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Lesbian Fires "Rough Sex" Radio Host

October 27, 2014

(Head of CBC-Radio, Heather Conway, right, and her partner, filmmaker Patricia Rozema)

"Rough Sex"

In private, Canadian talk show star
Jian Ghomeshi was into male dominance
and female submission. This must have been
anathema to his boss, Heather Conway, a lesbian.

Would he have been fired
had he been gay?

(Many people thought he was.)

Canadian talk show host fired for exhibiting heterosexual tendencies.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Jian Ghomeshi was fired Sunday because of the potential damage his private behavior could do to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's image as mouthpiece for the feminist-homosexual agenda.

Until now, he had fit their image perfectly. When the CBC is not hiring women, especially minority women, it occasionally hires feminized males like the baby-faced Ghomeshi, who checked another box by being of Iranian descent.

Although 47, he is a "hip" musician whose top-rated show was a big part of the CBC radio's attempt to capture a younger audience. Sunday, the CBC terminated Ghomeshi saying "information came to our attention recently that in CBC's judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian."

Later that day, Ghomeshi announced plans to launch a $55 million lawsuit against the CBC "claiming general and punitive damages for among other things, breach of confidence and bad faith".

 Ghomeshi subsequently said his dismissal concerned allegations he had sexually coerced a girlfriend into BDSM activities against her will, part of a smear campaign.

 On his Facebook account, Ghomeshi admitted he was into rough sex. While this might not be to everyone's taste, his private life was his own business. He insisted the sex was always consensual and this scandal was a vendetta by a jilted woman. 

The Toronto Star had "detailed interviews" with "three women, who said they experienced violence from Ghomeshi without consent"; the women were initially "his fans."

In one woman's case, she reportedly visited Ghomeshi at his Toronto home and alleges as soon as she walked into his house he suddenly struck her hard with his open hand, then continued to hit her and choked her. The woman alleges Ghomeshi repeatedly beat her about the head and choked her.

"Another woman said "...he attacked me. Choked me. Hit me like I didn't know men hit women."

Ghomeshi's lawyer claims he has text messages and emails proving the relationships were consensual. The women didn't file charges and insisted on anonymity because of fear of harassment on social media.

The Star, also known as "The Red Star" for its socialist agenda, gave the women's testimony to the CBC who fired him. 


I am not condoning BDSM or what Ghomeshi is accused of. I just don't believe he would have been fired had he been gay, and all the ladies had been men.

camillagibb.jpg(Heather Conway's ex- Camilla Gibb)

The CBC appears to be run by feminists and lesbians who find heterosexuality distasteful because it involves an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love.

In general, feminism wishes to turn heterosexuality into a pathology, so that any kind of male sexual initiative borders on "harassment." At the same time, they trumpet "domestic violence" among straight couples,  suppressing its occurrence among homosexuals. This is all part of the Illuminati Jewish war on gender, designed to psychologically sterilize (neuter) the goyim and undermine the nuclear family.

Gays indulge in all kinds of questionable behavior, such as coprophilia, fisting, anonymous sex in bathhouses and public bathrooms, which are not only "tolerated" but promoted to children in public schools. 

Jian Ghomeshi would still be working for the CBC if he were gay. This is blatant discrimination. The cash-strapped CBC will pay dearly for the impulsive actions of its overzealous female executives. 

Also "tolerated" is Lori Douglas, now chief family court judge who, when appointed in 2005, had the most vile and obscene porn pictures of herself on the Internet. Her defenders, who include Canada's Masonic elite, pretend she didn't know her husband did this and she is being "re-victimized." If she didn't know, she would be the only one. Apparently, the whole Winnipeg legal community knew about it when she was appointed. Better to control her. 
People who fit the socially destructive illuminati agenda are tolerated.


First Comment from Dan:

Celebrity scandals are all scripted psychodramas, for two reasons. 

1. I was inside corporate media and knew of too many real scandals that were never reported.  From insiders point of view things are exactly the opposite of the illusion for public consumption. 

