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Insider: Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State

March 9, 2018


I can't pretend to understand all of this. But Moondark seems to 
suggest that the Internet originated as a method of mass surveillance. 

Moondark writes: "Human beings [need to] to wake up because we headed directly into the society described by George Orwell, in 1984."

by Moondark

In 2017 you published an article named:  The Internet is Infrastructure for the State Police
After a little delay, I would like to make a small contribution.

The Internet is a military weapon set up with the modification of the Internet access code in 1991, until 1996.

When the user connects, he operates a connection that is directly managed by the DoD (Department of Defense) Washington.

The IP address of the user is recorded and allows the user to follow any connected object (computer, phone, tablet, all connected objects of the house, the doll of the little girl Bluetooth, in the fridge, to the connected car, wifi headset,) non-exhaustive list.

Handling these objects can be done from the personal IP and take remote control of the lives of others.

Erase, re-write, format, change, manipulate, copy data, exploit data, sell, etc.

This application comes directly from the paperclip paperbacks in 1945-48.

Automatic updates in the back of users, because someone "normal" does not fail are time to configure his system constantly re-written by these updates constantly heavier. (Have you noticed?) The United States, Europe, and all the republics are concerned, we know that all system installers are controlled, at the installation you install a backdoor that sends your data in real time because your unit has a plug rj45 permanently connected.

A secret system allows you, on the principle of the raid to copy your data simultaneously to someone else, managed by the unknown suite 300 of the California hotel Waterbedfront, I named IANA. On my page, you explained everything with the connections made on the 13 military root servers curiously these 13 servers have Hebrew Bible names. Coincidence.

Only for the BSD system, contaminated with the approval of Steve Jobs (he's got a lot of money) in 1996 with NeXT and directly imported from Switzerland, from CERN. Every day that God does 45,000 super administrators get into so many users to loot their data. 45000 only for the bsd system, there are many systems and as many S.A for each.

Here is the list of the only systems today that can detect except that of the secret system, to avoid leakage of data by the secret system, it is necessary to create a reverse electromagnetic field around the connected units or to create a shield around the system. computer and even the screen, or whatever you do, if IANA is connected to you, see in real time your current operations, photos, videos, etc ... software installed during updates, instructions any writing on an editor at someone else's place.

You become a tiny area of a global hard drive located at 1000M underground in Washington. Mr. Snowden did not say everything, I say it to you because Mr Snowden is or like them, with his foundation which spies you on the connection, or it is naif.

Know that from the moment one connects, a leak of all the data is operated. Everywhere, all the time.

One last thing, TOR was created to constitute a list of the dissidents who like me, try for the part of the World to counter the barriers to the free expression, to the protection of the datas.

He adds: "I will send your links around the world because unfortunately, everything you say is TRUE. I would like so much that we are wrong, but few people are able to understand the current issues between Europe and the USA. We were deceived, manipulated.

To support the simple words to understand it is necessary to go on this link and to ask a question: If we live, have our habits, we express daily in military and ultra-liberal, is this a coincidence?"

Vincit Omni Veritas
Be Seeing you !!

List of secure systems (but internet, stay internet)

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Comments for "Insider: Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State"

Tony B said (March 10, 2018):

The Internet fact that has long been down the memory hole is that the Internet was created for the single purpose of making direct, closed, connections between DOD and the many universities doing research on and creation of military projects.

Therefore, the military has been involved from its beginning.

Something almost everyone has missed on the new Internet censoring in many different ways:

Since Trump has been president the talmudic owners of practically everything have been able to censor at will with total impunity. They now have zero fear of reprisal since Trump is one of them with an ego that cares not about any true law, only power matters to him and his kind.

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