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"Russian Meddling?" FDR's Soviet Spies Sodomized the US

February 20, 2018


(Maj. George Racey Jordan, Lend-Lease expediter and liaison with the Russians during World War II.)

Russian "meddling" in 2016 election is a farce considering the US has been

Communist-controlled since the FDR Administration when KGB Agent  

Harry Hopkins was known as "Co-President" and ran Foreign Policy
Working out of the White House, using Lend-Lease as a smokescreen,
Hopkins looted the United States and ran a massive espionage program.  
A patriot, Major George Racey Jordan, exposed this travesty in
his 1952 book, From Major Jordan's Diary. As you would expect, he has been
flushed down the memory hole. No Hollywood movies for real patriots. 
Americans are their mind-controlled prisoners.

How could this looting take place? The USSR was the Rothschild's private fiefdom and model for their NWO tyranny. 

(Now they think they can impose this tyranny with a happy face.) Communism concentrates all power and money in their hands. The bankers control the American corporations and politicians that subsidized the USSR at the expense of the American people. Liberals are the tip of the Communist Deep State iceberg.

"This was a national looting far and above the exigencies of war supply."  -Diana West


by Diana West 


A book called American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press, 2013) doesn't promise uplift and renewal. I know. I wrote it.

That said, the story of "betrayal" my new book lays out - betrayal enabled by a de facto Communist occupation of Washington by American traitors loyal to Stalin, which would solidify in the 1930s under FDR and be covered up by successive U.S. administrations and elites - is not without inspiration. I am talking about the inspiration of the truth-tellers.

"American Betrayal" presents a rewrite of most of World War II and Cold War history, something I never imagined doing when I first began writing the book. This is simply the story that took shape from my research. And it takes shape in the book in a first-person narrative exactly as I stumbled across the revelations and put them together according to two basic mechanisms.

One relates to revelations from secret archives in Moscow and Washington that opened, briefly and partially, after the USSR dissolved in 1991. I discovered that the treason documented in these archives, treason committed by Americans in government, some in the very highest positions of power, had not been incorporated into our general historical understanding of such defining events as World War II and the Cold War. So I did my best to incorporate them. What emerges makes our history look completely different - even our near-sacred history of World War II.

The other stream of new information that I was able to reweave into the American story came from those I think of as the truth-tellers. These are the forgotten and/or maligned witnesses and investigators who told and sought the truth about the massive penetration and infiltration by Americans serving a hostile foreign power. (Yes, among them is Sen. Joe McCarthy.)

Their truth-seeking example is inspiring, particularly in an age of routine, serial lying and obfuscation in Washington. If there is one thing I hope my book does, it is to reintroduce us to these great Americans. Because they contradicted the official narrative - the "court histories" as author and historian M. Stanton Evans calls it - these Americans were smeared, marginalized and lost to us, their rudderless descendants.

Diana West .jpg

We need them back in our historical and moral consciousness. To that end, I am embarking on an occasional series devoted to truth-tellers highlighted in "American Betrayal."

I will begin with Maj. George Racey Jordan, who in 1949 and 1950 came forward to testify under oath before Congress that one big reason the Soviet Union had recently surprised the world by exploding an atomic bomb was that he, Jordan, the top "expediter" shipping thousands of tons of U.S. war supplies and aircraft through an airfield in Great Falls, Mont., to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease during World War II, had personally overseen the shipment of uranium to Moscow.

Really? Sure enough, as a congressional investigator would testify, two specific shipments of uranium oxide and nitrate were "completely documented to include even the number of the plane that the flew the uranium ... out of Great Falls." This postwar revelation before Congress would shock and anger Gen. Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project, because he had slapped an embargo on the wartime export of uranium from the U.S. Of course, the shipments in question came from Canadian stocks. How did that happen? Therein lies a tale - a tale of betrayal.

Meanwhile, it wasn't just uranium Jordan expedited, as he testified. Heavy water, too.

