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False Flags are Pretext for Police State, says Reader

October 8, 2017


After a year of grace, by legitimizing Las Vegas false flag, Donald Trump has confirmed his participation in the Freemasonic Jewish (Illuminati, Communist) conspiracy to enslave humanity.

The article below was sent anonymously. It reflects the alarm felt by an average intelligent American male at the betrayal by the government and all social institutions, especially mass media. They are disguising an undeclared war of terror on the American people by its communist controllers. 

The author of this article is the kind of intelligent male that the Illuminati are trying to destroy by promoting feminism, gendercide, homosexuality, and transsexuality. 

Encore- Video captures two shooters in LV crowd.  Wearing police vests?

"People need to study the vast disparity of how much more firepower the internal police systems are amassing while politicians are taking away the peoples' rights."

By Brain Buster 

Today YouTube, Facebook and common search engines are censoring more information and it will be harder for real truth news to get out.  Think about this: they claim upwards to 20,000 thousand people attended that country music festival--how many cell phones with cameras would have been there as well? You should be able to literally see hundreds of pictures of ambulances and people loading bloody bodies on gurneys. You would see blood everywhere.

And it should be stated upfront these events are staged using crisis actors and some could easily have worked with Halloween fake blood and acted as if they were shot. Reports of blood do not necessarily mean anything. How many pictures of mangled body parts do we see?

One fake actor interviewing with CNN (who sounds about as authentic and traumatized as a joke) claims his friend was shot three times and he held him in his arms (but zero blood!). Check out at 8 minutes 30 seconds into this video (actually the whole video is worth watching) but this guy is total BS: Mandalay Bay Shooting HOAX, Crisis Actors, Gun Control Agenda!!  

Surely the gunshot sounds from some places sounded real--such as from the hotel--but they could have been "blank bullets" coming out of real automatic rifles or a machine gun. Yet there is also cellphone footage at the actual concert crowd in which people are heard declaring what they were hearing was "fake" gunshots. So you may have various sources of gunshot sounds.


There have been several faked mass killing events over the last years--that most people believe were real events. Ninety percent of Americans still think the Orlando Pulse event was real and there is another example of no blood even though 50 supposedly died and another 52 were wounded? There were also real killing events of a mass nature that were officially blamed on innocent suspects. But this last event is so full of red flags (like the Orlando Pulse nightclub event) that it is most likely no one was killed and no one was shot with a real bullet.

(Crocodile tears over fake event) 

Lestado Codicus, on December 3, 2015 at TheRealStrategy.Com writes: "...The average amount of mass shootings prior to Obama's election was 2.5 per year.... This year the total is 14.4 TIMES HIGHER than the average in 2008. Either everyone is losing their minds this year or many of these events are what I like to call a false flag".

A new genre of acting has evolved with 9/11 and the war on terror. Some actors sign up to be "crisis actors" in which they participate with Department of Homeland Security and the Military to create scenes of pretended war scenarios and pretended terrorist events (where the act as if they are wounded or killed on the battlefield or in a crime scene). Hollywood-like stage-scenery and costumes are included. Some of these actors sign elaborate contracts which contain "secrecy clauses".

 And so it is only takes one more step to take these crisis actors to create fake news. There is enough money out there to get a better-staged event--this stuff has been pretty amateurish so far (and the acting is absolutely lousy). One of the actors posing as a witness has already been identified as a professional media insider. 

Another reality Americans should understand is that it is now lawful for the American government to disseminate fake news propaganda to the American homeland. Previously two laws prevented this: the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987. But recently by way of a National Defense Authorization Act this important restriction has been overturned by our own Congress and so it is apparently legal for our Government and the media to lie to We The People. And lie they do on a routine and flagrant basis!

The limited footage of the MSM coverage of this massive event is in itself a major mystery. You should see massive amounts of blood; mangled bodies, total pandemonium, ambulances and gurneys actively moving in crazed fashions everywhere (most of these events have mostly police cars and police patrolling while the staging areas for wounded passively clean and stagnant). You would be hearing loud screaming everywhere--even marines scream when shot in war conflicts. The people interviewed would sound absolutely traumatized--not like they are merely talking about some movie they saw.

This event is so fake. From a few cell phone cameras on the Internet, you hear bullet sounds and you see crisis actors hiding for cover and others following. You see people running and jumping over fences. You see some crisis actors falling like they were hit by bullets. But there is no screaming like had it been real. There is no blood. There are no body parts breaking away. It is not close to what a real war zone would look like.

In fact, some cell phone footage has a man standing among others who cringing close to the ground. He raises his hands at the supposed shooter and shots obscenity at the shooter. He would not show such bravado if people were really experiencing real bullets (and there were many minutes of the equivalent of machine gun fire). Everything is so fake. Another video has three or four men standing up and drinking cans of beer.


Anti-gun people have already discussed getting the guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people and veterans. So if you believe in some so-called conspiracy theories you can be labeled crazy. Also, our own government has been motivated to label patriots as suspected or potential terrorists. Read article:

See as well: "The Department of Justice Prepares to Step up War on Domestic Extremists" by Derrick Broze. We learn John Carlin, the Justice Department's chief of national security, and federal prosecutors are looking for new tools to deal with the rise of "domestic extremists." Also, check out: We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant.

