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Suburbs are Sinister Places

August 14, 2015

British ex-pat reflects on the wasteland he fled.
To implement the NWO, the Illuminati depend on the compliance of the population. The British middle classes comply by subjecting themselves to the tedium of suburban life, which largely consists of watching television.

David Richards, 27, teaches English in Mongolia. He is married to a Mongolian woman and has one child.

by David Richards

Spending my early life in an English suburb drove me mad and is the main reason I left Britain. It is only from Mongolia that I can see how right my instincts were. Suburbs are sinister places.

My hometown of Kenilworth is typical of British suburbia. It features endless rows of middle management homes and gardens. The town is immaculate and there are plenty of green areas. There are modern schools and a shopping precinct; a consumer paradise. It is superficially pleasant, but you only have to spend a short time there to realize all is not well. 

Growing up, I used to refer to my home as a 'flowery ghost town'. Despite having a population of 30,000 people, there is an absence of life. When I went for walks in the evening, the streets were almost always deserted, the dim glow of television sets being the only sign of life. 

People have this strangely interiorized style of living, where they switch off the outside world, like it is some threatening television program. They lock their front door and switch on the alarm system and then watch TV and go online. That's not a recipe for healthy society. 

People give the impression that their minds are a complete vacuum; with no dreams or hopes of any importance. Even if there are a few interesting people around, there's no civic structures to bring people together. The notion of community is kept alive by soap operas, which have millions of loyal viewers. 

While the media is controlled by the Illuminati, there is no law forcing people to watch TV all evening. People choose to do that themselves, and the Illuminati depend on this compliance to implement their agenda. 

What I see threatening about the  NWO agenda is that it is a collective enterprise; we are all responsible in some way. Most middle-class people love the security, luxury and convenience of suburban life (with the alienation, conformity and passivity that it entails), and are willing to sacrifice their souls to be part of it. 

I do not think it is overly dramatic to say they sacrifice their souls. Death takes many forms, and a loss of self-consciousness, of the awareness of self, could be regarded as death. The worst part is that many people actually aspire to enter into the collective coma of suburbia.


I now recognize the awful effect suburban life has on young people. Spending their developmental years locked indoors with their eyes glued to the television not only makes children dumb, but also bereft of life experience. 

A lot of suburban kids intuitively know that something is seriously wrong. You can see this in the high number who abuse alcohol and drugs. Boredom and a deadening sense of total pointlessness drove many of my friends into taking drugs. 

How can we attack the Illuminati when we don't try to change the world around us? Many of us rarely even leave the house, let alone do anything positive.

We need to be arbiters of our own reality.  I do not think our behavior even has to be directly political to have a big effect; it can just mean turning off the television and developing relationships, doing good works, and making sure we do not neglect our loved ones. In short: rejecting the alienation and soullessness of suburban life.
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First Comment from Richard:

David Richards is right.   Young people are entirely unaware that the suburbs were designed essentially as minimum security holding pens for the "postwar generation".    Their grandparents or great grandparents that became young adults during WWII were separated by gender for the duration of the war, after which they scattered across the country.   'GI Bill' suburbs offered low cost houses for the war veterans to lure them away from established villages and urban neighborhoods.

I was born in 1955 when this was still new.  Still, I wouldn't have known what had been lost, if I hadn't been raised by my grandparents.  They could see that the suburbs would never become like the villages, neighborhoods and small towns people lived for generations before.  For thing, the businesses we used weren't locally owned.  The stores were all national chains.

So were the banks.  The first 'malls' were introduced during the late 1960's were supposed to provide a 'town square' but all one could do there is consume.  Everything from the City council and police were populated with Freemasons.  Their Eastern Star wives got all the teaching jobs in the public schools.  They were gate keepers and enforcers of a a continental prison without walls.   Suburbs are a system that excludes self sufficiency, after the fashion of pastures and pens for livestock.

The 20th century was an ongoing human engineering project in domesticating humanity.

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Comments for "Suburbs are Sinister Places"

SC said (August 18, 2015):

Good afternoon Henry

I thoroughly enjoyed reading David Richards' latest article . Absolutely spot on.

I have lived in Kenilworth . I know it very well .

I left for the reasons that he so well described .

I would like to add something about UK which is related to the point he has made.

The English Pub so often the centre of town or village life is slowly dying . Many are converted into restaurants simply to provide drinking and communal facilities especialliy for village life.

The price of beer has been increased to horrific prices . A friend went back to Essex east of London recently . The pint of beer now costs 4 pounds sterling .

However in the supermarkets you can buy cans of beer much more cheaply .

So the conclusion of that is people are encouraged to stay at home more and drink more at home . The situation has been artificially created that they cannot afford to drink in the local pub .

And the reason is the Elite do not want people to gather socially and possibly hatch potential protest organisations .

They want all people staying at home . David Richards is correct . When everyone is tucked into their little home at night they cannot become a threat to anything or anyone .

