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How I Ran Afoul of Freemasons

August 2, 2013

"I am a Christian who has been persecuted by Freemasons (and other secret organizations) almost all my life. The police, fireman, lawyers, courts (in fact the entire government systems) have boxed me into a corner.  I realize this sounds like paranoia, but it is true... The snake continually strikes at my heels.  I am now crippled (from plane crash injury) and am afraid of what will happen if I fall.
My story although it sounds incredible is true, and I can back most of it up by evidence.
Is there anything you can do to help, or suggest where I can turn to for help?  This thing is way bigger than me and I can not continue fighting on my own."

torpolice.jpg(left. Hiding in plain view. Police woman places capstone on pyramid in front of Toronto police HQ on College St.)

With all its pretensions, Western society continues to be a hypocritical farce as long as its institutions are controlled by a criminal satanic secret society.

by "Tracy Wagner"

Around 1980, I was a young commercial pilot, aircraft salesman and manager.  My goal was to become an Air Canada captain.  I had always striven to be an ethical person. By accident, I discovered illegal activities including the importation of cocaine of which I was inadvertently involved.  I was afraid if I just quit, they would know what I had discovered and my life would be in danger.

o.jpg(left. Ottawa Logo - 666 is on every street sign, bus, cop car and city vehicle in nation's capital)

I went to the RCMP and was told that the business owner was already under surveillance. The police were looking for "higher ups" in major Canadian cities.  

The RCMP agreed suggested I continue working (and continue to invest through my pay) until their investigation was complete and arrests were made.

I continued to work for several months but things got strange. On one occasion, I was threatened with a .38 special thrust into my stomach. 

I had become the favorite corporate pilot and had met investors (money laundering) from around the world. I was also introduced to an Italian who was hiding from the police and was involved in the P2 Lodge scandal of that time.  

imag.jpgI was told that Freemasonry was just a front for the higher objectives; most Masons had no clue as to these real objectives. These were the New World Order and the rebuilding of Salomon's Temple in Jerusalem, being built for the coming real messiah.

 At that time I thought it all too incredible and believed that whatever the truth, it would be sorted out by the police when they made their arrests.


I left the company in mid 1981 under threats and believed (as did the company secretary) that a contract had been placed on me for various reasons at that time.  Although I had agreed to cooperate with the police; there were some things I refused to do.

The secretary and I escaped, told the RCMP, and traveled north to Dawson Creek where I had arranged for another job as a pilot.  En route, while passing a transport truck in my car, the steering wheel came off in my hands.  Coincidence?  

checker.jpg(In UK, police actually wear the Masonic checkerboard on their hats)

I was then instructed to meet with RCMP officers in Edmonton, and Canadian Army Intelligence officials because of the "Official Secrets Act."  At the meeting I was threatened. They told me that if I divulged anything about the above mentioned activities, that I could end up in jail for trumped up tax evasion charges.

In jail someone might come at me from behind. I would feel a slight prick in the neck, and that would be game over.  Or, I might end up in hospital from some unlikely accident. A procedure would go wrong and again, game over.  I though this awfully strange and wrong behavior, but assumed it was something to do with the nature of their investigations.  They paid the restaurant bill with U.S. dollars which I also thought strange.

Over the years as a pilot my wife and I invested in several rental properties.  Today we are close to losing it all and perhaps a quarter million dollars on top of that because of corrupt lawyers, police, fireman, the list goes on.  How many times I have been flashed an evil grin and Masonic ring I cannot count.  I have been told by business people and the police after they have robbed me through the courts that I have been blacklisted again by the OPP, RCMP and City Police and Fireman, although I have never done anyone any wrong.

Chicago-police-.jpg(Chicago cops- same Masonic checkerboard)

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Comments for "How I Ran Afoul of Freemasons "

Rosie said (August 4, 2013):

I don't like to judge anyone, but the Bible does declare, "By their fruits you shall know them." The first thing he said that caught my attention, was that he was a Christian. Then he spoke about fighting alone. He seems helpless and desperate.

