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Rebel Bishop Affirms Gender Differences

May 2, 2013

Traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, left, defies the PC (C is for Cabalist) dogma polluting the earth.

"Common sense is the grip on reality given to us by God." 

The Illuminati, who control government and media,  defy God and common sense
 by hate-filled attacks on heterosexuals and gender. The attack on gender is rooted in the occult
Mankind is possessed by this satanic cult, (Cabalism.)

by Wendy Holland

I recently listened to a talk  given by Bishop Richard Williamson on gender differences.  If I hadn't been reading about the feminism scam, I would have stopped listening where the Bishop says that teaching and leading are male functions.  And then he ducks behind the podium to avoid possible tomatoes.  

saintthom.jpgBut the Bishop is not one to mince words.  He states that  authority does not fit a woman: The privilege of man is reason and the privilege of woman is emotion.  In these days of flat androgynous sameness, this sounds prehistoric.

Attributing the classical exposition of these ideas to Saint Thomas Aquinas, (left,)  Bp.Williamson adamantly asserts that this is common sense about human nature - and nature doesn't change.  "Common sense is the grip on reality given to us by God."  

The Bishop elaborates:  A woman should avoid certain careers that will require her to turn into a man.  It isn't that she can't do the job, but that she will have to become masculine to do it.  If, for example, a woman attorney primps in the mirror before entering the courtroom, she won't be a proper attorney.  If she doesn't primp, she isn't a proper woman.  The woman can't win, he says; she can either be a good courtroom attorney or a woman.
would you fly.jpgIt is for good reason, he says, that no airline would announce the names of two women pilots before take-off, because half the passengers would get off the plane ...  as he would.  I have to agree, there is something to that.      


Curious how others might feel about the pilot issue, I asked an engineer in his sixties.  He said it made no difference to him and thought I was retarded for asking.   This man had to go to Eastern Europe to find a wife.  So... no problem if women are pilots but a proper wife, a real woman, is not to be found in that pool of women.  He confirms what the Bishop says, but he is too politically corrected to say it.

When I asked an attractive, single woman in her forties, she launched into an angry verbal attack.  How could I doubt that women could be as capable as men?  But she's lonely and although quite attractive, dresses in nondescript functional clothing.  What's wrong?  Does loss of femininity come about in proportion to belief in gender sameness and gender "equality".

I asked a young man, 24, what he thought about two women pilots. 

"Hmmm, I don't think I would like that."  Why not?   "Because men are better drivers and have better visual-spatial ability."  That sounded right.  It has to do with control of the physical environment.  In an emergency I think the average man would outperform the average woman.  (Although men are becoming so soft and effeminate that this may not be true much longer.)    

Another reason women shouldn't have positions of public leadership, says the exasperated Bishop, again goes back to "sheer common sense" :  "You put a woman up in public and she's going to arouse not necessarily the right kind of attention from the men... Some men will not be paying attention." ! 

He hilariously mimics Adam Clayton Powell famously responding to a female reporter's question:  "Honey, you're so purty I can't hear you."  !!

pretty_policewomen_640_09.jpgThis sounds ridiculous to modern ears, yet there is some kernel of truth in it which we have been trained to ignore.  I witnessed a police officer, a pretty, petite blond in her twenties, approach two young men for general information.  Their interaction was off-balance and awkward because authority was in the pretty young woman.  The men didn't know how to behave because the normal masculine response-to-pretty-girl, slightly appreciative or attentive or posturing, had to be short-circuited, and replaced with.. what?   Confusion. 

Meanwhile she strove valiantly to maintain a stern cop-look and to suppress her instinctive I'm-pleased-by-the-attention vibe.  It was hilarious and weird to watch.  But this is the subtle reality of what happens when roles don't line up with gender nature.  The men's masculinity was neutered by the woman in authority, as the Bishop says...  and as the controlling elite know and so planned.


The Bishop says, "Ideally the woman should leave the man up in front. Ok [maybe] he's not much good at it.  Then she should back-seat guide.  It befits a woman to guide."  

"Men run on ego and women run on love. [Therefore] a wise woman will never best a man."  Perhaps this is the crux of the issue, and is similar, Henry, to your distillation of gender differences into "Men want power and women want love." 

You have said womanliness is about dedicating one's life to serving husband and family.  Maybe it's also a sacrifice of ego that is required of the woman.

 And good luck with that today since women have been so deeply programmed to succeed in a worldly competitive way.  Perhaps women no longer know intuitively that she must defer to some degree to the male ego if she wants it to be strong and healthy!  I think this is just human nature, as the Bishop says, and that going against it will weaken the man and be subtly destructive to the relationship. 

russelwilliams.jpg(left, Canadian PM Stephen Harper's personal pilot, serial killer Col Russell Williams,  product of modern gender education)

A friend describes the roles of husband and wife as the two wings of an airplane, in other words, the same and equal.  Her husband, a wonderful guy, agrees with this because he's a good indoctrinated modern man who knows he's supposed to aspire to total "equality".  But there is something a little "castrated" about the type of progressive, well-educated men who have dutifully absorbed the "men's circles" fluff.  

