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Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and the Crypto-Jewish Takeover of America

October 11, 2017


 Hamilton and Washington executed a stratagem 

devised by the British (crypto-Jewish) power elite 

on both sides of the Atlantic. The goal was to federalize

the colonies under an umbrella controlled by the elite and eventually enslave them with an enormous national debt.  

The Crypto Jewish Takeover of America: A Secret History

by Clifford Shack


Many students of alternative American history understand that the American Revolutionary War for Independence was a "phony war." Most understand that it was devised and played out by Freemasons on both sides of the conflict. Some even understand that Freemasonry was a haven for crypto-Jews who were, for one reason or another ousted from their mother religion. Freemasonry fulfilled the intrinsic need for life purpose and a united brotherhood that had been lost through forced conversion.


At the end of the 15th century, Jews in Spain and Portugal were given a choice by the Roman Catholic monarchs of those countries - conversion or expulsion. It was nothing new in Jewish history. Jews had been expelled from England in the late 12th century. Most crossed the border into Scotland or sailed to Ireland. The Iberian Jews took to the sea. Most settled in lands around the warm Mediterranean Sea where they were welcomed by the established Jewish communities.

Many Jews, for one reason or another, decided to convert and stay in Spain and Portugal. They probably had more to lose. Wealth and prestige. 

Not long after the Iberian expulsions, it was discovered that many Jews weren't keeping their end of the bargain. They practiced Judaism in secret. That's when things turned ugly. Google the "Spanish Inquisition." Suspicions made living conditions for many converted Jews intolerable. They took to the Atlantic, being "Roman Catholic" they traveled up the western coast of Europe where the life would be more peaceful. They initially settled along the coasts of Western Europe in France, England, Ireland, Germany and the Spanish Netherlands.


Some believe that former Jews had a hand in the creation of Protestantism. It allowed them freedom from the Church that had persecuted their people. It also allowed for the study of the Old Testament which often re-kindled their desire to return to their people. Unfortunately, more often than not, their desire to return was rebuffed by the existing Jewish communities. They felt doomed to a religious limbo finding solace only in an invisible, forgiving God and the others who shared their plight.

The French Catholics that embraced Protestantism were called Huguenots. Huguenots were among the most persecuted Protestants in Europe. Among those Huguenots were crypto-Jews. Some secretly practicing Judaism, others embraced Christianity. These people suffered under Roman Catholicism whether they were Jewish or Christian. Eventually, they fled Europe. If they couldn't find a land of religious tolerance, they would make one.

According to Wiki:

"The bulk of Huguenot émigrés relocated to Protestant states such as EnglandWalesScotlandDenmarkSwedenSwitzerland, the Dutch Republic, the Electorate of Brandenburg and Electorate of the Palatinate in the Holy Roman Empire, the Duchy of Prussia, the Channel Islands, as well as majority Catholic but Protestant-controlled Ireland. They also spread to the Dutch Cape Colony in South Africa, the Dutch East Indies, the CaribbeanNew Netherland, and several of the English colonies in North America. Small contingents of families went to Orthodox Russia and Catholic Quebec."

It should not come as a shock that Alexander Hamilton and George Washington were British American insiders and they did not meet by accident.


Washington's mother, Mary Ball, and Hamilton's mother Rachel Lavien (Levine) were of French Huguenot descent. As was Washington aide, John Laurens of South Carolina. The surname Ball has also been identified as belonging to crypto-Jewish families by the authors by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman  and Donald Yates who wrote, "Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America: A Genealogical History." Hamilton married into the Schuyler family of Albany, New York which has also been identified as crypto-Jewish by Hirschman and Yates. Hirschman and Yates also identified surname  Custis as being crypto-Jewish.

Daniel Parke Custis was an American planter and politician who was the first husband of Martha Dandridge. After his death, Dandridge married George Washington.

As for Hamilton, after nearly a year of investigation, I discovered that he wasn't the son of James Hamilton but the son of Henry Cruger, Sr., a wealthy New York merchant tied to the inter-connected families of the Dutch New York power elite. Cruger's father was the 38th mayor of New York City. His brother was the 41st mayor of New York City and governed while little Alexander was growing up on the tiny British island colony of Nevis, then headquarters for the British West Indies slave trade of which the Crugers were major players.

Hirschman and Yates specifically identified the Crugers and Schuylers as crypto-Jewish families.