If you can buy cheap beer in the supermarket why can't you buy cheap beer in the local pub ?

They want the pubs in England to die .

Marcos in Sao Paulo said (August 16, 2015):

I would love to live in a suburb. A place where every family has a house and independence. No wonder the globalists hate them. That's why they want to implement UN's Agenda 21, to pack people like sardines in 300 sq. feet apartments with a bicycle, so they can spend their time in back alleys smoking meth and shooting at each other.

I have lived in a suburb in the US for a short time. It was great. People do sports, they go camping, hiking, make new friends at church. And at the same time there was a healthy respect to individuality. I loved it.

I propose to any American crybaby to come live here in Brazil in a favela and let me live in a US suburb. We can swap passports. Here you can enjoy the proximity with people, open sewers, the wonderful relationship with drunkards and drug addicts in the many make-shift bars in every corner. There is also the companionship atmosphere of listening to fights and discussions next door and the occasional gun shot. There is also the community feeling of living with drug dealers, listening to funk music parties until 6 AM during the week. It is a lot of human feeling. You will never feel lonely anymore!

CW said (August 15, 2015):

I live in Melbourne Australia a city full of endless and soulless suburbs. They stretch for more than 75 km. I have lived most of my life in Melbourne's suburbs and the result has been negative. People are anti-social and want to keep to themselves. There is no sense of community and mental illness and other maladies like drug addiction are rife. It causes a heavy reliance on car dependency as public transport is inadequate. Hence more traffic and road rage.

I myself have depression (Australia has a high depression rate) and have to cope with a boring lifestyle in suburbia.
It has caused people to become suspicious and extremely surly. Other Australian cities aren't different from Melbourne's suburbia. Because of little social interaction loneliness is rife and people are reluctant to invite you over to their home. Simply people no longer see the joys of humanity. Australia is one of the most suburbanized countries in the world with a declining standard of living. But the suburban sprawl keeps growing.

Australia's future looks truly bleak.

Sandra said (August 15, 2015):

I've never seen such a collection of cliches in my life in one little article. But the hipsters and poor people living downtown or in the old sections of town with their teeny-tiny yards are full of culture, playing musical instruments with their neighbours; reading classical literature from dawn til dusk; doing charitable work, etc. Why, they don't even own tv sets, do they? No soul-lessness there! No drug problems, either. Oh, maybe except for all that expensive white wine but, hey, that's not really dope, is it. I am right, aren't I?

Everyone watches television all day in the suburbs, is that correct? Oh, sometimes we take time off from the stupid tube to read, but that wouldn't count, would it. Sheesh.

By the way, your commenter James Perloff, is that the conspiracy guy? Whether it is or not, I love his brief letter to you.

James Perloff said (August 15, 2015):

I just can’t believe these suburban sheeple who spend all day watching a television screen. Hold on, Henry—I’ll complete this comment after I’m finished with my emails, my instant messages, my Skype messages, my Twitter feed, my Facebook friends, my Amazon shopping, the Netflix movie I started last night, and another 30 games of Solitaire.

Bill S said (August 15, 2015):

Another good article by the young David Richards. Makes me wonder if reincarnation and "old souls" theories are right. I give him alot of credit for doing what he did. I had thoughts about going to an third world country to "help" them when I was very young, but never took that leap outside of my comfort zone. I grew up in a Chicago suburb and always had this nagging feeling that I was missing out on something. Still have that feeling today (at 60).

Nonetheless, I am grateful to my parents for raising me and my siblings in the suburbs. We escaped the noise, pollution and crime of the city. When I was a child, growing up in the 1960s, neighbors would all be out on the front porches in the evening - during the summer - because it was too hot inside the house. All the windows and doors were open and the fans were positioned to draw the air thru the house. It was fun. The adults would smoke and drink lemonade or beer. Us kids would run around chasing lightning bugs or the dog.

During the winter, we would be out shoveling the snow and scraping ice off the car windows. Once we got a window air conditioner, there was no need to be outside anymore. People shut their doors and windows to keep the cool air inside. I can remember walking home from the playground around dinner time and smelling wonderful aromas emanating from the houses along my path. Pork chops, lasagna, grilled hamburgers, chicken and steak. It was wonderful. I rarely smell food anymore on my daily walks.

And it was safe. Nobody locked their doors. The moms all knew each other and were like the NSA, keeping an eye on everything. Of course, that is when moms were home all day and the dads were at work. Once moms started working, things changed. But the kids were older, so no biggie. It just became a challenge to schedule all the activities such that everyone got where they needed to be on time.

This idea of "changing the world" is natural and good. But just try finding anyone who is not Blue Pill out there. Everyone - us included - is a product of their programming. So we all live in our own little bubble, craving a feeling of belonging. But on the bright side, I take care of what I can control - my health and my attitude. Since I have a "free will," I choose to smile and laugh - and connect with others through writing. Every generation is faced with challenges. We are no different.

