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Stopping White Genocide: An Israeli View

February 6, 2018


Do white nations have the stomach to
take the extreme measures necessary
to halt their own extinction? 

(Disclaimer: I am not Michael Berg and I do not share all of his views, especially prohibiting intermarriage by law or deporting citizens. The white genocide agenda is a direct result of the banking system -- and this is where reform must begin. When every corporation and most politicians tout gender dysphoria, illegal immigration, and miscegenation, you know they are all controlled by the central bank. The Fed must be nationalized and debt created from thin air renounced. To prevent this from happening, the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) bankers have weaponized im-migration and miscegenation against the founding peoples of the West. They attack race, religion (God), nation and family (gender) to weaken us. Our "leaders" are banker frontmen & globalist traitors. A resurgence of European racial conscious is their worst nightmare, followed by a widespread revival of a genuine and militant Christianity. However, the bankers would destroy the economy or start wars if their credit monopoly was threatened.) 

By Michael Berg 

I was born in Israel in 1985. My parents are European Jews.

Not long ago, a DNA test revealed that all of my ancestors were, in fact, ethnic Germans who converted to Judaism. This has led me to strongly identify with the peoples of Northern Europe. The best way to prevent the genocide of the peoples who now I know share my blood is as follows:


Like all breeds of Nature, ethnic Europeans have a God-given right to continue their racial heritage. There is nothing "racist" or "hateful" or "evil" in this. No one calls any breed in nature "racists" for preserving and sticking with their own kind.

EurabiaMap.jpgSelf-preservation is the first law of Nature. In fact, it would be regarded as criminal to deny any non-white race the right for self-preservation in their historical homelands. Only Europeans are depicted as "racists" and "evil" for desiring what every other race of humans takes for granted. This anti-white double standard is in itself racist. 

We have to remember that the non-European aliens who now live in Europe have a place full of their own kind, a place which they can call "home". Ethnic Europeans, on the other hand, are denied such a home or any right of self-determination which is the most basic human right of all. Therefore, Europeans have a moral right to reclaim their homelands and ensure their biological survival. 

There's no higher morality than that of saving a race of people from extinction. White genocide is a reality and it must be prevented. 


Prior to any physical attempt of overthrowing the governments of the Globalist (Communist) Western World, these governments must be weakened using a consistent message (Mantra.)  Prof. Bob Whitaker created a consistent message (Mantra) which can help a lot if used correctly: 

bbc-098.jpg(English paying for a psyop designed to erase their heritage) 

We have to remember that the criminal globalist elite and their assistants in politics, police, and media represent a very tiny minority in the population of the West and that they are dependent on White society's cooperation for their control. Once large segments of white society stop supporting the genocidal system, the system will come crashing down. The EU will collapse as was the case in the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Block countries. 

Once EU control is over, each nation would revert back to its national and ethnic independence in which case the much-needed process of repatriation of the non-white alien populations in Europe can begin.


Ordinary ethnic European citizens in Western Europe and other westerners worldwide should form Militias and find ways to arm themselves for any upcoming civil war, either by buying weapons in the Black market or importing weapons from the relatively "free" Eastern European nations, especially from Russia. The three branches of the Aryan Race (Germanic, Celtic and Slavic) must unite as brothers and sisters for the survival of the European peoples. Only by unity can the ethnic Europeans win.


The non-Europeans "immigrating" (i.e. invading) into Europe are NOT "refugees" (Even if they were, they have no justification being in Europe). These are mainly economic migrants along with few Islamic Jihadists who seek to spread Islam into the West. With the help of the real enemy (i.e. Globalists, Liberals, Cabalist Jews, Marxists, and traitors) these non-white invaders seek to exploit and displace Europeans, take their women and take over their lands eventually, wiping out the native European populations. These invaders want to achieve all that with the help of the whites' tax money and count on white naivete to achieve their territorial aims. Therefore any economic means of existing and breeding in Europe must be taken away from them.

Once their economic lifeline is cut, they won't have any other choice but to return in mass to their ancestral homelands - where they belong. Those who voluntary remove themselves will be given any assistance, including financial support to move (recent arrivals will not be included in that.)


