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Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home

September 25, 2016


(left, not Jon)

"Jon," a Canadian who lived in his car for a year,

recounts how the experience hardened him.

He wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignores 

its own homeless, especially if they are white men. 

"Dec 25 2012. I woke up to the rain, crying, sitting in the front seat of my car next to a park. Merry Christmas to me. Each day, I cried as much for society as I did for myself."

by "Jon"


What bothered me more than living in the car was the absolute lack of concern, compassion, care from society. The people who knew I lived in a car did not invite me for a Christmas or thanksgiving dinner or a bed..shower. No one came by with extra blankets and goods, or just to sit and talk.

As a man..born and raised in Canada..I was worthless. No Christian, no religious person cared.

The government has an unlimited number of programs for homeless women..and homeless women with children...and refugees, but few for white men.

One's attitude changes after a year. There is an emotional draining that would equal a rusty bucket trying to hold water. And when the rust sets in, it keeps growing. The hole cannot be patched.

People who wish to support refugees have not been homeless. If they had been, they would know we need to help our neighbours first. The Canadian resources are ours collectively. The homeless want their share.

I tell young people to not be nice, to look after themselves first, to understand that their competition is now not only other men, but women who get more government help, and immigrants.

Those wishing to return to the "good old days" are never going to see that time again. I hope they have good memories and lots of photos.


Dec 25 2012. I woke up to the rain, crying, sitting in the front seat of my car next to a park. Merry Christmas to me. Each day, I cried as much for society as I did for myself. Not a very fun year.

I'm going to write the anti-redemption story. Most of my life I did the right thing, I followed the golden rule, I gave when asked, I put other's needs before mine. Now......I'm selfish; I no longer care for others; I am trying to be greedy and I push away every others group that has their hand out.

I'm almost normal... I'm almost happy about my new attitude. I'm colder and less compassionate towards even the homeless. I'm angry, bitter, frustrated.


(left, homeless camp) 

I watch 30,000 extra refugees who are getting homes and food, schooling, clothing, money, social interaction. More than half of the people of Canada care about them. People are doing all they can to reach out to help them. My governments are using this for photo ops for their next elections. No politician invited my to their home for a cup of coffee.

Bitterness is an emotional cancer that kills the host. I have to hide the fact that I was homeless. One year being homeless has taken multiple years off of my life. I can see how people can turn to drugs and alcohol in order to fill their emotions. I didn't. [I turned to] Hate.


Simple the lack of human contact will drive a person mad.

People think that I'm strange for spending a minute patting their dog in order to feel another loving living creature without the judgement.  

The endless time thinking about how I'm screwed up or society or both. Billions of people, but no one cares about me.  How is this possible? 

What did I do wrong?..................most people didn't know. But those who did care were helping others overseas. The refugees or starving people in Africa...but I was right in front of them and they looked into my eyes and by their lack of action told me to "fuck off and die." So you each day you start to believe it.  And now you're in a negative feedback loop of hopelessness and helplessness.

And any computer programmer knows that a feedback loop needs an external input to break this action-inaction-action.

Sadly, I think that my experience is going to be more common in the West.  Some have more, others a lot less and more people are going to feel the need to be selfish as a form of self preservation. 


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With price of housing, many choose to live in vehicles.

First Comment from Harry:

I was homeless for more than three years in the 1970s, and the problem here in England is that if you don't have a postal address, you don't exist.

In theory, welfare is available for anyone who needs it and is mentally and physically strong enough to fight for it, but without documentary proof of a legitimate postal address, you become an unperson. How does one obtain a tenancy agreement for a shop doorway or a cardboard box?

Councils say they'll honour their stated obligation to house the homeless, but then they insist on that piece of paper proving "the homeless" are really not homeless at all.

The only time a homeless person officially exists is when he's being harassed and threatened by the police, or after some bastard sets fire to him while he sleeps.

I was eventually rescued by a businessman with a conscience, but most homeless people aren't that lucky.

Now that I'm physically disabled, I have a different problem, aggravated by the rapefugee invasion.

I can't stay where I am because of my disability, but I can't move to more suitable accommodation because landlords are cashing in on the invasion by "economic migrants" (NOT refugees), who receive far more in welfare payments than a disabled Englishman (or woman) could ever dream of.

I can't work, so depend on the state for my income, and rent allowances in each area are "capped" at far LESS than the amount demanded by landlords.

I'm stuck. I can't live here and I can't move to something more suitable. Houses are going up everywhere, many in flood plains, but these are for the wealthy, who buy them up to rent out to rapefugees at high rents paid by the government.

Something has to change.

