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The Jewish Myth of Victimhood

April 24, 2017


The Judeo Masonic conspiracy hides its war against humanity

behind a smokescreen of Jewish victimhood.  (These conspirators

ensured there were enough Jewish victims to maintain this illusion.) 

This is why we never stop hearing about the holocaust. Trump just

proclaimed a week of holocaust remembrance. 

 Putin is also getting in on the act.   Never mind

20 million Russia goyim and 40 million other goyim died in 

the Rothschild's contrived WW2. Andrew Joyce reveals

that Jews actually enjoyed a privileged role in 

society throughout history.  

"The "lachrymose history of the Jews" ... stands stubbornly opposed to overwhelming evidence that Jews have been a privileged, protected, and economically and politically powerful group throughout recorded history." 

[Disclaimer- This post is not intended to minimize the genuine injustices to Jews but rather to expose how organized Jewry exploits these wrongs for political gain.] 

Reflections on the History of the Jewish Hoax 

by Andrew Joyce Ph.D.

(Excerpt by 

For many centuries Jews have engaged in the construction of false narratives that act to reinforce in-group identity while simultaneously disarming or disinhibiting out groups. The most powerful of these [is] the 'victimhood narrative.' Victimhood narratives ...allow the problems and challenges of the group to be blamed on an out-group, absolving the in-group of agency in its own misfortunes and thus obviating the need for internal change.

A further use of victimhood narratives is that they nurture the building of resentments, which can in turn provide the impetus and energy for aggressive acts against competitors. Although many ethnic and national groups have flirted with victimhood narratives, Jews are distinctive in their particularly strong aversion to changing their own version of victimhood. They have thus repeatedly had recourse to victimhood narratives throughout their history, and have adopted a unique worldview in which the entire non-Jewish world, the goyim, is presented as hostile -- a case of 'Jews versus the World.'


Most remarkable of all, Jews have been unique in their success in persuading competitors and opposing groups to adopt the Jewish victimhood narrative, disarming and disabling the more natural instinct of non-Jews to compete.

For these and lesser reasons, Jewish culture has come to master the art of the victimhood narrative and one often finds it remarked that the entire history of Jews is a history of constant suffering -- the "lachrymose history of the Jews." Although general acceptance of this over-arching historical narrative is a fairly recent development -- not much older than half a century, its now mainstream position stands stubbornly opposed to overwhelming evidence that Jews have been a privileged, protected, and economically and politically powerful group throughout recorded history. 

Indeed, one struggles to find a group of comparable size, at any place and in any point in time, enjoying the same level of wealth and influence. The most obvious weakness of contemporary academic and cultural treatments of Jewish matters is that they fail to adopt even a remotely critical approach to Jewish narratives. The alleged age-old victimhood of the Jews is simply taken at face value, digested, and deeply internalized, particularly in the West where Whites of Anglo and Germanic lineage have rarely, if ever, adopted a victimhood narrative of their own.

Because the Jewish victimhood narrative is, at heart, a compound of self-interested fabrications, the details that punctuate this over-arching narrative are themselves a rich constellation of exaggerations, bluffs, swindles, and hoaxes.


As explored in detail in a previous article, perhaps the earliest example of the Judenscherz is the Book of Exodus, an effort at refuting a Greek and Egyptian consensus on the undesirable behaviors of the Jewish populations in their midst. In any event, the Book of Exodus was, and remains, crucial in providing a foundation myth for Jewish victimhood narratives and thus a foundation for the Jewish hoax.

The putative 'liberation' of enslaved and persecuted Hebrews from Egypt is commemorated by Judaism every year, in the form of the Pesach, or Passover festival. Historian Paul Johnson remarks that Exodus "became an overwhelming memory" and "gradually replaced the creation itself as the central, determining event in Jewish history."[1] Exodus has a power that exists independently from the trappings of religious myth, acting through the centuries as a defining narrative of victimhood, group vindication, and self-validation. Exodus is a foundation upon which Jewish identity is built.


Early narratives like Exodus and the works of Josephus and Philo provided the template for later interpretations and revisions of certain historical and political realities.

For example, references to these earlier 'persecutions' provided a false justification for the self-segregating practices of the Jews that were more palatable, especially to outsiders, than frank admissions that Jews felt themselves superior to the nations they dwelt among. 

We find this particularly during the Middle Ages in explanations for the ghetto experience. Indeed, one of the most remarkable omissions from the majority of mainstream accounts of the Medieval Jewish experience is the very privileged position of Jews during this period. To be clear, Jews had no automatic right of settlement in Europe. This was an age long before the concept of 'immigration' distorted the human instinct, and the settlement of foreigners in one's midst was still perceived as usurpation of more or less severity depending on the numbers involved. 


(Jews were the main moneylenders in the Middle Ages) 

Jews were able to form settlements in Europe only because they were given assistance by the Christian Church in the form of Papal decrees that approved their residence, as well as granting them freedom from efforts at conversion and protection against 'maltreatment.' Without a Christian theology that taught that Jews possessed a special role in the history of humankind, it is unlikely that Jews would have been able to settle in Europe in the manner they eventually did. (Some of the most influential treatises in this regard were formulated by Bernard of Clairvaux and Thomas Aquinas.) We may therefore consider the Christian settlement decrees to be the primary privilege that underlay the rise of the Jews in Western Europe in particular.