Both Hamilton and Washington were thrust together to execute a stratagem devised by the British (crypto-Jewish) power elite on both sides of the Atlantic. The goal was to federalize the colonies under an umbrella controlled by the elite and eventually enslaving them with an enormous national debt. Together Hamilton and Washington accomplished their joint task by selling the Constitution and a central bank ultimately controlled by a strong central government controlled by the (crypto-jewish) elite, note a few of the following names of the power elite:


Financier, John Nixon, conducted the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, in 1776. He was also one of the founders of the Bank of North America.

Isaac Roosevelt was one of the first proponents to encourage bank development, leading him to become one of the thirteen original directors and later Bank President of the New York State Bank. Isaac Roosevelt's work at the State Bank allowed him to work alongside Alexander Hamilton who expressed to Roosevelt his Federalist principles. Isaac grew to adopt the same thinking and together with John Jay and Robert R. Livingston, they journeyed to Poughkeepsie for the New York State Constitutional Conventions. Alexander Hamilton became the voice of the Federalist cause while Isaac Roosevelt stood in the wings as a compromiser, helping to ratify the Constitution upon the promise of an addition of a Bill of Rights. This accomplishment was Isaac's last significant act before his death in 1796.



The Bush Family:

Flora Sheldon, wife of Samuel P. Bush, was a distant descendant of the Livingston, Schuyler, and Beekman families, prominent New Netherland merchant and political patrician families (of crypto-Jewish descent per  Jews & Muslims in Colonial America, by Hirschman and Yates.)


The list goes on and on.

All Protestant presidents.

Except Kennedy. He didn't fare well.

As for Obama, his maternal grandmother was an illegitimate Rockefeller raised by a Standard Oil accountant near their Kansas oil fields.

Rockefellers descend from John Winthrop, governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Protestant Crypto-Jew? Go find out.

There you have it.


Clifford Shack  has been researching hidden history for over 35 years. 

First Comment from James Perloff-

Very interesting piece. Even if they weren't crypto-Jews, Washington, Franklin, and many other Founding Fathers were certainly Freemasons. Elsewhere on this site I have posted articles on the Battle of Lexington as a Freemasonic-orchestrated false flag, and the true author of the Declaration of Independence being the virulently anti-Christian Thomas Paine.

King George III was a virtuous Christian (and not a Freemason), and by 1773 the ONLY tax Britain was levying on America was a nominal 3-cent customs duty on a pound of tea. This, the American Freemasons screamed, was "abject slavery." Most of the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights--of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, trial by jury, were already enjoyed by Americans before the Revolution began.

The Revolution was the first blow toward forming the "New World Order." In general, the idea was to overthrow all the Christian monarchs (whom the Rothschilds knew they could not hope to intermarry with) and replace them with "democracies" and "republics," whose elections the Rothschilds knew they could control by owning the press and bribing/blackmailing politicians. "Voting, which we have made the instrument which will set us on the throne of the world." (Protocol 10:5).

If Americans have enjoyed a relatively higher degree of freedom and prosperity, it was probably to deceive the other nations into revolutions of their own, believing that they'd get the same deal as America. But they didn't. Instead, they got the guillotine and the gulag. America was like the four aces dealt to a sucker in the very first hand of a crooked poker game. The sucker thinks this is his lucky night, but the aces stop coming, and by the end of the evening he's broke. Which is what Americans will be, in the Rothschild scheme, once they no longer need us, unless the New World Order is defeated.

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Comments for "Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and the Crypto-Jewish Takeover of America"

Stephen said (October 13, 2017):

I was a bit fearful to open this article this morning, knowing that there is a great deal of disinformation on the American Revolution and especially on Hamilton.

I was right and the only comment that is closest to the truth is Bill's comment.

I just can't believe that people fall for this tripe. References that were written more than 100 years after the event are being used as if they are primary documents

Don't people know that the Royals had devout Tories remain in the US and their mission was to denigrate the Revolution to something akin the the bloody French Revolution. (which was started and funded by the Royals to prevent Louis XVI from phasing out the monarchy and implementing an American style republic and banking system, through the Marquis of Lafayette, then mayor of Paris).

The logic of this article is appalling, Freemasons = evil. Jew = evil. Henry is a Jew, therefore he must be evil. (of course not Henry)

Imagine 100 years from now mainstream press clippings about Trump are being waved around as if they are primary documents and he is Jewish too.

So what is the motivation of such a disparaging article? Who benefits from spreading this bovine excrement?

It's the very bankers that this article denigrates.

