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Muslim to "Red Necks" -- We are not your Enemy

January 7, 2018

(left, the author) 

M.S. Moorad, 44, (left) is a single plumber who lives in South Africa.
He has traveled widely, including visiting many cities in the USA.
He comments on the slave mentality of the goyim in the west
who prefer to advance Zionist world tyranny rather than their real
national interests. This was a response to "Charlottesville: A Marcher's Perspective."

By M.S. Moorad

I don't know why most redneck, right-wing types are so anti-muslim. Can't they see that we are more of a victim than them?

These fools who enlist in the military to kill innocent people halfway around the world and then when they find more Muslim refugees coming to the West as a result of their actions in Muslim lands, they get angry that these people are stealing their jobs & want to enforce Sharia law.

What a hoot! Do these fools even know what is REAL Shariah law? Let me just say this- there's not ONE country in the world, even Saudi Arabia, that has Sharia law being implemented in full.

What Muslims want is to be able to practice their religion freely but as soon as Muslim women dress modesty & cover their faces, these nutjobs get all excited & the other Zionist creation- the Libtards & feminists, start going on about oppressing women etc- even though the women who dress this way, do it OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL.

I remember not long ago when all decent white women in the west also dressed modestly but now it seems you have to dress like a slut to be regarded as normal.

These right wingers also say that countries like Saudi, Qatar etc should accept these refugees because those are Muslim countries...they conveniently act like they don't know (or maybe they're that dumb that they actually don't) that ALL oil-rich Arab countries have brutal Zionist-controlled puppet regimes in place & these guys do ONLY what their Zionist masters say.

And then there's the fact that almost every Muslim country seems to be a target of the Zionist controlled west- there's bombs & missiles flying all over the place so its only natural for refugees to want to go to a seemingly safe, stable & prosperous country.

After all, Hollywood goes out of its way to portray America to the entire world as a beacon of freedom, justice & opportunity. All these factors make America one of the most desirable destinations for refugees.

I could go on but the bottom line is that these right-wing, redneck types need to stop living in their bubbles & go meet Muslims themselves instead of believing whatever the Church or Zionist mainstream media says.

Then they might realize that these people are suffering MORE than them and by enlisting in the military, they are directly causing more refugees. They are not helping anyone besides the Zionist banking cartel & the illegitimate Zionist state of Israel

The Bible/Church are being used to fool the so-called Christians (so-called because they are far from what Isa/Jesus (peace be upon him) would do if he were in their place today) into believing that Jews are God's Chosen People.

They seem to forget the VERY SAME God that the Jews claim has chosen them, is the one who banished them from the Holy Lands & they have NO right to decide to return of their own choice (of course, with most Zionist Jews claiming to be atheists nowadays, its mind boggling how they can still talk of beings God's Chosen People).

From what I see, most Americans in the military are 1st class cowards. They can't find a better job so they enlist because the military lures them with a monthly paycheck & the chance of getting their college education paid for if they serve a certain amount of time. Then their families & friends call them "brave patriots" etc- whats so patriotic about what they are doing?

How can what they are doing be in ANY way, construed as "serving your country"? The ONLY country benefitting from the actions of the US military is Israel.

I would have way more respect for a guy who works at Dunkin Donuts etc for minimum wage instead of those cowards who enlist- then they cry when their own govt neglects them once they return home injured or suffering from PTSD etc.

Don't u think this is all DIVINE punishment? The families of those innocent people they killed don't have any way to retaliate so God handles it for them in such a way that on average 22 veterans are committing suicide daily. Not to mention the other cases where they turn their weapons on the family members before killing themselves...

I cant say that I enjoy seeing these things happen but I know they deserve it 100%- its REAL justice- not the fake justice that courts dispense.

But the thing is, I don't hate them- actually, all Muslims don't just hate others- we wish the best for everyone but what else do u expect when YOU go about making enemies of people who have never done you any harm?

I will say this about typical redneck types: they are loyal & sincere, they speak their mind & don't mince their words, what you see is what you get with them

those are all positive traits but unfortunately, many of them are racist & ignorant- so anyone who can spin a convincing yarn, can sway their minds & if u can dress up your agenda using the Bible/God- it's a sure thing that you will have their support.

I also want to say that its stupid for whites to complain about becoming minorities in "their own lands" -apart from Europe, nowhere else on earth is your own land.

- whose fault is it that YOU are having lesser kids despite being wealthier than immigrants who have higher birth rates?
- you claim to have freedom of religion in your lands but don't want Muslims to freely practice their religion, esp when it comes to hijab etc
- even your OWN governments are saying that the workforce will shrink if you don't make more babies but you would rather lavish attention on pets.

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Makow comment-  IMO,  Muslim migration and terror are Masonic Jewish (Illuminati)-inspired and designed to pit Christians against Muslims to the benefit of Jewish hegemony. Essentially, they have weaponized Muslims and third world people, in general, to invade and subjugate the west. 

