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Child Refugee Drowning Was a Psy Op

March 2, 2017

(Alan Kurdi, 3) 

How do we know?
It fits the globalist modus operandi: 
Guilt the target population 
into forfeiting its national culture
and independence by accepting an army
of Third World "refugees." 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The health food store in my Winnipeg neighbourhood has a sign in the door: "Welcome Refugees." About 200 "asylum seekers" have illegally crossed the US border into Manitoba on foot in 2017.  

Move over persecuted Jews! Move over persecuted Blacks! Move over oppressed Women and Gays!  

Make room for poor "refugees," the latest instrument in the globalist (Masonic Jewish) plot to re-engineer and enslave humanity.  

This agenda requires the European Christian nations in the West be degraded and diluted using third world migration. Jacques Attali spelled it out  in his A Brief History of the Future (2006). Israel Cohen exposed it as a Communist Part program in 1912.  Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi proclaimed in 1925, "the man of the future will be mixed race." 

Illuminati Jews obviously regard European-origin people as an obstacle to their world hegemony. Too entitled maybe? Their agenda is white dispossession. The Communist strategy is always to get the camel's nose under the tent. Afterward, they reveal their real purpose. For example, in the case of feminism, they wanted "equality" for women. Now that women outnumber men 2-1 in many fields at universities, no one is talking about "equality." When whites become a minority, there will be no affirmative action nor protection from "hate speech." Look at the position of whites in South Africa for a lesson.   

Jews are on the forefront of promoting migration and intermarriage for the West while Israel bans refugees and pursues apartheid policies. Israelis are among the worst racists in the world. Israel and the West are responsible for the dislocation of millions of Arabs, genuine refugees who should be housed near their home countries and compensated. 

I am suspicious when migration and intermarriage are part of someone's sinister hidden agenda. I like diversity. That's why I prefer that nations and races remain distinct. I don't want any to disappear.


It's obvious that the Alan Kurdi drowning was a psy op to guilt the West into accepting "refugees." The first tell is that the boy was garbed in bright blue and bright red -- very photogenic. Imagine if he wore drab brown and black? Get it?

There were also reports that the body was moved to "a better location" for purposes of the photograph. 

Alan Kurdi's father Abdullah, left, was tried in absentia by Turkey for people smuggling in this case. His behavior was reckless. It is possible the drowning of his wife and sons was deliberate. 

Why else would anyone venture out in a life raft in the middle of the night when they were not fleeing persecution? The family had lived for three years in Turkey where Abdullah was a barber. The family was also being supported financially by Abdullah's sister in Vancouver and easily could have applied for legal immigration. 

The psy op was effective. The Daily Express reported.

Photos of Aylan's lifeless red t-shirted body lying on the shore and then being carried by Mr Ciplak have been seen as a turning point in the way the world views the growing refugee crisis. More than £1 million has been raised in the days that followed its publication as Britons reached into their pockets to do what they can to help refugees pouring into Europe.


How are you a refugee if you are not fleeing persecution? We all know about economic migrants. We know that 3.5 billion people live on $2 a day. We get that. Most would love to migrate to the West. But surely the solution is to spare them the destruction wrought by Zionist imperialism and raise their standard of living at home

But instead, economic migrants are being reclassified as "refugees" in order to execute the globalist agenda. They are being allowed to jump ahead of people who apply legally.  My family were DPs (displaced persons.) But we came to Canada legally in 1950. My dad had an engineering degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  

I like minorities. I just don't want to become one. I identify with the European Christian culture in which I grew up. Canada was English or French with roughly 20% ethnic minorities. French Canada has been allowed to retain its cultural and racial identity. They are well organized. But whites in English Canada are targeted to become a minority. They are already a minority in Toronto and possibly Vancouver. They are fast becoming a minority in TV commercials and newscasts. No one is asking Asians, Arabs, Africans or Israelis to become minorities in their countries. No one is asking them to accept "refugees." Why is that?

Perhaps whites deserve this fate. They have been easily manipulated by their traitorous leadership.
The human stock of many immigrants may be quite high. They are eager to work, grateful to be here. Many have good family values. I just want immigration to be legal and based on national priorities, freely debated. Now, debate is shut down using typical Communist slander tactics, i.e. accusations of "racism" and "bigotry."  


