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Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper?

November 20, 2017

Michael Collins Piper 1960- May 30, 2015

Tony Blizzard was Michael Collins Piper's friend 
and colleague on The Spotlight and American Free Press.
 Piper is responsible for exposing "the enemy within" 
and I wondered if they took their revenge.  

See informative riposte from Mark Glenn below! 

By Tony Blizzard

I gave it much thought BEFORE he died. His death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up.  

I think because of his talks with Muslim nations, and Muslim friends he made, he became hooked up somewhat with Mark Glenn.  Glenn had sent me a really nasty email over something - I never figured out what - demanding that I take him off my mailing list.  Figured it probably had to do with his love match of Christians and Muslims.  I have no problem writing that the Koran promotes the killing of all "infidels" and that Christians are considered infidels by them.

Later, I was perplexed at Mike's acceptance - and insane argument for - Sandy Hook and Boston essentially as presented by the media until I saw that Glenn was of the same identical mindset.  This made me believe that Glenn had developed some sort of influence over Mike's thinking.  In fact, I learned of the similarity because Mike mentioned it, using Glenn as a backup to his take on the events.

Then, when Mike chose the option to go live in Glenn's "guest house" that thought was confirmed in my mind.  I invited Mike to come live with me but told him it would not be all that easy for him with his walking problems.  

His emails to me became depressed, even when traveling across the country with Glenn, left.  After he was established in the house, they were even more depressed, as though he was being pretty much isolated from the world.  In fact, he wrote as much.  Before the place burnt down he emailed me that the railing of the porch to that house had been sabotaged, broke when he pressed against it, and he almost fell a distance to the ground.  He was definite about it being done on purpose.  Shortly later, he was extremely unhappy about being dumped into a motel room with no one he knew around him after the fire, the circumstances of which I never heard.

Either the day before he died or the day before that, can't remember, he sent me the first upbeat email I had from him since leaving DC.  He relayed that he was about to start writing in earnest exposing ???????  He didn't tell me what but it was obviously big.  Wish I still had that email but I had a computer crash since and lost all the emails.

I believe there was likely a plot to get him isolated where no one knew anything about him.  For one thing, like most such murders, the police authorities didn't wait for any sort of autopsy to declare it a "natural" death.  In fact, I've never been able to discover what that "natural death" was supposed to have been.  There was some talk about a heart attack but nothing official that I ever heard or read.

Mark Glenn wrote Henry Makow in July 2015

Mike was sick. Exactly a year ago, he underwent quintuple by-pass surgery to relieve 98% blockage in his arteries. After surgery, his heart operated at only around 25% of its capacity. In the 5 months he stayed with us, he had no less than half a dozen different heart 'incidents' that were more thank likely heart attacks of some sort. I personally took him to the emergency room several times because of it. He was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day from the neuropathy in his legs and feet, pain so severe at times that he found himself breathless and dizzy.

Adding to Mike's physical misery was watching as slowly, bit by bit, people in this 'movement' surrendered their ability to think rationally in favor of indulging in self-gratifying sensationalism. Gordon Duff has been a significant contributor to this unfortunate development and his latest madness stating that Mike was 'murdered' is just more of the same. Please do not do injury to Mike's memory by throwing gasoline on Duff's latest act of arson.

Blizzard final comment-

Absolutely Mike was sick.  But I think there is some exaggeration there.  I had at first thought that his strange take on Sandy Hook was due to his thinking becoming confused.  But his manner and use of crudity in defense of his stand there was just not like Mike at all.  At times I wondered if he wasn't taking some pain drug which was rendering him delusional at times, which could explain his behavior to a point.  I also wondered a bit if there could be some drug-related paranoia in some emails but that last was just like the old Mike.  All in all, for me the weight is as I wrote before. 
First Comment from Mark Glenn:

Henry, I have defended you for years against those who claimed (and continue to claim) that you are a disinfo agent, including (as coincidental as it may sound in this context) Mike Piper himself, who was convinced you were placed conspicuously in our midst by 'them' for reasons of distraction and diversion. I still maintain this to be the case, that you are not some deliberate disinfo agent but rather have difficulty in discerning between fact and fiction when it comes to certain 'hot button' issues that are discussed within the 'movement'.

This does not change the fact however that just because you don't deliberately do damage that somehow you are detached and disassociated from causing problems, this latest business on your website dealing with Mike's passing and the mad rantings of Tony Blizzard being a prime example.