The Jews of the Middle Ages pleaded persecuted status while simultaneously enjoying unparalleled access to wealth and power. This Judenscherz has been passed down through the centuries and remains in robust condition even today. Jews were entirely dominant during the period. The Jews of France and Germany were allowed to transact business without restriction from the ninth until the eleventh century -- three centuries of growth in financial influence during which, in the euphemistic language of Jacob Katz, their "involvement in the provision of credit was considerable."[7] 

Jews were allowed complete judicial control over their own communities. Further, as Katz states: "A feature of the high political standing of the Jews was the permission to bear arms ... This fact is perhaps to be viewed less as providing a means to self-protection than as a sign of political status. As a result of the permission, the Jews ranked with the knights and the feudatories who belonged to the upper strata of medieval society."[8] Jews stood over the masses, working solely for their exploitation. The Jews of the Middle Ages engaged in no productive labor, almost all of them living parasitically from moneylending. Katz writes that; "The picture of the Jew waiting at home for the Gentile to come to borrow money or to pay a debt is a realistic one."[9]

The reality of the tradition of Jewish power and economic exploitation during this period has been smothered by an extremely effective Judenscherz based, like the accounts of Josephus and Philo, on fictionalized accounts of extreme violence. Historian Jonathan Elukin writes that "violence is traditionally perceived to be at the core of the Jewish experience in Medieval Europe."[10] 

Like the earlier accounts, we see multiple references to spontaneous "rising levels of anti-Jewish polemic, accusations of atrocities, physical attacks, and finally expulsion."[11] 

However, contrary to the Judenscherz, violence was in fact extremely rare, and even its alleged high point, the Second Crusade, "brought with it little actual violence against European Jewry."[12] 

The much-lamented 'blood libel,' supposedly the arch-provocation for much of this alleged violence, was in reality so sparse and ineffectual against entrenched Jewish power that "most Jews lived their entire lives without direct experience of those accusations."[13]

Continued here.

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Comments for "The Jewish Myth of Victimhood"

Milton said (April 25, 2017):

I note that the American Hebrew of 1919 mentions the "Six Million" and "The Holocaust" numerous times in an article about fundraising for displaced Jews of the time who were threatened with starvation.

I have read that Theodore Herzl (1860-1904) coined the term "Final Solution". He stated in his diary that 'the Final Solution of the Jewish problem was Zionism'.

So, we see that the Jews were talking about "The Final Solution", "The Holocaust" and " The Six Million" before Hitler was heard of.

Hitler came and went and the Jews are still talking about "The Final Solution", "The Holocaust" and "The Six Million".

It seems to cast doubt about the accuracy of the association of the claims with National Socialism.

Sid Green said (April 24, 2017):

Article had a good start, but I stopped reading when it started slandering Exodus.

Exodus is part of Christian and Muslim culture, Western Culture, it is not a "Jewish" book. An attack on the Bible is the same as the Illuminati attack on the west.
Therefore this article is pro Illuminati.

I tire of encountering attacks on the Bible (and therefore the west) disguised as criticism of "Judaism"
Judaism did not develop until 100 years after the death of Jesus Christ.

Exodus is a staple of Western Culture. Greek and Roman culture are occult saturated copies of Babylonian pagan culture

It's pathetic that those occult cultures are idolized in the west while our western culture is denigrated in a sly
way disguising it as an attack on "The Jews". Rabbinic Judaism is epitomized by Rabbinic writings, NOT THE BIBLE

Tony B said (April 24, 2017):

As is so common in the English speaking world when it comes to Catholicism, this writer is great with half truths. No mention what ever that the Church, wanting all mankind to come to salvation during the time mentioned, tried to convert Jews just as it did everyone else. And in many instances it did so, converted Jews often were very devout Christians, some dying for God, even though some pretended conversion to subvert the Church. It was V2, a corrupt, masonic/satanic Vatican, which put a stop to trying to convert Jews.

Also, the writer has not a word for the changed attitude of the Church AFTER the talmud was exposed to Christian eyes. He implies that the Church set up Europe for the Jews to pillage whereas the truth is that Christians were not allowed contact with them. Especially to work for them as house servants was absolutely forbidden. As well, Jews were not allowed outside their alloted quarters. Most of such rules had their exceptions for cause, as does almost every worldly governance rule of the Church.

YP said (April 24, 2017):

I recommend the following position: "Understanding Jewish Influence: A Study in Ethnic Activism", by Kevin MacDonald. This work will help anyone who cares to read it to understand the extreme support by Jews, worldwide, for immigration to any country they live in, and especially the crazy almost sure reason behind the immigrants flood in Europe, USA or Canada.

Already Yeshua of Nazareth was extremely hated by them for his pointing to their sick and destructive hyperethnocentricy and hypocrisy, but reading this book and many quotes from Jewish guys, one may vomit reading this hatred.

AZ said (April 23, 2017):

Isn’t it remarkable and also contradictory that the Jews on the one side feel themselves superior to all other human beings and on the other hand feel themselves victimized? Victimhood is a very powerful position for manipulation and control. This just shows the emotional/psychological schizophrenia in them, but in fact in us all.

The Jews enlarge this mechanism for all of to see and to learn from it. Due to all our suppressed traumatized victimhood we get this mirrored by the Jews. Like we also can look in the mirror of self boastfulness that the US is showing us.

Through the power projection into the world of the US by the Jews, they are overcompensating their own inferiority complex. I worked for a long time in the mental health care and have seen how this works in people. But I’ve seen it also working within my own social network and last but not least within myself. So the US and Zionist Israel represent two sides of the same coin in overcompensating their own incapability to show the world what real power is, which is moral in it’s essence, by overcompensating it through physical and military force .

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