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Men Who Make Passes Will be Terminated

January 28, 2018

brown-nash.jpg(left, former Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown and assistant Chelsea Nash) 

Patrick Brown was shoo-in to become
the next Premier of Ontario in June. But last week, a
former assistant, Chelsea Nash, remembered a night in
2013 when he wanted sex. He resigned last week.
Men are losing their jobs for what is commonplace heterosexual behavior. In a Communist system, jobs are an extra-legal
form of control. 

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Last week three more men in Canada resigned their jobs because of reports of "sexual impropriety." 

In the first case, Federal Minister of Sports and Disabilities Kent Hehr, a paraplegic,  made "sexually suggestive" comments some years ago in an elevator. These comments which include "you're yummy" made a woman "feel unsafe." 

The other two cases make clear that thousands of men are at the mercy of any women who may wish to extract their revenge by reporting an unwanted sexual overture on social media. Rape is a crime. Until recently, trying to bed a woman was not. 

The details of Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown's faux pas indicates that what for centuries was a standard sexual seduction has retroactively become a crime. 

Frank Magazine reports  that after a social event, Brown got his somewhat inebriated Constituency Assistant Chelsea Nash to come back to his apartment where he attempted to engage in the soon-to-be prohibited act of heterosexual intercourse: 

"The next thing I know he's kissing me. Sitting beside me, kissing me...and then I kind of just froze up. He continued to kiss me and he laid me down on the bed and got on top of me. I remember consciously trying not to move my mouth, and I was just not moving, so I was laying there immobile and he kept kissing me. I felt it was sexual. I remember I could feel his erection on my legs when he was on top of me., so I felt it could have gone to sexual intercourse if I had not done anything. I would characterize that as a sexual assault."  

I have no use for Patrick Brown who as PC leader failed to oppose Katherine Wynne's sex ed program which grooms Ontario school children for her fellow homosexuals. However, I would not characterize Patrick Brown's behavior as sexual assault. It was a man ineptly trying to seduce a woman, something that happens millions of times every week, especially on college campuses. The seduction attempt ended when she finally resisted. 


A veteran TV news reporter Paul Bliss was suspended when a woman Bridget Brown reported the following shenanigans in 2006, a dozen years ago! 

Apparently, she invited him for coffee and instead, he offered to give her tour of the broadcasting facilities. Afterwards, they returned to his office where:

She alleges that he then started kissing her and "pushing on the top of my head" as a signal that he wanted oral sex.

"I'm not giving you a b-- j- in your office," she says she responded. 

Brown claims the reporter also exposed his penis to her.

Brown wrote that she kept silent about the alleged incident for 12 years, and had been struggling in recent months with whether to reveal it.

She said she had been thinking about the #MeToo movement of women coming forward with stories of sexual harassment, and reading about the resignation of Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown.

He stepped down early Thursday morning, hours after CTV reported that two women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against him -- allegations that haven't been verified by The Canadian Press.

In a post on Twitter Friday night, Bridget Brown wrote that she decided to come forward now because she had noticed a "dearth in #MeToo stories coming from Canada, specifically from media in Canada."


"I'm not giving you a b-- j- in your office," she said.  Apparently, the location was a problem. What about the women who want men to come on to them but in a different way? 

I am not condoning the approach of either of these two men but clearly, they are losing their jobs over sexual overtures that are pretty commonplace. In neither case were these women forced to engage in sex. 

What we have is a witch hunt against males that could decimate the workplace and open the doors for yet more women hires. At the same time,
normal heterosexual behavior, while lamentable, is being treated as a pathology and virtually criminalized.  

 Women are being indoctrinated to seek power rather than love. What better way than to impugn men for unwanted advances. Potentially millions of men are at the mercy of a woman in their past with an ax to grind. They can invent a story. This is blackmail and emasculation on a grand scale. In the words of the Protocols of Zion, every man has his "Panama" (scandal.)  

Clumsy and offensive yes, but what these three men did many years ago should not be career-ending offenses. 