TW said (August 15, 2015):

With respect to Al Thompson's comment, he spoke of young people never asking any questions. I would add that, in my experience, NO ONE asks any real questions anymore.

If an individual asks too many questions nowadays, he gets looked upon as some kind of aberration and annoyance. This likely has to do with the programming that television has wrought in the minds of the populace.
In my previous job working for a big banking concern, my immediate manager used to chastise me for asking too many questions. He even had the nerve to compare me to a child because, in his view, adults don't ask many questions. I turned it around on him, though, and reminded him that most children are expected to accept directives without explanation. I told him that, as an adult, I liked to use my mind, rebelled at the idea of policy being made on a whim, and wasn't comfortable merely accepting situations because I was told "that's the way it is". He had no response to that.

Most people's minds are definitely controlled. Why do you think people all use the same way of speaking, dress essentially alike, adopt the same attitudes about issues, and think that anyone who doesn't agree with the masses is stupid, ignorant, and/or a paranoid nutcase?

Anyone who bucks the system becomes an outcast. Thanks, mass media. You've done your job well.

Al Thompson said (August 15, 2015):

Al Thompson:

David Richards wrote a very intelligent article. In his remarks he says: ".....absence of life." And I agree that the comfort of the suburbs can be deceiving in hiding the agenda of the NWO freaks.

Television and not the internet can waste a lot of a person's life. These two media sources place a stupor on people and so they don't do anything else but vegetate in front of the boob tube, or rot their minds on the internet. There's a place for these things, but just like anything else, too much of it can be a major problem.

I have noticed that many young people I encounter don't ask questions. If a young person isn't asking questions, then that means that they aren't thinking very much. They don't question anything and so any lies they are told go unchallenged.

And now, with the advent of the cell phone or dumb phone, people run into each other staring down at the screen waiting for their next innocuous message from nowhere.

Mind control can be very insidious and it is important to limit the sources of their influence upon the mind. Yes, the easiest thing to do is to shut it off. Most of the various media sources are there to retard the collective minds of the public. I see this every day. If I mention things like chemtrails, I get screamed at because I'm threatening their false sense of security. But once they have "face-planted" on their cell phones, they seem to lose their own identity and have become slaves to the device. This produces unthinking minds. I think it is best to shut down these things and not be so susceptible in having the mind go into a stupor.

Marco A said (August 14, 2015):

Hey Henry, this is a good article that deals with something no one talks about because its become standardized and normal.

Unfortunately, suburbia is definitely part of the NWO structure. Its something straight out of Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' which is the system we are living in today. Suburbia screams of passivity and weakness and being content despite there being nothing to be happy about. Sure you have showers, and a quiet safe environment - but life isn't about being in a perfectly artificial sanitized neighbourhood of boxed. Life is about living.

There is nothing in suburbia that inspires or would entail that there is something more to life other than work, sleep and mindless entertainment. Its a soul crushing place where you are surrounded by people, but feel totally alone. Its testament to there truly being no community.

I have a hard time trying to communicate just what it is I hate about suburbs, but suffice to say in suburbs there will never be a spirit of rebellion against the NWO because there is no spirit there other than materialism.
Man is modest and doesn't require much material to be happy, but he does need something that fills his heart and soul. Materialism wont do that for him.

Adrian H said (August 14, 2015):

The UK is a cattle control experiment that took a spirited independent race and and degraded them into distracted and controlled weaklings. If the psycho-elite can do that in the UK then the same programme can be
rolled out in the rest of the world, even Mongolia. The
Trojan horse is the TV. Doesn't TV come before anything else even in Mongolia? Has David not seen disheveled dwellings with the "essential" satellite dish hung on a pole?

The first but essential act of resistance in the war waged on us by the psycho-elite is to throw out the TV.

George K said (August 14, 2015):

What a superb and timely article! This 27 year old has the wisdom of a 72 year old. "Trash the TV and set yourself free"!

HS said (August 14, 2015):

As lucifer sought control over God's authority, so too do Luciferians seek control of God's children. Lucifer, as prince of this world, needs predictive power to maintain the illusion that he is in control. He has accomplished this by removing man's connections to nature, therby reducing mankind to human livestock. Suburbia is an immature excuse for a naturally occurring community. It is entirely artificial, and paves the way for an artificial cultural identity.

I was once introduced to a book about time, called, A Sideways Look at Time by Jay Griffiths. The first chapter provides examples of various cultures and their unique practices of telling time. Later, the reader is shown that the standardization of world clock time in 1912 signaled the beginning of a "global suburbia". Once the majority of the natural kingdoms is sectioned off, there is less possibility for individuals to resist assimilation. It is easier to control outcomes (ie: affirmative action, communism, enlightenment) and therefore to influence cutural expectations. Predictive programming is used to promote more sickness. The octothorpe, or hash tag, is significant amongst the occult and once indicated a village on a map. Today the symbol is used to monitor trends within the world of social networking, as a means of social manipulation. United by God we will stand, divided by hell we will not.

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