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(((Liberals))) Have Disenfranchised Middle America

September 21, 2017


Is it still capitalism when big corporations
don't want your business because of your

Sounds more like communism to me.  

"The central bankers already have all the money in the world; 
they want totalitarian power now." 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The 2017 Emmy Award Presentation Sunday had the second lowest ratings on record no doubt because it was a deranged hatefest against Donald Trump.  What does it mean when enterprises that exist to make a profit happily alienate
 half of their potential customers? 

Obviously, they regard profit as secondary to imposing their political agenda on society, since they will marginalize anyone who does not get on board. In other words, the central bankers already have all the money in the world; they want totalitarian power now. 

In an article, "Guess What, Hollywood Doesn't Care if You Watch the Emmys," Jazz Shaw writes: "The people who organize these shows, the studio heads, most of the major stars and the real power brokers just don't care what you think if you're not living inside their bubble. As an outsider, you're part of "them." You know "them" right? They aren't sophisticated, woke, enlightened beings who are trying to work for positive, progressive change. They're hicks. The people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons. (If you didn't get that reference without Googling it you are beyond help here.)

(Transsexual among female dancers dressed as vaginas in degenerate dance ritual. Stephen Colbert is a scoundrel.) 

All jokes aside, Hollywood sees no reason to change. They get up on that stage and make their speeches and tell the same five jokes about conservatives ad nauseam and they honestly believe that everyone agrees with them. Well... at least everyone who matters, anyway. In reality, they may only be talking to a handful of densely packed counties along the coasts and around the major cities, but that doesn't matter. Nobody else is worth talking to. They won't change because they see no reason to change, even if the ratings for these glitzy displays of mutual onanation and reciprocal applause drop lower than a CW rerun of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The show must go on."   

The show is Communism. As I have said, the West has been possessed by a satanic cult, Cabalism which eschews reality and believes that thinking something makes it true. The Western elite inhabits this solipsism. The central bankers who control government, banks, education, and corporations are Cabalists. They created communism, state-sanctioned Satanism which includes its veils Liberalism and socialism. The hatred of Trump is very much how a satanic cult would react to an apostate or traitor. (How genuine this is, remains to be seen.) 

We are witnessing cult-like behavior where human dignity, reason, and respect are abandoned, and resisters are viciously smeared and even physically attacked. And what is their sin? Upholding love of country, race, religion (God) and family (gender.) Upholding their human identity. Don't fool yourself, Communism is about disparaging and destroying everything that is good in life.  Why? They want to rule. If they turn the world upside down, they will be on top.  

This de facto communism extends beyond the entertainment industry to the Fortune 500 companies that boycotted North Carolina just because the state didn't want to open their women's bathrooms to transgendered mutants.    Starbucks CEO (((Howard Schultz))) told shareholders to sell their shares if they didn't like his company's strong stand on same-sex marriage. Kelloggs and many other blue chips pulled their ads from Brietbart risking alienating its 19 million readers. In general, the corporate elite which is controlled by the central bankers 
fund radical Islam and far left extremism. 

Why are corporations taking controversial political stands at all? This is something that has never occurred before in my lifetime. The West has transformed into a de facto communist society where the old capitalist emphasis on profit takes second place to mind control and obedience. They have disenfranchised half the population in their minds. What comes after that? If the USSR is any guide, it is Gulags and mass murders if they take power again. This is why Conservatives need to arm. 

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Comments for "(((Liberals))) Have Disenfranchised Middle America "

William said (September 22, 2017):

You're spot on in highlighting the fact that the major corporations are more into social engineering today than they are in profit-making. Things in Canada are just as bad (if not worse), but it's less noticeable since most Canadians have been brainwashed into politically correct thinking, so they don't really put up much of a fuss anymore over this stuff.

We have a prime minister who is more concerned with "indigenous" issues, LGBT123ABCDEFG issues, refugee issues, and making Muslims feel more at home in Canada than Canadians than he is with the issues any sane politician should be working on. Do Canadians, on the whole, mind? Not at all. This clown is still riding high in the polls.

As for corporations, I used to work in the loony bin known as TD Canada Trust. Under Ed Clark, the bank bent over backwards (no pun intended) for homosexuals and other assorted perverts, who comprise less than three percent of the population, and didn't care if customers objected. See this: See also:

As you stated, we live under de facto communism. Governments, educational institutes, mass media, and corporations all bleat from the same manifesto. We're a defeated people, since not enough of us will band together to oppose this and there are too many useful idiots and outright traitors among us. This is why the few who still have thinking brains are afraid to speak above a whisper in opposition to any of this Marxism. Go against the party line and they'll make sure you don't work anymore and get publicly pilloried for it. There's a visceral, satanic hatred from the people who espouse these politically correct values and we've come to the point where I believe they will not relinquish their stranglehold on the power centres of society without a bloody battle. People need to wake up and stop swimming with the current.

MM said (September 21, 2017):

This a very good, but also a scary article Henry. It certainly portends big troubles down the road.

You hit the nail on the head by having said that capitalism no longer cares about profits. As I mentioned it
To you in an elaim I had sent a month ago, the NWO/Communist game is afoot, there is no more debating on that.
The real question is – what do we do? Your closing sentence in the article bodes no well, but could be the last resort of defense.
Otherwise, this Satanic communist/homosexual/anti-White agenda won’t stop.

Trump? I think we should give up on him. A war against NK, against Iran or Syria (again)…?? So much for fixing the dilapidating US infrastructure, mending the middle class people’s lives and creating jobs. A country with a $20 trillion debt, and still willing to wage wars?? Who gives a damn, and all of this is happening for EXACTLY the same reason you’ve just mentioned about Hollywood and its profits - money is of no importance any more, they print it out of the thin air anyway. It is the Jewish/Military Complex clan speaking through Trump’s mouth. They may not like him, but no change will come from this guy. He simply belongs to the system that is completely rotten and eaten away inside.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at