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Celebration of Ridiculous Failure is a Success

December 2, 2017

(left, honest review of world's worst movie) 

Something has gone awry when a movie  
about the making of a flop becomes a hit. 
With satanic possession, all standards are
erased or inverted.  
Bad becomes good. "It's so bad it's good."
"It's all good." 

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

A 2003 movie "The Room" garnered a 25% approval rate from Rotten Tomatoes and is considered one of the worst movies ever made. The "honest trailer" above captures its awfulness with considerable wit. If you want a good laugh, watch this trailer. 

The Room is the creation of Tommy Wiseau, a strange Eastern European dude who had aspirations to be a great auteur but lacked a minor ingredient, talent. Critic comments include "overabundant idiocy puts it in a class by itself" and audiences "asked for money back after 30 min." 
The movie supposedly cost $6 million to make (no one knows where the money came from) and made $2,000.   

Wiseau's sidekick and co-star Greg Sistero wrote a book in 2014, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside 'The Room,' the Greatest Bad Film Ever Made, the behind-the-scenes chronicle of the making of The Room. 

The book caught the attention of James Franco and became the basis of a new film opening this weekend to rave reviews (i.e. 95% approval.)  Thus a movie about the making of a flop is destined to become a big hit. Here is the trailer. 

Call it campy or kooky, but essentially this reflects the bankruptcy of Western culture infected and dying from Satanism. In every area, standards are being erased. 


Movies used to be about something. They used to be relevant...important. They were events. Think Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde, Network. Think Garden of the Finzi Contini and Amarcord. Film used to be art. I went at least once a week. Often, they dealt with moral issues. 

The humanism that preceded the current Satanism at least grappled with the human condition. It gave the illusion that society was aspiring to something better. They were based on novels, not comic books. We know now that popular culture was destined to degrade and not uplift us. 

How often have you tried to find an intelligent movie about an interesting subject? How often have you seen people you can identify with? How often have you sought guidance, inspiration or beauty in vain? 

Movies now are propaganda, social engineering, fantasies, and the occult. They are not designed to uplift; they are designed to imprison. 

I like James Franco because he made an unrecognized movie about an ex-gay crusader. But the Communist Satanists in charge won't permit real social discourse.  Here are some movies that would be made if we didn't live in a de facto Communist regime.

1. The story of Horatio Nelson Jackson, left, who in 1903 overcame countless setbacks to become the first man to drive a car across the US. There were no roadsWatch this amazing documentary.  Jackson was a real mensch, a masculine role model. Nothing could faze him. Unfortunately, he was white and heterosexual. 

2. We've had numerous movies glorifying the Communist dupes inconvenienced by the Hollywood Black List. Whittaker Chambers' autobiography, Witness (1952) about a Communist agent who realized the truth and brought down Illuminati kingpin Alger Hiss, would make an amazing movie. But we can't educate the masses about their real predicament. 

3.  How about an honest movie about a liberal woman who is married to a man who becomes a "white nationalist" (i.e. someone who doesn't want to become a minority?) How about he convinces her?  Oops, not politically correct unless he is a monster and she a long-suffering saint! 

Modern Western culture is bankrupt because it is under covert Cabalist control. It is the fake news about life. All that is left is for slaves to celebrate stupidity, mindlessness, and nihilism. 

One critic had the nerve to buck the hype about The Disaster Artist:  "Sorry, must disagree with the majority," James Veriere of the Boston Herald wrote. " This is a frequently too boring film about a boorish filmmaker with a lot of mystery money, Maybe as a five minute SNL skit. But as a feature, it's a drag." 

As Mathew Arnold explained, in Culture and Anarchy, culture is an expression of common spiritual ideals. Since the West has been subverted by Satanists, modern Western culture is an anti-culture, devoted to the destruction of these ideals and the spiritual enslavement of mankind. 

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Comments for " Celebration of Ridiculous Failure is a Success "

FW said (December 3, 2017):

Your interesting articles warrants me to read they very much concur to the teachings of Islam as revealed to the messenger of God, Mohomed, peace, and salutations be upon him, who some 1400 years ago announced the coming of the dajjal, the great one-eyed deceiver, and liar, your one dollar note also bears testimony, who will wreak havoc on mankind in these latter-day end times and the Lucifer character you mention is most likely him. I call on you to research the same in Islam to jointly fight this scourge and be less focused on the survival of the white Caucasian race as to all of mankind. Lucifer is the common enemy of mankind. And each race would still maintain its own identity and live in peace and harmony.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at