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Satire on Gay Adoption is Exhilarating

March 25, 2013

mahogoney.jpg(left. Seven-year-old "Mahogany" is left in car alone while gay parent leaves for bondage sex.) 

The Illuminati are imposing homosexuality by whitewashing its image. Therefore, we need constant reminders of how dysfunctional this "lifestyle" actually is. "Buyer's Remorse" is one of five stories by a homosexual Christopher Landon in the 2010 movie "Burning Palms."  A work of genius, it presents a realistic view of two gay men adopting a little Black girl. The whole movie is available here for $3.00 .

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Slightly revised from Dec 26, 2011)

The truth is exhilarating and, God knows, we rarely find any in the mass media.

Exhilarated is how I felt after seeing "Buyer's Remorse" a biting, politically incorrect satire on gay adoption by gay screenwriter/director Christopher Landon, 37, son of Bonanza's late Michael Landon.

Like Jews and anti-Semitism, gays are the only people allowed to criticize without being smeared as "homophobic."  Nevertheless, for "Buyer's Remorse," Landon has been labeled homophobic and racist to boot!

The satire is one of five short films (about 25 minutes each) in a movie called "Burning Palms" depicting degeneracy in contemporary Los Angeles. I would not recommend the other tales. The film's tag line is "Five Tales that Will F**k You Up for Life." 

gayparents.jpg"Buyer's Remorse" stands out for its witty depiction of a financially secure white gay couple ( actors Peter Macdissi, left, and Anson Mount, right) who adopt a seven-year-old African girl (played by Tiara McKinney) from some Russian child traffickers. The child, who they name "Mahogany," refuses to speak.

"Buyer's Remorse" is notable for confirming many unflattering "prejudices" about gays and gay adoption. The gay couple is totally promiscuous, flirt with every male in sight, and have extramarital sex whenever possible. Sex has become jaded and requires drugs, in this case crystal meth.

It is based on real life. "I had a great deal of fun watching the two most irresponsible gay men on earth adopt a child that they had no business caring for," Director Landon said in an interview.  

The couple parody male-female roles with the female (Macdissi) taking it up the ass. There is actually a sex scene which conveys the disturbing character of homosexual intercourse. 

The Macdissi character, who assumes the mother role, is irresponsible. He jokes about "finger-f**king" Mahogany, in her presence. The male role-character is forced to shut him up saying that child protection agencies are on the look-out for this kind of talk.

The Macdissi character cranks up on Chrystal meth and goes out for bondage sex, leaving Mahogany sweating in the car on a hot day. She finds the meth and tries some. When the Mount character comes home from work, the child is drugged and tearing her dolls to shreds.

landon3.jpg(Christopher Landon, left)

Mount suspects Macdissi of infidelity and they get into a wrestling match.

Mahogany appears at the door and utters her first word: "Faggots!"

At this point, the couple realize they are not cut out for parenting. Since the child appears to be feral, a Zulu warrior, they decide to abandon her in a national forest with a supply of energy bars. She seems happy to be set free, and they adopt a dog instead.

This is a refreshing dark comedy which Stalinist America cannot understand, condone or forgive. The film got 29% from Rotten Tomatoes and went directly to cable and DVD. Ironically its only theater venues have been in Romania.

Movies today are a place for propaganda, pornography, disinformation and maudlin sentiment. They are not an honest reflection or comment on our reality.

Without honesty, there can be no inspiration. But occasionally something honest slips through the filters. When it does, it's exhilarating.

Thank you Christopher Landon. 


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From an interview with Landon:

  "I'm gay and I have a ton of gay friends that are adopting kids and having babies and having twins - I feel like every person I know is having twins!  And ultimately for me I just like to make fun of my own people, you know?!  (Laughs)  It's a lot of fun and I think you have to be able to do that.  Part of this was a reaction to the idea that it doesn't matter of you're gay or you're straight, if you're unqualified and unfit to be a parent you're gonna f*ck it up!  I had a great deal of fun watching the two most irresponsible gay men on earth adopt a child that they had no business caring for.  At one of our screenings we did a Q&A and there was a woman in the back and she was like, "You're homophobic - what's wrong with you?  How could you make something like this?"  And there was a lot of that by the way.  For the record, I had people say you're misogynistic, you're homophobic, you're a racist, it was like that constant thing.  I kept wondering to myself do people not get that I'm taking what I call the South Park clause here - all bets are off.  Everyone is game in this movie and what's interesting to me is that when people single out minorities like black people or Asian people or gay people, I was fascinated that nobody thought to look at the first story and say I'm making fun of white people too!  (Laughs)  I'm making fun of everyone because that's my coping mechanism in life.  That's how I get through life.  I think you have to laugh at everything and everyone and so for me the gay story is really, really funny."


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Comments for "Satire on Gay Adoption is Exhilarating"

Michele said (December 28, 2011):

I agree with Dan, these films may portray a "negative" side but the fact that they apppear in the guise of "comedies", albeit black comedies, allows our conscious minds to open to their messages and imagery. We let down our defences and these ideas then permeate our unconscious. Imagery is very potent, look at how symbols and sigils are used in everyday life. Once an image is in your head it is difficult to get rid of it and I would suggest that the image is the important part not the "message" that was originally attached. Our unconsious minds pick up on the slightest detail even if it appears for only a split second. So the important part is that gay relationships, sodomy, and other perversions are delivered to the people as a "fait accompli". The Simpsons cartoon is delivered as a comedy but the stupid Homer becomes an icon of the "stupid and inept" father figure - that's what sticks in the mind.

To be bombarded by lewd, obscene and violent images, in whatever guise - comedy or documentary - ultimately debases and coarsens the viewer. More violent and more obscene images will be needed to shock the individual as he/she becomes insensitised. This is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder being perpetrated on the people. You can't escape the horror so you become numbed and apathetic.

Dan said (December 27, 2011):

The school of 'New Queer Cinema' defines a gay film as being made by, for and about gay people. Anything that falls outside of that is, not considered a gay film.
But there are genre of gay films directed toward the heterosexual mainstream market. According to New Queer Cinema strategists the motive isn't strictly money, but to advance "the gay cause". If you study the financing you find big money has been funneled into a meteor shower of such attempts, most of which fail to grab the 'crossover' market at the box office.

Burning Palms is a gay film which combines heterosexual disorder such as incest between a father, underage daughter, casting the woman who is engaged to marry into this situation as the jealous interloper. Just look at the title of the segment "Green Eyed Monster". Next, young men and women seeing the movie on a date or in bed at home on DVD are drilled in details of anal sex between female and male. (titled "This Little Piggy"). Then we have Landon's gay adoption whim and disposable adoptee. The next script gets us thinking about sadistic pedophilia, and finally the last piece in which a raped woman pursues her rapist in a sado-masochistic inversion worthy of the Marquis DeSade.

Burning Palms is a gay film. It was written, produced and distributed with the intent to reach a predominantly straight youth market, therefore, to advance the 'gay cause'. That's called it "raising awareness":, right? Images of acts that would never occur to a healthy mind are delivered into the viewer's consciousness through art and cinema. Consider that the average high school student would avoid entering a theater where hard core homosexual pornography is playing. But to transfer the essence of the bestial and dark sex matter into a mind can be done through a competent artist's expertise in the language of symbols, metaphors, allegories, and inference. It's not some new advanced secret technology, the power of art, drama and music were well understood by Plato and the Athenian dramatists. Plato considered drama so effective at shaping social values and behavior that he proposed play writing should be controlled by the State.


Thanks Dan

I just don't see how this advanced the gay cause,


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at