The trickle of "refugees" crossing the US border to Canada due to Trump may turn into a tsunami when the weather improves. As long as cucked Canadians hang out the welcome sign, they will keep coming. 

Like the Kurdis, these asylum seekers are not true refugees. They are economic migrants. They are not in danger in the US, except for possible deportation. But Canada's traitorous globalist elite prefers to give them "refugee treatment" because both are part of the Communist NWO game. 

Just like Pearl Harbour and 9-11 but on a smaller scale, Alan Kurdi's drowning was a psy op designed to change minds instantly. We won't be manipulated. We won't be dispossessed.


First Comment by James Perloff

The staging of the Baby Aylan photo is reminiscent of the 1937 "Shanghai Baby" picture (left), used to motivate Americans to join the Second World War; that one was also believed to have been stage-managed to maximize dramatic impact.

Ever since young men enlisted to avenge the fiction that "German soldiers were cutting off the hands of Belgian children" during World War I, the Illuminati have understood that goyim are suckers for child/baby atrocity stories (remember the infamous "incubator babies"). But when it comes to the media covering real child atrocities like Pizzagate, "don't hold your breath."

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Comments for " Child Refugee Drowning Was a Psy Op "

CR said (March 3, 2017):


It seems like almost everyone on both sides of the immigration debate has missed the most obvious solution: make things better in the countries that people are trying to leave rather than allow those who can make it to Europe, Canada, or the US to enter while letting third world countries deteriorate further.

We have billions of dollars to bomb and invade other countries while giving refugees more money each month than the average working citizen makes, why not invest some of that in improving the situation for would-be refugees instead? Just don't let the Clinton foundation get involved because you know what will happen then.

Most of these right wing/Republican/alt-right people who are the most outspoken against immigration are the same ones who were cheering when Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded, and nobody seemed to oppose the overthrow of Gaddafi. As they say, you reap what you sow. Rather than anti-immigrant protests and half baked nationalist policies, maybe we should pressure out governments to end conflicts in other countries and get their economies moving again.

Shawn said (March 2, 2017):

Flood traditionally Caucasian Western Nations with humanity from the four corners of the globe...and what do you get? Soviets accomplished this with labor camps and collectivization. USSA, Commonwealth, & EU accomplish this with proxy wars and forced integration. If the plan is on schedule, the next phase will be massive Chinese immigration (already at work in the Commonwealth). A citizenry with no commonality-many traditional enemies...[is a] Slave Master's Dream.

Ryan said (March 2, 2017):

The use of tragic photos, real or manufactured, have been used as a propaganda tool since film and motion pictures were invented. Despite a massive awakening, the other half will forever by duped until change occurs. For any REAL change to occur one has to recognize the problem. One is government, Drain the Swamp - but for real. I see two more problems, one being the media and Hollywood. The controlled media is the most powerful weapon on earth. The mockingbird media needs to be dismantled from the inside out. The various agents who are the controllers and gate-keepers in the corporate media and within Hollywood need to vetted, outed and removed. This would mean that the various alphabet agencies would have to be unified 100%. This would require a massive under taking as it would undermine any and all control from the ruling elite.

The second is education. The youth and young adults of today and yesterday have been carefully subverted by Marxist ideology in our colleges, schools and universities. These Marxist moles, plants and 60s leftist counter culture rejects within the system would need to be vetted, outed and removed as well. A complete overhaul of the education system would be required from the top down.

A massive revolution would be required for these things to happen, for the matrix to be destroyed. It would have to start from within the system itself. It would be the anti NWO.

JG said (March 2, 2017):

The Marxist/Illuminati Cabal want to rob the nations of their God given inheritance and identity.

This is being done right now through work visas, foreign exchange students, foreigners seeking political asylum and now the flat out physical placement of "refugees" in the predominantly White Christian nations of the West.
These refugees need to be helped at their home state. And this means giving them back their inheritance that they lost to the Illuminati Bankers and speculators who have robbed them of their wealth. I don't need to name those nations who were victimized, we know who they are.

As Christians we are to be charitable and loving to strangers. But, at the same time, we must do this by the direction of God and not the World Order Secular Humanists who are telling us who to help and who not to help.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at