Society's lynch-mob mentality is reminiscent of Stalin's Russia or Mao's China. Society has lost its grip, and succumbed to cult-like behavior. 
French Draft Laws to Equate Meeting Women in Public with Sexual Harassment 

First Comment from Rich:

For people who read this website most of these comments are horribly ignorant and naive. For those or espousing you return to sex only within marriage I can certainly agree to that but again in this current culture, climate, and day and age with a 61% divorce rate and of those divorces 80% of them being filed by insanely greedy women the only care about getting a man's money wealth, material Goods, resources, and children.. marriage itself is far too great a risk especially for the average man who is all too often devastated financially and emotionally by the effects of divorce.

Women today go on and on ad nauseam trying to act so righteous because they don't want to have sex outside of a relationship or want a so-called emotional commitment, yet this is all a smokescreen to lure in the gullible and the uninformed men in society into the deadly marriage contract that almost exclusively benefits women!! If women were truly so concerned about creating life long commitments and it was in their nature to stay committed to one man then you would not have 80% of them neither wants to file for divorce because things didn't go the way that they're silly childhood fantasies told them that it should or because he didn't live up to their expectations which is virtually impossible for any man to do.

But of course the male sex drive is incredibly powerful and something that most women absolutely have no clue about. The male sex drive is an almost purely biological function for which men have a need to emit seminal fluid on a regular basis and their biology and DNA tell them to do this with or inside a woman. But since marriage is so dangerous and now millions of men know this they have little choice but to make passes at women at work since that is where most of us spend the majority of our time these days thanks to dollar devaluation and fake inflation of the Federal Reserve but I digress.

So the idea that some people actually think that these men are wrong for trying to make innocent passes and women by simply asking her to hang out and then he should be fired for this is absolutely ludicrous and insane!!

It is women who were so gullible that allow themselves to be re-engineered by Rockefeller and this goddess and radical feminism that we have today that have completely change the dynamic between men and women and destroyed the institution of marriage which is all part of their fall larger communist and Marxist plan.

Today women are so pathetically weak and live in such a world of fear that even someone saying hey would you like to hang out later makes him scared enough to report it to human resources because it made her feel "uncomfortable".. Pathetic!

CR writes:

Look at current topics in the mainstream media and tell me if you see a trend: any display of heterosexual attraction is now considered harassment or assault, any opposition to homosexuality cannot be tolerated and is "homophobia", and now for a straight man to reject the advances of a so-called "trans woman" is transphobia.  See this: R&B singer blasted as 'transphobic' for rejecting transgender woman's advances on 'Big Brother' show  -

If there was any consistency or fairness in the application of these labels then women who refuse to give a man blowjob would be branded as "heterophobic".  Of course, there is no consistency or fairness, so what is the objective here?  Women are becoming unapproachable while for a man to refuse sex with a man is bordering on criminal behavior.  Not only that but now the law in Canada has been changed so that prostitutes are not charged or arrested, only the men who desire sex with them.  If you're single and horny your options are either risking imprisonment or loss of employment or gay sex.  Marriage is not really an option, there are few suitable women and even then they are likely to take you to court and rob you for every penny.

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Comments for "Men Who Make Passes Will be Terminated "

Anon said (January 29, 2018):

Unfortunately, Men don’t hunt wild animals anymore —so that energy is used hunting women. Women are being hunted like never before and have no understanding how to deal with it because for 1000 of years fathers and families and culture protected women. The porn culture stripped societies stance to guard and protect women and have thrown women to the wolves and wonder why some young girl is totally confused on a date when a man becomes sexually aggressive. Women were not trained to be viewed as prey. So just as men are trained in sexual harassment. Women need to be trained to recognize the Matt Lauers and Harvey Weinstein of the world.

Ann said (January 28, 2018):

Another inverted-truth story posted by Makow. It is wrong for a man to have sex with women he does not plan on spending the rest of his life with. “You’re yummy” is not the way a gentleman should approach
a lady. Whatever happened to asking her for a date?

The other two examples are aggressive and not the behavior a lady should be okay with.

Matthew 5:27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

otherwise, keep your zipper-up and learn to act like a gentleman and set a good example.

Al Thompson said (January 28, 2018):

Here is a comedy routine by Sam Kinison that was done in the 1980s. While there is some bad language in his routine, he perfectly describes the modern marriage arrangements. Women want to be in control of everything and they aren't capable of it. While this routine is extremely funny, the facts show that he's right on target.

