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Heterosexuals Must Adopt Gay Promiscuity

July 6, 2017

Left, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promotes the
Illuminati program of societal destruction by normalizing sexual dysfunction. 

"Almost half of the white homosexual males...said that they had had at least 500 different sexual partners during the course of their homosexual careers." 
Joseph Nicolosi, (1947-1970) father of gay reparative therapy looked at the reality behind the homosexual hype.

Psychologically, the State now assumes the role of homosexual molester:

"A higher-than-average percentage of homosexually oriented men were sexually abused in childhood by an older male. One study found that 46% of homosexual men compared with just 7% of heterosexual males reported homosexual molestation. The same study also found that 22% of lesbians reported homosexual molestation compared with just 1% of heterosexual women (Tomeo,, 2001). In these cases where the person was molested in childhood, homosexual behavior reenacted in adulthood can represent a repetition compulsion."

 "A study of 34,707 Minnesota youth reported that 25.9 % of 12-years-olds were uncertain if they were heterosexual or homosexual (Remafedi et. al, 1992). In contrast, only about 2 to 3% of adults eventually label themselves as homosexual. This means that approximately 90% of these "sexually questioning" teens could erroneously be identified as homosexual, if they are affirmed as gay by a gay-affirmative therapist, school counsellor or an on-campus gay club."

"Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex and family, and in the process, transforming the very fabric of society."

--National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy director, Paul Ettelbrick (Kurtz, 2003)
By Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.
(Abridged by 

Today, with same-sex marriage being hotly debated, the promiscuous nature of gay relationships, especially those of gay men, is becoming more widely recognized.

In 1948, Kinsey observed that long-term homosexual relationships were notably few.  Now, more than fifty years later, long-term gay male relationships may be more common, but the fact remains that they are typically not monogamous.

(left, author Joseph Nicolosi, father of gay reparative therapy, died in March at age 70)

In a 2009 study of gay male couples, 41.3% had open sexual agreements with some conditions or restrictions, and 10% had open sexual agreements with no restrictions on sex with outside partners.

This study follows the classic research of McWhirter and Mattison, reported in The Male Couple (1984), which found that not a single male pair was able to maintain fidelity in their relationship for more than five years.

The gay community has long walked a thin public-relations line, presenting their relationships as equivalent to those of heterosexual married couples.  But many gay activists portray a very different cultural ethic. Michelangelo Signorile describes the campaign "to fight for same-sex marriage and its benefits and then, once granted, redefine the institution completely--to demand the right to marry not as a way of adhering to society's moral codes, but rather to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution." (1974, p 3).

In 1968, Hoffman stated: "Sexual promiscuity is one of the most striking, distinguishing features of gay life in America" (p. 45).  A much-cited study by Bell and Weinberg (1978),... showed that 28 percent of homosexual males had had sexual encounters with one thousand or more partners. Furthermore, 79 percent said more than half of their sex partners were strangers.  Only 1 percent of the sexually active men had had fewer than five lifetime partners.  The authors concede: "Little credence can be given to the supposition that homosexual men's 'promiscuity' has been overestimated" (p.82).  "Almost half of the white homosexual males...said that they had had at least 500 different sexual partners during the course of their homosexual careers," (p. 85).

A few years later, Pollak (1985) described sexual behavior among gays as "an average several dozen partners a year" and "some hundreds in a lifetime" with "tremendous promiscuity" (p.44).  He said:

(Government i.e. satanist sanctioned decadence) 

The homosexual pick-up system is the product of a search for efficiency and economy in attaining the maximization of "yield" (in numbers of partners and orgasms) and the minimization of "cost" (waste of time and risk of one's advances being rejected). Certain places are known for a particular clientele and immediate consummation: such as "leather" bars, which often have a back room specially reserved for the purpose, saunas and public parks. (p. 44)

William Aaron's autobiographical book Straight draws similar conclusions:

In the gay life, fidelity is almost impossible.  Since part of the compulsion of homosexuality seems to be a need on the part of the homophile to "absorb" masculinity from his sexual partners, he must be constantly on the lookout for [new partners].  Constantly the most successful homophile "marriages" are those where there is an agreement between the two to have affairs on the side while maintaining the semblance of permanence in their living arrangement. [p. 208]

He concludes:

Gay life is most typical and works best when sexual contacts are impersonal and even anonymous.  As a group the homosexuals I have known seem far more preoccupied with sex than heterosexuals are, and far more likely to think of a good sex life as many partners under many exciting circumstances. [p.209]

One writer - who, it should be mentioned, strongly sympathizes with the gay community about the stresses of social discrimination - observes conditions among gay men as follows:

"It must be remembered that in the gay world the only real criterion of value is physical attractiveness...The young homosexual will find that his homosexual brothers usually only care for him as a sexual object.  Although they may invite him out to dinner and give him a place to stay, when they have satisfied their sexual interest in him, they will likely forget about his existence and his own personal needs...."[Hoffman 1968, pp. 58, 153, 155]

Aging is also viewed particularly negatively in the homosexual culture, with high value placed on youth (Bell and Weinberg 1978). ...


Gay relationships are typically burdened with each man's same-sex defensive detachment, and their need to compensate for that same-sex detachment.  Therefore the relationship will often take the form of an unrealistic idealization of the other person as an "image."  In pursuing the other man as a representation the masculine introject that he himself lacks, many gay men either develop a self-denigrating dependency on the partner, or they become disillusioned because they discover "he has the same deficit I have."