...Well, perhaps had we all been reading Saint Thomas Aquinas instead of being subjected to feminist-ized news, literature and culture for the past many decades, many of us would have been better off and you wouldn't have had to uncover some of this through the crucible of trial and error in your own life. 

Also by Wendy Holland  - Reader is Transported by Traditional Catholic Mass

chastain.jpgMakow Comment -  The film "Zero Dark Thirty," where a 98-pound woman played by Jessica Chastain (left) gets credit for the fictitious take down of  Osama Bin Laden, is an example of gender reversal propaganda. This was followed by a PBS documentary "Manhunt" where a "Sisterhood" of CIA analysts are credited with the amazing feat. These Illuminati psy ops  portray women as supermen in the mass mind. "Manhunt" must refer to masculine identity.

Teachers Union Promotes Gender Bending


 I'd like to share with you something from my past that happened long ago--When I was 15 years old, I joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.

In retrospect, it was a stupid thing to do, but let me tell you what I learned from it. The Canadian Government takes our tax money and wastes it on a number of things--one of those things is what they call Cadets (same thing as Hitler Youth).  Now you, like me at the time, asks, "what the hell is Cadets?'  And they say, 'it's not military training, NO its training for CITIZENSHIP.'

What bothers me is that they are institutionally condoning femin nazism!  They get young girls to dress in green military costumns and give orders to young teenage boys like they would in the army.  They get our men thinking that it's alright to take orders from a woman because she's only got the power to give those orders becasuse she's qualified--but you and I know it's BULLSHIT!  It's bullshit because we know it's all part of the programming, so let's stop it now:

ATTENTION YOUNG MEN: Don't join the Army Cadets, and NEVER Take NO ORDERS from a WOMAN!


Yes it's true
My son is in a cadet and
The adult leader of their unit is female
The lead cadet is female
The honor cadet awards at trainings are given to females
I thought it was off when out of hundreds of cadets at a training the outstanding honor cadet went to a girl
And all my son could say was well they had to look at qualifications

I just knew then it was not good for all those hundred other boys in formation in the field bowing down to that

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Rebel Bishop Affirms Gender Differences "

Christine said (May 3, 2013):

Has your writer ever met the putative Bishop Williamson? I have.

His hatred and contempt for women are well known. For that reason, it surprises me that any woman who knows him would write about his views on our sex.

As for his nasty, obnoxious remarks about the competence of women pilots and attorneys, the question needs to be asked: how can a man be a competent clergyman when he is quite vocal about his hatred of half of the human race?

After all, Jesus Christ died for us women, too. Is this man aware of that?

There are those who wonder whether Bishop Williamson is even a clergyman.
He was ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was ordained by 33rd degree Freemason Achilles Cardinal Lienart. Since some people don't see how a practicing Satanist can validly ordain priests, Williamson's ordination is in doubt.

Mary said (May 3, 2013):

I would think twice about this man.

He was still in the SSPX when I spent some time at an SSPX chapel.

Williamson flew in for the weekend and was hosted overnight in the apartment of an openly and self admitted homosexual man during his visit.

He also defended and protected the known molester Fr Urrutigoity who was later kicked out of the Scranton Diocese after the abuse complaints there and moved onto Paraguay where the Opus Dei Bishop placed him in charge of an orphanage!

Williamson has a thing against women and girls but not for the alleged differences he spews!

The gay predator priest Urrutigoity protected for 10 years by the former Anglican Bishop Williamson-‘Cunctator1’ with the Rose2 [

The gay predator priest Urrutigoity protected for 10 -


Dan said (May 2, 2013):

Despite the image of Hillary Clinton as the consummate feminist, we know she's always knelt before male mentors and handlers of great power. Name one woman mentor or handler of Hillary. Margaret Thatcher? No. She started as a power groupie for Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign, mentored by Senator Fulbright who got her the Rhodes scholarship; then Winthrop Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Brzezinski. She's openly bragged of taking orders from the "Mother Ship" - the Council on Foreign Relations. Only there's no 'mother' there. It's a male patriarchy structure there in fact: all the "must be" orders for universal gender bending comes from the top down for the masses only. Not the top.

When you look at the flow chart of the hierarchy of political pecking order ALL these femme fatale politicians installed in presidential and PM positions are revealed as a stable of 'submissive slaves' to the male patriarchs of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. The pecking order of the psychopaths is invariably soda-masochistic hierarchy.

Tony B said (May 2, 2013):

It's not just men who don't want to take orders from women. Women understand women much better than men, of course.

If you can get a women to give you a truthful answer as to whether she would prefer taking orders from a woman or a man every one of them will instantly tell you they never want to have to take orders from a woman. They know just how catty and unjust women can be. How they will use any bit of power they are given for petty purposes catering to their own emotions or self-promotion of the moment with fairness or proper order not considered at all in their decisions.

Oliver said (May 2, 2013):

Interesting survey. 56% voted that being truly feminine includes "submissiveness". Social engineers are way off the true needs of the population they supposedly defend and represent.


Gabrielle Reece, Suzanne Venker, Phyllis Schlafly:

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