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Heterophobia Forced Me to Quit University

June 6, 2015


University is no longer about studying
our cultural heritage. Rather it is about
replacing it with homosexual norms and values. GR found the programming so obnoxious he quit school. 

To repeat my central thesis: The central bankers are Cabalist (Masonic) Jews. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult. First Jews, then Freemasons and now society have been inducted into this cult under the mask of "secular humanism." Inverting truth and morality, a satanic cult controls and exploits its members by deceiving, corrupting and sickening them. Society is satanically possessed. This is the "New World Order."   

GR is 27 and lives in Texas. He is helping to replant his father's vineyard. The last vines were destroyed by the drought. He plans to move to Colorado and get into the marijuana business.

by GR

A "friend" of mine once mentioned that it was "Matthew Shepard Day," a holiday commemorating a "martyred" victim of homophobic violence. I didn't know what to say as I had no prior experience with homosexuals and consequently no concept of homophobia. I allowed my "friend" to finish his story even though I wasn't particularly interested. It was the first time I had heard anyone defend the faith of homosexuality.

I was not exposed to homosexuals until college where they were present in all my classes, in my dormitory, and in the school cafeteria. At the time, I did not consider homosexuality to be a debilitating sickness, and I was indifferent to their presence. 

 I was unimpressed by their participation in my classes. They were as hypocritical and boring as conservative "Christians" at church on Sunday morning.  It seemed like they were holding something back. I don't recall gleaning anything of significant value from them. 

Two "friends" of mine, one who was an open homosexual, woke me up at 3 a.m. to "smoke me out". The homosexual visitor released the smoke into my smoke alarm like a fire breathing dragon, triggering the fire alarms for the whole building. My room was the target of multiple marijuana smoking scandals and I was expelled.


I went traveling in Central America where I met three young ladies from France who introduced me to the music of Alpha Blondy, a multi-lingual musician from the Ivory Coast. They invited me to sit at their campsite each night where the sweet sound of their voices sang together like the music of angels.

Music is medicine, and it was because of my love of music that my attitude towards college became positive again. I decided to return to school to broaden my knowledge of the French language. 

I didn't realize that French classrooms were sanctuaries for homosexuals and I was naïve enough to believe that I could earn friends by being a diligent student. I didn't anticipate the predominance of the homosexual culture in the French department, nor did I foresee the networks of insecurity that entwined the college as a whole.

 I worked with these gays despite their strange behaviors. I had never heard anyone speak so foully in front of women and I had never seen females tolerate anything so inappropriate.

When I was belittled by the homosexual who sat next to me for complimenting a girl from one of our courses, I was embarrassed because I didn't know what I had done wrong. I began to regard that particular homosexual with suspicion as I had already asked him several times to keep his hands to himself while we were studying together. Although I treated him with respect, he proceeded to physically violate my personal space during class. 

The girls in my courses were trained to sympathize unconditionally with homosexuals, and I decided to spend the remainder of my course hours in solitude.  I was thankful for the opportunity to document my experience and I wrote music in order to remain healthy. I knew that formal complaints would only attract negative attention and my teachers allowed me to work alone.

I still had hope for meeting friends outside of class and I retained my positive outlook until, little by little, I began to notice the overwhelming presence of homosexuals around campus and throughout my apartment complex. As I walked to my courses, I continued to smile at girls until I began to mistake the effeminate gestures of passing homosexuals for women. I felt targeted on various occasions and I became unnerved at the thought of making friends in such a tortuous environment. I felt extremely vulnerable.

Every day was like an episode of the twilight zone. The homosexuals in my French courses read in an obnoxious fashion and regularly promoted gender confusion. I suspected that they also embraced the popular opinion that anyone who challenges homosexuality is homophobic, and that all homophobes are confused homosexuals. The more isolated I became, the more I was treated like a person of unsound mind. I spent most of my time studying alone as I could no longer concentrate in class. I refused to go to parties as I did not like the idea of defending my beliefs publicly.