Who and where is his god, that has obviously forsaken him? What is the point of serving a god if he will not help you in your time of need? If this were me, I would be glad to die and go to heaven and be done with the madness. I am not going through anything half as bad as he is, but I am doing nothing to fight to remain in this evil, corrupt world.

If he is trusting in the God of the bible, I do not understand how he could be so afraid. I believe one of the earlier comments said the same thing. If you are constantly afraid of dying, you can not live.

Rolph said (August 3, 2013):

This is the old/new story about good verses evil, God challenged by Satan.

But Satan was defeated two millennial ago on a Cross and an empty Tomb.

From the time of the deluge until now, good always prevails. God, the Creator will only step in to change the equation, if humanity becomes too corrupt for it's own good. Than history will repeat itself.

At present, evil is trying to suppress a
global awakening through fear and deception. But it will fail as a result of modern communication and by those, fearless of reprisal. The 'virus' that has infected societies will once again become benign or even eradicated. If it would not be so, the consequences for humanity will be unthinkable.

MS said (August 3, 2013):

Dear Pilot,

Snowden, Manning, Assange & so many more are our real leaders. Not to be afraid of death is
the clue to sanity survival. Be yourself & follow your instinct, that's all you got in this place, everything else is deception. The shadows of power have convoluted everything on this planet to the point of its destruction. I guess they took out all the gold this planet holds & want it annihilated or they want to take it over minus population.

Tony B said (August 3, 2013):

Bruce's advice [below] is simply "Give up and be a little slave burying your conscience the rest of your life." That's called chickenshit by my generation. Find a way. Snowden did. Manning did. Many others whose names we don't know did what their heart told them was right. Yes, Snowden is without a country and Manning will spend years in prison but both can live with themselves if not their criminal government.

Bruce said (August 2, 2013):

Tracy is asking for advice. He wrote, "...where can I turn to for help? This thing is way bigger than me and I can not continue fighting on my own."

First, Tracy must accept that he is alone in this situation, and no one can help him. Next, he should consider taking a long vacation to a place (Phillipines, Mexico, Costa Rica) where there is an established population of retired expats from western nations, and the cost of living is low. It's doesn't have to be a permanent exile, but he needs to stay gone long enough (a year or two) for Satan's disciples to forget about him. They want to forget about him, and they probably wish that he would disappear. He needs to get off of their radar screen. Next, he needs to never talk about, write about, or in any way communicate about this situation ever again, because, as we now know, everyone who lives in a western nation is having all of our communications recorded and archived for use against us. Tracy needs to stop fighting this, because it really is way bigger than him, and make it clear that he is no threat to anyone. If the evil ones really wanted him dead, he would be. And lastly, Tracy needs to live in the moment, the present, the now, because none of us can change the past, the future is uncertain, and we all have a very short time left in this life, but we have the ability to influence the present.

Dan said (August 2, 2013):

Too many youth are attracted to the power behind skyscraper skylines and massive war machines, drawn by the rumor that the Freemasons grant members unmerited favors. It's not so. There's nothing 'free' about Freemasonry.

Some are drawn by the reputation of insidious intelligence that always wins and can't be outsmarted. But there's nothing smart about treachery and betrayal of trust. Illuminati "intelligence" rides on lies and deceit.

The organization's position is that they're not criminals, they're your next door neighbors. But two of the cornerstones of the foundation of Masonry are secrecy, and deceit. I can't tell you the other two (because it's a secret).

The Inquisition ruled Freemasonry anathema right out of the box in 1737. "For if they were not doing evil they would not have so great a hatred of the light."

Even Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger decreed, "“The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive holy Communion,” Yet we see crypto-Masons Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi waltzing up receive it for photo ops, called "in good standing with the Church" by any Bishop anywhere they go. They may have no public record of membership in the "Blue Lodge", but "regular Freemasonry" is for the newbies and local satrapys. The big shots are 3rd generation or more. They're born with higher degrees than the Blue Lodge brothers know about.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at