Merkel-684723.jpgThose who are directly involved in the promotion of the genocide against the ethnic Europeans, either by allowing the invasion into Europe or by turning a blind eye on migrant invasion and criminal behaviors, should be brought before a national tribunal and publicly punished either by the death penalty or by imprisonment for their entire lives.

Those of the establishment (Politicians, Police, Media) who aren't directly involved in the crimes against the White race but had served the system in one way or another, should also be punished by denying them any right to be employed in any public service (i.e. Police, Military, Government services etc) or engage in any political activity in the future including the right to vote.


Self-preservation is the first law of Nature. Each organism should stick with their own kind. The most natural and healthy thing in the world is the right for self-preservation. It's a God-given natural drive. Ignoring the laws of Nature in this regard will lead to terrible consequences. Other races don't need laws to ensure their self-preservation. They take it for granted that they need to preserve themselves. They haven't been brainwashed by the globalist media into believing that race-mixing is "cool" - unlike many other self-hating Whites. 

10155491_603458073094390_8831180295407187938_n.pngHowever, the West is reaching a point where laws are also needed to ensure that Europeans continue to exist as a distinct race. Laws should forbid sexual relations or marriages between people of a different race. 

In addition, homosexuality should be recognized for what it is i.e. as a medical disorder, and its promotion criminalized as in Russia today - where any promotion of Homosexuality (i.e. sexual activity between members of the same sex) is prohibited by law. Needless to say, Gay (LGBT) shame parades and "Gay Marriage" should also be made illegal. A healthy society that cares about its future and the health of its citizens should criminalize any promotion of sexual interests directed toward objects other than people of the opposite sex. 


Ethnic Europeans should boycott all media outlets promoting mixed-race sexual relations and marriages. Any firm or corporation promoting mixed-race sexual relationships in movies or advertisements should be boycotted. This includes cultural appropriation (i.e. the rewriting of European history, historical figures, folk stories, mythologies or legends by falsely presenting them as racially non-European). In addition media and culture should present films and music based on a love of one's own people and race - movies about White racial pride, values, music and folklore (of course, without putting down other races.)

Healthy sexual norms are also essential.The media must give positive messages to young men and women, that their natural and healthy heterosexual desires should be practiced within the context of marriage or at least within the context of a long-term relationship - based on love and commitment - conducive of marriage. The media should also encourage high birth rate by depicting large families as an ideal while at the same time depicting Childlessness in a negative way. 

Healthy sexual values should also be promoted in films where the only form of sexual relationships and romance depicted in movies are heterosexual by nature and are carried out only within the context of love and attachment. On the other hand, any healthy White society should boycott any show, movie or advertisement presenting homosexual (or Lesbian) relationships as "normal" (The 2005 "Brokeback Mountain" is a good example of such depravity) 


Society has been taken over by Satanists. The Natural Order (i.e. Race, Gender, Heterosexuality) are under attack by evil globalist forces. The West will have a moral right to survive only once it decides to once again obey the laws of Nature and get rid of the false gods known as "Political Correctness" and "equality" for in nature nothing is "equal". Coming to terms with reality (nature) is a matter of morality. Hence, any defiance against the eternal laws of nature is immoral for defying them results in harm to oneself and for others. Revolt against nature is a revolt against heaven and against the Creator. 

Nature is merciless and it will punish any society or race that breaks her laws with extinction. The West is largely responsible for its own demise by tolerating the genocidal globalist agenda However there is hope left for the West. The Ethnic Europeans are rising up worldwide against the globalist forces that want them gone. I believe Europeans will eventually find within themselves the moral courage to do what is necessary to ensure their survival. In fact, once the white man chooses to fight, he already won. 

Once this is done, nothing would stop the greatest race in the world from reaching the stars.


