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Putin - Billionaire & Gangster?

August 7, 2017


A French documentary film claims Putin is richest man in Europe.

Another name for the Illuminati
is the "Jewish Mafia." 

"What we think of as geopolitics are really gang wars
Putin's enlightened foreign policy may really be resistance 
to competing gangsters from the West invading his lucrative turf."

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Many of us have conferred sainthood on Vladimir Putin for saving Syria from the clutches of the Zionist-CIA proxy ISIS and for espousing an enlightened foreign policy in the face of insane belligerence from the Zionist-controlled west.  

(Putin with Jewish boyhood buddy and billionaire, Arkady Rotenburg) 

Thus, we are not happy to hear about a 27-minute French documentary called "Putin's Hidden Treasure" made by Nicolas Tonev which claims that Putin's enlightened leadership is far from altruistic. Indeed, the film makes a credible case that Putin may be the richest man in Europe -- worth as much as $40 billion--thanks to kickbacks and embezzlement of state property. The documentary is available on Netflix.

The film traces Putin's career back to St. Petersburg where, as assistant to the Mayor, he engaged in the preferred Russia form of corruption- kickbacks on public works. He moved to Moscow and was a close associate of Jewish oligarch frontman Boris Yeltsin who resigned under a cloud of corruption and virtually ceded his position to Putin. 

The documentary shows how Putin and his associates profited from the privatization of state-owned oil giant Rosneft which had revenue of $64 billion in 2016. They also profited from huge kickbacks on a tollroad from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the Sochi Olympics. It appears that Putin's Jewish boyhood pal, Arkady Rotenburg (see pic) is his financial "beard." 


The documentary reveals that Putin has built a Versailles-like mansion complex (left) worth a billion dollars on the Black Sea. It interviews activists who have sought to stop this pattern of corruption. Many have been beaten or murdered. 

We may need to modify our image of the Illuminati and see it as a worldwide criminal network like the Mafia. It probably conflates with the Mafia. It engages in a vast range of criminal activities including human and organ trafficking, drug trafficking, as well as depraved rituals like pedophilia and child sacrifice. The point is that everyone in power is part of it including the Clintons, Trump and Putin. What we think of as politics are really gang wars. Putin's enlightened foreign policy might in fact be resistance to the Western gangsters invading his lucrative turf. 

They are all criminals, equally reprehensible. But they fight each other by focusing media attention on the other's crimes and ignoring their own. Thus we have the Trump "Russian" investigations while the Clinton Foundation crimes which is far more egregious gets no attention. 


Like Putin, we love Trump but he is probably a gangster too. When I posted an item about a possible Trump connection with sex trafficking in underage girls, I got a sour reception on Twitter. But given his connections to Miss Universe Contest, Trump Modelling and to Jeffrey Epstein, it is possible there is something to it. We may need to prepare ourself for return to the status quo under President Mike Pence.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 7.18.26 AM.png
Trump wasn't always President. He was a  rich developer in the depraved sexual cesspool that is NYC. He may have dirty laundry which his enemies will use to remove him. We need to be prepared for that. If Trump wasn't being blackmailed, why did he sign the sanctions bill against Russia which tied his hands forever? 

It is just possible that the plan all along was to impeach Trump for his past sins and thereby discredit him, his "America First" program and his supporters. That would explain why an Obama loyalist like Robert Mueller would be appointed to investigate a "Russia connection." It might explain why Soros widget H.R. McMaster was appointed National Security Adviser.  Why Jeff Sessions is suspected of being a mole. Why scary Freemason Mike Pence was chosen for VP. 

Trump used Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway to appeal to the average American. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was appealing to minorities and virtually ignoring white working class majority who Obama was disossessing. It was a brilliant stratagem but if the shit hits the fan, Trump needs to confess to past crimes, repent and say he will not let "them" use blackmail to stop him from saving America. His supporters would forgive his past sins. They would have no choice. 

As for Putin-lovers, we must consider that we have fallen for a carefully crafted false-narrative that portrays the Russian leader as defender of Christian values. Leopards don't change their spots.
Note- Before writing to defend Putin, please watch the documentary. It's free on Netflix if you sign up for a trial.

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First Comment from Z:

In his official autobiography "First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-portrait by Russia's President Vladimir Putin" Putin lists his mother's name is SHELOMOVA. Despite being Jewish by birth, she was an Orthodox believer and so was Putin. So he is a crypto-Jew like so many top politicians and celebrities.

His granddad was cook for both Lenin and Stalin. To employ someone as your cook, you have to be sure he won't poison you. His family was connected. I believe Putin is a made up surname.

Tina writes:

I agree 100% with your article on Putin and although he talks a good talk about Christianity, so does the mafia bosses in Italy who go to confession every Sunday.  

