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James Tracy: Ten Reasons Parkland Narrative Stinks

February 24, 2018

James Tracy is an authentic American hero. He lost his job 
as a tenured professor for exposing the Sandy Hook shooting hoax.
(((Communists))) and Freemasons control the US legal system. In December, a jury confirmed his firing using trivial excuses.  The biased female judge was an Obama appointee. It takes rare courage for a man with four young children to jeopardize his livelihood by taking a principled stand. 
Below, Professor Tracy examines some of the discrepancies in the
latest Communist false flag, which took place a 15 min. drive from his home.  

(See first comment below- where are the pictures of wounded, where are ambulances?) 

Top 10 Reasons for Deeper Interrogation

by James F. Tracy

(abridged by 

Below is a brief discussion of the most glaring inconsistencies and overall problems evident in information and coverage of the Parkland incident that necessitate further consideration of the overall event.

1. Missing Surveillance Video. Ensconced in a locale boasting a $600,000 media property value. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is among the most modern and well-funded in Florida. Like other schools throughout the state, the campus was equipped with a comprehensive video monitoring system of buildings' interior passages and exterior walkways. The Broward County School District is withholding video taken during the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at the school that could reveal exactly how the event transpired. It appears that some video may have been obtained by the Miami Herald, which posted it with the headline, "Video Shows Blood-Smeared Floor, Body Inside Douglas Classroom." The article has since been removed from the newspaper's website.

2. Scripted Lines? A Stoneman Douglas high school junior and ROTC member, Colton Haab, who sought to participate in a CNN TownHall broadcast on February 21, claimed the cable network provided him with a list of "scripted questions." "I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinions on my questions," Haab explained to local ABC affiliate, WPLG-TV. "CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted." 

Shortly thereafter Haab stated on FoxNews that based on his experience he believed all of the questions asked by Stoneman Douglas students and community members at the CNN TownHall were scripted.

3. Manufactured Dissent? Stoneman Douglas High students impacted by the event were rapidly mobilized by Democratic political leaders to advocate for the Party's foremost rallying cries-strengthened gun control laws. News media including CNN and state and federal Democratic Party operatives, including Florida Representative and former Democratic Party National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, advised key Stoneman students in organizing the #NeverAgain movement and arranging protests, including a lobbying trip to Tallahassee to meet with Florida legislators. Parkland, however, is represented by Democratic Representative Ted Deutch, another staunch gun control advocate.


According to the New Yorker, Wasserman Schultz and her aides touched base with Stoneman junior and NeverAgain leader-in-training Jaclyn Corin on February 15-one day after the shooting. "Conversations with state representatives followed, and preliminary arrangements were made to bus a hundred Douglas students and fifteen chaperones to Tallahassee to address the state legislature. Yesterday, I asked Corin if she had been politically active before the shooting. 'Not even a little bit,' she said."

Corin appears especially astute having absolutely no previous experience in issue-oriented politics. "The action has been so quick," the 17-year-old told the Naples Daily News. "And that's necessary because this is a fresh and open wound and we can't let it close up. We need to do something about it before it just disappears like it always has."

4. Experts Speak Out. Those with military and school administrative experience have begun to step forward and question various troubling elements of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. For example, John Bouchell, a militarily trained weapons expert, security expert and school administrator based in Florida tweeted at length about how Parkland differed greatly from his own experiences defending his school during an active shooter event. 

5. Reports of Multiple Shooters. In numerous interviews, Stoneman Douglas students asserted there was more than one shooter in Building 12 as the event proceeded. Parkland student Jalen Martin claims the United States Secret Service visited the high school's campus weeks before the incident, altering the active shooter response protocol. Is this why Douglas school resource officer and Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson remained outside the classroom building as the carnage ensued? Another student claimed she saw and spoke to alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz in Building 12 during the event [and heard shots emanating from elsewhere.] A Stoneman Douglas teacher told MSNBC faculty were informed there would be an active shooter drill sometime during the spring semester, but were left in the dark as to the actual date or time of the exercise.

6. Crime Scene Demolition. Less than two days after the tragic shooting Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie proposed demolishing Building 12--the crime scene itself. The Florida State Legislature almost immediately agreed to help fund the teardown. One must ask why, just hours after the brutal deaths of 17 youths, plans for evidence destruction and a new memorial are even being pondered. "Just looking at that building and talking about it now, I have goosebumps out to my head [sic]," Runcie said. "I don't know how teachers, students could get back in that building. I don't even know how we're going to open the whole campus, period." Stoneman Douglas will join a long line of mass casualty event scenes, including Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook, that have been destroyed. 