Hamilton broke away from the world's banking dictatorship by starting the National Bank, a bank for the people and by the people. Jackson killed the bank and that brought about a nasty depression that wasn't resolved until Lincoln restored the National Bank.

There are so many lies about Hamilton, that it's difficult to find the truth anymore, but the truth can be found in Hamilton's original writings and in the charter to the First National Bank.

Debbie said (October 12, 2017):

I would like to add, that I read so-called Christian books, that upheld George Washington as a pillar of Christian society, then one day I was looking at my father's Freemasonry Bible, wondering where it differs from regular bibles, so I opened it up, and here on the insert is a full-colour full-page photo of George Washington, I asked myself the question, why would his photo be there if he was not an active Freemason, and I am sure the answer is he had to be one. Of course, Freemason, never really disclose who they are, they don't make news headlines, they work discretely in the background. I guess that is why it is difficult to identify who they are.

Glen said (October 12, 2017):

Excellent article by Clifford and great first comment from James. The founding of America as we were taught in school turns out to be another load of bovine excrement. I would like to list a couple of books for people if they want to learn more of the truth.
1) Conspiracy in Philadelphia - Gary North
2) True History of the American Revolution - Sydney George Fisher

As for Hamilton, we know he was a banker knee boy and always pushed hard for a central bank. Washington is a bit of a different story, as he has been all but "sainted" by historians. Turns out he was far from the angel he was made out to be. I must give Stephan Molyneux credit for the great in-depth look at George Washington he presented in this video. View at your own discretion, as you might not like what you hear.

Pedro said (October 12, 2017):

Pattern recognition, and what we are up against. What the American Revolution was supposed to be about.

This book was an eye opener for me - Sydney George Fisher, The True History of the American Revolution (1902)

The main impression on me was how the General Howe and later his admiral brother let Washington off the hook in battles which he surely would have lost. It is also strange the provocation of mad king George in raising those taxes, and the Boston Tea Party as freemsasons dressed as Indians did their bit for the 'Theatre of the Macabre'.

Perhaps it's like Hitlers love of the English and letting them go at Dunkirk. Benefit of the doubt would say that they are people with heart and common roots. Cynics will say that Disraeli was correct and all the important decisions and initiatives are made by secret societies fomenting revolutions then order under their terms.

The other very suspicious event was the selection of the flag, the East India Company flag, the mysterious 'professor' who was probably the Black Pope , Lorenzo Ricci, and his chummy garden stroll with the chairman of that committee, Benjamin Franklin and the inclusion of the maid of the house into the committee to make an odd number, rather than giving Franklin the deciding vote as Chairman.

Tupper Saucy in Rulers of Evil reckons it's Rome, not the Jews, but in any case those who rejected Jesus Christ and worshipped Ceasar.

"Indeed, I theorize that Ricci orchestrated the entire demise of the Order [they were kicked out of Christendom 'for all eternity'] so that Protestant colonists in America might not see that the Revolution they were about to fight was a Catholic affair . Radical? Wild? Paranoid? Maybe, but the facts are extraordinarily interesting when viewed in this possibility." Jordan Maxwell says, grabbing back the microphone at the end of his recent session with Project Camelot - it's Rome, not the Jews. He's got 40 years up on me studying this stuff.
Know them by their fruits? America is the great Satan by that measure. Though like Ghandi said of Western Civilisation, wonderful idea, somebody should try it.

Then again the authors of the Scottish book are Jewish and I'd bet Fisher is Jewish too. We can make of that what we will. At least Hamilton's headstone is vertical - the Scottish book has them there horizontal for Jews there.

Bill said (October 11, 2017):

I was quite surprised that you would link "Hamilton with Washington" through such trivial academic scholarship with no quotes from verifiable historians and actual quotes from Washington's writings. To me this is the same as the liberals who want to destroy (slander) the foundations of our country, like those who are destroying monuments of historical figures.

The fruit on Washington's tree was good fruit. He was a mainline Christian Episcopalian (Anglican) which in those days was not like it is perversion of truth. Washington was not a Federalist and was very suspect of any religion that was controlled by the state. And yes he did believe in Jesus Christ! He was a vestryman. Washington was an introvert and in those days men were judged by fruit (deeds), not by boisterous declarations.

If this author wishes to slander Washington, at least he could give solid proof, of which he offers none but innuendos. Being a crypto-Jew or having Jewish DNA is for scoundrels who wish to subvert truth...and is not honest scholarship but rather the writings of a scoundrel who hates this country. It offers no constructive understanding.

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