First Comment from M-

This is in reply to Nick C.'s post (see comments.) Look, I was nuts enough also to join the military after college. I thought I'd be 'serving my country'. But, I woke up. Ask yourself this. How are you "protecting your country" when you are sent there to protect poppy fields or oil fields? How are you "making the USA safe" by launching OFFENSIVES against poor countries that have people who can barely get enough food to eat? How can you know anything without knowing the real enemy (Zionists/Freemasons)? I admit I had no idea about any of this at first, but just look objectively as you can at the military. The military was originally created to DEFEND OUR BORDERS from the enemy. How many of them are attacking Florida, or California or the New England coastline? The REAL enemy is hidden, just like the dude behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz movie. Wake up and smell the napalm, we're all being played here! Please research this website and look at freemasons and Zionists. They are the ones who are always starting wars and they only pledge allegiance to Baphomet. They have no loyalty to anyone or anything else.

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Comments for "Muslim to "Red Necks" -- We are not your Enemy"

Diane said (January 10, 2018):

I teach in the Pacific Northwest, in one of the most "progressive" school districts. Very highly rated nationally.

Of course you know we can't celebrate religious holidays. But throughout the entire district, at every school, the celebrate Veterans Day each year with a huge assembly.

They tell the kids how brave and wonderful Veterans are and how they help to keep people across the world free. I know many young men who are and were Veterans. And they are the most wonderful young men: they are doing what they were taught was the right thing. They are the types of guys for the most part that want to do right by their Country and Family, and by God.

But here I am in liberal land, and...Veterans Day... one of the biggest celebrations at school...Little Kids cheering and feeling so good about the military and what Veterans do.

I am sure you see the obvious contradiction here.

i am guessing the US Department of Education knows they must need to implement positive views of the military and their ambitions for their future recruits.

M-1 said (January 9, 2018):

Very well written article! Thank you for posting it. The question is how to make both sides realize that they are both being controlled by the satan worshipping freemason Zionists? I doubt that any major news affiliate would run ads about that little truth. Maybe posting this article on message boards would help. Thank you for reminding us that we're all being played against each other by the devil.

Amber H said (January 9, 2018):

In reply to Nick C. (Below)

Well Nick, it is total dupes like you that keep us all enslaved to Zionism. Everyone ONE OF YOU, in whatever pic is given where you have “served” and BLINDLY followed THE BIG LIE that has been fed to you like the dummies you are—to kill, ravage, destroy and maim whole populations of innocent peoples in their own lands all based on lies—because greedy bankster billionaires and trillionaires want control of their land and resources. Kissinger and his tribe—those who you really serve, said it best:

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Write that down and put that in your top pocket.

You and your brave cowards have committed horrendous war crimes and crimes against Humanity on their behalf in the magnitude of millions of deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions alone. In Iraq alone, 5 million orphans had been created. How many did you have to kill in cold blood, in front of their children, to get that many orphaned?

Bo Bergdahl woke up to the stupidly fine fighting men of the US military in his letter to his parents which you should all read ( ) and pass around to see what has become of this inherently evil institution (run by satanists and psychopaths and served by brown noses) in the first place. Pat Tillman, the fine footballer also woke up to the “real deal” post 911 and was starting to talk about it up until they did a head shot on him. There are 22 veteran suicides a day because they can’t handle the atrocious war crimes and crimes against Humanity they have committed on innocent men, women and children in their own lands and then be reconciled to coming back to normal living again with their own families and society itself—it just doesn’t work. Here’s a website that actually cares about your sorry asses (and all the innocents you have maimed , killed and destroyed their once beautiful civilizations and lands)—as we all do when we are connected to our own Humanity—( )

If you all have any sense of what patriotism really means, wake the others up to where your work really is:

Further, the income tax of the US Constitution is a total fabrication and fraud ( ) foisted on the American people for simply War and more War as in "perpetual" and "forever" by those very evil people who have control of you and who you kill blindly and happily for, like the lying psychos that run you:

“It’s quite fun to shoot them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.”

“There are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.”

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

Linda C said (January 8, 2018):

Mr. Moorad speaks a ton of truth about the military and what the U.S. has reaped from the Zionist wars. It is sickening that jingoistic war drums and hokey patriotism are used to recruit men and women to go kill mostly innocents abroad.

Yes, the result is the influx of refugees looking for a better life. And, this is not new. My ex-husband told me he joined the Marines because he "wanted to be like John Wayne." In boot camp the instructors referred constantly to the Vietnamese as " slant-heads" and "gooks" and other un-printable slurs so as to de-humanize making them easier to kill. I later found out my ex was forced by his platoon leader to fire on women and children at a village near Chu Lai. He now has PTSD and collects a check from the VA.

I have to admit I joined the Navy after high school for what it could do for me, i.e. college, travel, etc. and I was fortunate that women were not in combat then. Now when someone thanks me for my service I inwardly cringe but politely say "thanks."

Allen M said (January 8, 2018):

This is absolutely SPOT-ON. You can not add to it...and you cannot take away from it.

So many military idiots killing raping plundering robbing destroying and murdering in the "just following orders sir" BS mentality.

And the MOST HIGH is NOT mocked in any of this.
What you plant you invariably REAP.
Several I know admitted the horrific evil they imposed was wrong.

It is ALL an abomination.
Thanks Henry for printing this.