7. Abandoned Law Enforcement Protocols. On the afternoon of February 14, Stoneman Douglas school resource officer and Broward Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson heard gunshots in Building 12 and rushed there but waited outside for four minutes as the massacre ensued. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, who could not explain Peterson's behavior, acknowledged Peterson's inaction was captured in campus surveillance video and suspended the deputy without pay. 

Israel thereafter told the press, "We're not going to disclose the video at this time and we may never disclose the video." Two additional deputies under Israel's command Edward Eason and Guntis Treijs, were placed on administrative duties pending further investigation. Both deputies participated in 23 calls for service to Cruz's home and may not have followed protocol...."I'm completely disgusted," said Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine, a former mayor of Parkland whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas. "There is nobody in authority talking to each other and every organization that had a chance to stop this completely failed our children from top to bottom."

8. Fight to Establish Official Narrative. There is a very well-defined struggle to establish and defend the official government/law enforcement narrative of the Stoneman Douglas mass shooting and prevent any questioning of this storyline. This campaign is being led in part by cable news giant and Time Warner subsidiary CNN. Alternative media have been banished from YouTube for sharing differing views and analyses of the Parkland shooting and earlier mass casualty events. A recent "Community Guidelines" policy change provides for the Google subsidiary to eliminate any videos it perceives as "targeting the victims of tragedies," thus de facto censoring many important critical analyses of such events.

On February 23 CNN directly petitioned YouTube to shut down a channel run by libertarian commentator Alex Jones, claiming that its alternative reportage and commentary on the Parkland shooting runs afoul of YouTube's policies....Such advocacy toward eliminating a media competitor and defending an official government narrative of such a controversial and still-unfolding event is especially concerning.

In another instance, Isaac Green, a thoughtful and popular commentator running the Anti-School YouTube channel who proffered an array of unconventional perspectives on Stoneman Douglas and political controversies, had all of his videos removed by YouTube. Shortly thereafter Google locked Green out of his account entirely.

9. FBI Involvement. Ongoing internal investigations on law enforcement responses to the threats Cruz posed already reveal how the FBI alongside local law enforcement repeatedly failed to follow up on reports of the supposed assailant's unusual behavior, weapons ownership, and disturbing online media posts. The FBI's failure in this regard was condemned by Florida Governor Rick Scott and the US Justice Department. The bureau admitted an individual close to Cruz phoned the FBI's Public Access Line on January 5 to report information concerning Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, unpredictable behavior and ominous social media posts. The party also stated that Cruz could likely carry out a mass shooting. The information was never forwarded to the FBI's Miami office and investigated further.

boot-camp (1) (1).jpg

(Crisis actor boot camp) 

Or was it? According to investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson, throughout the so-called "War on Terror" the FBI has been directly involved in cultivating terrorists through its network of informants, and often encouraging their activities. "Our nation's top law enforcement agency, traditionally focused on investigating crimes after they occur," writes Aaronson, "now operates more as an intelligence organization that tries to preempt crimes before they occur. But how many of these would-be terrorists would have acted were it not for an FBI agent provocateur helping them?" Was Cruz manipulated to take up arms against his Stoneman Douglas peers? Or, was he somehow maneuvered to the scene, as the observations of one eyewitness suggests, while other more capable gunmen carried out the slaughter?

10. Antipsychotic Drugs. According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, Nikolas Cruz was receiving mental health services from Henderson Behavioral Health and accordingly "taking medication" for alleged psychiatric ailments. In 2016 Cruz's adoptive mother Lynda Cruz stated that her son suffered from depression, ADHD, and autism, suggesting how Cruz was regularly consuming a cocktail of potent drugs that may have impacted his behavior and judgment prior to the shooting. The psychoactive drugs used to treat depression and ADHD have profoundly complex and potentially debilitating side effects when taken separately that are only compounded if administered in unison. These include agitation, hyperactivity, psychosis, and are further linked to suicidal and homicidal actions. 

