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Hollywood Makes "Objective" Movie about an Ex-Gay

August 16, 2017

Movie "I am Michael" is based 
on the true story of Michael Glatze, 
a prominent gay youth leader who gave up homosexuality
in 2007 to marry a woman and become a Christian pastor.
This movie wasn't made by a church!
But it wasn't made by Jews either.

It has A-List stars, James Franco and
Emma Roberts and was made by Franco's
production company.   Veteran Gus Van Sant was
Executive Producer. Justin Kelly co-wrote and directed. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was watching a Hollywood movie that depicted ordinary life as we know it. It was about a man who has a spiritual awakening after experiencing a health scare. He becomes concerned with death, the meaning of life, and God. This man has an inner life, a soul, something about as rare in Hollywood movies as an albino moose. 

i-am-michael-james-franco-zachary-quinto (1).jpg
(left, James Franco and Zachary Quinto play gay lovers.)

But there's more! the movie depicts a controversial subject --homosexuality -- as if there might be two sides to the story. It wasn't the (((Communist))) agitprop we normally see -- such as Milk, (2008)  the movie about the martyred gay San Francisco Mayor Harvey Milk. 

I am Michael producer and star James Franco explained their approach"We were going to have a very even-handed, non-judgmental approach, but we also had to say to ourselves, 'We're not telling this story just to make Michael happy, we're telling the story to get both sides.' The best we could do was say to him, 'We have good intentions. We're not going to crucify or judge you but we also need to tell the story from the other side as well as the side you're on now.'"

The movie was made in 2015 but never got a theatrical release. The reviews were mixed with the gaystapo media panning it for not being sufficiently deferential to God's Second Chosen people, sodomists.   It finally reached Netflix this summer. 


(left, Michael Glatze in 2011. He is now 42.)

The movie's "objectivity" is both a strength and weakness. One critic wrote: "Mr. Franco broods and puzzles and vacillates. But he often seems abandoned by a director whose approach is so noncommittal and dramatically limp that it strands the actor, and his character, in a bland purgatory of conflicting motivations."

"I am Michael" portrays both gays and Christians in a fairly empathetic way. I would have preferred a more realistic view of homosexuality, as reflected in Michael Glatze's statements:   "Homosexuality is a cage in which you are trapped in an endless cycle of constantly wanting more -- sexually -- that you can never actually receive, constantly full of emptiness, trying to justify your twisted actions by politics and 'feel good' language." 

"God loves you more than any dude will ever love you. Don't put your faith in some man, some flesh. That's what we do when we're stuck in the gay identity, when we're stuck in that cave. We go from guy to guy, looking for someone to love us and make us feel O.K., but God is so much better than all the other masters out there."

"I don't see people as gay anymore.... God creates us heterosexual. We may get other ideas in our head about what we are, and I certainly did, but that doesn't mean they're the truth."

But, it is hard enough to make an objective movie about homosexuality today, let alone one which is openly critical. This one bombed despite being well executed, despite leaving out strong statements like the ones just quoted. It goes against the current.

We live in a sexual tyranny where natural biological differences are denied. Pre-puberty children are taught to question their gender, and offered transgender hormone suppressants. They are encouraged to experiment with homosexuality. The gender-confused are prohibited by law from seeking therapy. The nuclear family is the red blood cell of society. Illuminati social engineers intend to sabotage society by destroying the family.  

Cabalist Hollywood diverts us from reality and immerses us in social engineering, fantasy, porn, violence, nihilism and the occult. We are actively being inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism. 
A satanic cult controls and exploits its subjects by making them sick.

I'd like to see films become art again, and depict the pressing issues of our day with honesty and integrity.  I am Michael is a good beginning. It made me feel more human. A movie hasn't done that in a while. 


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Comments for " Hollywood Makes "Objective" Movie about an Ex-Gay "

Chris W said (August 17, 2017):

This is a rare issue on which I cannot agree with you. Notwithstanding Glatze’s own experience, homosexuals are not all socialised into becoming homosexuals. God does NOT create all humans as heterosexual – sadly, He does not even create them all with clear gender identities. Homosexuality has been with us throughout recorded history.

Certainly we need to resist the gay agenda – led by the usual Jewish suspects – which is designed to destroy the nuclear family. The objective of that agenda is not to turn people gay – it is to normalise paedophilia. However, sexual perversion, notably paedophilia is not is not uniquely homosexual. One needs only to hear some of the horrific sexual crimes against women and girls to understand that heterosexual men engage violent anal penetration.

Indeed, it is even misconceived to imagine that even buggery is exclusively or even primarily a gay practice. It is noteworthy in this regard that the well known homosexual bon vivant Stephen Fry has said he has never engaged in anal sex and didn’t know amongst his gay friends anyone who did! And of course, from what I understand there is a huge pornographic culture aimed at heterosexual men having anal sex with women. (I did know a guy many decades ago – now long married with children - who used to brag that he had anal sex with nearly every woman he had intercourse with!)