Wade said (January 8, 2018):

The author of today's article is right about Zionists. Particularly irritating to the very few of us that know what is really going on is the so-called Christian Zionists.

We should not allow dual citizenship in the USA. Especially in political example: Senator Chuck Schumer. Legal immigrants should be taught the language of the USA... ENGLISH.

If the immigrant is not willing to become an American in every sense of the word...They need to go back where they came from. The immigrant must have no divided loyalty. The immigrant's loyalty must be to one Flag, one language, one culture, and to the American people. It does not matter if the immigrant is from the Middle East, or from Mexico, or from some other place. Here in the USA we are all Americans.

Anyone who has a problem with any of the above...I will help you pack!

Nick C said (January 8, 2018):

"From what I see, most Americans in the military are 1st class cowards. They can't find a better job so they enlist because the military lures them with a monthly paycheck & the chance of getting their college education paid for if they serve a certain amount of time. Then their families & friends call them "brave patriots" etc- whats so patriotic about what they are doing?"

I served with the sergeant in pictured in the center of the photo in the article.

He is not a coward. He is one of the most selfless, hardworking, committed, and creative individuals I know. Tell Moorad to watch his mouth and where he gets his pictures from or he'll catch a foot up the arse courtesy of the soldiers serving and the veterans who have served the people of the United States.

Joe B said (January 8, 2018):

If I were going to write an article for your site, this
would be it. I agree with this man 100%. I'm a white
red-blooded American at 63 years of age. I have no
religious affiliation but strive for spiritual perfection.
I never joined the military, and wouldn't think of doing
so in many lifetimes to come. Maybe I did some horrible
things in one or more previous incarnations.

We've become a nation of war mongers and peace
will forever elude us, simply because we do the master's
(Israel) bidding. It disgusts me to see grown men/boys
flying huge flags from their pickup beds.

I feel like getting on the roof and shouting this man's
sentiments, but alas, I'd probably be dead in thirty minutes.

JG said (January 8, 2018):

I understand a lot of what Moorad is saying here. Moorad must understand that this is the history of war. Most wars are based on lies. And, most wars are NOT fought over religion at all.
The "red neck" American GI has slowly become a fading remnant.The new American GI is now a multicultural politically correct robot void of independent thinking and identity. It's okay to kill and destroy as long as you are not using any racial or gender slurs while you are doing it. How insane!

I'm glad I served in the US Military when I did. I was in Germany during the Cold War. We weren't invading or killing anybody back then. I'm also proud to be a veteran mostly because of the great people I had the opportunity to serve with. You seem to never forget them.

Glen said (January 8, 2018):

"The question of what is evil has been pondered for all of human history. Why do people do bad things is an enduring mystery. While there is much to tease out when considering this question, what becomes a consistent theme is that of dogmatic adherence to authorities. Almost every large-scale tragedy on Earth, such as major wars, economic disasters, plagues, and so on, were facilitated by a population of people who did not question the status quo. But ideas, beliefs, philosophies, and most especially, orders issued by government or authorities, should be questioned. When they are not, good people can be conscripted into doing horrific things without much effort." - Edward Morgan

The problem we have in America Is our population is no longer capable of critical thought. Our schools are no longer institutions of real learning and critical thinking. They have been transformed into nothing more than propaganda mills where the government is touted as the means to all ends. When they(our real leaders)succeed in their mission, as they have, you have a society of order followers and virtual slaves who are perfectly happy to be chattel and sacrificial lambs to the system.

More on "Order Followers"

Chad said (January 8, 2018):

One of my Lefty friends once told me a joke of, "Vote Republican, it's easier than thinking!"

I don't know if it's a Republican thing. He was of the Democrat bent and killed himself with a flu shot. Aside, most people who identify with Red, Republican, Conservative, etc. are just like anyone else. Brainwashed by popular media. These "red necks" watched 9-11 on television and believed what the FAKE NEWS told them. You know, that same media controlled by the Zionists he, Moorad, pointed out.

The "Red Necks" were/are just useful idiots of the system. No different than the Antifa and BLM types who are driven [by the same Zionist controlled] media, who spewed the 9-11 narratives. The "red necks" are having a knee jerk reaction to that which they perceive as their enemy.

Moorad needs nothing to fear if he's in the USA and demonstrates an embracement of being America and isn't afraid to wave the American flag. He just needs to fly our colors and speak our language.

His statement:

"From what I see, most Americans in the military are 1st class cowards. They can't find a better job so they enlist because the military lures them with a monthly paycheck & the chance of getting their college education paid for if they serve a certain amount of time. Then their families & friends call them "brave patriots" etc- whats so patriotic about what they are doing?"

Guess what Moorad, while you're correct in certain respects, you're not going to make any friends with that line of thinking. If you want to be accepted by these "red necks," you'd better start learning to be part of the team. There are many Americans who join the military and believe in what they are doing. The real thing here is that we need to stop lying to them so they can "serve our country" and be "brave patriots" in the proper light. Not the NWO black light.

Worry not. Change your garb some and go shooting with the boys. You might even help diffuse and correct their errant thinking in regards to the Semitic Muslim culture.

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