2. Media's job is mind control.  That requires absolute control over information that goes 'out'.

'Theater Of Pain In Psychodrama Therapy, The Stage Is Set For The Act Of Helping'

-QUOTE-  The scene seems right out of a play. A young woman stands in the center of a stage confronting a blanket-covered body lying on the floor in front of her. She launches into a monologue, then is joined by two other figures, one representing her mother and the other the timid child within her. While the mother berates the woman, the "child" cowers downstage right.

But this is not Act II staged in some cramped off-off-Broadway theater. Instead, the scene was acted out at a recent training session for mental health professionals.  -end quote.   [1]

"The contemporary programming of humanity is now accomplished by means of cheap dialogue and scenery as mundane and
mediocre as magazine advertisements for whiskey, as Dr. W.B.Key documents in Subliminal Seduction."  [2]

For several years we've endured a series of celebrities "Coming Out" -   Ellen DeGeneres Anderson Cooper Shepard Smith.  All of these were planned years in advance, probably it's even somewhere deep their contracts that they'd be built up as household names and then 'come out'.  Then the whole Media celebrates them - every time.

If Ghomeshi were into homosexual sado-masochism and Toronto Star had reported alleged interviews with "three gays" claiming they'd 'experienced violence without consent' during gay bar bathroom sex, can you imagine Conway and CBC firing him?  I'm sure they'd have their lawyers backing him up and using the power of television to paint him the 'victim' of homophobic conspiracy. 

It's also just too "neat" that the latest poster boy for male on female "domestic abuse" happens to be Iranian.  "Type casting" the villain is a typically passive/aggressive Feminist approach to inflame the 'wife beater' North American stereotype of Middle Eastern men,  without actually breaking the rules of political correctness. 

This one reminds me of the Julian Assange "rape" scandal in 2010.   On invitation to be a guess of a radical left coterie in Stockholm, Assange was seduced by two women the same week.  When they discovered he'd slept with each of them, they decided to cry "rape!"   Of course, they didn't decide it was rape till over a week later.    Both had consented to sex with Assange, so how was it rape you may ask?  No problem for Feminist lawyers:  they claimed Assange the women were psychologically damaged when they realized Assange wasn't into 'safe sex'.    Swedish court and media have dragged this silly case out for years. Obviously neither of the women contracted either a disease or a 'fetus' from Assange. 

[1]  March 08, 1988|by ROSA SALTER, The Morning Call


Also see: Secret. Societies and. Psychological. Warfare. Michael A. Hoffman II 1988

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Comments for "Lesbian Fires "Rough Sex" Radio Host "

Ron said (October 29, 2014):

The timing of this is just too suspicious seeing that Ghomeshi was fired during the same week as the almost certain false flag attacks in Quebec & Ottawa. The CBC was aware of the allegations against Ghomeshi for moths apparently, but decided to fire him last Friday - Sunday. Normally a corporation [ publicly funded or otherwise ] would go out of its way to protect one of its biggest stars in the face of unproven allegations yet they wasted no time in throwing him under the bus - even going so far as to remove his pictures from the building! [ Like something straight out of 1984: "Jian who"? To paraphrase from Orwell's novel - the CBC might just as well have said: "We have always been at war with Gomeshi". ]

I was astounded how fast they threw him under the bus. Which is why I am seeing red flags here with this. I have never been a fan of Ghomehsi & certainly do not put it past him that the allegations against him might very well be true - but it looks to me as though the CBC rushed to judgement as a pretext to fire him as if he were perceived as some sort of threat to the CBC.

Considering he was such a draw for the CBC with his Q program. Something does not smell right here & I wonder if there is not a connection to the "Islamist terrorist" narrative that is being hyped in the face of the attacks of last week. It just plays too conveniently at least at a subliminal level into the narrative that casts aspersions onto folks of Islamic background.

After all it would be a psychological boon for the elite if they could cause people to view folks of Islamic origin with suspicion - even prominent figures such as those they had once accepted into their lives like Ghomeshi. I see a number of angles to this development.

AC said (October 28, 2014):

Here in the Land Down Under we have the same issues with "our" ABC Australia National Radio as Canadians have with the CBC, as echoed throughout the halls of parliament: most Aussies moan that the ABC does not represent them. Clearly the control freaks' N.W.O. Agenda trumps profits.

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