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Putin is Bulwark Against the NWO

November 25, 2017

In a riposte to our Putin Deception articles, we present 

Jonas Alexis' lucid defence of Putin as a genuine force 

against satanism and globalism.

"Obviously, the United States views Russia as dangerous for ideological reasons, not for legitimate reasons. Russia keeps exposing the United States as the villain and keeps revealing that the emperor simply has no clothes, and United States officials and indeed the Neocon war machine aren't happy."

by Jonas E. Alexis 

Veteran's Today Nov. 24 (includes footnotes) 

The Daily Beast, a thoroughly Zionist outlet, is probably right when it has recently declared that "Russian President Vladimir Putin is having a busy week meeting with leaders of Syria, Turkey, and Iran to build up what's portrayed as an anti-terror alliance. Missing from this coalition? The United States and members of that other coalition Washington organized in 2014 to fight the so-called Islamic State."[1]

Putin is specifically excluding the United States from that coalition precisely because it has allied with terrorist cells in Syria to destabilize the Assad government. Russia has all the evidence to prove this point. In fact, even outlets such as the Guardian and Mother Joneshave said basically the same thing.[2] Michael Michael T. Flynn, himself a retired head of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, declared incontrovertibly that the US actually did support al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Syria.

The Daily Beast article continued to say: "'Putin's preparing for the end game...' It's a process Putin initiated in public almost a year ago with peace talks in the Kazakh capital, Astana, under the patronage of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, but did not include the U.S."[3]

Arkady Dubnov, an independent political analyst, declared: "Russia once again demonstrates it is a superpower and it's back."[4] Of course. Russia has the military muscle to handle the New World Order's diabolical plan in Syria.

One can say that Syria is not destroyed because of Russia's powerful force. US generals know this. This is one reason why US Marine General Joseph Dunford suddenly came to the conclusion that both Russia and China are two of the greatest threats that the United States has ever faced in the world.[5]

Dunford knows that both China and Russia are partners, and both countries do not support the Trump administration's aggressive approach to the North Korea crisis. What is more interesting is that Russia has caught the United States again buddying up with ISIS in Syria. And this time Russia has pictures to make their case.

As Gordon Duff pointed out last September, Russia has satellite proof which conclusively places America in a hot seat. America is now ISIS, and ISIS is America. They are basically concentric circles. In other words, ISIS would not have made inroads in Syria had U.S. officials not been able to support the terrorist group. Duff rightly wrote:

"The newly released images 'clearly show that US special ops are stationed at the outposts previously set up by ISIS militants.' 'Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them,' the Russian Ministry of Defense said. This could mean that the US military staff 'feel absolutely safe' in the area which is held by the terrorists, the ministry of defense stated."

Obviously, the United States views Russia as dangerous for ideological reasons, not for legitimate reasons. Russia keeps exposing the United States as the villain and keeps revealing that the emperor simply has no clothes, and United States officials and indeed the Neocon war machine aren't happy.[6]

We know why they are not happy: the Israeli regime isn't happy. This is one reason why Ayelet Shaked, Israeli Justice Minister, "threatens Putin's life!" This is one reason why Zionist organs like the Atlantic continue to write ridiculous things about Russia without serious evidence.[7]

The Syrian government, with the help of Russia and Iran, continues to obliterate ISIS in the region, and they intend to complete the job. Obviously Israel, Saudi Arabia will have to find a country to destroy. As Jim W. Dean has recently pointed out,

"Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and the Israelis are conniving to make Lebanon the new Balkanization target on Syria's southern border, while the US confirms the lie of its position on having forces in Syria without permission by stating that, despite ISIS being defeated, it will stay in Kurdish Syria as long as it is deemed necessary. The US hedged its bets by replacing the losing ISIS army with the Syrian Kurdish army, which it can openly support with less blowback, as it seems few nations seem to object."


Jonas Alexis   -  Part Two - Putin Challenges NWO in Mid East


Kurds US's Latest Pretext to do israel's Bidding in Syria 

First Comment from CR  ( refers to Putin Deception but there is no room there!) 