Insofar as Trump is concerned, the type of business he owns, involves organize crime (legal and illegal mafia), directly or indirectly. I don't know why such facts are hard for Trump's supporter to swallow and while I still like him better than Hilary Clinton or any democrats, it appears that he has no control over any decisions. Trump cannot save the USA unless he gets rid of all the neocons in his office, including his son-in-law and pulls a trump card.  

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Comments for "Putin - Billionaire & Gangster?"

James Perloff said (August 8, 2017):

HI, Henry. My views on Putin would be very close to Tony B's response, and to Brother Nathanael's outlook on the man. While we cannot know for certain, not having intimate access to the Kremlin, Putin's words (in support of Christianity, against Western immorality, common sense on foreign policy and immigration, etc.) and his deeds (supporting Assad, banning GMOs, banning ads for abortions, banning gay parades, paying off Russia's debt to the IMF, etc.) speak well for him. A Christian revival is sweeping Russia; the Zionists aren't happy about it, and I think this is a major factor in the sanctions against Russia pushed by the Zionists' proxies in Congress, McCain, Graham and Schumer. I think we should watch Putin guardedly, but as I've said before, "If he's only acting, give us more such actors."

Jeremy C said (August 8, 2017):

I have faith that Putin is not Satanic. I think we are really hurting when we can't trust anyone. It's understandable but I do believe Vladimir Putin is trying to be good in this world. Putin might be one of the most decent people. I think he is of strong character and genuinely Christian. I think Trump recognizes this and Trump is trying to do his part but I also don't trust Trump's Zionist appeasement except to say that EVERY President I have ever seen appeases Zionists to some level.

Tony B said (August 7, 2017):

A FRENCH documentary? Lily white? Like the U.S. history channel? Come on. The perfidy of any "western leader" of the last fifty years whom you can name can be dug out of his/her past in seconds. Not speculation, known fact. I doubt if a single exception can be found. Anyone bothered to look at Sessions' past connections lately?

But what do we in the west actually know for a fact about Putin? That his mother was born a Jew. That he has Jewish friends. At least a few with big bucks they probably got unlawfully. But he has also refused special favors to some Jewish organizations and is largely responsible for the rebuilding of the famed cathedral in Moscow. Is he responsible for his mother's father's life? I think not. However we also know that his mother brought him up, when it was almost a death sentence to do so, as an Orthodox Christian and that Putin makes a point to observe Christian holidays.

We, who have paid attention, also know that, unlike any other living world leader one can think of, Putin has always been nothing but honest in his public statements, actions, dealings. Even his political decisions have, to this day, been agreeable to basic Christian doctrine, something no western "Christian leader" including the present Pope, can match. It was Putin, almost alone, who stopped the Oligarch rape of Russia which had been Rothschild contrived and Harvard U. applied against the Russia people and nation.

We also know that he has less real political power than most any western "leader" in that his political and financial enemies in Russia are all in bed with the same corrupt western leaders we all know and hate, thanks to such agentur of the Rothschilds as Soros and the CIA who have been attempting to destroy him politically since he began jailing Rothschilds' assigned thieves. Medvedev being their top gun, at least in the past - think Libya. They keep trying new "colored revolution" puppets against him but the Russian people never bite. No politician anywhere has ever achieved such love by his nation's people. The cabal has also attempted to assassinate him. More than once.

If the cabal does not trust Trump's ego to do their constant bidding it makes sense that they are desperate to keep him from working with Putin ONLY if Putin is not one of them. Mobsters will kill one another for power but mobsters ALWAYS make deals with one another.

So if Putin is one of them, why is he treated by all satanic forces in unison like the world's worst pariah as obviously indicated in the latest congressional totally insane and counterproductive "sanctions"?

Robert K said (August 7, 2017):

Too many people still reason about politics in terms of appearances promoted by the MSM. Politics is about cynical calculations and manipulations of which the public are completely unaware, and these are effected with deep, proven knowledge of human psychology. What Trump represents is hard to be absolutely sure of, but there is no doubt that he has provided a vent for frustration among Americans sick of being abused by their governments. It would be naive to assume that good intentions, as opposed to devious political maneuvering, lie behind the provision of this vent.

And I have to laugh at Americans' warning that the country is on the verge of civil war. Are people on opposite sides of the political divide going to run next door and shoot their neighbours? North vs South was militarily feasible; the current fiasco is not.

SP said (August 7, 2017):

Nice piece on Putin. Though I agree with Putin's official stances on many things and his policies regarding homosexuality, nationalism, and Christianity, all that is going on in the world is one gang of gangsters fighting another gang of gangsters. None of them are saints in this. The alt media has become extremely Russia-biased in that they never highlight or remember all the abuses by Russia, even current ones. For example, no one even talks about how Russia is happy to flood Syria with its homegrown terrorists so they can kill them off in Syria, thereby perpetuating the war there.

People are too easily suckered up by the propaganda from either side. It's best to always stay neutral.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at