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The Putin Deception (2)

November 24, 2017

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As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by 

Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia's Putin

who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness.  

He thwarted the Zionist takeover of Syria and destroyed

the barbaric Zionist proxy, ISIS.  However, Andy Sloan believes

all this is a deception and that Russia (and China) plan to

attack and conquer the West.

 Is this scenario far-fetched? Why socially engineer us if they plan to destroy us?

(To make us more vulnerable?) In any case, Putin's bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.  

"When lies have been accepted for some time, the truth always astounds with an air of novelty." -- St. Clement of Alexandria

Andy Sloan is a management consultant and traditional Catholic from England. He believes 'all history is theology.'

by Andy Sloan


In Part I, I presented evidence that Vladimir Putin's Christianity/morality is fake and Russia remains communist. Indeed, for residual doubters, Putin admitted publicly last year: "I was not, as you know, a (communist) party member by necessity.I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much and I like them still." (1)Putin's stand is founded in the final phase of a long-range plan to facilitate political, economic, institutional and cultural convergence (synthesis) with the West. In 'The Perestroika Deception', Anatoliy Golitsyn described Mikael Gorbachev as "a Leninist, chosen and trained by the Soviet strategists to engineer the defeat of the United States and the West generally through the use of false, controlled democracy and a specious capitalism." And so it continues with Putin.


(Myron Fagan exposed the Illuminati in the 1960's)

Mr. Golitsyn further states;

"The final objective of this strategy is Sino-Russian world domination. In order to achieve their final goal, Russia, after lulling America to sleep, will join with China in order to attack the United States."

For trenchant research into this strategy, readers should study the work of J R Nyquist. It is vital that people understand this, because as Mr Nyquist elucidates, it is clear Russia and China are priming for an attack. (2)

Now, for many, this deception alone is much to digest, but there is a plot of a higher dimension than this. Understanding was given in Part 1 with the words of Congressman Larry McDonald;

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and communism under the same tent, Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. International in scope, generations old in planning and incredibly evil in intent."


(Liza Minelli reports Kissinger's sexual harassment. Isn't that Donald?)

As demonstrated by Professor Anthony Sutton in regard to Russia (3) and James Corbett in respect of China (including a connection between Mao Zedong and Skull & Bones) (4), the East has been built up by Western banking and corporate interests. Why? Primarily to militarize them to enable them to engage the West in a WW3, which will become the cataclysm to justify the creation of a One World Government in the horrifying aftermath.

As Myron Fagan revealed (5);

"In 1848, Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, under the direction of one group of Illuminists, while Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University wrote the anti-thesis, under the direction of another group of Illuminists. The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences of those two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger members of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other."


But the globalists did modify their plan for the reasons given above by Anatoliy Golitysn, so as to facilitate an easier accommodation between West and East after WW3.

And it should be noted that socialism and communism are simply tools for bringing about a global despotism -

Excerpts from a Jewish meeting in Paris as reported in the Catholic Gazette 1936 (6);


(Trump's hand sign reaffirms loyalty to Lucifer)

"We have brought many of them to boast of being atheists, and more than that, to glory in being descendants of the ape! We have given them new theories, impossible of realization, such as Communism, Anarchism, and Socialism, which are now serving our purpose. The stupid Gentiles have accepted them with the greatest enthusiasm, without realizing that those theories are ours and that they constitute our most powerful instrument against themselves. And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World."

And in our times, it has been the usual suspects working front-of-house, to advance the plan. As Charlotte Isybert reported (7);

"In the mid-seventies when the SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) was being discussed by the U.S. Senate, the author of this article (Iserbyt) arranged for a Soviet defector by the name of Igor Glagolev to come to Maine to participate in a debate with Secretary of Defense Paul Warnke. This debate was arranged by Maine's Chamber of Commerce. Glagolev did a superb job presenting reasons why the United States should not sign onto this Treaty. At dinner, the same evening Glagolev informed me that prior to his defection, when he held a very high position in the Kremlin, he sat in on meetings at which David Rockefeller Sr. and Henry Kissinger were often present."

And as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said of a meeting in 2016;

"The meeting is a continuation of a friendly dialogue between President Putin and Henry Kissinger, who are bound by a long-standing relationship. They communicate all the time."


And here he is with President Xi;

And David Rockefeller - 'Memoirs' 2003: "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

The plan for three world wars is well known to truthers through various sources - the infamous letter of Albert Pike; the Zionist Congress of Basel in 1897 as revealed by the late Eustace Mullins and as testified by the ex-jew and Catholic convert Benjamin Freedman. WW3 is also foreseen in Catholic prophecy, most vividly by St Odile in the 7th Century (8).

But given the devastation of modern weapons, how can we suppose the attainability of a One World Government after WW3, as this would require a deep control infrastructure? This is possible if the war strategy has been devised in advance between East and West.

As Otto Khan, a Kuhn Loeb partner stated after WW1, the bankers "re-make the world by creating artificial conflicts and determining the outcome." And as Anthony Sutton discovered, certain prime military targets in Germany were not bombed during WW2, because they were American corporate interests (9).

Hence, we can reasonably speculate that the course of WW3 will be of predesign and that substantive control infrastructure will remain in place in view to merge it globally after the war. And in further proof, in forward planning, we can see the post-WW3 governmental architecture has already been configured.

And in further proof, in forward planning, we can see the post-WW3 governmental architecture has already been configured.


Lyda responds- Protocols and Putin 


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Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Putin Deception (2)"

Andy Sloan said (November 25, 2017):

You should contact Bahmann Nasri and ask him to write a piece (as he told me on Facebook) regarding his knowledge that the globalist plan is to paint the west bad and east good.