People thought these kinds of faked lies from the mainstream media and our own government would stop with Donald Trump in the White House. But apparently, the same old deep state is still up to taking away the guns (and they want all the firepower that could stand up to a tyrannical government). They are trying to take gun rights piecemeal but they want to destroy any potential of resistance against a corrupt government. And this government is corrupt.

Anyone who knows anything about history in any real sense, and knows anything about America's "real" foreign affairs (that is the many dictators it has supported even to the extent of helping them kill their own people) should know that one "never" trusts any government to the extent the naïve sheeple here in America are willing to go along with these exceedingly dangerous plans of just "trusting" politicians and the mainstream media regarding removing gun rights.

See the film ***Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control Worldwide*** by Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (FPFO) on YouTube (an important video). See also another very important video: How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom

People need to study the vast disparity of how much more firepower the internal police systems are amassing while politicians are taking away the peoples' rights.

Anyone who seriously studies DOD Program 1033 should feel shocked at how many military M-14 M-16 rifles (something like 75,000), machine guns (15,000), bullets (and 'many' categories of weapons and hardware) have been transferred to police departments and DHS over the last years, as 'extra' inventory.

This is NOT simply some benign program as the United States government has violated the Posse Comitatus Act of strict separation of police peace officers and military as war killing training and purpose. See: In Whose US? Machine Guns, MRAPs, Surveillance, Drones, Permanent War and a Permanent Election Campaign.

The growing militarization of U.S. police: Thousands of SWAT-type raids changing face of law enforcement. 

Various departments within the Department of Homeland Security has on order 1.6 billion (yes BILLION) bullets--while there are about 330 million people in our entire country? This massive quantity (that included millions of hollow point killer bullets) has never been anywhere close to adequately explained, and has not brought the kind of hysteria as focus on public shootings broadcast all over the media and the country?

Other archived stories on the militarization of the police are at:

The government keeps encroaching on all manner of human life. Also recently the federal government has been involved in promoting more and more psychological evaluation into children in schools. See: A new bill is being proposed by Congress that will fund the psychological testing and profiling of all children in America.

FBI is Enrolling Church Leaders, Social Workers and Community Leaders to Spy on You . The plan is to establish a network of Shared Responsibility Committees (or SRCs) across America that would keep an eye out for potential rabble-rousers.

These false events have to be exposed. This stuff is too serious. What if Trump gets impeached and the Democrats gain more power. Most of Congress is already too corrupt and too under the thumb of larger corruption. Most people have no idea how much the mainstream media has been lying to the American people. Exactly one hundred years ago 10 of millions of people were murdered and tortured in Russia during the Red Terror. That was not that long ago. Do not trust websites who are covering up these phony events. This is very serious. And this very much a media war. Alternative media needs to wake up and stop helping the deep state get away with another set of lies.
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------------- Marine marksman says offical story is bogus
First Comment from Ken Adachi- "Trump is all we've got." 

You're being too harsh on Trump. He has NO CHOICE but to play along with the Deep State, ZOG propaganda agenda. He's ONE man and doesn't have the allies or power backup to stray too far into Reality Land. He could afford to call out Obama on his phony 'birth certificate' before he ran. He could afford to publicly call into question this or that false flag BEFORE he ran, but he can't do it now.  We should understand that and not hold it against him.

IMAGINE what would happen if he actually did call it a staged shooting event? The ZOG, the ZOP, and the entire Zionist Owned Opinion Manufacturing Industry  would - along with most of the D and R Israeli-owned traitors in Congress - scream from the Mandalay Bay Hotel rooftops for his immediate removal from office and his immediate detention in a mental ward until the more controllable VP Pence could be sworn in. Trump is a captive of his office. He's not directing these staged, hoax shootings or approving them. The ZOG is. Trump knows what's going on, but he isn't going to say anything publicly.

They laid off for almost a year because they weren't sure of their footing and had to see if they still controlled all the chess pieces. The FBI, the State Dept, Homeland Security, the NSA, the CIA, etc. , are STILL under full control of the Obama Democrats and the Organized Jews who own them. The major institutions of the US Government are more hopelessly corrupt today than at any previous time in US history. THIS is what Trump is up against and he KNOWS it.  

The America People who put him into office are the ONLY allies that Donald Trump has. And Donald Trump is the only ally that WE have in the federal government. We have to close ranks and do the best we can to support anyone who is attempting to help us in any way possible and not abandon the one guy we have working in our favor, regardless of how feeble his accomplishments are. He's all we got.

V wrote-

The Las Vegas shooting was probably staged with crisis actors.

The infamous video out on Liveleaks ( shows a bloody scene with no ambulance sirens, no real medics. No one besides a bloodied person is crying or is hysterical. The person filming cannot find an entry/exit wound on two of the bloodied person's on the ground. Why were the lights turned off, to hide the crisis actors after the 'show' was over.

