all the time about it until we realize that we don't need to know it. God is not relevant

Truth if it exists cannot be known by us. Our mind is not suitable to understand life and we don't have another instrument.

The problem is that the illuminati and most of us think we have the knowledge about how to live and how to manipulate life(energy).

This is because we are only interested in our own (permanent) pleasure and come up with rules to avoid the pain and problems (and destruction) that come with it. Unfortunately that does not work.

Gary said (August 19, 2011):

Very informative article Henry, the Illuminati's "solipsism" reminds me of the movie "Matrix", the illuminati has been very effective via their control of mainstream media, public schools, politics, ect. in keeping the majority of the public plugged in to their deceptive solipsism, but thankfully there are those who have woke up from their deception.

Austin made some good points in his comments, the roots of the Illuminati can be traced way back to the beginning, and the ultimate "puppetmaster" behind the scenes has been Satan (the Illuminati still view him as Lucifier), and that evil supernatural eninty has been the cohesive force that has enabled the globalist conspiracy to span generations.

Even though Satan, thru his Illuminati puppets want to eventually try to completely destroy true Christianity, in the meantime they have muddied the waters with various deceptions, with watered down ineffective gospels, "wolves in sheep's clothing", ecumenical deception that tries to nullify the effectiveness of the true gospel with the "New Age" deception that "all paths to God are vaild", but the Bible clearly says otherwise.

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." (Galatians 1:8)

In today's time the Illuminati have (thru their puppets) fought against the name of Jesus being used in prayers, like with military chaplins, ect. This is not new to today, even the (false) religious leaders in the apostle's day tried to forbid them from teaching in the name of Jesus.

"Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name?..." (Acts 5:28)

But the Bible is clear about the importance of the name: "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)

Satan knows there is power and authority in the name of Jesus, just like if a person tried to cash a check signed with a person's title (father, husband, ect.) rather than with their actual name, the check would be invalid and have no authority, that is why the apostles placed such importance on using the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Himself said we must be born again of the water and the Spirit, and on the day of Pentecost the apostle explained how to obey what Jesus said was a must, the New Testament plan went into effect on the day of pentecost when the Spirit was first poured out.

"Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." (Acts 2:38) (this is how to obey the true gospel)

Besides the false gospels the Illuminati has spread, they even has an extreme perversion of being "born again", like the way George Bush was during his "Skull and Bones" initiation.

The modern day effort to try to (virtually) rebuild the "tower of Babel" continues, the web pages below gives some very interesting details:

We are fighting a spiritual warefare, and an educational one, in order to try to wake more and more people up from the Illuminati's solipsism "matrix" we must continue to educate people with what is real and true.

Charles said (August 19, 2011):

For your thesis I think you need to explain what happened in Holland or Spain or Europe generally to drive the Cabal forward. In other words, if it can be demonstrated that the Papacy harbored Satanists, that the politics of the Church and Reformation revolved around Satanism, you have a very interesting connection between MONEY and EVIL. Then showing how this in turn influenced the execution of Charles I and the rise of Cromwell you have the base for the superstructure we see today.

Paul said (August 19, 2011):

Indeed you elevated your writing to a higher level again. Like Chopin producing the most beautiful music when he became richer in years, you managed to compress the very problems we face today in a nutshell. Thank you very much. We really need to get and keep our thinking above the level of these illuminati conspirators in order to understand truth. There is a ‘veil’ over mans thinking and we are all too busy with our daily lives and sorrows which is only natural, the surviving instinct to avoid obvious threats but with that we are unaware of the real threats.

I especially favor the sentence “They have financed and trumpeted anything that challenges or undermines the salutary natural and moral order [etc.]” I will cherish that one !

Austin said (August 18, 2011):

you are correct in your suspicions about the Illuminati existing before the time of
Christ. It goes way back to the proverbial 'Tower of Babel'. This was the first time in human history, where rebellious mankind determined to build a tower into the heavens' and thus unite all people at that time, behind that one effort. An ancient United Nations if you will. This was also the place where archane occult practices and beliefs were formulated. When God divided the people by supernaturally changing their speech, they were forced to leave building the Tower and were scattered, over time, across the earth. Since that time, those who have controlled the black arts, politics and money (the Bloodlines) back then, had determined that one day they would find a way to rebuild the Tower.

It comes as no surpsrie to me that the NWO and the modern UN structures, are just another 'Tower of Babel' - where all peoples and all languages meet together with that same rebellious New World Order view. Their only attempt at 'religious representation' is a special room that contains a statue of Zeus, chief of the ancient Greek pantheon.

Jesus Christ calls these people "the Synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 3:9) but gives us the hope that one day they and their quest for spiritual deception and world domination will be vanquished. They will be exposed for their wickedness, and we will be free of their influence for ever.

Jesus Christ is the embodyment of all those good things that you mentioned - "absolute truth, beauty, love, harmony and justice, what all human beings naturally crave."

I would take it one step further and state that it is a relationship with God our Father, through Jesus Christ that people actually crave. It is the exact opposite that Satanic individuals and organizations crave. Our total destruction and the ultimate triumph of evil over good. Looks to me like the second Tower of Babel will end up in ruins too, as when they have run their course, God will totally destroy them and their influence from off the Earth for good. "and there were great voices in heaven, saying: The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever" Rev 11:15. This is our final hope, as God fearing people.

Debra said (August 18, 2011):

The question is: What are we all going to do about it?

Henrique said (August 18, 2011):

Fine article, but like the last commenter Wayne, I'm highly suspicious of your 95% figure. And by the way that's not "knee jerk prejudice" or anything like that, it is a very strong impression that jews in general swallow proudly ( and maliciously ) the ridiculous Clash of Civilizations dialectic that's being pushed down our throats systematically today, "Judeo-Christendom" ( whatever the hell that may mean ) vs. The Evil Extremely Powerful Revolutionary Islam.

Wayne said (August 18, 2011):

Great summary of our predicament, Henry, but I doubt your "95% of Jews" figure. In any case, you strike a blow for truth, as usual.
There is a somewhat adolescent quality to much social rebelliousness, and you boiled it all down when you said, "The real occult meaning of revolution is the overthrow of God." Marxist/socialist-based revolution is by its nature atheistic; whether overt or covert, it is like adolescents rebelling against parental and other authority--only hyped up on hash, steroids (metaphorically speaking), and blood-thirsty hate (literally speaking).

Tony said (August 18, 2011):

My comment is that I believe this to be the best you have ever written. Goes directly to the core of what is wrong in today's world. And shows how scary is the "fix." Only God's interference can make a difference at this stage, I fear.

The cartoon, too, is something every last "Christian Zionist" should have to see except that most of them, if they turned, would do the red neck ignorant, over-simplification thing of lumping all Jews as evil just as they now lump all Jews as good as God, if not better.

Deb said (August 18, 2011):

Root Cause -
Nature-cures are surely (without a doubt) better than chemical cures: pharmaceutical chemical compounds, etc. ... But, nature without acknowledgement for God, is nature-worship and whilst extremely helpful, ultimately not enough. God created Nature, therefore give ALL praises to God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at