For the record, here is a 'bird's eye view' of the items listed in Tony Blizzard's blizzard of nonsense--

Mike's position on Sandy Hook, Boston, etc, were Mike's. Anyone who knew Mike knew that he had an indomitable intellect and could not be convinced of anything which he himself did not believe to be true. As he liked to describe himself, he was a 'stickler for details' and had NO patience whatsoever for sloppy theorizing and speculation.

Blizzard and others who are bothered by this and seek some 'conspiracy' in understanding and explaining Mike's take on SH, Boston, etc, do nothing more than make fools of themselves in doing so, because, after all, what they are expecting us all to believe is that Mike--clearly the brightest mind this 'movement' ever produced who singularly decoded and uncovered the whosits and whatsits of the JFK assassination (and other events) was somehow unable to 'see' what people such as Blizzard & co have convinced themselves was the case.

By the way, as a friend, Mike thought very highly of Tony Blizzard but thought his views on Sandy Hook et al were insane and was more than a little bothered that someone whose intellect he had always respected could have gotten so completely detached from reality as to become a full fledged 'hoaxer'.

Next, how Blizzard would somehow associate Mike's favorable ideas concerning Islam with me (a Christian and not a Muslim, but who has gone to great lengths in explaining to people just how they are being lied to by Jewish interests concerning what Islam teaches) leaves me bewildered, in addition to what Blizzard asserts are the directives in the 'Koran' referring to Christians as 'infidels' who deserve to be killed.

He is delusional and if he can't get this one right--what the Qu'ran actually says--when all it takes is a mere 5 minutes of reading then why anyone would give such an 'investigator' a place of honor on their website to peddle his latest 'theories' concerning Mike's death would lead me to question their sanity as well.

Next, Mike did not 'choose' to come and live with us--he had no other choice other than to die on the streets of DC. He had an estranged relationship with his brother--the only 'family' he had, and the only other person (of which I am aware) who offered Mike a home was Nashid Abdul Khalliq who had rental properties in Texas and offered one to Mike rent-free for life, which Mike did refuse on the basis that he needed help getting around and didn't know anyone in Houston where these rental properties were. And while it is possible Mike was offered to come and live with Blizzard, he made no mention of it to me that I can recall.

Next, my 'guest house', as Blizzard referred to it (and just why he would put that in quotation marks as if it didn't exist I can't even begin to imagine. I guess it must be a 'hoax' as well) did not 'burn down', a little discrepancy that reveals just how detached from the facts Blizzard (and hence his theories and conclusions) are. The roof caught fire, burned along the entire length of the house, (roughly 34 feet and a good 4 feet down the rafters to the collar ties) and did substantial structural damage that necessitated Mike going to a hotel for safety reasons. The 'railing on the porch' as Blizzard put it was not 'sabotaged' and the proof of this is that there WASN'T ANY RAILING. A section of the porch did collapse under Mike's weight as he stepped on it, hurting the shin of his right leg considerably, but 15 minutes later when I asked MIke if he wanted to go to the hospital he said no, that the pain was subsiding, which amazed me, given as much pain as he was constantly in and how much worse it had to have been after he scraped his legs. 

The reason the floor collapsed is that it was a new porch built with old wood right before Mike arrived, had 3 feet of snow sitting on it throughout the months of December, January, February, and March and afterwards was subjected to months of rain which weakened the wood and thus collapsed in one section when Mike stepped on it. I know Mike thought it was sabotaged, but the person to blame for this was me, the guy who used old wood in building it and who did not put a roof over it as I was in a rush to get the living quarters themselves in order for Mike before he arrived.

One part Blizzard did manage to get right was Mike being upbeat before he died. He had gotten himself into a new apartment in the old part of CdA that was considerably more comfortable than our (hoax) 'guest' house and indeed he was getting ready to start writing again. The topic he planned on 'exposing' dealt Willis and Elizabeth Carto and the dealings they had had with others over the years, how they had screwed various people over (just as they had Mike) and what he believed to be criminal activity on their part in hiding money from both the government and the readers/subscribers to AFP and TBR. Before Mike left DC and came out here, he wrote everything down and sent it to me (a 20+ page document) detailing what had been done to him by them and asked that I go public with it when/if he ever died.

I still have the papers but due to the fact that what they represented to me were just the bitter words of a man who had been stabbed in the back by the people to whom he had given 34 years of his life, I saw no point in opening yet another ugly chapter in all of this that would have caused even more heartache for everyone in the aftermath of his passing and thus just put the papers away, to say nothing of the manner that they would have made Mike appear when he was not in the position to defend himself.

