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Charlottesville - A Marcher's Perspective

December 27, 2017

(left, "Hedd McNekk," I'm no phoney.)

"We're not Commie infiltrators or globalists - we're blue-collar people who are sick of being attacked and impugned, and your conspiracy theories about us are silly. Not EVERYTHING is a damn psy-op." 

by "Hedd McNekk"

Just a hot take for you concerning your Charlottesville story - 

-and the Charlottesville nationalists looking "as phoney as a $3 bill."


I've read a few of your pieces, and I think your writing is very enlightening, but you were dead-wrong on this point. My wife and I both attended the August 11th torch march and the Unite The Right rally, and we know many of those folks personally. We're not Commie infiltrators or globalists - we're blue-collar people who are sick of being attacked and impugned, and your conspiracy theories about us are silly. Not EVERYTHING is a damn psy-op. I'm @reactiontorrent and my wife (who marched next to me) is @Title_Nein

(left. Cabalists at Mad Magazine are terrified goyim will realize they have been dispossessed.)

[I asked him to expand about the genesis of the march.]

Thanks for the response, sir. To be honest, I wasn't an organizer, so I have no idea about that. Even guys like Cantwell and Enoch, even Duke, were just invited speakers along for the ride. They weren't involved in any planning: that was mainly Spencer and Kessler, who we ran into right before the torch march. Jason was running around the UVA grounds in a group of 5 or 6 guys looking desperate and trying to find "Nameless Field", which is where Spencer planned the start of the march. Kessler seemed like he was the last to know where it was (or that it was even happening.) Personally, I got the strong impression he was in over his head, and Spencer was competing for limelight and executive control. It felt like a bit of a media coup, but nothing too underhanded or aggressive - just maybe some Chad dick-measuring. 

Anyway, we weren't near the car wreck, as we'd been forcibly removed from the park and sent a damn mile through town to McIntire park  where we basically lost direction without our leaders. Spencer, Damigo, etc. were, at that time, busy getting pushed around by SWAT in Lee Park in that famous picture. SO, I can only speak to my experience. 

Fields 4.jpg
Anyway, that certainly won't illuminate any James Fields questions you may have, but It was VERY OBVIOUS to us that the police and city leadership were certainly intent on violence. Being frogmarched from location to location all day in the heat, with screaming SJWs fucking with us the whole way was very demoralizing, as well as creating other issues for us sense. We had trouble sleeping for a couple weeks after leaving town. Experiencing that level of fear for 6 straight hours and all the stress of the fog-of-war has had lasting effects. 

Anyway, feel free to use whatever you like, but I don't write well, so I'll leave that to the more verbose warriors ;-)

Note- Hedd explains how (((ACLU))) originally got the march allowed.

As far as the ACLU's history, I agree. They've become nothing more than a Globalist 5th-column. But in the case of "Unite The Right," I think they (mistakenly) saw an opportunity to try to appear impartial. I haven't read much into the details, but they did something similar a few decades back when one of their young Jewish lawyers defended a "Neo Nazi" in a widely-publicized case. It was all just  Kabuki theater; a public-relations power-play. Anyway, this seemed to be more of the same. The Charlottesville city council was doing anything they could behind the scenes to legally refuse us our constitutional right to peacefully assemble. Apparently, they were at their wits end, and chose a couple days before the rally the just break the law and pull the permit. The old idiom "better to beg forgiveness then ask permission" comes to mind. They probably figured that the fallout from an illegal action like that would prove less detrimental than allowing our guys to publicly state our arguments. I guess hindsight is 20/20. 

I can't be sure, but I believe it was Kessler who contacted the ACLU.  It didn't seem like they needed much convincing, but I'm not privy to the details. It's just that they got on board so fast. They immediately challenged the City of Charlottesville, and backed them into a corner. Mayor Signer and his boy-wonder (the ungrateful Wes Bellamy) folded in less than two days, and the rally was back on. The ACLU even had official observers on standby to make sure our rights were protected, or at least to make it appear so. I'm hesitantly inclined to believe the former, as they were pretty instrumental in publicly shaming and blaming city hall after the whole cluster-fuck. It wasn't until after, when the Trump "good people on both sides" shit-storm was in full swing that the ACLU did an about-face, stating they would no longer actively help "White Supremacists" with their 1st Amendment needs. I don't doubt some kosher slaughter had gone on behind the scenes before the one-eighty they pulled. It had been a big embarrassment for them in their cosmopolitan circles. 

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First Comment (from Twitter) RD wrote:
He just made your point ..staged, psy-op, ((Spencer & Kessler)) ((tools)) some average people got caught up...doesn't change what (((it))) was!

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Comments for "Charlottesville - A Marcher's Perspective"

Anon said (December 29, 2017):

Hedd: I haven't read much into the details, but they [the ACLU] did something similar a few decades back when one of their young Jewish lawyers defended a "Neo Nazi" in a widely-publicized case.

Hedd may be referring to the incident in Skokie, Illinois in 1977.

Perhaps you can double-check with him to see if this is correct.

Thank you for your informative website.

Relevant Wikipedia links:

Doug P said (December 28, 2017):

When I get to arguing with a Liberal about Jews is pure dumbness and cowardice. The alt right are not much better - misunderstanding a religious conflict with a racial one. Race doesn't matter, and if you can put scientific result into context, the IQ vs race studies simply do not matter. If they get you to cloud your judgement then you are one of the people who put a raincoat on for a sunny day because the weatherman told you yesterday that is was going to be raining. People generally are simply not well enough educated to understand this stuff, and to question it or see the bigger picture. Many are afraid to look at. I believe that the educated ones among us stand for Christianity and its Common Law, that law that is common to all men. Both Liberal and alt right hate come from ignorance coupled with hubris.

JG said (December 28, 2017):

The Communist New World Order fears and has a zero tolerance for White Christian's right to peacefully assemble or to protest.

Their controlled MSM Gestapo will not recognize or promote any kind of White Christian solidarity amongst themselves but will always seek to promote division within them. If your not a self hating White Apologist you are then classified as a White Supremist Nationalist which therefore isolates you.

You can't reason with these people so don't even bother because they have an agenda with you as their target. You will always be smeared and slandered by them.

Peter said (December 27, 2017):

It was always so, but is increasingly so, as the media becomes more and more virtual and unreliable, that the only real way to know who is who in this struggle is by rubbing shoulders with people, being organized and meeting regularly. For better or worse I keep thinking of the Hitler youth league and how effective that was in getting a movement into action. Then again, the Germans were frog marched into defeat and emasculation. Listening regularly to David Duke, who was at Charlottesville, I am inspired, but a large part of me is also suspicious and that in itself inspires defeatism. Yours sincerely, a fence sitter (student).

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