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White Male Feels Dispossessed & Betrayed

February 13, 2013


 "Diversity" and Affirmative Action have succeeded
  in emasculating and persecuting white males.


"I hate America. I have looked for ways to escape. No other countries have an Affirmative Action program for people like me.  [Unlike America] they put their own first. ... I am at my wit's end.  I have no purpose." 

[Below, response from the long-suffering wife of a white man.  We should consider the history of whites in South Africa and Rhodesia in regard to our future.]

by Dennis

The problem with getting women to accept their passive nature and allow men to lead,  as you suggest in "Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality"   is that many white men no longer can provide for their families due to "Affirmative Action."

Women are deciding to either go it alone or marry someone that can get a decent job.  I've heard countless times American women expressing prejudice toward India for arranged marriages. Is this any different?  Double standard.

White men -- the majority of men in America -- are being held out of jobs.  I am married to a woman who happens to have two sisters. All three are married.  All three have jobs that pay 50k or more.  It's so easy for women to get jobs.

Us three husbands all have more education than the girls and are older but cannot find work.  We have to take odd-job work and end up spending more than we make on the supplies.  This sucks.

 I am at my wit's end.  I have no purpose.  If I put down on my application that I'm of a different race or gender, would that be illegal?  Life is hell.

The literature shows white men are the least happy people in the affirmative action workplace. Affirmative action prejudice abounds and harassment results.  Women and people of another race(s) lie and attack white men with passive-aggressive tactics.  I have had women and other race(s) say that I am doing drugs in order to get me fired.

They have falsely accused me drinking on the job, being an alcoholic, cheater, and abuser of my dog. They falsely claimed I talked down to a customer/client, am violent, refused to do a task, all in an attempt to get me fired.

I've been called prejudiced names, told I don't fit in the culture, am not suitable for office environments. They said that someone saw my wife with another man, all in an effort to try to get me to leave. 

They are all full of hate.  Women and minorities are brainwashed by all the schooling that told them white men did them harm.

If I would have known my country was going to betray me, I would never have put my life on the line for it in the military service.

I hate America.  I have looked at ways to escape it.  No other countries have an affirmative action program for people like me.  They put their own first. 

I have contemplated claiming asylum in a country somewhere in the near or far east on hopes of escaping the west.  But my research suggests that doesn't work for Americans.

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First Comment from Mary, wife of a White Man -

I sympathize very much with Dennis. My husband is facing the same struggles. We are a traditional married couple in our early 20s. We also have a small baby. We are both Caucasian.

someday.jpgMy husband is a very brilliant man. Unfortunately, society does not appreciate his intellect and talents. His dream is to fulfill the role as provider for his family. However, employment and education "equity" continually stand in his way. Despite having an impressive education and work resume, he cannot find a job or receive acceptance into a graduate program. He applies and applies, but does not even receive a call back.

Since our marriage, he has worked a series of minimum wage jobs which have been a blow to his confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, I have had no trouble finding a good job (ironically, I have less education than him).

 I am currently on maternity leave from a 60 k + job with health benefits. For awhile, while unemployed, he became a "house husband." During that time, he became very angry and resentful towards me.

Our marriage suffered terribly. We are not sure how we are going to make ends meet when my maternity leave is up. My husband refuses to stay home with the baby. He said he feels completely emasculated. I would love to stay home with our baby and cook for him, but we need the money.

My husband had dreams of going to medical school. He had a perfect MCAT score and amazing GPA. He also delivered our baby. Despite all of this, he has been snubbed repeatedly. He is so angry....because every girl he knows who applied to medical school was accepted. He also knows that 2 homosexuals, and an Asian man were also accepted. All of them had significantly lower grades and MCAT scores than him. He is so frustrated. One of his science professors wrote in a reference letter, "This young man has the most brilliant mind that I have come across in a long time."

My husband said that it doesn't matter how hard you work, you get nothing back.