Next I suppose that Blizzard will allege that there is something 'fishy' about me not releasing the papers, a charge to which--if indeed it were to come forth--my response would be that he can take a running jump straight into hell, something Mike used to say quite often.

Next--Blizzard's assertion that there is an 'exaggeration' in my description of how bad-off Mike was physically. What absolute, unbridled idiocy on his part. Was Mike's 98% blockage in his arteries a fabrication or exaggeration? How about his quintuple bypass surgery--an exaggeration as well? How about the fact that there were complications during Mike's procedure where he almost died, or the various heart-related episodes he had here during his 6-month stay that required me personally taking him to the emergency room, on several occasions--Exaggerations? Fabrications? On this issue alone, Blizzard's assertion that these are 'exaggerations' indicates that Mike's original concerns that Blizzard had gone insane were/are well-founded.

As far as the meds Mike took 'for pain', I know he took Lyrica for a short while prior to coming out here but he told me it did him no good and he said he didn't like the way it made him feel loopy and disconnected, so Blizzard's theory concerning Mike being 'delusional' because of drugs is a non-starter as well.

Henry, you used to be one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and a gifted intellectual, so for the life of me, I can't even begin to imagine why you would waste good web space on something like this other than it possibly causes your conspiracy funny bone to tingle and therefore you feel the need to 'pass the bottle around' to everyone else, making you in substance no different from the self-admitted lunatic Gordon Duff who proudly asserts that nearly half of the material he posts on VT is--in his own words-- 'deliberate disinformation.'

Goodbye Henry, have a good life


Why? In order to provoke an informative response from you. Thank you Mark!   -H

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Tony B replies:

Henry, must make a few comments here.

1.  On Sandy Hook and Boston, Mike, very unlike Mike ever before, studiously ignored hundreds of FACTS, small and major, about these false flags which he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO IGNORE in order to promote his thesis that they happened as the media said.

2.  My information about the happenings at Glenn's place all came directly from Mike, I assumed nothing about them as I had no other source other than Mike's emails.

3.  Glenn does not say why he sent me a very nasty email demanding that I take his name off my mailing list which came out of the blue.

I stand by what I wrote.

First Comment by GB

Hi Henry, just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your articles regarding Mike Pipers death and think it's incredibly petty that Mark Glenn took offense to them lol. Most MCP fans like us were never afforded the chance to meet Piper (unlike Glenn who bonded with him at the end of his life) and so naturally his death remains an enigma to us because of the very strange circumstances surrounding the last year of his life from his abrupt firing from AFP to living in a motel room penniless. 

Glenn is an arrogant self-absorbed egomaniac who denies white genocide, has no problem with the Jewish planned Islamisation of the west and parrots the jmsm's narrative on sandy hook and Boston bombing. For these reasons and others I hardly visit his blog anymore. I also do not like his writing style because the man uses way too much unnecessary verbiage and tries to sound smarter than he actually is. 

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Comments for "Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper? "

Glen said (November 23, 2017):

Mark, I am truly sorry, but if you or the great Michael Piper were unable to see through the whole "Sandy Hoax" or "Boston Bumbling" "drills", then how can you expect me to have any faith at all in your critical thinking skills? Our lives from 9/11 on have been affected drastically by a continuing string of these "false flag" events as the police state has been rained down upon our heads with great speed and ferocity. Never-ending Middle East wars are assured as "Muslim" patsies are blamed on many of these events. If you are indeed all about the truth, I will give you a couple of good places to start.

FB said (November 22, 2017):

I liked your response to Mark Glenn who took you to task over publishing Blizzard writing "Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper?"

Glenn wrote "Henry, you used to be one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and a gifted intellectual, so for the life of me, I can't even begin to imagine why you would waste good web space on something like this other than it possibly causes your conspiracy funny bone to tingle and therefore you feel the need to 'pass the bottle around' to everyone else, making you in substance no different from the self-admitted lunatic Gordon Duff who proudly asserts that nearly half of the material he posts on VT is--in his own words-- 'deliberate disinformation.'

Goodbye Henry, have a good life
You wrote - Why? In order to provoke an informative response from you. Thank you Mark! -H

Your reply was brilliant and your openness to allow others to critique one another is priceless.

Maybe you should place a disclaimer or a statement that says "this is a work in progress and I allow diverse opinions. As a community we can sift through the misinformation and misunderstanding and arrive at a working model of who are against us and what are their goals." This is like having one's research vetted as a professional journal does.