The congressional committee was able to document the shipment of heavy water, too.

In all, Jordan "expedited" 23 atomic materials through the big airbase in Montana to Moscow during the war, along with nearly 14 million pounds of aluminum tubes, also essential to atomic experimentation.

Findings in Soviet archives would later confirm that possession of the atomic bomb was what emboldened Stalin to trigger the Korean War in 1950. The implications of the theft of U.S. atomic secrets, then, becomes staggering.

After Jordan went public, all manner of witnesses stepped forward to corroborate different aspects of his story. There was the pilot who flew the uranium shipment (and said he handled brown grains of uranium that spilled from a box). There was the GI who recognized in Moscow-bound blueprints the chemical structure of uranium. 


Soviet defector Victor Kravchenko celebrated author of "I Chose Freedom," would himself testify before Congress and corroborate specific allegations by Jordan attesting to Lend-Lease as a giant conduit of Soviet espionage.

What even this skeletal synopsis of a tale that unfolds in detail in "American Betrayal" should make clear is that it wasn't just the Rosenberg atomic spy ring that enabled the Soviet theft of U.S. atomic secrets. There was a massive looting effort underway inside the U.S. government overseen by senior Washington officials. 



Chief among these powers was Harry Hopkins, (left) FDR's very top, very enigmatic, very sinister (I have concluded) adviser. Hopkins was the power behind Lend-Lease - often the power behind Roosevelt, too - and a central figure in my book. [The KGB confirmed he was their agent. p. 147]

I knew none of this "lost" history going into my research more than four years ago. Precious few Americans, I've since learned, do. Hopkins, once famously known as Roosevelt's "co-president," is as absent from our national history lessons as Jordan, a credible eyewitness to what might well have been treason. Why do we have such blanks? Why isn't Jordan's earth-shaking testimony, most of it corroborated by documentation and supporting eyewitness accounts, ever taught? How did Hopkins, once the most powerful man in Washington next to FDR (and maybe more so) slip out of our collective memory? Who stole our history - and why?

These are the questions I set out to unravel in American Betrayal. On this quest, I learned there was nothing like seeking out, dusting off and listening to history's truth-tellers.

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Excerpts from American Betrayal re. Lend Lease- 

Singapore fell because 200 US fighter jets earmarked for the British enclave were diverted to Russia. As result, more than 100,000 British soldiers were interned.  p. 45

"War supplies didn't just "flow" to the Soviet Union, they flooded it, with half a million trucks and jeeps, nearly 1$ billion (1940 dollars) of ordinance and ammunition, thousands of fighter aircraft, bombers and tanks, 13 million pairs of winter boots, 1.7 million tons of petroleum products. a merchant fleet, 1000 steam locomotives, 581 naval vessels including minesweepers, landing craft, sub chasers, frigates, torpedo boats... icebreakers and a light cruiser. " p.43

"Non-military supplies included diesel engines, entire prefab factories, and hydroelectric plants...hundreds of thousands of patents were stolen including secret military blueprints, pip-fabricating works, nearly a million miles of copper wire (sent after the war), tens of millions worth of switchboard panels, lathes and power tools for metalworking, machinery for textiles, woodworking, and typesetting, cranes, hoists, serricks, elevators, drills, not to mention $152 milion in women's dress goods, 18.4 million pounds of writing opaper and assorted cigarette cases, compacts, jewelled watches, lipstick, liquor. ...217,660,666 pounds of butter were shipped to the USSR at a time of strict rationing state-side.

planes for Russia were prioritized over US Airforce. " p. 44

"This was a national looting far and above the exigencies of war supply."  Jordan opened a few of the hundreds of black suitcases being transferred to Russia through the Great Falls MT airbase and found espionage of the highest order, including the location and blueprints of key US factories and infrastructure, patents, and plans and materiel for the atomic bomb. He also witnessed 481 Russian agents jump off the planes from Russia, and enter the USA no questions asked. ( pp. 138-142) 


Makow Note- Diana West is Jewish, and a conservative like myself. She has taken a lot of flack for her lucid portrayal of Communist influence although she does not understand how the central banking system, Organized Jewry, and Freemasonry are behind it. She wrote another book about the reaction to the truth she told in American Betrayal. Her acceptance in establishment conservative circles is partly due to her espousal of radical Islam as a genuine threat and not something conjured up by the CIA and Mossad. See her talks on YouTube.