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Prof. Bob Whitaker on genocide:    and

The Embers of Europe are dying - by Irish poet Mike Walsh

First Comment from Thomas in Germany 

Excellent Article! 
If you were to publish this article in Germany, you would be in trouble not only because of hate speech, but because of the political correctness with all its familiar nuances. Germany is worse in terms of censorship and political correctness than Russia, China and North Korea, as a Russian commentary in a German blog recently wrote. 
If you're watching a James Bond movie with a German villain, these are the best James Bond movies. For example, think of Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx, Max Nordau, the founders of the Order of B'nai and B'raith, Rothschild and Frank who have settled in Frankfurt and Offenbach.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Stopping White Genocide: An Israeli View"

Mike G said (February 8, 2018):

This is a small point, but the very first thing he mentions, his DNA test to determine ancestry, already shows a misunderstanding of what such testing can actually tell you.

All the companies use a statistical approach. This means they can only tell you a how probable your ancestry is.

Determining the probability requires a good, representative database of genes of people from known regions. Unfortunately, as of today, this is only true of people of European descent.

Results that specify a country of origin are especially problematic. Nation-states are a modern invention and did not exist during the vast majority of our evolution.
Cultural identity is not captured by genetics

Michael Berg replies:

DNA test does determine ancestry and indeed my DNA sample is no different than an average person of Northern European descent. Indeed the company that tested my DNA told me that it is not probable that I have a Semitic or a Non-European DNA since they know according to a genetic database of what non-European DNA markers are like.

"Determining probability requires a good, representative database of genes of peoples from known regions. Unfortunately, as of today, this is only true of people of European descent"

- You admit that there is a genetic data of the peoples of Europe. My DNA is purely Northern European, i.e. my DNA markers are Northern European without any trace of DNA markers from non-European or Semitic peoples. However, You are mistaken in that you say that these companies have no representative data of non-European DNA. This is simply not true. We are in 2018 and there's enough genetic data compiled from Non-European populations (i.e. African, Middle-Eastern, Indian, East-Asian etc.). Here's just one example:

The people who tested my DNA told me that the method is reliable as it gets and they found no trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA markers in me. Statistically, my DNA is no different than a normal German, Dutch, Danish or an English person. Of course, there is no DNA test to say that one comes specifically from one nation in Europe. But my DNA test results show my DNA is associated mostly from the Germanic parts of Europe (Germany, Scandinavia etc) and to a lesser degree with the Celtic parts of Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Belgium etc) They used the scientific method.

This Eupedia forum gives good data as to the subject of Germanic DNA:

Robert K said (February 7, 2018):

Natural loyalties--as to family or to a cultural group--are, rightly, viewed as impediments to internationalism and concentration of power in the Great Marxist Society. Therefore all such loyalties must be undermined and destroyed.

JG said (February 7, 2018):

When the international bankers started and funded the Communist Revolution in Russia the end result was the death of millions of Slavic Aryans.

When the international bankers started WW1 millions of Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic Aryans had perished.
When the international bankers started WW2 millions of more Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic Aryans died also.
When are they ever gonna get the BIG PICTURE of things?

Unfortunately, the "goyim" have historically been easily duped and led by these alien bankers into their own destruction.
And, this is why the globalist owned Democratic Party in Congress today is attempting to sabotage President Trump's diplomatic relations with Russia. They want division between these two nations and NOT unity.

Never in the history of America has any US President been harassed and slandered by the globalist owned MSM like Donald Trump has. He's not caving in to their demands.

Mr. Berg has some good suggestions in his article here that are food for thought. However, I personally don't have a lot of confidence that an organized White European solidarity movement is in the near future.
And, what better example do we have for white ethnic division other than the American Congress.

James C said (February 7, 2018):

The so-called “deep state” is really a ZioCommuNazi chimera, a hideously grotesque religious, political, and economic three-headed monster. We find it difficult to fight this creature because if one of its heads doesn’t get us, another one will.

For example, if we focus on the Zionist and Communist heads, we ignore the equally deadly head of the Nazi corporate state Mussolini allegedly referred to.

Scofield and Rothschild gave us “Christian Zionism” and the state of Israel. Lincoln, Wilson, Warburg and others gave us the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. Deregulation, acquisitions, and mergers gave us the corporate state.

The obscene militarism and global meddling we now witness are at the behest of the corporate state war machine. We have been devoured by a three-headed monster. It cannot be defeated until we recognize it for what it is.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at