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Comments for "Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home"

M said (September 27, 2016):

I agree with what this man said about how the help should go first to those who are already here, but i want to say something to that man :

You never talked about God. I'm not talking about Jesus, but God, the Only One.

He watch you, he cares for you, but you forgot Him. You talk about christians who don't care about you, but may be it's the counterpart of you not caring about your Creator.

Stephen Coleman said (September 27, 2016):

Stephen Coleman:

Regarding the dearth of responses to this article, perhaps some of your readers have the same attitude that "Jon" complains about?

I experienced this myself. I quit (and mutual expulsion) college in disgust regarding the lack of quality education being offered.

But I soon found myself with no place to live as I had no income. But instead of vegetating in my pickup truck, I went to one of those rural cafe's where the farmers hang out and spoke with a few telling them my situation. Needless to say, some were quite leery of me. But one offered me a place to garden and I offered to help him when he needed it in exchange.

I built a small shack from sticks and mud so I could stay dry and have peace from the mosquitos. I grew about a 1/2 acre garden and had more food than I could eat and started selling some produce to locals. I also picked wild greens, nuts and hunted rabbits.

From time to time I would weed the farmer's fields, cut firewood and help him do mechanical repairs where I learned some basic mechanics.

I earned a total of $400 in one year but never went cold, hungry or used any government aid. I also managed to stay clean. But it was terribly boring, life was too easy and there were no challenges. Eventually I was able to find a paying job and chose to return to "civilization".

Oddly enough, years later I discovered this farmer was my 4th cousin, though we grew up a 1000 miles apart.


Peter said (September 27, 2016):

It is the price of property that has brought in this 'new problem'. All the single men hostels have sold for domestic homes. Home loans are based on usery and this is the true nature of the problem.

Just to live somewhere today costs more than the basic wage pays, I lived in my car for 6 months and I was working. I too lost a lot of compassion for society because of this.

There is nothing like repeatedly waking up, crouched in a car. I used to park out the front of my jobs sites, I was a builders labourer.

I joined a gym to have showers.

I didn't blame refugees for taking my place, I blamed the Illuminati controlled banks. I by then knew a secret society moulded society.

LoisAnn said (September 26, 2016):

Here in Tucson, Arizona we have places where entire families live in makeshift 'dwellings'. People who were once employed and earning their way. Then, like so many others things headed 'South' for them and it has come to this tragedy. How hard and humiliating it must be for the children in school. Sometimes drives are taken to collect funds, clothing, etc. but they need so much more than that. They need their dignity returned, head of family employment, acceptance in the community, and of course their spirits strengthened.

Now, we have Obama bringing in millions more to our country and nothing good will come of this. Like the man in Canada I agree. Take care of home first. This is a mockery of leadership and needs resolved. Or, should I say 'dis-solved'.

VT said (September 26, 2016):

Jon is right - his experience IS going to become more common in the West. And it is all BY DESIGN. Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, has done us all a service by shouting it from the rooftops with prolific youtube interviews outlining the sheer mendacity of the Bankster led Corporate Oligarchy.

Their aim is nothing less than the elimination of the middle-class in America and the West. We will be left with a 1% ruling elite and 99% whimpering, broken, working poor, loaded with debt, with no choice but to accept dirt poor wages and a hand-to-mouth existence. Resistance will be impossible, and we will rue the lost opportunity when we might have thrown off our oppressors. The elite, who are busy trying to carve up Syria, have their sights on world domination. Once they have achieved that, they will herd their helpless human cattle into slaughterhouses that will make the Holocaust look like a tea party in Aunt Bess's rose garden.

Dr Roberts shows how the economy has been commandeered to make the corporate elites filthy rich at the expense of the working-class, starting with the $4 TRILLION printed by the Fed since the start of the global downturn to bail out the banks (too big to fail), on secret Pentagon projects enriching the Military Industrial Complex (remember the $2 TRILLION that Donald Rumsfeld could not account for just prior to 911), all at the expense of the taxpayer.

At the same time the Corporations have moved production to China and India, effectively exporting American, Canadian, English and Western European jobs overseas, and using their political buddies to remove tariffs via "free-trade" agreements, so that those Chinese goods flood our markets with no penalty, killing all domestic competition.

He relates how publicly listed companies are forced to off-shore their operations with the threat of hostile take-overs if they don't. Let me repeat - Wall Street actually threatens to finance company take-overs if resistors refuse to off-shore production in low-wage countries like China, India, Mexico, etc. NONE of this is reported in the mainstream press - since Bill Clinton relaxed the media ownership rules, more than 90% of the American media is owned by 6 big corporations. Goodbye free speech!