If this were real the family of the victims on the ground would sue the City of Las Vegas for not providing medical care to those being shot and letting them die on the field. The actors I saw on video saying their friends and loved ones got shot (as many as 3 times) sounded amateurish and one looked like he was going to burst out laughing. It's easier to stage an event with actors than killing real people as you have to pay off the coroners, police and risk lawsuits with evidence being presented in court. If real people were killed then I apologize to those deceased.

There are videos around that that people say were 2 or 3 shooters on the ground dressed as police or security. This video will dispel those stories:

This is by far the best video I have so far. You can see no muzzle flashes on the Mandalay Bay hotel and you hear what appears to be gun shots from behind the event towards the oil tanks.

The website NODisInfo ( has some very good info. 

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Comments for " False Flags are Pretext for Police State, says Reader "

Anon said (October 9, 2017):

Well, this is it. We are now at the cleaners, ready to be stripped. The GDF Communists are in full control. The final step will be the faked civil war which will be nothing but martial law in action to search and seize all people with arms and ammo, big kitchen carving knives, baseball bats and other sporting items that can be hand-held weapons. Trump is their captured leader who will be assassinated whenever that's convenient. All those with unacceptable opinions, attitudes, and actions will be murdered. The school children will be seized and permanently separated from their parents. With Common Core in total control, the kids will be brainwashed into believing that they have never had moms and dads. The USA is now the yet-to-be-declared the United Soviet States of America.

Robert K said (October 9, 2017):

The Planned Society (resulting from endemic Fabian Socialist infiltration) accords ultimate importance to statistics--sterile numbers disconnected from the truest impulses of human nature. Wage slavery--an artificial bankers' policy that is imposed with little variability, other than extension, from generation to generation and that conceals the potential of freedom-favouring real-world innovation--creates a hive society, in which everyone is subject to the impossible (and therefore endlessly intervention justifying), personality-crushing goal of "equality". The linking in the French Revolution of the principles of "Liberty" and "Equality" was an early instance of cognitive dissonance from which we have yet to de-stupefy ourselves.

David S said (October 9, 2017):

If this guy obtained the weapons Legally then there should be filing cabinets of his applications whichever agency handles that. (This should be made public) if it's honest! I'd also be interested to know how he got into what is essentially a BANK with a small armory. The agencies in charge should be pressured to the full for answers... People need to demand physical Proof, if not why not.

BK said (October 9, 2017):

The Police State and the NWO are already here - It should be evident that it's been here for some time!
I think the false flag events themselves are proof of it.
All of the false flags, weather manipulation, social engineering, etc., that are taking place is to bring about the mark of the beast.
Most people don't even know who the beast truly is, much less it's "mark".
For those who may be wondering - No, it's not a chip. It's not physical, it's spiritual.
The mark has been around since Cain.
The Bible makes this super clear.

Brendon O'Connell said (October 9, 2017):

Please consider Henry, that Trump's chief propaganda outlet - Alex Jones - is pushing hard that Paddock is ISIS. No one would care but buffoon boy has 6 times the audience of Fox News and he works directly for Trump.

Bi Bi wants war in the M.E and is gearing up. They will never get gun control in America.

This is about propping up Trump under the HUGE Russia allegations - Manafort and Tillerson deep in bed with Rosneft and Russian Jewish oligarch Igor Sachen. Kushner. Meetings. Netanyahu and Putin. It's not a joke. NO ONE is talking about it.

Just Google Rosneft Tillerson manafort putin

Pedro said (October 9, 2017):

One could imagine a leaked 'bloopers' video of all those crisis actors who actually did break out laughing and didn't make the final cut.

Will the venue that kept the exit gates locked (illegally) be sued? Most of the injuries would have come about from that circumstance.
Trump on 911, on 911... no such doubts this time heh? Had he not met at the lodge or synagogue before making that comment on planes taking down the towers - built 'almost like a can of soup' - being impossible.

Reading David Irving's Goebell's and fairly convincing evidence that Hitler, Goering, Goebells were genuinely surprised upon hearing about the Reichstag fire. Contrast to Bush and his going back to reading the goat story and Trump's lack of doubt and common sense or honesty this time around.

Why they want your guns. and, in Australia, slingshots, and crossbows... and pointed sticks.
from Sohlzenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago Vol1.

" And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?
After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you'd be
cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-what if it had been driven off
or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed
machine would have ground to a halt!"

Don said (October 8, 2017):

You Are Blaming Trump For The Vegas Terrorism. You're Basically A Terrorist Yourself! What a truly evil thing to say. Now I see why you were selling the whole 'conspiracy' thing about it. You were just trying to pretend it was not a 'pussy hat democrat'.

Democrats are terrorists. Antifa and BLM are terrorist groups, as is the jew who runs them, George Soros. You are trying to PROTECT them by blaming Trump (of all people!) "Trump is an inside job terrorist because he approved the mass murder of his own supporters at a concert." What a ridiculous, obvious lie! You're a sick guy.



Trump is guilty of letting this happen after stopping it for almost a year.

I don't believe in thought crimes. Your calling me a terrorist is what the Communists will do. Kudos for being first.


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