I certainly think he has it right here;

"He said the Eagles' master plan is to set the entire Middle East on fire through revolutions, social unrest, and wars. Mr. Nassiri told Trunews that Syria will be the last war "before the big war" which will target Iran. Mr. Nassiri said he fears the attack on Iran may erupt into World War III. "

Shum said (November 25, 2017):

If this country was not part of the nwo, they would have translated the rutube site a long time ago and therefore offered an alternative to YouTube.

Their rt channel only goes to a certain level of depth.

That's why they stopped "Breaking the Set" because it was too efficient (zion proper coverage) :

It doesn't mean i consider Abby Martin as someone who knows what is nwo.

Mike K said (November 25, 2017):

Another idiot blathering the current jwo talking points. Trump has averted ww3 already in Syria alone.

Mario C said (November 25, 2017):

The article about Putin as a deceit is nonsense. The NWO want a Russia like in Yeltsin era with all the gas and petrol in hand of Jewish Rothschild agents. Rothschild and elite are not happy with all Russia resources are in hands of Russians. Also are not happy that Russia is developing and strong military economically and in demographic. Also not happy that the people in Russia are returning to Christianity.

Is clear also that Putin don’t want a confrontation with USA . They wait and let USA made mistakes. He try to made good relation with western politics that are not NWO agents as Shoeder, Berlusconi , Chirac, Fillon, Villepin and probably Strauss Khan ( Sarkozy, Hollande Macron are all Zionist Rothschild agents for that reason they win) At same time Putin is increasing defense and made sure to USA that if there is a war USA will be destroyed. China is also afraid and is doing the same.

Also is clear that Rothschild and the elite does not want a III world war specially if is Nuclear. Only local wars. If is Nuclear there are not winner because all the world will be destroyed. And they has plans to the world in their hands. And a world full of radioactivity is not good for live. I think that If there was not a war between USA and Russia from 1945 is because they don’t want because they are afraid. They are waiting for a defection of Russian elites and maybe a Manchurian candidate in the Kremlin. Because Russia is the only one that can face the west military and moral and spiritual level. ( China alone can not do it). For that reason, they are focused in destroy Russia and Putin.

All want a NWO because is inevitable but they has different ideas about what is NWO. Kennedy ;Putin and Xi want a world of cooperation and for all. There are many reason because they kill Kennedy ( or the 4 Kennedys) but the core of the reason is because Kennedy want a world of cooperation and good will and west NWO agent want a world of dominium. ( me and not you). West want a world of elites and probably focused only in this world ( no spirituality.) 666 probably mean human perfection without God. ( 7 is with God)

Tony B said (November 24, 2017):

No, Henry, total disagreement.

Every last word this man presents has to do with the dead soviet, NOT with RUSSIA.

The soviet WAS super-capitalism, owned outright by the Rothschild cabal and its satellites.

Conversely, Putin is the only national leader in centuries to actually FIGHT the cabal, to the best of his assets and abilities. He is not a dictator and doesn't want to be one, plus the cabal still has over half the power in Russia including the banking power.

This man, Putin, at least until recently, has continuously called the U.S. and the west in general "partners" as an invitation for the west to actually do what it is forever mouthing but always DOING the opposite of the words all over the world. Putin, on the other hand, is the ONLY national leader in memory to ACTUALLY DO WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO.

Moreover, as a true diplomat, Putin does his best to maintain working relationships with representatives of all nations, something the Talmudic driven "west" seems to consider childish neglect of in-your-face power these days.

If Putin, raised a Christian where it was often a death penalty, actually said the words attributed to him concerning THE IDEAS of communism and socialism, the writer, being a Catholic (apparently V2 version) should realize that these IDEAS have been co-opted by those isms directly from Christianity itself. "Do unto others . . ." However those ideas have nothing to do with the reality of the soviet or any other communist/socialist entity. They are strictly for the pacifying consumption of the idealists.

If Putin was "one of them," as implied, the very real attempt to conquer Russia, led by the English speaking world and its U.S. military kneecappers, would not exist. It would be a bald-faced lie to try to make out this constant war against Russia in every manner known to be a pretense conquest.

Britain, like the Talmudist rulers of Israel, has since American "independence," forever used the U.S. to do its dirty work and suffer the results. It's collective mindset has obviously not changed.

Are Americans doomed to forever be the cannon fodder for the evil wannabe world rulers? If the Brits want Russia subdued (just as they created two wars against Germany because they could not compete commercially with it) let THEM take on Putin. Let's see how they make out on their own for a change.

CR said (November 24, 2017):

I wonder if there really is a conflict between Russia and the NATO states, it looks to me like the west is being set up to lose a war. Canada and America are putting a lot of effort to welcome sexual deviants and loonies of all types. As a straight man, even if you are deluded enough to believe that joining the military is a good thing to do, the LGBT and "rape culture" nonsense is enough to make you think twice at the very least. Contrast that with the sort of promotions the Russian military is running: "
First competition ever between elite special forces of Russia with the stars of the Russian strength sports such as Kirill Sarychev, Misha Koklyaev, Denis Cyplenkov, Murad Alibegov, Alexander Klyushev, Ruslan Pustovoy." Sarychev holds the all-time world record for the 3 lift total in powerlifting, as well as the bench press record with 738lbs. Koklyaev has competed at an elite level in weightlifting, set world records in powerlifting without really even training for it, and placed 3rd at World's Strongest Man.

If you are going to start a world war, do you want an army made up of sissies, fags, and women (some born as men) or this kind of guys. Watch the video, no pussies or fags anywhere in sight.

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