Studying any foreign language alone is unrealistic. Body Language is an essential component of communication. I prepared myself to work independently until graduation, provided that the courses themselves were neutral regarding the homosexual agenda.

 I could endure the burden of a substandard education, but I could not entertain the idea of appreciating homosexual art. When the film-based courses began espousing homosexual themes, I simply turned away from the movie screen. Unfortunately, the homosexual agenda was later presented in other curriculums as well. 

My French literature teacher assigned a story by a homosexual author and I decided to withdraw from my courses with just over a semester to graduate. The final straw was a gay-themed reading assignment. I felt betrayed by my teacher and I was surprised that she had put me into such an uncomfortable situation. I was relieved to be finished with college early.
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First Comment from AG:

Homosexuality is now a religion, and if you don't join, try it, or approve of it without question, you are called "a hater," "intolerant," and members of the religion can't wait for you to "become extinct." (I have been told all of this for not joining or approving)

Now that Bruce Jenner, who should be on trial for manslaughter, has now become a public hero and someone to admire for his "courage," and a person kids should 'look up to' because he is now a man with breasts, a penis, and who "wants to become a lesbian".... I am afraid that Mother Nature might just about have had enough of us humans. 

The Natural world tends to eradicate species that have become defective and unnatural. I would suggest that now, more than ever, the human race had better transform into a higher consciousness --to connect back to our Divine Source, or we are going to be cleansed in some other way.

Bruce Jenner: Neither Man Nor Woman 

Dan writes:

The word "homophobia" is a nonsense pseudoscience word.   Real science terms that derive from Greek actually mean exactly what they say in Greek.  But 'homo' means 'Man' and 'phobia' means 'fear':  so 'homophobia' means "fear of men", not "fear of queers and lesbians",  much less hatred of queers. 

"Homophobia" is a half baked term of lazy thinking.  It was coined by a queer New York psychiatrist named George Weinberg in 1966.  Weinberg was pals with New York pornographer Al Goldstein, who was the first publisher to make sure the term infected the English vocabulary through National SCREW magazine and Toronto's GAY magazine half a century ago. 

So folks, if anyone calls you "homophobic", you can help educate them by giving them a lecture on the silly background of the word.   

Here's another one - if 'Matthew Sheppard Day' ever comes up in conversation.  Refer them to 'the Book of Matt' - a meticulously researched and documented biography of the 'Gay Martyr' by a homosexual who knew the legend was a lie.   Basically, Sheppard was meth dealer, and one of the men who beat him up and left him to die was already involved with him both sexually, and through drug deals.   In the dope business people kill you when you rip them off.   So he wasn't killed 'for being gay'.  He was killed for living a high-risk lifestyle - sodomy was merely a part of it, and had nothing to do with his murder.  Despite these facts being told to the public in 2004, one of the early 'hate laws' in 2009 was named after Sheppard - a dope dealer sex addict. 

To add insult to injury, the bill also bore the name of the black man killed in a Texas chain dragging incident in 1988.   That was an attempt to link 'homophobia' to racism. The moral of the story is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  Better yet, they shouldn't get stoned.

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Comments for "Heterophobia Forced Me to Quit University "

LK said (June 7, 2015):

Hi Henry-great article for people who are not aware or are oblivious to the massive drive by the media &the controllers to promote & force homosexual “religion” on the normal population. We as society are being dismantled in to chaotic & mindless masses—it sure looks that the end is in sight.

Keep up your good work, since you are one of the few out there who are the light in the darkness -have a good week,

JW said (June 6, 2015):

GR, you don't have to attend college if you want to learn a foreign language. Hell, nowadays you don't have to attend college if you want to learn anything, especially if higher education has really been turned into a propaganda tool for the deviants. Find someone on the internet who's willing to give lessons, establish contact and chances are you will meet a normal person instead of a militant fag. You may even make a new friend as a "side effect".

Apart from that, get yourself a good textbook with a CD/mp3, preferably from the 1990s or older, i.e. from the time when there was more text in the books than there were pictures (dumbing us down, aren't they?) and you're set. Amusez-vous bien et bonne chance!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at