My husbands moods and anger are difficult to deal with. He is a very kind and gentle man, but is changing. He hates society and feels cheated. He has been talking about going into the military to financially support our family. I don't know what the future will hold for us. I will still stand by him though.

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Comments for "White Male Feels Dispossessed & Betrayed"

CC said (February 14, 2013):

I am a male, 32 years old, American, and frustrated.

I just finished reading your article, "White Male Feels Dispossessed & Betrayed". And I agree with everything you have written.

Grant it, I am not a white male. I am what is commonly referred to as a minority in this country- an American of Hispanic descent. Yet even I can see and feel all of these things happening around me.

Long before I ever became aware that there existed such a thing as the NWO, or the Illuminati, or elite rulers, I was able to see and sense that the workplace favored women. In almost all the jobs that I have had- and I have had many- I noticed that women were always given the easy and comfortable(desirable) jobs, while the men were always expected to do the hard, manual work, that no one else wanted to do.

In warehouse jobs I had, men were the ones working the assembly lines, moving crates, cleaning, waking up at the early hours of the day, or working graveyard, etc, while the women got to work in a separate, climate-controlled area, sitting at desks, and gossiping with each other, and given nice schedules that would let them be with their kids after school.

I have also worked in public schools as a Computer Tech, and found the same thing. The staff was composed of 80% women- the teachers and principals and office staff. The other 20% were the handful of men that were lucky to get a job in teaching, and the janitors.

Yet even so, the women were always complaining about their jobs- their supposed low pay(4,000 a month), lack of appreciation, etc. And I even knew a few women who would still blame men for their troubles. In these work environments, the only way to survive as a man, was to flatter and use my charm, to act submissive, flirt with the supervisors, etc. In essence, to act like a woman.

Christine said (February 14, 2013):

He isn't the only white person who feels dispossessed and betrayed. And I can tell you from personal experience - when life hands you lemons, you'd better make lemonade.

Having lost my job a few years ago, I've had to cling to God and make my own opportunities. Sure, I wish I could have a $50K job like the ones in your article. But the older you get the harder it gets.

CHARLES said (February 14, 2013):

Its amazing whites were encouraged by their elites to leave the bowels of Europe and establish settler colonies throughout the world. Manifested Destiny, White Man's Burden were all codes terms for the invasion of other lands. Now that almost all the conquered lands have been developed, the elite have decided to take all the gains/wealth from whites who benefited from affirmation action/white entitlement. The white boy network has been dissolved now whites been designated new Niggars. The 20 families who truely run this planet, have rescinded white entitlement. Now we are all Niggars. Check out the Video Henry. All entitlements created by the elite only serve the elite.

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K said (February 14, 2013):

I’m 69 and retired as a senior tool designer for a mid-sized manufacturing firm. I’m still working part time as a tool & die maker (my former trade), not because I need the money but because I enjoy the work.

There is a shortage of skilled help in this field. It’s not for everyone; it requires strong analytical reasoning besides the hands on knowledge.

I have never known any women in this field. I have worked with woman welders, machinists and a few engineers; however the engineers were mostly in clerical positions.

It’s my biased opinion that most women don’t think analytically.

LK said (February 14, 2013):

To Mary, wife of a White Man and others:

Engineering...most applicants are white males so that is all the schools and companies have to choose from.

Tell your hubby to get an Engineering degree. It's a tough degree to get - all science and math - most can not handle it.

Lots of work available in this field (Mechanical Engineering is the degree my husband has. I have the same degree but stay home to home school and care for the family).

On another note, our daughter is in nursing school...several white, straight males are in her classes. That's another option.
Nurses are always in demand.

Gordon said (February 14, 2013):

Dennis can be glad that he is still living in America. He definitely does not want to live in South Africa where there is no social security whatsoever for a white man.

And if he thinks the discrimination is bad, how about being a farmer in South Africa where the government just hiked the minimum wage for farm labourers by in excess of 50% last week. How on earth are you supposed to farm and run your business when you have a communist inspired government that acts like this?