Thanks F

I can understand why Mark is annoyed but people have a right to more info on Piper's death. Blizzard was in touch with him and his witness is of interest.

Frankly, I find Merk's aspersions beneath him,


Deana Springola said (November 22, 2017):

I do not know Tony Blizzard who initially stated, “His death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up.” I was also Mike’s friend. He was incredibly ill and died of something relatively common to those with diabetes called the “dead in bed” (DIB) syndrome which affects more men than woman. That coupled with his heart condition is a very deadly combination.

One of Mike’s admirable characteristics was that he dealt only in facts. The only thing that influenced Mike’s thinking was the facts. He was never swayed by speculative YouTube videos but appreciated legitimate research in records and documents. Speaking of documents, Mike shared the same document with me that he gave to Mark Glenn. I also have all of Mike’s emails. Just because he opted to stay in Mark’s guest house does not mean that Mark had some kind of questionable influence over Mike; that is a dreadful claim to make against Mike as well as against Mark. Tony, you said that it “would not be all that easy for him with his walking problems,” which was caused by his neuropathy, a very painful side effect of diabetes.

Another issue was Donald, his beloved cat who he used to call the hound of the Baskervilles on his radio program. He worried more about his cat when he was in the hospital than he did about himself. His neighbor took care of Donald. We exchanged pictures of our cats and he used to say that Donald had cousins in the Chicago area. No one isolated Mike for some devious reason. Mark has a very welcoming family who adopted both Mike and Donald. They were both happy there. The guest house did not burn down as you claim. After the fire damage, Mike and Donald stayed at a motel but had arranged for an apartment. He was upbeat and was looking forward to writing, most likely regarding the contents of the above mentioned document.

Mike was never delusional; yes, he was in pain and was also totally exasperated at people who made deliberately deceptive claims about Sandy Hook within hours after the event. Many of the claims have been debunked dozens of times but the hoaxers never alter their rhetoric. Mike, incredibly intuitive and detail-oriented ignored the claims, NOT facts, made about Sandy Hook.

Again, Blizzard said, “His death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up.” Mike would NEVER write an article or make claims without a “single fact” to back it up.

Barney said (November 22, 2017):

In response to Mark Glenn's accusations of bias on your part, we all have our "blind spots", but I've found your work to be accurate and honest during the years I've known of your website. We have differing opinions on one story from WW2, but that doesn't invalidate the valuable contribution you make in other areas.

I know nothing about the demise of Michael Collins Piper, and very little about Mark Glenn, but I've always found you to be truthful.

One thing I do know something about though is the lasting effects of "heart" drugs [that Piper took]. They call them "side-effects", but what we're not told is that these effects can continue long after we stop taking them.

I personally experienced confusion, weakness, headaches, visual disturbances, spontaneous bruising, bloating, sudden loss of consciousness, impaired sense of balance. These and many more are listed as "side-effects".

They saved my life in 2015, but I had to wean myself off them earlier this year because the drugs which had initially saved my life were now killing me.

I stopped taking them in April and May of this year (2017) after being given a clean bill of health. It is now November and I'm still experiencing a number of these after-effects.

Knowing this, it seems perfectly feasible to me that Michael Collins Piper could have been suffering the after-effects of drugs that had been prescribed, even if he was no longer taking them.

I'm not suggesting he was off his head or that he didn't know what he was saying in those e-mails. I'm merely suggesting he may have been confused. Alternatively, he may have known exactly what he was saying. It's one of those things we'll never know

Allen said (November 21, 2017):

Good morning Henry-
Sad to see division in the camp of TRUTH.
His book " Judas Goats..." was spot-on.
Why o why can not the declaration be made-
so obvious-that present day " Isreal" is Revelation 2:9...
This was the plan. It was a masonic ACT. 1948-2018
is 70 years...Daniel 9:2.
This worthless paper script the US mandates and forces on the world is absolute COMMUNISM.
It was game over in 1913.
The US is Jeremiah 50:23...... "the hammer of all the earth".
Thank you for your diligence.

JG said (November 21, 2017):

Mark Glenn was a good friend to Mike Piper having moved him into his home after transporting him all the way from Washington not to mention his numerous trips to the hospitals that he drove Mike to.

Don't we all wish we had a friend like that?
If there was any foul play in Mike Piper's death no one would know better than Marc Glenn. And, if so, I'm sure he would have let everyone know by now.

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