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False Flags Highlight Our Satanic Possession

July 22, 2014

crash8.jpg(left, MH-17, what a plane crash scene looks like.
 Wreckage, baggage and bodies everywhere.
Compare to Pentagon and Shanksville below.)

Our governments and mass media are flat out lying
to us about 9-11 etc.. It's obvious.
But maybe that's the point.
The more obvious the lies we acquiesce to,
the more we have been satanically possessed.

Confirmation- Kiev Airforce shot down MH-17
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by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Satanists throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors but Satanism boils down to an inversion of reality. Good is evil; beautiful is ugly; healthy is sick, natural is unnatural and vice versa.

Truth becomes "subjective","relative,""unknowable"  i.e.  lies are truth and truth are lies.

Humanity has been inducted into the Illuminati satanic cult where acceptance of lies is a social requirement. This gives the Illuminati license to invent a perverted reality. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of false flags like 9-11 and the recent shootdown of MH-17.

Compare the MH-17 crash scene with the Pentagon on 9-11.

pentagon_lawn.JPGThere is no sign of a Boeing 757 wreckage, bodies or baggage. Indeed, an early report by CNN's Jamie McIntyre contradicted government and media claims that a hijacked plane, carrying 64 people and weighing 175 tons had crashed into the Pentagon and literally disappeared. Yet, in an inversion of reality, there is a memorial garden at the Pentagon listing all "victims." What really happened to these people?

Look at Shanksville, where another Boeing 757 supposedly crashed on 9-11.

shanksville.jpgWhy are the government lies so blatant?
There is another agenda.
The Illuminati are taunting us, boasting that
they can make us believe anything.
They don't discover reality, they invent it. They have
deceived and enslaved us psychologically
and they are gloating.


We are all witnessing the disheartening spectacle where the Illuminati Jewish-backed regime in Kiev probably shot down MH-17 in order to increase pressure on Putin. With one voice, our "leaders" and the media are heaping condemnation on Putin without any evidence of Russian or separatist involvement. The same players tried to frame Al Assad of a chemical attack, and almost launched reprisals, again without any evidence. 

This is a kind of blackmail of Putin. They are saying, "unless you back down, we will commit all kinds of atrocities and blame them on you." Listen to UK Prime Minister David Cameron:

David Cameron has said the Malaysian Airlines crash in east Ukraine is a "defining moment" for Russia.
Some 298 people died, including 10 Britons, when flight MH17 crashed in a pro-Russian rebel-held area last week.
The PM said Moscow was fueling the Ukraine conflict by arming the rebels, who are accused of downing the jet.
He said it was unlikely the plane was shot deliberately - but warned of "hard-hitting" sanctions if Moscow did not change course on Ukraine. Mr Cameron said there was "anger" at what had happened and urged Moscow to stop training separatists and supplying them with weapons. The UK is set to push for increased sanctions against Russia at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

What will our leaders say when it emerges that MH-17 was brought down by a Ukrainian air to air missile?


The Illuminati are Cabalist Jews and Freemasons. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult. This is why, instead of faith, they emphasize observance and conformity, like any cult.

The leaders believe they channel God's Will which means they invert reality to suit their perversion. Their occult reality  increasingly is our reality: money, sexual perversity, gender bending, corruption, mayhem and war.

They induct us into their cult by inverting truth and falsehood, and ensure that humanity is complicit in their evil and deserving of its fate.


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------------  Kiev Air Traffic Controller's Tweets
-------------Mass media Collaborated in 9-11  

First Comment from Dan:

The greater trauma of 911 for me was knowing from other peoples' reactions, that it was dangerous for me to state the obvious, even conversationally.   At that time, I only knew one fellow at work whom I could sense saw what really happened.

The Towers fell from controlled demolition, and the lack of aircraft debris at the Pentagon and the other crash site you've mentioned.  We didn't need an expert to explain what was shown in broad daylight before our eyes.

But you could NOT say it at work or even to friends.  This wasn't the first time people were silenced in America, but it was the first time in my lifetime.
(i was born in the 1950's).

A lot of adults that are currently the primary demographic target of the MSM news and entertainment media were only 11 years old on 911.
They weren't old enough to KNOW what they'd seen, so they believed exactly what the media and President told them.
More importantly - because they didn't recognize the lies - they didn't experience the REAL trauma of 911, which was the loss of 50 years of the hard won right to free thought and free speech. 

I want to explain to them that the key to the 911 psychological operation was that they made it unbelievable ON PURPOSE. 
Here's an analogy.  Say you come home from school and find you're mother has been murdered.   Your father is there talking to the police. 
Now, imagine hearing your father telling the police all sorts of lies about a neighbor to frame him for the murder - and the police believe him.
If that happened to you, would you suspect your father had something to hide?   Imagine how creepy it would be to live your father's house after that.

That's how psychological terrorism works.

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Comments for "False Flags Highlight Our Satanic Possession "

Mary said (July 23, 2014):

It scares me to see our major news broadcasts here, and how easily they can claim the evil other countries are doing and at the same time it’s exactly what the US Government is still doing to everyone today.

Then they laugh and go to commercial.

Martin said (July 23, 2014):

"The Illuminati are taunting us, boasting that
they can make us believe anything."

I see it in a slightly different light. I think that they're actually having fun with it.

Remember the final fake Osama video? "Tell you what -- let's put a jet black beard on this fake Osama. The rubes will probably believe that Clairol makes cave calls to the Tora Bora Mountains!" (Huge guffaws all around.)

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”
-- Henry David Thoreau, “Walden”

Art Granda said (July 23, 2014):

I do believe the lies are getting more obvious for two reasons mainly. First it shifts responsibility to the one who hears, and believes, the lie. Second, if most people around are believing an obvious lie, one tends to wonder why, get fearful of the consequences and starts to believe the lie as well.