If Putin is really opposed to Satanism and globalism then you have to ask yourself who Satan and God really are. Regarding the quote in yesterday's article where he said that he was a communist not by necessity but rather because he liked commie ideas, the original article in Newsweek says:

In his speech, Putin insisted he was never just a "functionary" when it came to party matters and said the Moral Code of the Builder of "Communism--a set of rules to be followed by all party members--"resembles the Bible a lot."

According to the Russian president, the code revolved around key concepts such as brotherhood, equality, and happiness."

Where have we seen this sort of talk before? From the mouth of the late communist revolutionary Hugo Chavez, of course.

"The bishops, he said, should read Marx, Lenin, and the Bible. "Christ was an authentic communist, anti-imperialist and enemy of the oligarchy," he said. He added that he himself had been a "communist" since at least 2002 (at the time he claimed to want to "improve capitalism".) It is the first time that he has publicly assumed that description. He signed off with a slogan ("fatherland or death, we shall prevail") coined by his friend, Cuba's Communist president, Fidel Castro."

Another thing, for which I haven't been able to find the direct quote but is referred to in many different article is this:
"Chavez, who regularly criticizes world figures such as U.S. President George W. Bush, describes himself as Christian, grew up expecting to become a priest and says his socialist policies have roots in the teachings of Jesus Christ."
Just like Putin's relationship with the Orthodox church, Chavez had the full support of the Catholic church:

Catholic leaders spoke of Chavez's relationship with the church and his legacy for Venezuelans.

"The people of Venezuela held him up, considered him a public leader that they felt a connection to; someone they were close with," said Auxiliary Bishop Jesus Gonzalez de Zarate of Caracas, secretary-general of the Venezuelan bishops' conference. There was "great hope for his recovery and that he would serve his third term"


"The church can contribute much along with the government in the fight against poverty, misery, and crime," he said."

Of course, crime, violence, poverty, and malnutrition have reached unprecedented levels in Venezuela as a result of the "Bolivarian Revolution". The murder rate is among the top three in the world. I was in Venezuela 10 years ago, people were obviously poor with most houses made of sheet metal but there were no food shortages, nowhere felt unsafe, and the only person I saw behaving aggressively was a cop at a roadblock who was marching around like a cowboy preparing for a gunfight. The government had around 90% approval of the public and was fixing and building houses, provided full health coverage and dental coverage, and subsidizing food. It looked good for a time, now it's arguably the worst place on earth to live that isn't an actual war zone. Anyone can hide behind religion.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles"

Matthew 7:16

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Comments for "Putin is Bulwark Against the NWO "

JG said (November 26, 2017):

Like almost all of Jonas Alexis articles, this is "spot on".
CR's and Andy Sloan's comments attempt to dispute the article on theological and philosophical grounds which is irrelevant to the facts that are presented here.
There is no such thing as two New World Orders, this is convoluted logic. And, to try to equate Communism with Christianity is blasphemy. There is no theology to Communism, it seeks the control and destruction of the Church.

This is a sad attempt by CR and Andy Sloan to discredit this article.

Imran said (November 26, 2017):

Some interesting insights and good predictions on Putin and Russia, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, USA, and other nations:

Andy Sloan said (November 25, 2017):

As the 'RedefiningGod' website explains;


"The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense."

And JR Nyquist;

"It is, in fact, part of Russian and Chinese military doctrine that a future war will be started by the Americans. But do not be fooled. The Russians and Chinese will choose the time and place to begin the war. Through a satellite country they will engineer an irresistible provocation (i.e., an alleged lunatic brandishing nuclear weapons). To this end they have built up Iran and North Korea. We should have no illusions about this. America will be goaded into striking first. But the truth is, Russia and China will use America's desperate preemptive measures to justify a much larger war of aggression; for the Russian and Chinese military doctrines only pretend to be defensive."

Kissinger has already telegraphed the plan in the video "China and the New World Order2

"China will use military force if they feel themselves threatened...and ruthlessly."

(from 44 min)

It is understandable that people have fallen for the deception and naturally we hope their are still some forces fighting for the good. But the evidence is there; the globalists have substantive control of East and West and are working a script. Sad to face up to it, but it is prudent to do so and prepare accordingly.

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