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White Males No Longer "Cucked"

July 31, 2016

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(Pope Francis, "cuck")

To colonize and enslave humanity, the Masonic Jewish bankers
have vowed to "destroy every collective force but our own." 
(Protocols of Zion, 16)  These forces are race, religion (God), nation and family. The term "cuck" describes men who allow themselves to be robbed, "cuckolded".  With feminism, the bankers have stolen our women. With "diversity" they dispossess us of race, religion and nation. Tim Swan describes a glaring example of cuck behavior below.

Male emasculation:

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal."
--Harold Rosenthal  

  1. 1.
    the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
  1. 1.
    (of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.

2. A man whose race or country is taken from him by an interloper or gives them up willingly out of 
misguided guilt feelings.

An Analysis of the Cuckold Male

by Tim Swan

We hear the term 'Cuck' in the media circles a lot lately. 

It's pretty disgusting behaviour that has now been normalized by the shadow government that rules this world. Cucks are also people who bow down to militant feminism and elevate women to a superior level of their own non creation.

They fear their own masculinity and deep down repress their natural instincts because they're cowards ruled by their masters.

The Cuck is not an alpha male and typically speaks out against masculine behaviour and considers "The Patriarchy" to be at the root of the world's problems. Not surprisingly, these people tend to make white heterosexual men their number one enemy.


We represent everything they hate because they deep down wish they could be masculine traditional men with traditional roles instead of a contrived deep seeded guilt and shame.

The Illuminati, New World Order and George Soros's ilk are Satanists who are at war with the traditional nuclear family. Nothing infuriates these powers more than a heterosexual couple making homogeneous babies.

The blonde hair blue eyed child is the enemy of the Illuminati.

(Louis CK, cuck)

They hate white people. They hate anyone who is married and raising healthy and happy children is an enemy in their eyes. They want people confused, which is why they control the media who tells us that gay marriage is "normal" and you're "transphobic" if you raise questions about a man in a dress going into the ladies room with your young daughter.

They put subliminal messages in celebrity pop culture, music, movies, television shows as well as the news to maintain your mind in a state of decline.


Cuckolds and polygamous relationships are on the rise in our country and around the globe. More and more heterosexual couples are engaging in "open" relationships and rejecting the natural order of monogamy. Each time there's a problem in their relationship, the fight or flight method takes over and they either end up divorcing or trying an "open" relationship to save their own fragile egos. 

This is exactly what happened in a recent story I read upon the ultra-liberal cuck factory called The Huffington Post. [The post has been removed at request of the blogger, no doubt out of embarrassment.)

The author described his relationship with his wife and how they had a financially stable and happy marriage. But like with anything, problems started to happen. One major reason their marriage failed is because the husband ended up kissing another woman at a hippie festival he attended without the wife. Feeling guilt and shame, he eventually confessed to his wife about what happened. They tried to conceive a child four different times but they always ended in miscarriages. Then this "man" decided on a brilliant idea to seemingly destroy everything he created with his wife.

He offered to "open" up the marriage to where they can see and sleep with other people.

They both did just that, but to add insult to injury, she ended up falling for her new lover and even ended up impregnated by him! Once this bombshell was dropped, they agreed to divorce and move on.

The ultimate irony is that he couldn't get her pregnant after all these tries but once they tried sleeping with other people, it was no issue for her at all. The moral of this story of marital decay is that you should always work through any issues you have with your spouse. It doesn't make logical sense to try out having multiple partners to save your original monogamous relationship.

It would be like saying that you should set your car on fire to prevent your house from burning down.

As for men reading this, the solution is clear.

Don't be a cuck. Defend your territory. 

First Comment from Dan:

Men in the West are effeminate.  That's the word, but you know what it means.  Are you effeminate?  How do you define effeminacy? 

To be Effeminate is a deeply nuanced metaphor. Fortunately they haven't done away with correct etymology yet.  Trace a word back to the language, era, and context of it's origin and you can still find it.   And boy oh boy, the original full meaning of Effeminate will  open your eyes. 

Effeminacy is a disordered fondness for ease and pleasure.  The effeminate man always takes the easy way out, because perseverance is hard. Perseverance is by the classic definition Masculine.   

Watching porn is effeminate, but so is a chronic habit of watching television shows for entertainment.   If you've been on weekend retreats or conferences where they take everyone's mobile phone away and you see grown men try to hide theirs or practically throw a temper tantrum when they have to give it up, that's effeminacy. 

"Cuckness" is only a symptom.  You'll never get anywhere trying 'not be a cuck' if you don't know how it happens.  That's the trick bag they have boys in now in public schools, and young men in the workplace - even in the military now.   The experience of millions of boys and young men today goes like this: boys see their father on the days that a woman judge allowed him visitation rights; or they never knew a father at all.  At school they're emasculated daily  by feminist teachers, often of another race.  At work they're emasculated by feminist managers. 

Blaming women is effeminate.  Race has nothing to do with it either.   It's a male issue.   Effeminacy has been imposed on us all - but YOU can refuse to play. These problems go to your own addiction to pleasures, and taking the easy way out.   

Now that you know, it's not too late to turn yourself around and become the man you are born to be.  Nature is on your side.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "White Males No Longer "Cucked""

Tony B said (August 1, 2016):

I just don't understand the need for all these words on this subject. For a man to be a man, that is.

My father was dead before I was born so I had no "father image" to imitate or build on. At four our fatherless family was broken (no such thing as welfare then) and I was with strangers. From that moment on I realized I was on my own. I did what I had to do to survive, I didn't haggle over the fine points. When I was big enough I ran away from the orphanage where I was imprisoned and was then truly on my own. Never did I need any talk about being a man. No study is required to be manly. It is really simple to be what you are. Whatever needed to be done, I just did. Why worry over it? What's to talk about? The formula for being a man is born into boys, just as the formula for being a woman is born into girls. Tampering with those God created formulas is criminally insane.

Seems to me all the talk about manliness, etc. is designed to pervert what IS into something else. That is, something perverted. Men do. Talk about doing what we do is for women.

Al Thompson said (July 31, 2016):

One of the ways to start being a man again is to grow a beard and don't trim it. Grow a full beard and then watch your friends, fellow workers, and your family freak out. I don't know when shaving started, but it looks to me that it was a way to make men overly compliant to the coming new world order. Just as the promoting of homosexuality is popular in the power circles today, shaving must have had the same effect on the men. A shaved face means that the man is willing to OBEY.
Obey your masters!! By growing the beard, it means that the man isn't willing to take that shit from the "cuck" heads.

I'm not talking about the Tim Tebow 10 day no shave beard, but I'm talking about a long, untrimmed beard and will put people in awe and piss-off the "cucks." Longer hair is probably in order as well. Remember, what happened to Samson in that story. The woman Delilah found that the secret to his strength was his long hair.

The point I'm attempting to make is that a man has more power with a long and untrimmed beard. Long hair is the symbol of power, a shaved anything loses that power. In fact, the man looks better and he has a stronger presence.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at