There is only trouble on the horizon for us white’s in South Africa. We are way past the stage of a white man securing a corporate job and a government job is totally out of the question.

Even the white woman are no longer good enough for the corporate world in this country. Even Indians and coloureds are now feeling the pinch as they are not deemed black enough.

Welcome to the New World Order – guaranteed to bring us chaos and conflict.......... The bad news for Americans is that you are not too far behind us!

Kevin MacDonald said (February 14, 2013):

It's going to be explosive as the numbers of disaffected, dispossessed Whites increase.

Marcos (Brazil) said (February 14, 2013):

Try to get a job in the fields of Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources or Advertising being a male.

I once worked with 9 women as the only male in the department of this multinational company in Brazil. Even the girls themselves said that it was awful to work with so many women, because of the gossiping and back stabbing. They would rather work in a more balanced environment, believe it or not.

Sometimes they would take a couple of hours and get into a room in order to play Tarot cards. Long hours for lunch and manicures, too. Once in a while one of them would have a tantrum and cry for some reason. The most promising woman there was promoted to a director's position, but left the company soon afterwards to follow her husband abroad. These were all very intelligent and prepared women.

The problem is that men themselves, (the managers) prefer to hire women. They are nicer, easier to manipulate and control. They complain less and are less of a threat. They want to fit in and be accepted, as women usually do. In a sense, women are perfect employees for middle level positions in modern companies which only require people to fill in reports and talk on the phone all day.

They complain a lot about the "glass ceiling", but this is untrue. Apart from the obvious choices women make in leaving the job to have babies, they also don't show the qualities for leadership (courage to be different, to receive criticism, to be bold) that many men do. Of course there are exceptions, but most women simply are not good leaders and hate the burden of responsibility in the company.

I would suggest that boys try their chance in a large company until they are 30. If they don't climb up the corporate ladder fast, then quit and start their own business.

I guess my point is that JOBS themselves became feminized. Any man who spends his days kissing ass, sitting on meaningless meetings and talking on the phone will become less of a man, eventually.

I have read a very interesting book, "Enjoy the Decline", which discusses this situation and alternative exits from this nightmare.

Tony B said (February 14, 2013):

You've got some people commenting who are obviously insulated from the true situation in this country. "Donald," who says he's old and sick probably has social security coming in every month.

I like "Al Thompson's" idea but the reality is that it is, for all practical purposes, impossible to compete with the Walmart monopolistic mindset of the world-wide corporate Goliath these days.

About 40 years or so ago I watched Circle K (for kosher) come into Great Falls, MT from their Phoenix headquarters. They set up three corner marts with gas pumps, undersold everybody at a loss until they ran every individually owned mom & pop store in town out of business.

Then they jumped their prices. Today there is such a highly financed corporation using such tactics for every last need of the family. Small town USA is boarded up because of them, with basically only big boxes, malls with out of town chains and franchises still in business.

Al Thompson said (February 14, 2013):

The way to avoid this kind of discrimination is to forget about working in corporate America. When I was eighteen years old, I got my first lesson in working for
a corporation. The manager at the store was 6 months away from being fully vested in his retirement. So, rather than letting him finish with the company, they fired him for no reason so that he would not get the full retirement. One of the customers at the store heard about it, gave him a sales job, and he made more money than he ever did at the store.

Use the corporations to your benefit, but always keep in mind that at some time in the future you're going to get the shaft. It is much better to find a business that you can establish for yourself because while you may not make as much money right away, you won't be laying yourself off. Trying to make it in the corporate world is ridiculous I learned that 48 years ago. And it still holds true today and it is even worse because of the racial discrimination. College prepares many people for failure because of this psychotic corporate culture. Now, some people can do well in that environment, however, I could never stomach working for large corporations. I don't want them dictating my future. Working for yourself is always a much better choice in my opinion.