A courtship is much better than doing the dating scene. I've noticed since I've been single that most women don't like real men. What they really want is a honeypot of money that they can spend on themselves without working. Obviously, this isn't all of the women but try and find one with the right attitude. Sex before marriage always seems to get the bad results. I think it is extremely important to keep all sexual activity confined to a marriage between a man and a woman. (Notice how I had to qualify between a man and a woman.)

Robert K said (January 28, 2018):

What we have is a witch hunt against males that could decimate the workplace and open the doors for yet more women hires." You are right, Henry: this is another weapon in the hands of those who want to set different components of society at each other's throats. And the tool perpetually at their disposal is the policy of "full employment", which means that people are fiercely competing against each other to get "a piece of the pie", as the intro song to the old American Black comedy used to say.

As standard management technique, every society has division encouraged along some cultural line and a minority is then disproportionately favoured in governmental administration, which, because of the penetration of governmental influence everywhere in modern societies, can be extended into the educational and private sector fields. In the USA affirmative action for Blacks is an example; in Canada the first phase of the process was implemented by dialectician Pierre "I am a Communist (1954)" Trudeau through his Official Languages Act, which installed French-Canadians in a disproportionately large number of administrative positions.

While a lot of nastiness and dishonesty has resulted from these divisive policies, it is difficult to hold it against people when they take up positions proffered to them that will allow them to have decent lives in the economic sense. Indeed, if they nobly refused to see their fellow citizens disadvantaged, the only result (absent a general revolt against the policy of favoritism not based on competence) would be their personal impoverishment.

Tina Z said (January 28, 2018):

With all the firing that is being played out on national and international TV, I just want to say that it may be in the benefit of all men and a true gift from God. It is high time that men see women more than mere sexual objects. It got Adam in trouble with God and subsequently, it got men in trouble throughout time. If men would read the first part of the bible and understand it, they would get that women are not all Puritans. In other words, it takes a very strong man to not fall for the games women play, which some are unintentional and others downright devious.

Suffice to say, we all have a burden to carry and given men's sexual order (1. God; 2. men; 3. women; 4. children; etc...), there is a responsibility for men to say NO and rather than lust over women, they should begin to look for soul mates to complete them. Maybe women will then begin to be responsible for their own sexual conduct and stop pointing the fingers at men.

I will say that I do not find any joy in seeing men losing their job for flirting with their women co-workers however this maybe the tipping point for men, and I can only hope it is, to somehow take their rightful position as God intended it for them. I hope this time men gather together and protest out loud against the way they are being unfairly treated by the media rather than behave as five-year-old boys who are punished by their mommies. Yet another novel way of emasculating men and shaming them to the core.

David said (January 28, 2018):

Eventually, Western society is going to seize up and stop functioning altogether due to the fickle capricious irrational emotions of these snowflakes. In Hollywood where there are thousands of eager applicants for every role, there are going to be men and women who will do anything to get the job over their peers

In a culture like that, the bosses can assume that 9 times out of 10 they will "score". Waiting years, even decades before coming forward with these claims is not an act of conscience and courage, it's a fad where the accusers just want their turn in the limelight.

At least with the Olympic coach that was just sent up for life in prison for molesting the gymnasts, there was a trial, witnesses, evidence presented and deliberation. In many cases, like Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, it's just character assassination to derail a political opponent.

Pastor S Anderson said (January 28, 2018):