As with any temptation, when one believes a lie the onus is more on the one being lied to proportional to how ridiculous the lie is. When a master magician tricks you into thinking he actually pulled a rabbit from an otherwise empty hat, you can't be blamed as much for gullibility than if a terrible magician clumsily exposes the hole in the table while doing the trick, and you still can't figure it out.

When the Apostle denied Christ three times, he did so out of fear, which clearly indicates a lack of faith. Fear is the opposite of faith, and luciferianism is the opposite of faith in God.

How can one so close to the Creator, knowing Him in the flesh, fear anything? When the storms are tossing the boat like a toy, and Christ Himself (the Creator of storms, and everything else) is sitting in the back of the boat, how can an Apostle be fearful? It shows how difficult it is to have, and maintain, faith. Without a solid faith, and fearful of repercussions all around, we will believe anything, no matter how outrageously ridiculous. The more so, the more the responsibility for it existing at all is placed on our report card and taken from Satan's. We forget, it is us (humanity) that wanted to know good from evil ... so God being ever generous has given us that knowledge and in doing so our knowledge of evil manifest it into our world. What we don't know cannot hurt us, and what we don't know doesn't exist, literally.

When we look at a smoking hole without a single piece a wreckage around, and truly believe that a plane crashed there, we are making ourselves a party to the crime. If we then go on to repeat that lie to others, we are then no different than the perpetrators, in the eyes of the Lord. Ignorance is not an excuse.

We walk each day through the valley of the shadow of death and we are commanded to fear no evil. That is a sign of our faith. These days fear is so widespread, excuses so all-encompassing, and that is an indication that the devil and his temptations are working, putting humanity once again on a collision course with death.

Our God given freedoms aren't being taken away from us, we are giving them up freely. Perhaps that is why God is refusing to act in our defense, because we are choosing this of our own freewill?

Brian said (July 23, 2014):

Money is the root of all evil. Enough said. We are all trapped in an economic slavery where the fiat dollars we have trusted to third party bankers are all just numbers on paper with nothing to back them up. We are all sitting ducks. The Internet could crash and there would be no proof that we have anything. Paper doesn't prove anything. We are living in an age of deception. Nothing is as it is because an unknown says so.

Where are the real leaders of this country? Where are the common sense people who run real corporations and truly care for their employees, their neighbors and love their country? Why are they not standing up and leading our communities our cities, our states? I'm afraid when the curtain comes up we- the ones who would be considered honest and trustworthy - are going to find ourselves to be betrayed by even our own brothers and sisters.

We need a revolution where every last family in America turns off their tv, shuts down the iPads and their cell phones and march on their state capitols protesting for the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights cannot be taken from us because they are sewn into souls and are the principle tenants of our beings. If we let the Zionists take these intangible rights from us, then we all deserve what they have planned for us.

I'd personally rather die fighting for what I believe in than die not giving a damn about anything.

Andrew said (July 22, 2014):

Your explanation of Satanism as an inversion of reality is maybe the simplest I’ve read.

I see it also as a corruption of even undeniable events like the genocide and ethnic cleaning in progress now in Gaza.

We are told it’s only Israel’s right to self-defense and measured retaliation.

BUT Lebensraum is Lebensraum.

If evil when the Nazis destroyed European Jewry, how can it now be righteous self-defense when Zionists systematically liquidate Palestinians?

You need Satanic lenses to approve of the slaughter in Gaza today and a lot of TV lies and magic.

Thanks too for keeping it short and simple.

Kristine said (July 22, 2014):

They are not really incriminating or blackmailing Putin. No. It just seems as though they are. Putin and the rest of the world´s "leadership" are complicit in a staged, pretend duel where indeed WE are the real victims. It is practically impossible to resist this system of chaos that we have all been born into and raised in. Unless, of course, we seek The Truth – there is only one of those and hard to come by nowadays.

Also you mention that the ruling cult demands "observance and conformity". What about – sacrifice - ? That is what they are really after: that we become so engaged in their lies that we will submit to the deception that we are guilty and owe them our lives.This is what their "Christ", who is the anti-christ, will insist upon. Seek truth now, while it still may be found.

JG said (July 22, 2014):

The spin doctors of the MSM are in full gear now propagating Vladimir Putin as the catalyst in the MH-17 downing. They are already claiming evidence tampering at the crash site to cover their self authored bogus scenario in the event that the findings might contradict their lies.

Like 911, America and Israel do not want an impartial International Investigation of MH-17 because they know they won't be able to control the evidence or it's outcome. However, Putin does because he has nothing to hide.

The Illuminati agents control Washington foreign policy now with their foreign agents under the name of dual American/Israeli citizens. Dual citizenship ship means dual loyalty which makes it impossible to serve two masters Israel and America. One can only be used as a proxy for the other. And yes, Congress has lost it's sovereignty to AIPAC and the myriad of Israeli controlled lobbies that rule now in Washington. They have successfully thwarted the US Constitution and it's elected officials who were sworn in to defend that Constitution. America is now a full blown proxified stooge for the Israeli/Illuminati NWO agenda. It is our new foreign policy.

Satan is the father of lies but these lies can only succeed when decent and honorable men are deceived into believing and defending those lies.

Robert K said (July 22, 2014):

"The more obvious lies we acquiesce to, the more we are satanically possessed." This is a very profound truth. Ultimately, the program is to not just to deceive us, but to make us consciously complicit in the mass deception, thereby undermining our ability to perceive and defend the truth; i.e., causing us to lose our purity, otherwise known as our soul. This would explain why government criminality is increasingly blatant. It's a testing and recruiting device.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at