Find something that you want to do, and then figure out a way to do it. Yes, even working for a related corporation for awhile, but your end goal should be to start a business on your own so that you and your family will be secure with your future. But to sit around and whine because you're white or black isn't going to do anything for you. It can be done, you just have to figure out how.

Donald said (February 14, 2013):

I hate to say so, but I've been around the block and when I read men blame their failure on others, I have to say that's not a masculine approach. This way of thinking comes from a position of weakness. He's begging 'the Man' to give him what he thinks is a 'level playing field'. But 'the Man' never gave anybody a level playing field, so snap out of it. I don't go for this mantra of "I have no purpose". Of course not, he's waiting for a boss or job to validate him.

I'm going to be very basic about this. Men don't waste time blaming others. It's a wasted motion, it's trowing in the towel, plus complaining only drives people away. If you're such a big strong white man -- act like one! Write down how much you need a month or per week and figure out a way to make that much cash week to week.

I'm an old sick man so I have no patience for people with youth and health who give up. The young and healthy should appreciate what they've got and redouble your efforts while you have the strength. But first, shake off blaming people who have jobs. It just fills the air with the stench of defeat.

For those that haven't been keeping up with current events, blacks that get good jobs are actually qualified to do them now! I live in a 33% black city with high employment, and I've yet to see an unqualified freeloader riding the bumper of Affirmative Action. Turn off Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and find employment training and help. Visit your Stateforce commission or whatever they call it where you are.

Earle said (February 14, 2013):

I have a suggestion for White Men like Dennis, for a vocation that bis diversity-proof: truck driving. Perhaps a very poor solution, with has numerous hazards of it's own. But the demand is there, and white men will not face any ridiculous diversity programs. As it happens, the number of college-educated truck drivers has been climbing markedly over the last 15-20 years.

For Mary's husband: he could probably attend medical school in Mexico. I remember the Bakke decision back in the late 70s, when Allen Bakke was denied admission to medical school, so he sued and won, thereby gaining admission. The decision didn't overturn affirmative action policies; the decision only applied to Bakke. But that might be the medical school for Mary's husband to apply to.

Tony B said (February 14, 2013):

Of course, you are correct that this is all caused by conspiracy to take over the world. Women and non whites who are having so much fun destroying white men with the manipulated assistance of vicious programs made into (bogus) law, will, when the plot is completed, severally regret their selfish and very stupid behavior with white men totally out of the picture. Too late will they realize that those white men were their only hope to avoid enslavement by their controllers.

As "Fred (Reed) on Everything" has written, almost no women can even change the oil in the car they drive or fix anything that needs repair. They don't even understand routine maintenance.

Plus many minorities (women as well) have a huge problem with a genuine work ethic. Women tend to treat the workplace as a "back fence" for gossip and a place to sell various gee-gaws to one another. Plus they absent themselves from work for the most frivolous of reasons.

Quite a few minority groups have problems with basic ethics, at least many of those now in the U.S. The U.S. is noted for its high rate of crime yet, counting only that of whites, it is right up at the top in the world for law abiding people.

Unfortunately however, white collar crime - that of the 1% of bankers and financiers - almost all white men (although people such as Ben Franklin said the Jews involved are Asiatic), is the world's worst; that tiny percent causing most of the unnecessary misery in the world. And their gigantic crimes are routinely excused as "mistakes." Mistakes that would have you or me jailed for life or hanged. Of course, these are the same people behind the conspiracy causing the grief to white men brought out in your article.

Paul said (February 13, 2013):

I totally understand where Dennis is coming from. I am backed into a corner over and over again by the minorities and women around me. I now have to move to a different city (though still with the same company). Other white guys have had to move out also. The ones that stay are either gay or living with a non-white woman. It's getting harder and harder to make a living and it's very hard for me to contemplate marriage in the future.

DH said (February 13, 2013):

If Dennis would just act gay he could trump the women and minorities and all of his problems would be solved!

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