sent by Jennifer

Pastor Steven Anderson @ 40:00

Especially of girls or women, they need to be protected and guarded…There is a difference between boys and girls men and women... I am going to protect my daughters….With girls, its different they need to be protected and guarded because they're not strong enough Look if some women throw herself at my son and start trying to rip his clothes off, he is going to be strong enough to resist that …whereas a daughter not necessarily. People go to parties and there’s drinking and all kinds of crazy things… Women need to be guarded and protected as young girls from being just unfettered, out there…you see the Christian girls that go bad today….Women are the weaker vessel women are more easily deceived. Women are more trusting and easier to beguile than men. Women have other strengths that men don’t have. ….Men are more skeptical and more discerning and women are a little bit more naive and believing. Women are easily influenced because they are born to be a followers, whereas men are born to be leaders, when it comes to marriage or relationship, which is good for women to follow and to submit to the marriage relationship and it’s good that man is the leader, and the dominant one, and that’s just the way that it works. That’s the way we have been created by God. And so this submissive creature that is woman, should not just be sent out amongst the wolves in sheep’s clothing to be defiled. …I am not as concerned with my daughters because it’s going to be physically made impossible for them to commit fornication…becasue they are not going to be allowed to go out and do whatever. They're going to go places with me, or my wife, or with their brothers (chaperoned) to make sure that they’re protected and safe.

Jennifer said (January 28, 2018):

Men, you can’t have it both ways. Many men complain that women do not want to be traditional supportive wives and grateful mothers, instead, women are competitive with men. But for a woman to be in a submissive non-competitive supportive position in which she follows her husband and trustingly lets him lead her, she will need to have the type of personality that is submissive, non-competitive and geared to please. Feminine gentle pleasing women do not say NO.

Feminine women do not want to emasculate men. So if a man acts sexually inappropriate a feminine woman does not know how to gracefully get out of the situation and allow the man to save face. I was raised to be an old fashion submissive woman, but society quickly changed. My mother was chaperoned on dates and has no advice on how to act with a horny man on a date or at work. My father was used to "good women” being chaperoned and the ones that didn’t were “fair game.”

Letting women date or work without a chaperone is like letting the fox guard the henhouse. Our sexually unrestrained porn culture created men that have gone wild and unchecked for decades. Fathers stopped protecting their daughters joining in the “fun” of sexual harassment. Chaperone-less women have been coping with the insanity. Women cannot be expected to be ball busters and shut down a man and say NO and also be empathetic care-taking wives and mothers.

The nature of woman is to care and please. It is a no-win situation for unchaperoned women. Almost every time, I have said no to a man, they have acted out on me - rejected men become manipulatively angry and retaliate and the wealthier they are the more resources they have to be outrageously abusive for hurting their egos.

One married billionaire that I rejected sued me for refusing to be his lover and paid off the judge to drag me through court for years. The jury was shell-shocked. After I won, the jury told me they suspected the billionaire was mafia and the judge was paid-off and they feared for their lives.

Another multi-millionaire that I rejected hired a goon to break into my home and put a filming device in my bathroom. Note I never had a single date, kiss or anything with these rich men. On some unconscious level, I feel women realize if they do not acquiesce there will be hell to pay.

Dating, making passes has failed. We need to go back to chaperoned courtship and marriage— you can’t have it both ways.

JG said (January 28, 2018):

I would like to believe that the MSM is taking the "moral high road" legitimately and without motive against it's high profile targets in the political and entertainment field. Hopefully this is the case but I still have some doubts.

Also, where does this leave the many cases of homosexual improprieties that occur with high profile entertainers and politicians? Their sexual relationships are often far more lewd and unthinkable to even to want to discuss. They too prey on their victims. Is the MSM for the time being making an exception for these cases? And, if so, why?

The MSM is now trying to peddle a genderless identity to the public.

It all started with the women's liberation movement which was then followed by the gay liberation movement and now we have the ongoing transgender identity campaign and for what, I do not know.

I'm still waiting for them to come up with that magic word that men will not be able to use when identifying women without public scrutiny. What would be more fitting than the word female? They could classify it as the new forbidden "F" word.

Jim W said (January 28, 2018):

It happened to me Henry about 15 years ago. All I did was ask a co-worker if she wanted to hang out after work. That was precisely the inquire, "do you want to hang out after work". She said no and that was that. I didn't know her well and I was not particularly attracted to her but I was new in town and wanted to start meeting people.

A week later I got fired by my male boss. She said it made her feel threatened. I asked his wife who up until then had been quite hospitable towards me if a casual inquiry like that would make her feel threatened and she said yes it would.

I told them they were all fucking idiots and started my own business and never looked back. And last year I married a Thai woman who sometimes enjoys watching Rekt Feminist videos on youtube with me. The faces she makes watching those whack jobs is just the cutest thing.

