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February 9, 2018

(l "Jim Stone") 

Merit Freeman hears from another of Jim Stone's ex-wives, Lori Young

"James Milford Heikkila is my former husband. I met him in 1991 through his bio brother Ricky, shortly after he was discharged from the U S Army, where he states he had "top secret clearance". 

Jim and his brother are products of the WI Foster Care System until being adopted by Richard and Sharon Heikkila of Prescott WI at ages 3 and 4. Jim being the youngest. 

Three months after we were married, in 02/1993, we found out we were expecting a baby. While pregnant with our child, Jim's emotions and sanity spiraled out of control. He assaulted me and our unborn child and he was arrested. Charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, on the grounds he signed sole custody of our unborn son over to me with only county supervised visitations. 

Thank goodness my boss at the time was the County District Attorney. As soon as his probation was done, he left the state of WI...good riddance. He refused to work when we were married but did take a job as a pizza delivery man at the age of 27 when we found out we were pregnant.

 He moved to UT and was employed by Geneva Steel and married a Latha Palani and had a child with her. That was the only time I received spattered child support. There is a felony child support warrant for him here in the state of WI. 

In 2008 Homeland Security contacted me and my current husband (who has since adopted our son) and told us to take extreme caution for the safety of our son, as Jim is a loose cannon, and is a threat now that he is an Islamic fanatic. 

Funny he was raised Catholic, became LDS to marry me and his next wife, Latha, was also LDS. His parents are in their 80's and neither of them or any family member has heard from him since 1994. He is extremely dangerous and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and sociopath as a teen, however, years later his parents stated to me they felt it wasn't their place to tell me or the US Army of his mental problems before we were married or before he entered the military. 

No matter, I have a wonderful son from him, but grateful he has never even met or has never even talked to his bio father Jim. Any further questions don't hesitate to contact me. Stay clear of this man, he is a player, an abuser, and medically diagnosed crazy, and wanted by Homeland Security and the state of Wisconsin.

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