As he did in relationship with his father, the homosexual man fails to fully and accurately perceive the other man.  His same-sex ambivalence and defensive detachment mitigate against trust and intimacy.  When he becomes disillusioned, he will often continually set his hopes on the possibility of yet another, more satisfying partner.

In seeking out and sexualizing relationships with other males, the homosexual is attempting to integrate a lost part of himself.  Because this attraction emerges out of a deficit, he is not completely free to love.  He often perceives other men in terms of what they can do to fulfill his deficit.  Thus, a giving of the self may seem like more of a diminishment than a self-enhancement.


Although homosexuals do lack cultural supports, such as the freedom in every culture to marry a same-sex partner, I believe this is not the cause of gay promiscuity. I believe the central cause of gay promiscuity is to be found in the inherent sexual and emotional incompatibility between two males. Men were designed for women, and when some factor--psychological, biological, or a combination of both--interferes with that wired-in design, the freedom to marry a partner of the same sex cannot change the fact that "something's not working."
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For additional data, see "Romantic Relationship Difficulties," (pages 70-71), "Interpersonal Relationships," (page 80-81) and "Promiscuity as a New Social Norm," (pages 81- 83), in the Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 1, 2009, published by NARTH,


(1)   Neilands, Torsten B.; Chakravarty, Deepalika; Darbes, Lynae A.; Beougher, Sean C.; and Hoff, Colleen C. (2010), "Development and Validation of the Sexual Agreement Investment Scale," Journal of Sex Research, 47: 1, 24 -- 37, April 2009.

First Comment from Marco

When there is ample evidence that something is inherently wrong, yet this evidence is ignored and persecuted, you know there is an agenda at work and that you live under tyranny.

Seeing that photo of Justin Trudeau should make a sane persons blood boil. He's not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing, he knows the ramifications of pushing through these LGBT agendas, and how they will change the world forever. I can only assume he is supremely arrogant and psychopathic (another way to describe demonic possession perhaps), a typical wolf in sheep's clothing. These tyrants act effeminate, gentle and harmless in public but if you cross them beware... inside they are absolute monsters who are probably taking great pleasure in the slow corruption  of humanity, and the subtle torture of those who resist mostly through what Michael Hoffman calls, 'the revelation of the method'.

Comments for "Heterosexuals Must Adopt Gay Promiscuity "

Mick said (July 6, 2017):

Thx for putting this excellent piece of article on your web site. This Trudeau idiot and charlatan PM, who was elected by the Illuminati bankers in Canada, comes from a broken and dysfunctional freemasonic family. I don’t think his intelligence soars very high, the guy is a doofus and nothing but a rainbow puppet monkey who’s doing exactly what he’s been told to do.

Jobs and homes were lost in Alberta during the wild fires in the Fort Mac area and it took him 2 months to put the fires out. He was too busy talking to some black lesbians in Africa at that time. The national debt is about to rise exponentially in the next few years, and so is Alberta’s debt (some say $20B by 2020), a province that was debt-free in 2004!

Sears is being shut down, jobs are being outsourced to Asia on a daily basis, black African “doctors” are treating the population of once one of the best and prosperous countries in the world – and he dances and takes selfies with degenerated & sick sexual perverts.

As a country, we are slowly becoming the most successful Liberal/NWO/Illuminati world experiment, the social engineering project is proceeding like clockwork in Canada – a nation without identity, spiced up with the Negro/Asian invasion, obese genderless white population, where a Muslim Afghan warrior is being awarded $10.5M and an apology and where hockey and other modern gladiators make $8-10M/year (a general surgeon in Canada can hardly go over $1M/year). We are still to rue the day this Trudeau goofball was installed on the throne.

JJ said (July 6, 2017):

You don't need to be a scientist to see that homosexuality is all about sexual promiscuity with an unlimited number of partners, just try being a heterosexual male with a liberal, "open" mind that winds up hanging around gay culture for whatever reason; having a gay friend, a fag hag girlfriend, working in a gay friendly environment, those are a few, and I did all of them. One thing I learned during my "enrichment" period is that a bisexual is just a term for someone who has to fornicate with anything that moves or has a heartbeat.

Another thing that fags do is to act as a barrier between their girl friends (fag hags) and the guys who might be interested in them, while simultaneously hitting on the eligible bachelors, testing the waters and their supposed "gaydar."

This accomplishes two things: one, it keeps the girls at a distance, and two, it establishes that there is open and easy sex to be had with them at any time, and that they understand you better than silly bitches, who adore the queers for all the obvious reasons; they're funny, love to shop, not competition etc.

I spent the best years of my young life seeing this every day, this being during the 1990s.

Talk about social engineering! One thing I remember clearly about that period was thinking that I couldn't have come up with a more evil scheme to keep everybody miserable and unfulfilled if I tried, and I wondered where it came from, as in who makes the decisions that influence people to behave that way en mass. Now we know!

Al Thompson said (July 6, 2017):

Homosexuality is a way of destroying one's life. The whole object of it is perverted sex which is twisted away from the natural law; man and woman. Since the STATE, State, or state is of the devil, it goes along with, and even promotes homosexuality to the destruction of a successful society. The homo-political class are a bunch of losers and they will destroy themselves. They also will destroy other people by trying to tempt them into their depravity.

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