Just to change the subject slightly I find that western women and men gauge our intelligence by what we know or think. My wife sees intelligence in what people do rather than what they know. She is extraordinarily resourceful in a myriad of ways and so her intelligence is manifested daily in so many ways.

James C said (January 28, 2018):

I see perfect analogies between the ongoing power grabs by women and misled youths with a prophecy in the book of Isaiah: "Children oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, can't you see what fools your rulers [i.e., women] are? They are leading you down a pretty garden path to destruction" (Isaiah 3:12, New Living Translation).

Beginning with Eve in the Garden of Eden, women have been leading men to destruction ever since. These women are fools who use their sexuality to get what they want, yet they scream sexual harassment when the wrong man hits on them. They don't have the common sense and decency to realize that men are visually stimulated; and that if women dress and act like whores, men are going to hit on them. The best way I've ever heard it expressed is: "If you're not in the business [i.e., prostitution], don't advertise."

Pat (a woman) said (January 28, 2018):

I agree - this is getting very dangerous for men. But you can't call these crude attempts at getting sexual satisfaction seduction. These people were not on a date. A man should not be expecting sexual acts from practically total strangers! Simply exposing yourself is pretty crude, don't you think?! But it's been pretty common recently.

Another thought I had about claims of rape, was that the men didn't bother to satisfy their partners, that the woman then felt used and decided to call it rape! Or that after the sex there was no commitment and the woman felt disappointed and resentful. That woman who advised young women to demand courtship and a return to morals was the right one.

You're right - women want love and caring. Many men just want sex - in the interim - which means nothing to them. Some women can do that. (Frustrated wives, jaded divorcees.) Most are turned off by the idea of casual sex.

MK said (January 28, 2018):

The first tranny was Baphomet the devil now he's trying to turn everyone into his likeness. Faggyfying the male is part and parcel.

Ryan said (January 28, 2018):

It is clear that the satanic cabal wants nothing more but to vilify men in the court of public opinion. To condition women to perceive men as pigs and aggressors rather than husbands and fathers. They make victims out of women, portray it as empowerment and never show the other side. The women I know don't agree with this at all. They know the importance of a man in their life and they also know women can be far more cunning and scheming than men when it comes to what they want. Of course, that doesn't fit the cabal's social conditioning agenda.

It's just another way to keep us divided. Whether its class, race, political or sex warfare, its all used as a means to divide and rule.

I also believe the cabal is trying to give Hollyweird a makeover, to purify itself and win back women. Television and movies are tanking with viewership and attendance at all-time record lows. The cabal is losing their grip on getting their message out. It seems to me that women are the only ones watching TV these days; and what better way to keep them watching and divided, than to create a contrived women's movement with the likes of Oprah, Ellen and an army of phony liberal Hollywood hypocrites and cucks.

CB said (January 28, 2018):

Hello, I believe you have missed the big picture with this article. If this practice continues white men will avoid white women in preference for Asian and other races. Reducing the birth rate in the western world. White women will then be left with no choice but to look at other races. The grand plan of a worldwide coffee colored race is going well.
And to be honest, would your first choice be a needy, grumpy white woman.

Tony B said (January 28, 2018):

God set up the sexes in a way that has worked fine from the beginning of time until today's decidedly unnatural perversions, both for unnatural sex and against natural sex.

ALWAYS the man made the first physical move although, more often than not, if a move was made it was because she gave him signals wanting him to make it. She was also ALWAYS the one to say "yes" or "no," should a man misread her signals, and almost always the man complied with HER decision.

So what has changed for it to have become so impossible for a woman to simply say "no" and that be the end of that?

If every waitress who gets a pat on the butt turns in every such complementing man as some sort of criminal the whole cafe business will have to close its doors. Since when are women too thin skinned to accept a well known complement?

Of course, with a natural, unperverted, concept of life, most every single woman is looking for a husband and father of her children, not, unnaturally, for a meaningless career peppered with one night stands. That, pathetically enough, makes a world of difference in how she sees a man's advances.

Moreover, a woman looking for that husband and father in not likely to put herself in sexually iffy situations, period.

But if you want to play games with fire, you have no right to cry when you get burnt.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at