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First Comment from James C:

In response to your article, I would cite the testimony of Antony C. Sutton before Subcommittee VII of the Platform Committee of the Republican Party at Miami Beach, Florida, August 15, 1972:

 "I have spent ten years in research on Soviet technology.  What it is--what it can do--and particularly where it came from.  I have published three books and several articles summarizing the work...

 In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology.  Almost all--perhaps 90-95 percent--came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies.  In effect, the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union.  Its industrial and its military capabilities.  This massive construction job has taken 50 years.  Since the Revolution in 1917.  It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance" (Antony C. Sutton, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy [Billings, MT:  Liberty House Press, 1986], pp. 200-201).


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Comments for ""Russian Meddling?" FDR's Soviet Spies Sodomized the US"

Bill W said (February 22, 2018):

According to our family's understanding, it was my mother's brother, Col. Leon Winfield Armour who pretty much ran the lend-lease program from behind the scenes. An observation I recall hearing him make as a child was "Anything is possible, so long as it doesn't matter who gets credit for it." He personally shunned the limelight, retiring from the army air corps (the second time ; after having been a dirigible pilot in WW I he worked for the DOD) when it threatened to make him a general over his objections, he went back to the DOD (one of the "double dipper" pension collectors. They later outlawed that), where he ran logistics at the huge supply depot at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (curiously, where they took the Roswell crash debris. He wouldn't talk about that, but did tell my mother "He might not be so far off the mark as you think" when she jokingly complained that I thought flying saucers were real).

Again from memory, the US gave him the distinguished service cross, & the British made (or offered ?) him a KCB -- had he moved there he would have been "Sir Winfield." He was, incidentally, a 33rd degree freemason (the second in the family -- the rest were 32s except his father who, like me, would have nothing to do with them).

JG said (February 21, 2018):

America has been under the control of the Communist International Financiers like the rest of the world since Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Federal Reserve. One of these financiers who had a great amount of influence over Woodrow Wilson was Bernard Baruch. He basically owned him politically and was his top advisor. These same banksters also funded the bloody Communist Coup in Russia which is inappropriately called the Russian Revolution.
Russia and Putin are being targeted today because of the real Russian Revolution that took place in 1991which overthrew the existing Communist Order in Russia. The NWO allowed it to happen to clear the way for the oligarchs and bankers to look their nation's wealth which happened under their new installed leader Boris Yeltsin.

The Iron Curtin was also allowed to come down to consolidate the Eastern Bloc nations with Western Bloc nations under an entirely new universal Communist World Order. This is also when Democracy was lost in the 'free world" forever.

Putin and Russia already know what Communism is all about and refuse to become a mule all over again to even think of becoming a part of this present NWO government.

Peter C said (February 21, 2018):

Diana West is an absolute wonder with all she has uncovered. I remember the butter rationing that was imposed during the war while living on an island that was placed in front of WWII stuff going on when I was between 5 and 8 years old. Of course no one knew what was really going on. There was a shipyard at the harbor. An occasional US Navy vessel, lots of old-fashioned oil tankers, one of which blew up with a boom that echoed across the bay, and we had an oil spill unload on the beach. My dad was an engineer at the shipyard and he almost lost it when he fell into a large fuel tank on the ship under construction. A work crew discovered him just before they were going to drop the lid onto the tank. Knocked up and bruised, he did survive that.

Diana is an angel. May God bless her.

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