Meanwhile more than 50% of American 25 to 35 year olds still live with their parents, unable to afford to live independently. Those without parents to put them up will join Jon in their cars or on the street.

Henry I really appreciate your great efforts in lifting the rock to expose the slimy creatures who are plotting our demise. I just hope we make as many people in our own circles of influence aware of what's going on. We should not leave our grandkids a legacy of regret at our inaction.

Kurt said (September 26, 2016):

Having never been homeless, perhaps I am less empathetic.
The question I have to ask when I hear these stories is: “My taxes support a costly welfare system. Why doesn’t it work for these people? Don’t they qualify under the means test? If not, why not?”
There must be more to the story.

JG said (September 26, 2016):

The refugees that are getting favour is good PR for the governments that support them. They are also valuable in that they help racially mingle the nation's general population to help dissolve national heritage and identity.
Their is no such thing as poor whites without influence in the fairy tale world of political correctness. They are the only group of people you can publicly condemn racially without being accused of any hate crime.
However, you need not be discouraged. The media's world and the real world are two different entities.

RB said (September 26, 2016):

Jon- I enjoyed reading Your ideas and experiences. I myself was homeless for ten years or so. I hope that things have improved for you especially Your outlook toward other people. I still have difficulty with this and have developed social phobia and perceive people as potentially a threat among other things. And I stopped being homeless in 1994. Thank you again for what you write. Many people have no idea how it feels to be completely alone and rejected by everybody but a few other homeless.

Al Thompson said (September 25, 2016):

If I were homeless like Jon was, I would go around to businesses and nag them until someone gave him a job. Don't send in resumes, just go into the business and get some kind of work. Just the action from looking for a job would keep him busy. It's hard to look for a job this way, but I think it is more effective. I

The government doesn't care about anyone but the "globalist" agenda so this has to be taken into account when making career choices. If the government cared, it wouldn't have sent the jobs to other countries.

I wouldn't allow myself to operate with any hatred in my heart. That is not productive. I would stand aloof from the problems, but I wouldn't wallow in hatred. If that is done then they win and he loses.

Tony B said (September 25, 2016):

Living in one's car, whole families living in the car, like living on the street, has been going on for decades in the U.S. Everything "official," especially politicians and media, ignore it as it is an odious "blight" not allowed to destroy the promoted fake prosperity. The only official attention paid is when politicians decide an area is too obvious to be ignored.

An easy example occurred in Ventura, CA as seen when I lived there. The on again, off again, Texas oil business was again turned off and many newly desperate families, following a rumor that California was booming, arrived there only to find no hope of jobs while running on their last fumes.

Those around Ventura soon discovered that the only place they could park their car/homes without police harassment was a dry river bed leading to the ocean. However this soon became a whole city of families living on whatever they could earn or beg each day and the local politicians decided this "flood plain" which no longer ever flooded was "too dangerous" to allow these obviously jobless squatters to stay, therefore families could either scatter to nowhere or be arrested and broken up by officialdom.

This was at least two decades ago and, yes, illegal aliens were pouring into California and the state was busy coddling them in every way tax money possibly could.

The agenda is obvious. Unfortunately, for too many people, those behind the politicians enforcing the agenda are still not obvious. The Rothschild cabal City of London has drained the west of all real wealth and is now looking for new blood elsewhere. Note that they were the first "westerners" to get their nose under the tent of the new Chinese bank created with BRICS nations in mind.

Dan Abshear said (September 25, 2016):

Thanks for linking what I wrote to this piece.

I've now been homeless off and on for 7 years. This happened after I was a highly paid corporate executive for a decade. [Lost it all for becoming a whistle blower.]

Thankfully I'm a military veteran, so the VA has overall taken care of my homeless needs. Living with other homeless people, I've discovered many others are in need in one way or another. So I've spent a large part of these 7 years helping others in some way. That is one positive evolution that has happened since I entered homelessness. I now care more about other people, and it's noticeable, although I do not help others to be noticed. Other evolutionary events that have happened to me is that I am clearly transient. I've lived in many different places during these 7 years. Periods during my 7 years homeless I've found myself very self destructive, void of any peace or happiness.

I wanted to add that in the 7 years I was homeless, I've never panhandled. However I've accepted monetary gifts from others at times. I've actually gone weeks without eating as a homeless person. Also during my 7 years homeless I've never demonstrated any anger or hate. I'd rather not be alone also now. So far I've never slept on the streets, but that could happen at any time. I still depend on and am thankful for the kindness strangers give me and my fellow homeless people.

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