The comment from ‘Wade’ highlights some of the very common misconceptions and prejudices. When I first heard about the ‘golden showers’, Wade refers to, it was as a teenager 40 years ago and it related to women urinating on men. And one doesn’t have to, as Wade does, go back to Roman times to find homosexuality widespread in society. Contrary to his assertion, long term monogamous gay couples are not rare – one only has to go to the opera in any major city to see the many older male (and some female) couples to understand this! These couples didn’t form because of TV, the media and Hollywood. These relationships formed well before the rampant gay agenda we have today.

There may be some people who have been socialised into being bi-sexual - like I would suggest Glatze himself. However, Glatze's example, is not in my view, typical of the majority of gay people I know who give every indication of having been born that way.


Ask the gay people you know about their relationship with their father. As one gay friend said to me, "I had too much mommy and not enough daddy."



Chris replies:

Re-your comment about homosexuality being a consequence of “too much mommy and not enough daddy”, my experience suggests to me that the causal relationship is the reverse of what you suggest.

I was brought up by my mother after she and my father divorced when I as seven. He was violent and so we were on the run and I never met him again before his death. I have never had a homosexual thought in my head.

My son was brought up in a loving household of his mother and I. Happily married now for more than three decades. He is homosexual.

Although he and I have a good relationship these days, it is true that up to about the age of seven and even to puberty he was far more attached to his mother than to me. In light of this and arguments like the one you proffer here, I have often wondered whether I am to blame for him being gay. This is quite a burden I can assure you. However, his preference for his mother was not for want of trying on my part. In addition to such cerebral activities as his education and music which I involved myself in, I also regularly tried to get him interested in kicking a football, but he showed no interest. And I can assure you I didn’t just give up on the first afternoon.

So in this chicken and egg game – to the extent that it might have any validity given my own mothering as a child leading to a strong heterosexuality - I believe my experience with my son shows that the chicken of homosexuality precedes the egg of “too little daddy” in one’s upbringing. The homosexual child favours the mother – he doesn’t become homosexual because he is mothered.

Tony P said (August 16, 2017):

Obviously, there are plenty of bad immoral movies out there, but I Have concluded that even in "good movies" the elites "require" something off color or vile to advance their perversions. Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge was great, but when the drill sergeant enters the barracks, there was a muscular guy in his underwear and part of a longer scene where they go through an obstacle course he's still undressed getting dirty and jokes are made. (a gay nod, adding nothing to the movie).

In We Bought A Zoo, a nice touching movie, at the very very end, the tiny daughter tells the mean inspector "everybody says you're a d-ck". (corrupt the young and it added nothing to the movie, unnecesary)

In The Finest Hours, the girlfriend proposes to the hero, but it's not what the book says really happened. (feminism, reverse roles)

In Unbroken, the mean Jap prison guard is gay in real life and whisper talks in the movie, yuk.

All the movies and commercials that "ridiculously" have women punch men, and men wearing the baby papoose and chopping vegetables at the counter. (feminism)

In the movie Grown Ups, the older guys act crazy and jump in the water from a hill top for a stunt naked, blurred at least, a big one lands on a little one and he says something like I was inside you. (that's sick gay stuff as a nod to them).

There's a million examples, I know, but it's like they said, we'll finance this, but you have to add this one thing or else no money and no movie......don't worry, we'll make it a bit funny...but it's still evil to me.

Wade said (August 16, 2017):

The very word "gay" is so misleading. Male homosexuals on average are living a tortured lifestyle...full of all sorts of disgusting diseases and horrible ramifications for their perverted lifestyle. Their behavior in bath houses having sex with multiple people that they really can't even see because of all the steam in the room. Their behavior with strangers in restrooms. Their habits at their so called party's such as "golden showers". This is where one man lies on the floor while many other men make a circle around the guy and urinate on him. This is what homosexual males call a "turn on" and "fun".

When male homosexuals do hook up in what they try to call a committed relationship...these relationships typically come and go very fast. The few that last a while are very often filled with violence and constant strife. There are of course very rare exceptions.

There are books people can obtain and read that detail much more than I have shared here. This endeavor to educate ourselves about the truth behind the "gay" curtain is one that few will embark upon, and the only way all the hype and lies told by the MSM and Hollywood can ever be debunked. This entire situation with gender I.D. is totally out of victimizing our very young children in government schools. I have only scratched the surface of all the health issues etc. that accompany the homosexual lifestyle here.


This sort of embracing of homosexuality was rampant in ancient Roman society just before the collapse of that civilization. People refuse to educate themselves with the raw unadulterated truth. This is the REAL problem in a nutshell for not only this debauchery, but also for most other critical issues we face as a Nation today.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at