Given the mass media's heavy dependence on drug company advertising, the role that psychiatric drugs may play in mass shootings is almost always downplayed in reportage on such events. "The drugs aren't the only causative factor," journalist and author Jon Rappoport observes, "but they produce what I call the Johnny Appleseed effect throughout society. Sprinkle enough of the drugs among enough people and you get otherwise unexplainable violence popping up--in schools, in workplaces. The psychiatric plague eats out the country from the inside."

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First Comment by Brian

Something ain't right with the Florida Parkland High School Shooting.

15 dead? 17 more wounded?  Where are are the smartphone photos and videos of kids lying wounded or dead? Where is there any convincing amount of real blood? Where is there video footage of a dozen ambulances actually being filled by bodies and half dozen triage operations acting in chaos?

Are Americans so naive or so politically correct they can't question these stories or what their own eyes are telling them? Videos that are titled to expose this as another false flag faked event are being denied access--dozens of them? Citizen journalism is being hamstrung.

On average we should see pints of blood for every deadly bullet wound? The TV footage is not realistic to the claims made.

People who believe in gun rights are not going to win this argument by claiming there would be guns in schools to protect children. YOU MUST ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUES: MANY OF THESE HYPED MASSIVE KILLINGS ARE NOT REAL: THEY ARE DELIBERATE FORMS OF DECEIT AND ARE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.

The Sandy Hook school shooting was a complete lie. So was the Orlando Pulse shooting a deliberate fabrication (not just a conspiracy theory but proven to be a real conspiracy).

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Comments for "James Tracy: Ten Reasons Parkland Narrative Stinks "

Andrew said (February 25, 2018):

Regarding James Tracy. Is it the corrupt legal system then or is it the people who answer the call for Jury duty? Seems to me that both are corrupt. Which is why people need to be Loyal to One God, One Baptism, and One Church. This will completely correct and henceforth keep corruption in its proper place. Tracy is indeed a brave man and doing the right thing by bearing the cross!

MM said (February 25, 2018):

Cruz- The Perfect Patsy

People have been tap-dancing all around this latest school shooting. It's time to confront it head-on.

Over the years, books, videos, and written articles have thoroughly debunked the official Sandy Hook narrative. No one died at Sandy Hook, and the alleged shooter didn't even exist.

What if “they” decided not to make the same mistake again? What if “they” decided that the next school shooting massacre had to be for real – that there had to be a real body count, and that the shooter had to be a real person.

People are clamoring for FBI Director Wray to resign, citing what they see as misfeasance – that, despite repeated warnings that Cruz was mentally unstable and that he had threatened to shoot up a school, the FBI had taken no action.

What if instead, it were malfeasance? What if the FBI recognized Cruz as being the perfect patsy? What if they decided to conduct the shooting around him and then blame him? With Cruz' documented history, who wouldn't believe that he was the lone wolf shooter?

I, for one, don't. Rather, I see yet another false flag.

Al Thompson said (February 25, 2018):

The people in the government are completely evil. The system is designed that way and it is working perfectly. Do not expect that there is going to be a resolution within the government. And the people who do work for the government who have some kind of honor will become increasingly frustrated and they will eventually quit. Which means that only the evil idiots will be in charge.

If people followed the natural law, none of this nonsense would occur. The left (communists) cannot and will not be of any value to any society under any condition. They are total assholes. Yes, it looks like a false flag and they are willing to shoot young and innocent children to get their way. The cops are as useless as tits on a boar hog. The cops are the order followers who can't think for themselves let alone using right reason and common sense. The security system was in place but they didn't use it. Obviously, this was done on purpose by the shit-heads in the government. But don't look for a solution by changing personnel in the government.
If the shooting was fake then you have to logically consider who did it? The motivation would be at the government level.

Another consideration is the psychotropic drugs that the alleged shooter Cruz was taking. The horror of psychotropic drugs is unbelievable. Here's a link to the article I reposted on my blog called "Prescribed Deletion." The medical idiots are still pushing the use of this drug even though there's a lot of evidence that it does just the opposite of what is allegedly intended.

In my opinion, the government should be abolished and replaced with the natural law which is much easier to understand. The children should be taught the commandments and learn to live by them, rather than going to these pedophile-friendly churches.

Chris W said (February 25, 2018):

Really appreciate your aggressiveness with all the B.S. coming down on all of us from our countries intelligence agencies like FBI,CIA,ADl, SPLC ,what a scam!! The host of mainstream media that coordinates all this Terror perpetrated on "Free" people and delivered to everyone's home via "channeling" of TV stations. You have been heroic.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at