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Gay Reparative Therapy "Saved My Life"

June 9, 2015

There's plenty of help
and encouragement 
for people to be gay. 
Getting straight is 
another story. 

"The fact the government, media and education are foisting homosexuality on an unsuspecting public, including children, is proof society has gone over to the dark side."

by Henry Makow Ph.D

In the above video, David Pickup describes how he developed homosexual feelings after being sexually abused as a child and later as a youth. He was able to "save his life" by getting therapy which has been banned in California, Oregon and New Jersey. It has just been banned in Ontario, and faces bans in some other jurisdictions. 

"There's absolutely no room in an inclusive society for trying to change somebody's sexual identity or their gender expression or their gender identity," the law's sponsor, Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo, told the Toronto Star.

This is ironic since the government agenda is to change the gender identity of heterosexuals and to make homosexuality the new norm.


What if a "gay" person isn't happy and wants to change? Do we live in a free society? When did "progressives" become such fascists?

There's plenty of encouragement for people who question their gender or even change their gender. There is gay pride, gay-straight alliances in schools and a relentless drumbeat of propaganda in the mass media. But, increasingly, heterosexuals who want to keep their gender are prevented from doing so.

Anyone who has seen a girl and a boy toddler knows there is an innate difference between the sexes. This difference is denied under the guise of "gay rights." They claim gender has nothing to do with biology but is a matter of socialization. You are male or female "identified." It's what you think you are. This is pure Cabala.

 Society has been inducted into the Cabalist (Freemason) Jewish satanic cult. The goal of a satanic cult is to exploit and control its members by perverting and making them sick. 

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder mostly caused by family dysfunction and sexual assault. In another video, experts and former gays make this abundantly clear. The fact the government, media and education are foisting it on an unsuspecting public, including children, is proof society has gone over to the dark side. 

Our so-called "leaders" have sold their souls to the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish central banking cartel which issues our currency, the medium of exchange, in the form of a debt to them and seeks to use this fraud to enslave mankind.

Gay reparative therapy does work. If homosexuality is caused by trauma or dysfunction, then addressing that issue will cure it. 

Charles W. Socarides, M.D., (1922-2005) was clinical professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in New York. Over 40 years, he treated hundreds of gays and helped about 33% return to heterosexuality. 

But a satanic cult is about making you sick, not healthy again. A satanic cult is about inverting morality, truth and nature.  The ban on gay conversion therapy is more evidence society is satanically possessed.   The triumph of Satanism is the true meaning of the "New World Order."


First Comment from Dan:

There's no rational rebuttal to David Pickups' speech at NARTH 2012.   Of course there's nothing rational about California's Gay Conversion Therapy Ban.  I've read it.  It's premise rests entirely on this statement; "Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcoming."   It says nothing about people that ended up in the 'lifestyle' due to child sexual abuse. It simply denies they exist, or if they do, "you're gay - get over it".

Seems to me that the people that are the beneficiaries of the ban are pedophiles, because it prevents their victims from telling a health care professional about it.  I believe that eventually this fact will be involved in the downfall of this evil law. 

To outlaw therapy for victims of pedophilia is bad legislation.  It's a bad law - on par with the old Jim Crow laws, since it means some people are 'more equal' than others. 

The US Supreme Court refused a year ago to hear any cases that challenge the Constitutionality of the California Gay Conversion Therapy Ban, or similar bans from other states.    

That was a bad decision on the part of SCOTUS.  The law violates the rights of rape, psychological abuse victims.  Such a law will not stand forever.   It may be two, ten, twenty years, but this law will fall, and when it does, the whole edifice of 'Gay Rights' laws will come tumbling down.   It's happened before with other "institutions" that seemed invulnerable in their day.  Remember, America used to allow owning African slaves, and women weren't allowed to vote. 

'Gay rights' has hitched it's wagon to these previous examples of genuine progress.  But that doesn't make it so.  It's a bad law and bad laws don't last. 

In 1935 the historian Oswald Spengler wrote to a friend, "There won't be a German Reich in ten years". 

Nothing extreme ever lasts.  

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Comments for "Gay Reparative Therapy "Saved My Life""

TWH said (June 10, 2015):

The homosexual lobby is no longer satisfied with merely flaunting its degeneracy in the faces of normal society anymore. They must now actively squelch any attempt to resist them.

I find it the very height of hypocrisy that a so-called "progressive" such as Cheri Di Novo proclaims that there is "no place" in society for people with homosexual tendencies who want to get away from that lifestyle to seek help. The left is always full of platitudes about how they're so inclusive, yet if you step outside the boundaries of what they consider to be correct (since they believe themselves, and only themselves, to be the arbiters of what's right and wrong), they become outright hostile toward you and are incapable of intelligent debate. Suddenly there becomes "no place" for you at society's roundtable.

The whole strategy of the homosexual movement has been to make an illness become normal. This would be akin to counselling a chronically depressed individual to just accept the fact he'll always be depressed, since he was "born that way" -- and not only just accept it, but celebrate it.

I would encourage your readers to look into a book titled After the Ball - How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90s. It was written by two ardent homosexuals in 1989 and outlines the whole game plan of the homosexual rights movement and illustrates how they were going to manipulate the population to embrace the normalization of deviancy. Many of the results they were seeking have come to pass.

People really need to wake up and quit stumbling toward destruction. Turn off your televisions, folks, and quit holding your fingers to the wind to see which way it's blowing before you form your opinions. Think.

Robert K said (June 9, 2015):

In fact, this homosexual agenda has been pursued behind the curtains for decades, but now its success is making it evident for anyone with an iota of perspicacity to see. The crisis point is at hand, and parents' control over the values that will be transmitted to their children, and hence parents' ultimate relationship with their children, is the prize being contended for. There will be no going back--at least not for generations--once this power is completely lost to the state and its conditioning program is fully enforced.

Wade B said (June 9, 2015):

As long as logical, sane, compassionate, people allow the liberals to frame the debate and control the narrative the slide down into Satanic perversions will continue.

This issue is made much more difficult by the fact that the main stream media is the promoter and the attack dog for the LGBT apologist crowd.

The last figure I heard from a reputable source was somewhere around 4% of the population of the USA falls into one of these perverse categories. The exact percentage of the population that is effected really does not matter. What matters is that liberals
constantly lie to distort the percentage upward.

We as sane people need to understand two truths.

#1. As Dr. Savage says "Liberalism is a mental disorder".

#2. Homosexuality, in whatever form it manifests, can only be rationally understood by understanding that it is a mental disorder that has a cause and therefore can
be treated and sometimes cured.

To add, what may be the ultimate insult to injury, homosexuals are now actually being
allowed to adopt children. The push for political correctness has taken this nation down a path
of spitting in the face of God. People seem to think that they can indulge in the promotion
of all this debauchery with impunity...THEY CAN NOT.

The USA is on track for a huge train wreck. All you people out there who are normal and do
not support the politically correct agenda...need to just hang on. We are in for a rough ride.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at